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Found 6 results

  1. This is the first time I have ever joined/posted to any forum. It has never really interested me to get into online conversations, but I have found a lack of support/information on breastfeeding and doing the Whole30. I think I have found one woman that blogged about completing a Whole30 and maintaining her milk supply. So here I am, ending Day 4 of my 3rd Whole30. Let me add that I have started many of Whole30’s since my first try/completion, but have only managed to complete it one other time. The last one I started I ended of pregnant (didn’t think we could have children) 9 months before our wedding date! My doctor advised me to quit so that I was not restricting the baby from a “balanced diet” and the stress of removing food. (To this day, I wish I wouldn’t have listened) I ended up going off the rails for my entire pregnancy and maternity leave. I ended up gaining 4o lbs (I do not know how it wasn’t more) I was already 10 lbs over weight when I got pregnant. I have yoyo’d back and forth with healthy life and then binge on everything I want life. I am from New Orleans and work on the French Quarter so temptation is EVERYWHERE. It’s culturally engrained in you to drink with family, friends, co-workers. It’s just what you do. When I am to go grab a drink, and I tell them I’m on the Whole30 you should see the looks I get! People try to talk me out of it, tell me I’m crazy, tell me how they absolutely could not give up drinking for 30 days. Honestly, quitting drinking and eating sugary treats, creamy coffees, and fried food- I have never felt better in my life. Probably the same reason I keep coming back to the reset. I recently started to listen to Melissa Hartwig’s book, Food Freedom, while I make my hour and fifteen minute commute to work. But enough about my back story! My current situation is I want to live a healthy lifestyle and not be emotionally attached to food and alcohol. I want to continue to breastfeed my child and worry about my milk supply tanking as a result. I wonder what other women are experiencing. Am I alone out there ? Anyone else trying our Whole30 while breastfeeding and working full time ?
  2. Day 1 I nursed LO (4 months old) all day. I'm at work today and pumping along my current schedule, however I'm 4oz shy of where I normally should be at this point in the day. Please troubleshoot for me. Day 1 Meals: Breakfast: Banana Chia Pudding (bananas, mango, coconut milk, chia seeds, cinannamon), black coffee Mid Morning: grapes Lunch: Tuna Salad (avocado, mayo, green onions), salad (romaine lettuce, arugula, carrots, Tessemae Ranch), plantain chips with guacamole, a couple apple slices with almond butter Dinner: Butternut Squash soup with bacon, banana with almond butter After dinner: RX bar Day 2 Meals: Breakfast: mushroom, spinach, leek frittata (made with coconut milk and ghee), one link of chicken apple sausage, salsa, black coffee (Frittata is the equivalent of about 3 eggs) Mid Morning: applesauce, grapes Lunch: butternut squash soup (made with coconut milk), large chicken breast I've had about 80oz of water so far today. What should I do differently? I'm nervous to see a supply drop with baby being so young.
  3. Hi! I'm on day #9 and my supply has completely tanked over the last week. I've been trying for 3 or so day to increase my supply. My son is EBF and is 5 months old. I drink approximately 100oz of water a day (I'm 132/lbs), I've been drinking mother's milk tea since Monday and my supply still has not recovered. My son's poops are bright green and my breasts are SUPER soft/empty. He nurses for a lot longer than before W30. Ive been eating until full and also adding a 4th meal, and making sure my meals have a fat. Here's a sample of what I eat: B- 2 fried eggs, 3 sweet potato latkes, 1/2 avocado, 2 cups coffee 1/3 cup coconut cream L- potato salad ( mayo, bacon, potatoes) mixed with arugula and 1/2 avocado. D- pork picatta with zoodles, arugula salad with cucumber, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado Mini Meal- 3 slices compliant deli turkey rolled with avocado, apple + 2 tbs almond butter, handful of dried mango and sliced almonds. Plus I drink a can of coconut milk with 2-3 cups of mother's milk tea. I'm offering the breast like crazy to try to increase supply. Any other suggestions? What should I do if I can't keep my supply up? Can I modify and add oatmeal to help produce milk? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! This is my last baby and I'm not giving up nursing him.
  4. So I started my Whole30 on 6/9 and am nursing a 5 week old. On 6/11 (3 days in) my milk supply was basically gone and I had an extremely unhappy baby. Can someone explain why this happened and what I can do to fix it while staying whole30 compliant? I have since added non-whole30 foods back into my diet because my baby's health is more important that anything and she wasn't getting what she needed. I was eating 3 full meals and 2 snacks throughout the night while nursing.
  5. Hi everyone The milk supply issue seems to come up all the time, so I hope this helps! Apologies if something very similar has already been posted. In terms of nutrition and wellbeing, my personal experience of doing this Whole30 is that I have never felt better, even before I had kids and was getting 8 or 9 hours solid sleep every night. I am getting much less sleep nowadays and yet feel like I have way more consistent energy because of how I am eating. So that is really saying something. Thus far my life has been changed. As I said, this is MY personal experience and I cannot speak for others or advise people about nutrition etc. I have been eating plenty sweet potatoes, avocado, drinking to thirst, and eating four or even five meals on the days I feel I need to. This way of eating can only be a good thing for a breastfeeding mother, your own body is receiving the best nutrition, leaving you feeling good when you need to produce milk for your baby. If you feel your supply is suffering, try eating more. However.... Breastfeeding works according to supply and demand so actually it is the following things that will help to increase your supply if you are concerned about it during your Whole30, if you are eating plenty to feel satisfied and drinking to thirst: (This bit is fact not just personal experience) - Feed your baby as often as he/she wants for as long as he/she wants - Offer both breasts at each feed - Refrain from using a pacifier or dummy for comfort, use the breast for all comfort sucking - Do some co-sleeping for a couple of nights or take your baby to bed for a day and have a feedathon - Express your milk after each feed (to make your body think the baby is having a longer feed, therefore more milk gets produced) Lastly, the amount you are able to express is not always a reliable indicator of your supply, a baby is way more effective at removing milk from the breast than a pump. If pumping, remember to massage the breast before and during a pumping session to help mobilise the fat rich milk that moves slower towards the nipple and takes more effort to get out. Hope this info helps. Don't lose faith in this wonderful way of eating.
  6. So I started a Whole 30 on the first of March. I went pretty strong for about a week and then my milk supply dropped like a stone. I wasn't aware of this, but baby was fussing, arching back, pulling on the breast, etc and when we went to his appointment he hadn't gained enough weight. So I came off of whole 30 for a couple of weeks and my milk supply returned (breasts firm and full, could feel let down, baby satisfied/not arching and fussing). I decided I would try Whole 30 again and this time use a tracker to track my calories/carbs/fats etc. Today is day 3 and we have a return of the fussy/arching/pulling behavior. I had to give my son a bottle of formula...and that's just not acceptable to me. So here is the basic info about me and the changes I have made Height - 5'7 Weight - 245 (blush) Was paleo before pregnancy, went to standard American diet during pregnancy (dumb, I know). walking - 2 miles per day (wasn't exercizing at all) caloric intake - 1800-2000 calories (should I increase this due to the fact that I'm so big?) carbs - 25% (between 100 and 150 daily) fat - 55% protein 20% Water 8 tall glasses daily Coffee (replaced cokes) - 2 cups a day with coconut cream Sample day: Breakfast Eggs - Fried (whole egg), 3 large Fresh - 1/2 Grapefruit (128g) , 1/2 Native Forest - Organic Coconut Milk Classic, 1/8 cup Lunch Blueberries - Raw, 1 cup Native Forest - Organic Coconut Milk Classic, 1/4 cup Home Made - Smoked Chicken Breast With Bone, No Skin, 4.5 Nuts - Pecans, 1 oz (20 halves) Carrots - Raw, 1 small (5-1/2" long) Lettuce - Mixed Greens, 2 cup Dinner Parsnips - Raw, 1 cup slices Carrots - Cooked, boiled, drained, without salt, 1 carrot Beef - Chuck Roast Beef, 5 oz. Snacks Nuts - Pecans, 0.25 cup, chopped Home Made - Smoked Chicken Breast With Bone, No Skin, 4 oz. Lara Bar - Key Lime Pie, 1 bar (51g) Any help to stay on Whole 30 and maintain my milk supply would be appreciated. If I cannot do both I will abandon this attempt and try again when my son is weened. TIA!!!