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Found 13 results

  1. CricketProtein

    Casein - Other [dangerous] Sources?

    Does anyone know other potential sources of Casein that might not come to mind immediately? I understand it's a dairy-protein and therefore any source of dairy poses a risk, but not sure if anyone in the community is aware of places casein could naturally occur or is used as an additive ingredient?
  2. Bootsie1947

    I haveIBS

    I never drink anything “whole milk” as it’s too hard on my stomach. Because coconut isn’t a milk will I have same problem? Elizabeth
  3. Paulo Coghi

    Can I drink peanut milk?

    Hi, I understand that peanut is not allowed but, since vegetable milks are allowed, I am in doubt if I can (or can't) drink peanut milk. I make it at home, just using water and peanuts, pounding the blender and straining it into a cloth sieve. Thanks!
  4. What is the stance on labels that warn the product is made in a facility that also processes soy/wheat/milk or "may" contain it? Some of my spices (and I'm sure other compliant products) have this warning label, but the only ingredient listed is the spice itself.
  5. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    Hey lovely people, so I love lattes and I usually go to this coffee shop that I love and asked them what alternative choices for regular milk they have and they said "almond and coconut" so I asked them if they could show me the boxes they came in to check in for the ingredients ( they were super nice and agreed immediately) so this is what they serve: Are they compliant or nah? The ingredients are in spanish so I really don't know.. it looks compliant to me but I also I was thinking it was to good to be true that my favorite coffee shop had compliant coconut or almond milk.. so what do you guys think?
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, About 2 weeks into my whole 30 and been going well. However, today my 5 year old came into my study just after breakfast very proudly with a glass of pink stuff saying it was his own recipe banana and strawberry smoothie. He was very proud of it and wanted me to try some. I wasnt thinking as was on the phone to work and had a tiny sip and gave him the thumbs up. I only realised what I'd done after putting the phone down i.e. Drunk a smoothie. The double downer was I asked my wife what was in the smoothie and found out as well as strawberries, banana, lime juice and coconut milk there was some skimmed milk. I'm quite bummed out but don't know if I'm being overly hard on myself so want some obejectivty to put this into context. firstly this isn't my first whole 30 - I've done a couple before. I have a medical condition so have done several other elimination diets also over the last year including autoimmune paleo, gaps and scd. I base my whole 30's on what I learnt from these eliminations. i don't generally drink milk but know that dairy isn't a particular issue for me (allow myself hard cheese occasionally when not whole 30). with all of this in mind - do I need to restart. The reason I'm keen not to is I have an event about 9 days from the end of this whole 30 that will require me to be a little more flexible. i am aware of the rules - objectivity appreciated. Thanks
  7. Pickglen

    Almond Milk?

    Recently my wife came home with a carton of almond milk because Whole Foods was out of coconut milk. I noticed it was a better option to have in my coffee and I like the taste and thickness better then coconut milk. Is almond milk within the Whole30 rules?
  8. ShaydeyMyst

    Almond Milk

    I am trying to find an almond milk that is okay to consume while on Whole30. The best option I can find at my local store is Silk PureAlmond Unsweetened Original All Natural Almond Milk. After reviewing the ingredients, I think they are all compliant, but I am not sure about the "Sunflower Lecithin". Is it okay to have?
  9. chelilektra

    Neuro Drinks and Milk

    Hello. I have found that the Neuro Sonic energy drink works really well for me as an activator when I am having trouble with energy/focus/stress. I am about to try the Whole30 once more, but would love any advice on supplements/foods that could help me to replicate the effects of the drink without the added sugar content and dodgier ingredients. From what I can tell, the active ingredients are: Vitamin D (200 IU), Thiamin (0.45ms), Riboflavin (0.6mg), Niacin (5mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), and Vitamin B12 (6mcg) as well as a proprietary blend of Vaffeine, L-theanine (L-TeaActie), Choline, alphoscerate (Alpha GPC), Phosphatidylsenne, and Resveratrol. I also found that the last time I tried the Whole30 my milk cravings (particularly when on the rag) were out of control. I would love to hear if anyone has found a way to curb milk cravings, or has an idea what makes them so powerful (particularly in lady time). Thanks.
  10. I'm done my whole30 and am tweaking to stay in the program while at home, etc. In my job I go for a lot of coffees and I'm tried of having tea, and don't love coffee sans milk! If I'm treating myself what are the thoughts on soy milk vs. cow's milk??? The internet is not helpful on this topic so thought I'd check with the crew here!
  11. Ellen Kelly

    Unsweetend almond milk?

    Here are the ingredients for Silk Pure Almond Milk (Unsweetened): INGREDIENTS: Almondmilk (Filtered Water, Almonds), Sea Salt, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Natural Flavor. I saw that we are not allowed to have carageenan, MSG or sulfites.... but Silk Pure Almond Milke (Unsweetened) has Sunflower Lecithin and it says the product is free of dairy, soy, gluten, lactose, cholesterol, eggs, casein, MSG and worries. Is it approved as something we can drink? Thanks! Ellen
  12. Hey All, So I'm to the re-intro portion of my diet and I was reading up on raw milk......I was looking at first putting dairy back in but I'm concerned about the dangers of raw with raw milk cheese... Was/Is anyone feeling the same way? Do you just do grass-fed? Thank!
  13. MGrady967

    Dairy substitutes for kids?

    Any recommendations for dairy substitutes for kids? My 4 year old son LOVES milk, cheese and yogurt. What do your kids eat/drink instead of dairy? Any suggestions for substitute items to break him of his dairy habit? Thanks, Grady