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Found 35 results

  1. CricketProtein

    Casein - Other [dangerous] Sources?

    Does anyone know other potential sources of Casein that might not come to mind immediately? I understand it's a dairy-protein and therefore any source of dairy poses a risk, but not sure if anyone in the community is aware of places casein could naturally occur or is used as an additive ingredient?
  2. Bootsie1947

    I haveIBS

    I never drink anything “whole milk” as it’s too hard on my stomach. Because coconut isn’t a milk will I have same problem? Elizabeth
  3. Paulo Coghi

    Can I drink peanut milk?

    Hi, I understand that peanut is not allowed but, since vegetable milks are allowed, I am in doubt if I can (or can't) drink peanut milk. I make it at home, just using water and peanuts, pounding the blender and straining it into a cloth sieve. Thanks!
  4. What is the stance on labels that warn the product is made in a facility that also processes soy/wheat/milk or "may" contain it? Some of my spices (and I'm sure other compliant products) have this warning label, but the only ingredient listed is the spice itself.
  5. Meiyonce

    Are this milk compliant?

    Hey lovely people, so I love lattes and I usually go to this coffee shop that I love and asked them what alternative choices for regular milk they have and they said "almond and coconut" so I asked them if they could show me the boxes they came in to check in for the ingredients ( they were super nice and agreed immediately) so this is what they serve: Are they compliant or nah? The ingredients are in spanish so I really don't know.. it looks compliant to me but I also I was thinking it was to good to be true that my favorite coffee shop had compliant coconut or almond milk.. so what do you guys think?
  6. Does anyone know if it's okay that the clarified butter has milk in the ingredients?? Did it originally have milk but not in the end product?? I thought that was the point of clarified / ghee???
  7. Dear Sir/Madam, About 2 weeks into my whole 30 and been going well. However, today my 5 year old came into my study just after breakfast very proudly with a glass of pink stuff saying it was his own recipe banana and strawberry smoothie. He was very proud of it and wanted me to try some. I wasnt thinking as was on the phone to work and had a tiny sip and gave him the thumbs up. I only realised what I'd done after putting the phone down i.e. Drunk a smoothie. The double downer was I asked my wife what was in the smoothie and found out as well as strawberries, banana, lime juice and coconut milk there was some skimmed milk. I'm quite bummed out but don't know if I'm being overly hard on myself so want some obejectivty to put this into context. firstly this isn't my first whole 30 - I've done a couple before. I have a medical condition so have done several other elimination diets also over the last year including autoimmune paleo, gaps and scd. I base my whole 30's on what I learnt from these eliminations. i don't generally drink milk but know that dairy isn't a particular issue for me (allow myself hard cheese occasionally when not whole 30). with all of this in mind - do I need to restart. The reason I'm keen not to is I have an event about 9 days from the end of this whole 30 that will require me to be a little more flexible. i am aware of the rules - objectivity appreciated. Thanks
  8. tashafierce

    Macadamia Milk

    Is this macadamia milk compliant? Here is a list of the ingredients: Macadamia milk (filtered water, macadamias), Calcium phosphate, Pea protein, Natural Flavors, Locust Bean Gum, Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12
  9. Dreamlet

    Dairy and hives

    I'm on day one of my reintroduction, and started with dairy. I had a little butter this morning, then some mango lassi and felt fine. I put half and half in my afternoon coffee and within an hour I had developed a hive on my hand. It seems pretty likely that it's a reaction to something I introduced today. I used to get hives occasionally but could never pinpoint the cause. I'd like to narrow it down if I can, to see if it's specifically the half and half that caused the reaction (I suspect that lassi is ok because it's fermented). I realize it could also be the amount of dairy vs the type. What is the best way to do this? I was thinking of going back to the whole30 for a couple of days and then reintroducing only fermented dairy to see if I have the same reaction. If there is no reaction, I would then introduce milk to see my reaction to that. Is is there a better way?
  10. Hey fellow whole30ers! I am reaching out because I can't seem to figure out a good solution to this issue I've come across: how to avoid grainy coconut milk (canned), or how to "fix" it - if that's possible. Sometimes I get cans that are GREAT! and the consistency is like cream. Other times it's hard to even use because it's soooo grainy and separated, even after vigorous stirring. I typically use small amounts of coconut milk in my coffee, so it's definitely noticeable when it's grainy. I have heard that typically the coconut milk that is not in cans is non-compliant. Anyone have suggestions? Gratefully, Diana @paleoheythere on instagram
  11. The pro-biotic I have been taking for the past few years (Hyperbiotics Pro-15) "may contain trace amounts of the milk protein casein from the fermentation process." What are your thoughts on this? I can has?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm brand new to Whole30 and starting mine on September 5th! I'm doing my planning this week. I'm pretty comfortable with all the restrictions except what do I do about milk in my tea???? I have to have tea every morning and I'm looking for suggestions to put in it instead of regular milk. I've never tried almond milk, would it taste weird in tea? Thanks!!! Christine
  13. Hi, I am doing my dairy reintro day in 2 days. The book recommends eating ice cream on this day. How will I know if my potential negative side effects are from the dairy or the sugar? Has anyone else thought about this? Thanks!
  14. Hi! So, I've never tried Whole30 before but I would definitely like to! A few of my cousins have given it a shot with good results, one of them just started a second round. I have been having an issue with my weight not going down. I've kind of already started following a bit of the Whole30 on my own, as I seem to have an issue with some grains/gluten. I have not been able to pin-point what exactly, but I have been enjoying edamame as a snack, and using mainly quinoa and chia seeds as a replacement for grains. I do eat rice occasionally as well so I know that will have to stop, but generally, my diet has been heavy on the protein more and more. I used to be a pescatarian, but I have low iron and had to re-add in red meat. But I am also apprehensive about doing Whole30, as I have some dietary restrictions. I have an issue with dairy (I've been lactose intolerant most of my life) and use soy, almond, and coconut milk as a substitute for regular milk. It's the only way that I get any kind of calcium in my diet besides gummy vitamins, but I can survive without it as well, as I had not discovered any of those at one point and just didn't do dairy for a bit. But I also take the gummy vitamins to up my Vitamin D, iron, and B-12, as I am deficient in all of those (despite living in Florida and soaking up way too much sun). I have tried the horse pill supplements but discovered that my stomach just doesn't break them down. Also discovered that my stomach doesn't soak in the vitamins via blood tests, but gummies seem to help a bit. I'm willing to try not taking vitamins and just getting them from food, but I can be picky and have some other allergies. I have read a few other threads on the forums but have not gotten the book yet..... So! A few questions! Are any alternative milks okay? Soy? Almond? Coconut? Cashew? How do you get vitamins? Are the gummies okay? (I only take 2 before bed, super cool brand that uses carrots and berries to dye and flavour them.) Is Edamame okay? Chia seeds? Quinoa? Any tips for people with allergies? Should I just keep at my current diet and hope for the best and skip Whole30? How do you get around picky eating? Alternative ways to get protein besides red meat and chicken? How much exercise do you do with your Whole30 program? (I'm limited currently as I'm recovering from knee surgery, but I can do walking, elliptical, or stationary bike, no swimming yet, but hopefully by the time I start.) Thanks for all of the tips, tricks, and help! I've already found some cool recipes from the sources that I can't wait to try like chocolate chili! Also thanks if you have read this whole thing, just trying to get everything figured out before I start.
  15. Okay I'm on Day 11 and finally getting the hang of this. Still bloated and learned a lot about what I can't eat (even on this program). But I'm still nursing my 13 month old twins and I've noticed they both want to eat more often? I feel like I eat when I'm hungry and was also snacking/grazing in between. I know snacking isn't permitted but I just felt so hungry. I'd eat meals until I was full and then I'd be hungry soon after. I'm totally eating enough and still feel like I don't have much milk. I just started to add second breakfast (like a hobbit lol) and it's sort of helping ease my hunger. Am I crazy or are there any other twin mommies feel this way?
  16. Can anyone recommend an alternative to Almond Meal and Almond Milk for someone with a nut allergy? We normally drink Hemp milk but it contains Emulsifier (Sucrose Ester) which is on the no go sugar list so I'm looking for a milk and flour alternative so I can make some of the lovely looking recipes on the Whole30 Instagram account! Thanks
  17. I'm on day 20 and have been enjoying it! But I've just made my partner and myself a tea and put milk in both instead of coconut milk in mine... knew as soon as I took a sip but it was too late... I'm assuming I have to start again, but thought I'd get others opinions I'm so angry with myself!!
  18. What is the appropriate amount of coconut milk in terms of cup size to put in black coffee? Also, do we boil the coconut milk with the black coffee? Thank you!
  19. Pickglen

    Almond Milk?

    Recently my wife came home with a carton of almond milk because Whole Foods was out of coconut milk. I noticed it was a better option to have in my coffee and I like the taste and thickness better then coconut milk. Is almond milk within the Whole30 rules?
  20. JosieJake

    Almond meal/flour

    Can you eat too much almond meal/flour? I make my own almond milk. There is so much meal leftover. I find the only easy way to use it is for breading on chicken or pork chops. Thoughts?
  21. JosieJake

    What happened to almond milk

    So I made a batch of almond milk. This wasn't my first rodeo, here. I soaked the almonds overnight. Drained and rinsed. Put them in a blender with the correct amount of water. Blended. Squeezed out the liquid. Now it's very viscious. Not like it ever turned out before. Can't think of anything I did different. Any ideas?
  22. sdeimaggi

    Milk in Cooking

    I feel like I know the answer to this question.. but generally the way I make super tasty and tender chicken "au natural" is by soaking it in milk. It acts as a tenderizer. Then just a little salt, pepper, and non-spray cooking spray. Obviously milk is out (and yes, I drink my coffee black).. but as a tenderizer/marinade? None of the milk is actually included in cooking. What do we think the verdict is here?
  23. Hi all, I'm on day 7 of my second Whole 30. This morning my husband asked me if the milk was still good, and I (the designated taster/smeller) took a small sip without even thinking about it. If it matters, it was skim, organic milk. I know that there are some slip ups that you can just move on from and others that mean you have to start over. Thoughts on which category my sip of milk falls into? Thanks Laura
  24. ShaydeyMyst

    Almond Milk

    I am trying to find an almond milk that is okay to consume while on Whole30. The best option I can find at my local store is Silk PureAlmond Unsweetened Original All Natural Almond Milk. After reviewing the ingredients, I think they are all compliant, but I am not sure about the "Sunflower Lecithin". Is it okay to have?
  25. Hi Whole 9 Community! I completed 6 weeks of Whole 30 and got on doing the Dairy reintroduction day, I broke out in this itchy rash after drinking a small glass of milk (see picture). I also had ice cream, and I got a rash, but it wasn't as blotchy as the rash from milk. Does anyone know why milk would bother me more than ice cream? On a side note, I skin tested done from my allergy doctor for milk, and it turned out negative. Before I did Whole 30, I was pretty sure milk bothered me, and this seems to have confirmed it! Why did it turn out negative in the allergy test? Thanks!