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Found 6 results

  1. First Whole30, Day 19. No slip ups. I had maybe a day the first week with a tiny headache, I was prepared to start. My eating has always been pretty healthy. I didn’t eat out hardly ever. I’m 5’5”-140lbs My body has been through 6 full-term pregnancies. My body seems to like hanging out at this weight. I started this Whole30 to slay my sugar dragon and finally shed this extra belly and arm weight. While the cravings for sugar have gone way down, I feel like I am gaining weight. (Haven’t weighed myself) I did, however take progress photos. I have been super gassy. I get 9 hrs of sleep most nights. I haven’t changed my activity level which is pretty low. I move a lot as in taking care of 6 kids, (household stuff) rarely watch tv, but as for deliberate exercise, zero for the last 6 months. I didn’t want to add exercise since I wasn’t doing it before. I just wanted to see what changing my diet would offer. I’ve been super chill about this yet excited to see results. (Which is why I took progress pics and immediately felt down) Maybe I’m eating too much? I tend to eat a huge breakfast which is nearly the same everyday. Lunch and dinner vary but we eat sweet potatoes and white potatoes a lot. Breakfast- 2-3 eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, white potatoes, onion, brussel sprouts cooked in a generous amount of olive oil. If I were to guess, the amount would be 1 1/2 -2 cups of veggies? It fills a dinner plate. 1/2 avocado and 1/4 c fresh salsa. Lunch- (stir fry in olive oil) 2 cups cabbage, onion, 1 chicken thigh, 1 cup sugar snap peas, 1 cutie orange. Dinner- 3-4 oz steak, onion, bell pepper over a plate of spinach with tomatoes and 1/2 avocado.
  2. R2D15 and R2 is hard for all the reasons people say it's hard.. less exciting and less quick results. On the plus side: I think I'm fighting off a the flu - i feel crappy but not as crappy as I would usually feel when sick. But feel run down and frustrated and bloated today - I've eaten a ton of compliant carbs. Plaintain with lunch, potato with dinner and a banana at the end of dinner. I knew I was basically making myself a dessert I didn't need with the banana - especially given that I had two other carbs today, but I was upset and wanted something. And of course, now I'm grumpy that I reacted that way with food. This R2 doesn't fully feel worth it (but I know it is), and I'm craving ice cream like crazy. I could use a small pep talk.
  3. Rmbdk

    Struggle Bus

    Hi everyone! This is my first whole30 and my start day was January 2 . So this is day 4 for me! Today I am the queen of the struggle bus! Man alive are these cravings for dairy and sugar intense!!! I also can’t remember the last time I was so moody. I teared up looking in the fridge last night because I couldn’t have cheese. I feel SO uncomfortable and like I just want to crawl out of my skin! I’ve read that week 1 can be bad and weeks 2-3 are when the “tiger blood” flows. Damn I hope this is true! Im worry that 1. I’ll feel this way the whole whole30 2. I wont loose weight the way other people seem to with this change And while weight loss isn’t my sole goal - if I don’t lose weight and I’m miserable the whole time I will really feel like this was for nothing and that just makes me mad and sad! So I guess I’m looking for some reassurance that the scale will budge, I can/will feel better and this “on edge” feeling will subside.
  4. I am 50, I exercise and am in good heath. But I was relatively carb-dependent. I’m on Day 14. My cravings have not been too bad and I’m enjoying the food – though I am not used to eating so much meat. My symptoms seem to be lagging vis a vis the time line: I’ve been tired and bloated for about a week, my muscles are achy, I get lightheaded at the top of the stairs. I normally run regularly, but I don’t have the energy. I bike to work 4 days a week, and hills are more painful. I do yoga once a week, and it’s more difficult. Also, I feel constipated and I feel like I have lots of weight on (I haven’t weighed myself). I find that I am getting very hungry, especially between lunch and dinner, and I am eating many nuts and seeds as a snack. Yesterday is the first time I have felt moody and cranky on the plan. Seems to help to put sample meals. Today: Brkfst: burger patty and 2 pieces of bacon with steamed mixed veggies, and black coffee. Lunch: 3 oz of pulled pork, 1/2 acorn squash baked with coconut oil, steamed green beans, 1/2 small avocado. Fuji apple as a snack. I haven't had dinner, but it will likely be baby back ribs and sweet potatoes (I have a 15K run tomorrow). I often snack on almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds. In the mean time, I’m going to try to work on these things and my hope is to report next week that I am feeling much better. Any advice is welcome! Thank you.
  5. I am on day 12 and just feel bitchy! I am snappy at work, angry at home, where is the joy? I was so excited about this eating plan and was so hoping that it would be the answer to my skin lesions, weight issues, thyroid and high BP (BP has been higher)! And I've been having restless legs at night and not sleeping well at all. I saw a post about CALM and will try that. I am also unable to just do three meals. Between lunch and when I get home to cook dinner can sometimes be 6-7 hours so I've been having a few pieces of beef jerky with carrot and snap peas or nuts and the same veggies. I welcome thoughts, ideas, a kick in the behind, I want to make it through the 30 days!
  6. SJaneH


    Hi I was wondering if anyone else had been grumpy since starting the Whole30? I am on day 19 and despite not having many cravings, not really feeling bad about it at all, simply feeling great and energized- I seem to have a really short temper since starting it. I posted this in women's in case it's just hormones or something but I'm not usually this grumpy and wondered if anyone else was the same and changed something to solve it? I'm still going to the gym and excercising which is usually the reason I would be grumpy so I thought it might be the diet but don't know why... Any ideas/support would be appreciated- I don't want to be a healthy person but a grump to be around!