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Found 14 results

  1. Day one is done. So I might as well say it...I’ve never been 100% happy with my body. Ever since I stopped rowing at 16 years old I found my relationship with food changed and it became more and more complicated to adjust the amount of food I ate to meet the energy needs of my body. I’ve had some great successes with WeightWatchers in the past and also with generally improving my exercise regime and diet, however two years ago I changed jobs and life has become very fast paced and pretty stressful since then. I’m now living in Spain, and my days are pretty long. I tend to get up around 0630 and try to get some exercise in if I’m not so tired that I can’t drag myself out of bed. Work is 9-7 with an hour long commute before and after (except for work from home days) so I end up eating dinner late and getting into bed even later. Since September 2018 I’ve become more and more aware of the negative impact that stress is having on my diet. I want to be in control of what I eat, I want to feel healthy, and I know that eating real food and making good dietary decisions will help me exercise more, cope better with stress and generally feel better overall. But I’ve been struggling with how to do this. WeightWatchers doesn’t work over here in Spain and I haven’t seen anything else or heard about any other diet which looks like it might work. It’s also worth saying that I’m a long standing migraine suffering suffer. Have been since I was about 7 or 8, and I’m getting really bored of it. The past year or so things have got worse and over the past six months I’d say I’m in pain around 60% of the time with either a migraine or headache. I like the idea that with whole30 I might actually identify some things that could be causing this pain. It’s not so much about losing weight anymore it’s about a shift in mindset improving the way that I think and react to feed and creating habits that are sustainable and make sense of my body. My husband left for China yesterday, he’s working over there for two months, so this felt like the right time to knuckle down and try to make this change happen. So that’s it, those are my reasons, and this is day one: FOOD: 0745 Morning detox tea 0930 MEAL 1: potato and mushrooms fried in olive oil with 50g smoked salmon, a fried egg and half a small avocado. Lady grey tea (black, no milk). Side of a handful of blueberries and raspberries combined 1400 MEAL 2: big salad...iceberg lettuce, lambs lettuce, rocket, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, raisins, walnuts, pinenuts, chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, raspberries, basil infused olive oil 1800 Countess Grey tea (black) 2200 MEAL 3: beef carpaccio with olive oil and herb vinegrette, aubergines fried in olive oil with a handful of black olives, salt pepper garlic powder and oregano, two satsumas, sparkling water with lemon slices 2300 Chai tea with coconut cream (this substitute works nicely with the chai) 0000 Nighttime detox tea 2 litres of water. 7h 30mins sleep. EXERCISE: Aero yoga - I’m currently trying out lots of different classes with my gym pass. Today was an experience and a half...I’ll leave it there... HEADACHES: Woke up feeling like someone was splitting my head open like a coconut. Not good at all. Yesterday I juiced, I wanted to put a firm full stop at the end of my unhealthy habits. Headache could have been to do with missing my normal two cups of tea...or not having decent food. However I am also used to “weekend migraines”...they’re the best. Took Zomig tablet and cleared up a couple of hours later but groggy for the rest of the day. FEELINGS: I felt good in general today (apart from the migraine that plagued me for the first few hours). I’ve been pretty distracted and busy with various things all day which means that my mind hasn’t been on snacking or anything like that, however I felt full after eating each meal and haven’t felt the need to reach anything extra. my only concern is that perhaps my portion sizes have been too big, however my stomavh was definitely sending hunger signals at appropriate times.
  2. D1R2 Hello my name is Elissa ! I completed my first whole 30 in January of 2016 and I had never felt or looked better. I stayed fairly on track most of 2016. After some life changes and challenges in 2017 my eating habits went downhill. I currently battling anxiety and depression and have never weighed more than I do today. I am bloated, uncomfortable and my face and body feels all over swollen. I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night without waking up. I have decided to commit to at least 30 days of the whole 30 program because I want to feel good again. My appearance and how I feel as resulted in a loss of confidence and I am striving to regain that confidence. I am hopeful that by posting in the forum I will gain support from other whole 30 participants and I will stay motived and committed to the program. If any of you are willing or would like to help me stay focused on the journey I would really appreciate it. During my first whole 30 I belonged to a facebook group. We posted daily and it really helped me stay on track and be accountable for my action.
  3. ToniBaloney

    On Day 2 and CONSTANTLY Hungry!

    Hi All! I started on 1/3 and I have to say I'm surprised at how HUNGRY I am all the time. I'm staying away from everything off plan and am eating until I feel comfortably full. But it just seems, without fail, that I'm freaking ravenous within 1 to 2 hours. Did anyone else feel like this? I feel like I'm eating more now than I did before. Am I doing something wrong? I want to succeed, but if I'm worried that I will be miserable and hungry the whole 30 days if I'm constantly dealing with nagging hunger. Any advice appreciated!
  4. m_rehab

    October 16 start!

    Hi all, I have started the challenge yesterday. I am an emotional eater and feel like food controls me. I see this as a rehab and get in control. It would be great to find someone doing it during this period as well, to support each other! Best wishes!
  5. Kris3saldivar

    10/23 Start Date

    I am anxious to say the least. It’s been 3 years since my twin pregnancy and I am back to post pregnancy weight. Been struggling with diet and exercise for a year now ever since my back injury. I haven’t been eating well for the past 6 months. I hope this helps my sleeping habits as well.
  6. molliollioxenfree

    Starting June 28, 2016!

    Hi all! My name is Molly, I'm planning on starting my first Whole30 on June 28th, since I'm currently doing a lot of traveling, and that start date should give me plenty of time to get back home (which is currently located in Vancouver, BC) and do all the prep I need. I'll be doing the Whole30 alone, since my boyfriend (who lives with me) isn't 100% on board and none of my friends in the area seems interested. I will have support from at least one of my friends, but she's vegan, so I don't feel entirely comfortable talking to her about all the (delicious) meat I'm going to be eating! I've read both of the Hartwigs' books, and I'm psyched to start, but I also know that this is going to be a bit of a struggle for me. As a grad student, I'm used to eating whatever I can find that's convenient, cheap, or free. This usually means lots of carby snacks, crappy takeout, and department-subsidized pizza or Timbits. Since I'm doing this over the summer, I should have a lot more freedom to make my own schedule, rather than dashing back and forth from campus to go to classes or teach, but I'm still worried about my research and summer studies driving me to stress-eat, especially with the Tim Hortons right around the corner and a boyfriend whose favorite foods include crap, deep fried crap, and sugar-coated crap. Boyfriend has at least agreed to avoid alcohol with me for 30 days, which will definitely make things easier for me, since alcohol is a big part of grad school socializing and, to be totally honest, there's nothing like a pint to take the edge off a stressful meeting with a professor (a.k.a., any meeting with a professor). I should probably also note that my area of study is meat and DAIRY in the ancient Mediterranean. There will definitely be days during my whole 30 where it will literally be my job to read about non-compliant foods. So, I'm here to look for advice, support, ideas, inspiration, and anyone who might be starting on or around the same day. If you are, please do get in touch. I'd love to have some buddies to share the roller coaster ride that is the Whole30! Molly
  7. So this is not the first time I have tried a diet or new eating program. It is the first time I want to put all of myself into it and try as much as I can. I've ordered the books, read almost all of this website and feel mentally ready to do this. There is one problem. I was going to start on Saturday, then found a reason to wait until Sunday. Then on Sunday I decided it would be best to start on Monday. Now here it is Monday and I didn't start. I have one gigantic thing that is the hardest for me to quit. It is really embarrassing because I know there are people out there that struggle with real addiction to drugs or cigarettes or alcohol. The thing I can't seem to get myself to give up is my morning mocha. For about eight years now I have had one every morning and sometimes a second in the afternoon. Not only is that not good for me, its a lot on my wallet. In any case, I am hoping someone can help me? How do I quit wanting it every morning? I really don't even think its the caffeine so much. I mean it plays a role in it, but I think I have some serious dependency on it. I want one when I wake up, when I have a long photo shoot, when something bad happened, when something good happened. Is there anyone out there that can help me please? I am 34 years old, single, very overwieght, unhappy, and well on my way to becoming a cat lady if I don't make some changes in my life. But clearly I can't do this by myself. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  8. I had a very bad night last night. And while I am doing better today, I'm still feeling very discouraged. The first 15 to 20 days of my Whole30 I continued to struggle with upper GI issues I have battled since I was 18, nearly 15 years of it. Somewhere near day 20 this finally began to get better. And I finally felt like my digestion evened out and was more average or normal for me. Then near Day 30 I started to observe new symptoms, lower GI issues. It could be they were there on Day 20 and I didn't recognize them because they were mild and I was so relieved to have the upper GI distress done with. I can't really say at this point. But I can say that I have had only one or two days since Day 30 where I could count my digestion as having no issues what-so-ever. No gas or gurgling at all. And this is what I find discouraging. Am I expecting something I shouldn't? I thought I was supposed to have invisible digestion. And when I was able to have multiple days in a row of that, THEN I could do a re-intro. I am on Day 44. I have tried to do a corn re-intro and a rice re-intro. While I think I know what symptoms I can attribute to those grains, I can't really know for sure because, in my mind, I never stabilized and had no symptoms at all. I have been researching FODMAPs and have been trying to cut them out but have not been successful. There are just SO many of them, and with it being harvest season I just can't justify passing those foods up. From the research I've done, I would be limited to squash, greens, and many root veggies, along with some citruses and olives. And that's basically it. I think I can do that for a while later into the winter, but I just can't start doing it out of the blue at this time of year. I was so discouraged last night I didn't even eat dinner. I was battling over whether to go out and get a Thai curry (comfort food) or not and basically throwing a pity party tantrum. I kept wondering why I should continue to bother. If I can't do re-intros, why not jump to riding my own bike. I won't know how things affect me one way or the other because I never don't have symptoms. So while I didn't break down and get curry, or a hamburger, I did decide to give myself a break today. I allowed in some dairy this morning and will in my dinner plan as well. And I expect to be back at compliance tomorrow, with FODMAPs. And I'm just going to wait until later in the season and see if I can find the right time to cut out FODMAPs to observe the affect. I know this is long. I needed to vent. And I'm looking for some support. I'm still pretty weepy over this. It just feels dumb and hopeless. I'm seeing other positives, but how can I possibly know what I can and can't digest well when it seems like I can't digest /anything/ properly?
  9. Day 9 into my very first Whole30! I can definitely see why the timeline says that if you're going to quit, you're most likely to quit right around this time. My "good decision" high has worn off and the super energy boost I was feeling last week has gone in the absolute opposite direction (even though I'm finally sleeping through the night again). I'm still finding meals super yummy, but recent tummy troubles have made meal time less appetizing. I haven't seen any (positive) changes to my body composition yet. My poor husband tells me I've been grouchy and, if given a choice, I'd likely choose to stay home in my PJs all day and ignore the world. Fortunately work keeps me in the land of the living, but even at work I'm feeling like a sourpuss. I'm having a lot of doubt right now and I just wanted to say hi and see if anyone else out there has been through it and has come out on the other side. I'm finding myself second guessing my program - am I doing it right? Are my portions too big/too small? Am I eating too many (sweet) potatoes? I'm using the Whole30 book and the Instagram page for all my recipes, so I can't imagine that I'm doing it incorrectly. I'm so committed to doing this for myself, but I admit I'm in a rough patch and since this is my first Whole30, I don't know if the benefits are just waiting right around the corner. 21 days to go and I want to stay strong!! Thanks for listening
  10. Hi, I haven't technically started Whole 30 yet, but the fact that there are as many of you out there to help me get through the hard times is incredibly motivating. Before getting off the ground, however, I've run into a bit of a hitch. My future husband (April 25, 2015!) is not one to control his eating. I will say, when he is gaining weight, he does an OK job of monitoring his intake and choosing "grilled" instead of "fried" or "diet" instead of "regular". But that is the extent of it. When I asked his interest level about Whole 30 (to start it after our honeymoon), he was completely uninterested. He doesn't see the benefits outweighing his desire to eat crappy food. His comment, "it's like speeding. I will always want to go 75 in a 70" How do I motivate a mentality like that?? He says he will do this with me, and I believe him. I truly think that if he goes the 30 days without cheating, he will see a difference and stick with the healthier eating program, but the trick is getting him NOT to cheat with bad foods/soda/cheese. Not to mention, I'm not much of a cook, so that will add an extra challenge. I mean, how can you add flavor in paleo?? I guess that is one thing I will figure out on this journey. Help!! -Jess
  11. I'm on Day 12 and everything has been going great. Today, my school cafeteria (I'm a teacher and I usually eat lunch at school) is serving pasta alfredo. This is killing me right now. It's all I can think about and suddenly my Whole30 compliant lunch that I brought from home (grass fed steak, celery root puree and sauteed cabbage) sounds completely unappetizing. All I want is some creamy, garlicky, cheesy pasta. This is my second whole30 and I have never had a dragon rear it's ugly head as passionately as the dragon before me right now. This is why we have the whole30, right? To overcome this unhealthy relationship with food. I know this, but it's not helping right now (although it usually does). How do you get through these moments?
  12. Hey there, I am a 31 (almost 32) year old female that works a lot, stays fairly active but due to my busy lifestyle I haven't paid as much attention to my diet as I should. My parents both have health issues and I am determined to not go down that path. With that said, I have made the decision to do the Whole30 challenge starting on Monday (10/13/2014)! This is a big step for myself because like many other people on here, I love my coffee (with creamer) and have not paid as much attention to ingredients as I should. I was in the best shape of my life while living in Korea for a year and I base it solely on the food not being processed. I want to be happy with my body, happy with lifestyle and healthy. Thank you for offering this option and I will continue to document my progress. Kind Regards, Heidi
  13. I'm feeling horrible today after slipping up yesterday. I have a history of compulsive eating, and last night I wound up really craving nuts after work. I was on day 4 of my second attempt at whole30(I had started once before that and only made it to day 3.) Even though I set a rule for myself not to eat nuts for the duration of my whole30 because I know its a trigger food, I caved and had some dry roasted macadamia nuts, which only intensified my craving and led me to eat some almond butter, which I then realized had added sugar. Angry at myself for having the nuts and going off plan with the sugar, I'm completely threw in the towel and picked up two pints of haggen daaz ice cream on the way home. I ate about half of each one and made the mistake of putting them both back in the that ended up being breakfast this morning also, followed by a mocha. Now I'm feeling like $h!t...bloated, cramped, spaced out, and most of all guilty and discouraged. I am planning on making tomorrow day 1 again, although I will not be having any more non-compliant foods today. I would love to find a friend on here to help hold me accountable. Maybe someone with similar issues so we can motivate each other. Any tips from whole30 veterans are welcome of course. I have tried enlisting a couple of my friends, but they both keep falling off the wagon and don't seem to care too much. Also I should metion I live with my fiance who has no interest whatsoever in this way of eating. Luckily, he doesn't usually keep foods in the house that trigger cravings for me. I should also add that I am doing whole30 in hopes of alleviating my PCOS symptoms, including acne, irregular periods, and wheight gain and more importantly, to overcome the "sugar dragon" and stop binge eating once and for all.. I am 5'2, 142 lbs, 20 yrs old. Other than binging on unhealthy, carb-laden food, my diet was good to begin with. I have been doing paleo for a few months, and before that I was doing a lot of lean meat, eggwhites, vegetables, and small amounts of oatmeal and sweet potatoes. I feel much better with more fat and less grains. I am confident that this is the right plan for me, I just a serious boost right now to get me past the first week.
  14. On day 23 of my whole30, some old demons caught up with me and a lot of dried fruit turned into, lots of nuts then two bowls of muesli with skimmed milk, granola and feelings of failure. I told my whole30 confidante and started again the next day. I am proud that i started again straight away as my problems have meant days and days of bed and bingeing not even that long ago. But i can't shake this feeling of failure and dishonesty to whole30. i know i am just doing this for myself, and i dont have to 'report' to anyone, but its this weird feeling and i dont know how to shake it. I'm so incredibly proud of the progress i had made on the whole30 as i went 23 days binge free, whereas for the past year i have barely made 10 days without sabotaging myself. Would appreciate any words of motivation or encouragement. Maybe i'm just having a weird one, but its not a nice feeling when i know (logically) that i'm doing fine. (currently day 5 of my restarted whole30) Thanks!