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Found 2 results

  1. allisonkristyne

    Starting 8/17!

    Hello Whole30 family! I'm finally going to start the Whole30 next Monday. I'm waiting mostly because I'm moving this coming weekend and don't anticipate having a ton of time to cook/prepare food over the course of this week. My live-in boyfriend and I are doing it together because we tend to enable each other's sugar monsters (do you want to go get froyo?" "I'll go if you want to.") and want to live a healthy life together. Because I've got a whole (hah, punny) week before I officially start, I'm trying to make this my "slow start" - eating pretty healthy, but still allowing myself to indulge 1-2x/week when we say goodbye to our various friends and favorite restaurants. Plus, I'm hoping it'll be easier since we won't have to throw away any food and can start this journey in a completely new environment, one free of ghost-of-ben&jerry's past. I would definitely classify myself as someone who wavers a lot with her diet; I have done sugar cleanses, carb-free months, etc., and always manage to fall back off the wagon pretty hard. I have a weight range of 155-170 lbs that I generally fall under, and I'm at that 170 right now, which is pretty difficult for me to see. I would love to be at 140, since I'm 5'5," but I'm really trying not to make this about weight. Luckily enough I already stay away from the scale, if not for my mental health than more so for the fact that I'm always scared to see the number. I'm someone who really values her mental health and that's why I want to do the Whole30 - I really want to learn how to actually listen to my body and have a healthy relationship with food, not the one I have now where the "I'm bored, what's in the pantry" thought comes into my head way more than it should. I also struggle with positive self image, ie moving between "I should be proud of how I look so I should be able to eat this doughnut because who cares what other people think" and "well eating that doughnut makes you feel awful but it tastes so good so what do I do." I'm also a mediocre runner; prior to a week or so ago I was doing 10-15 miles/week. Last week I wanted to take a break from running to try and focus on making healthy choices from a food standpoint. I want to start running again, though, so it'll be interesting to see how running fits into the whole30. Besides all of that, I'm starting law school in a few weeks, which is a lot of the reason I want to do the whole30: I want to make sure that through the stresses of studying and reading and exams I can keep a healthy lifestyle and not sink into old, bad habits. I probably should have started this earlier, but I honestly knew nothing about it, and I don't want to wait until further in the semester when I'm shoulders deep in textbooks. Any words of encouragement are more than welcomed, especially in regards to keeping from snacking and staying satisfied while in school! I'm excited to start this journey and am praying for success!
  2. Today is the start of my Whole30 journey. I just ate a wonderful breakfast consisting of bbq chicken with pico de gallo and guacamole, my belly is feeling good. But I am worried will I make it to lunch without eating? Will I make it through the day without eating candy, cookies, chocolate, chips? These things have become a corner stone in my diet as of late. Up until 1 week ago I was getting ready for figure competition – this would have been my 4th event this year and sadly, my body was not responding. I was gaining fat, not muscle. I felt it is was stress related (too many shows, new job, selling my home, moving to a new city and purchasing, kids out school for the summer) so I spoke with my coach and we've put the training on the back burner until next year. I hate disappointing people. I took last week off any (gym) physical activity and the typical 6 meals a day of double boiled chicken and blanched green beans and just started to pack my house and eat…and eat…and eat. I am now 25lbs heavier one week later (weighed in yesterday). For one week solid I ate nothing but junk food every single day. Now I am afraid I won't be able to stop – the week ahead is chalk full of stress and nutritional boobie-traps! 1. I am moving to a new city this week. 2. I will not be able to fit in any gym workouts – not sure if I could workout my body is so stiff – my legs fell like they are full of lead (this has me stressed). 3. I've never binged like this ever in my life (why now??), can I control myself to stop? 4. Not feeling my best has me stressed 5. Not fitting into my clothes has me stressed. 6. Having to explain to my friends why I am not competing again this year…has me stressed. 7. My new job has me stressed…okay. Rant done. Deep breathe. My first step in my Whole30 journey was yesterday - I cleaned out all the junk, processed, gain based, legumes, and other non-foods out of the house, I either donated (made me feel good) or gave away to neighbors (also made me feel good). My birthday was Saturday – so I also made sure all the cake was out of the house. Today I woke up to a **clean** sugar free food zone. I also gave away all the **supplements** and **fat burners** my coach had me taking. Today will be my first day in 6 months without taking any Ephedrine, aspirin and caffeine…eeek! Lets see if I can even stay awake on my own. I can do this. I am stronger than sugar.