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Found 1 result

  1. I'm on Day 23 of my Whole30 and things are going well. I have seen changes in three areas so far. First, I have more energy than I've had in ages! It lasts all day and improves my life in so many ways (I get more done, I feel better about my life because I'm more productive, I feel less overwhelmed, my more positive mood leads to having more fun, I have the energy to make dinner!) Second, I don't have any achy spots or all over body aches from the fibro. I got my period about a week ago and did have some fibro pain for a couple of days. The contrast was distinct. Third, I've lost a little weight. My clothes fit better. I wish it were more but I'll stick with the plan hope it continues. The other goal I had for the Whole30 was to improve my exercise recovery. Specifically, whenever I exercise my muscles get sore and tight very easily. It's fine line between doing enough to gain a benefit and not doing too much. When I cross that line, it can take days for the soreness to go away. My whole body hurts at times. I can live with a sore muscle or two, the other issue though is that I'm hypermobile and the tight muscles become a problem because they pull my bones out of alignment (in my SI joint or my thoracic vertebrae for example). So far the Whole30 has not improved these symptoms. My question is might I still see improvement in these symptoms in the last week? Or in another few weeks of Whole30? Should I think about eliminating additional foods from the auto immune protocol? Any suggestions about which ones to start with? Should I delay the reintroduction phase or go ahead? Are there other members out there with fibromyalgia doing the Whole30 currently/recently? What's your experience been like?