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Found 10 results

  1. MōmmyofH&O

    New Year, New Us!

    Hey! My family and I are starting our first ever Whole30 journey on January 1st! This is gonna be a big change for us and I’m definitely nervous at this point. Our munchkins are ages 5 and 2.5 and are picky eaters most of the time. My husband works shift work which adds another challenge to W30 for me. I have read part of the book, have multiple W30 cookbooks, have multiple friends that have done more than one round of W30, and we have a fantastic support system! I have been dealing with some hormone issues, PCOS, Endometriosis, and recently diagnosed with Adenomyosis as well. I am praying that Whole30 provides some much needed relief for myself along with more energy and less anxiety. My husband is hoping for more energy and better sleep. Smaller waists would be a bonus. Both kids have eczema and I’m hoping this will help clear up their skin and get them eating a little better. Can’t wait to get this party started!!
  2. alisonmae


    Hey everyone! On the cusp of my 30th birthday, suffering from migraines and asthma, my boyfriend and I have decided to tackle the Whole30 together! We were originally going to do it in November, and after double checking calendars and training schedules (we are both runners with numerous race events we've already paid for, so we didn't want to struggle and feel we had wasted our money), we decided to move our start date up, to September 4th! Little did we know, there'd be a big movement to have as many people as possible participating in the month of September! This will be coming days after our second overnight relay in the month of August (CLR and Hood to Coast), AND my 30th birthday! What better way to start off a new decade than with improving my health?! I am committing to this challenge in hopes of getting my nutrition on point as a runner, to rewire my brain about food and cravings, and to hopefully discover trigger foods for my migraines and asthma! I will be chronicling this journey for us via Instagram - @rundrinknerd - feel free to follow along! We look forward to getting inspired by all of you, sharing our journey, and hopefully inspiring others to take the challenge! Cheers! Alison
  3. Scott W

    Starting 8/28 Excited

    I am reading "It Starts With Food" and think a better title would have been Scared Straight LOL I am looking forward to getting my weight in check but after reading through the books I am even more excited about the health changes. I am familiar with the Paleo diet but never really fully understaood the "Why?" The Why is very compelling. I am not used to spending much time preparing foods so this will definitely be an adjustment but it seems like it will be worth it.
  4. Hi Everyone! My husband and I are starting Whole30 for the first time tomorrow. I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time. I knew we both needed a "reset" of our diets in order to feel better; a lot of junk food has crept into our diets over the last 5 years. So I'm excited to get started and have planned meals and prepped for the week, but also nervous about the detoxing I know we going to go through. Wish us luck!
  5. Hey everyone! Happy to be here! My physio recommended this program to me as it may help reduce my aches and pains. I suffer from a bad back which is putting quite a dampener on my life currently. Im really nervous but have began preperations as best I can, including this very post! I have the book, which I am reading through currently. There appears to be a wealth of information on this forum as well so I already feel well supported. I am not a good cook, so the purchasing of ingredients and cooking them fills me with dread...but I an do it! Happy to meet you all! Trev.
  6. Well, here goes.....heard many people and friends who have done it. Like they say: "I can do anything for 30 days." And, then they've gone further or started over because they felt so good and had such success! I hope I have enough will power and self control to do it. My husband was going to do it with me, but he has a fishing trip planned in Sept. and didn't want to bother. I can't wait any longer! Anyone interested in joining me?
  7. Hi! I am going to to start the program this Saturday after I go to the grocery store tomorrow and am very excited but nervous. I am a photographer and I shot a wedding last weekend for a friend of mine. He was the one who told me about the program. I didn't think too much about it until I saw some of the photos of myself. I am not doing this program just to lose weight, in fact it's more about adapting better lifestyle choices for the long haul. However, I am much more overweight than I would like to be. I've never had good willpower when it came to food. I am worried about not being able to stay strong and resist temptations and about my friends not supporting me during this. They aren't bad friends, but they like to drink and go out and these are going to be temptations for me. However, I have also read a lot of these are there are so many women on here who are also mothers doing this. First of all, I want to high five you (through the internet). I believe being a mother is one of the hardest things, being a father as well, don't mean to leave the dudes out. I am single with no kids so I don't have to worry about making meals for everyone or be tempted by what others keep in the house. So I guess I have a leg up on some people there. But I feel for years I have let my eating and weight get in the way of me enjoying my life, finding happiness, finding a guy to share my life with. I suffer from mild depression and anxiety and went through some very difficult things in my past that I don't want mention. I'm just ready to stop living in the past and hurting over those things and start living and enjoying my life and loving myself. OK, I probably sound like a somewhat annoying motivational speaker or something. I'd love to make some friends on here that I can have a mutual friendship with! Help each other, motivate each other, talk about obstacles that get in our way, goals we achieve, etc. Anyway, I am excited and nervous about this and I look forward to meeting new people and changing my life!
  8. I am a mom, wife and teacher. I am a fast food lover, chocolate snacker, pop drinking, carb queen. I come from a family that didn't eat many fruits/veggies growing up. It's time to change some habits and my cousin told me about this month-long plan. I am most nervous about: 1 - temptations for bad snacks, 2 - not looking like a fool in the natural food grocery store as I try to find foods, 3 - figuring out WHAT in the world to make for 3 meals a day, 4 - missing out on memorable food: state fair tradition, labor day with the family, etc 5 - eating at a restaurant or someone else's house and learning how to stay on the plan I am most excited about: 1 - challenging myself to stick with something for 30 days 2 - helping my digestion and figuring out what causes my post-meal stomach aches that come 5-8 times a week. 3 - watching my body change: stomach bloating, energy levels and more 4 - doing this along with my husband and our two girls who are 3.5 years and 22 months. Thanks for your support!
  9. alissafoo

    nervous about starting!

    Hi! I am SO nervous about not being able to sustain this plan and failing at something yet again. I was recently diagnosed with acid reflux, and, in addition to my post nasal drip, allergies, fatigue, obstructive sleep apnea and various other ailments, I feel like it's time to make a change. My doctor simply prescribed prilosec for the reflux, but I do not want to be on yet another medication- I am only 31! I'm hoping this plan can help solve some of my issues and am drawing on all stores of resolve, and hopefully support from you guys, to be able to get through it!
  10. Hello, everyone! I am going to start my Whole 30 journey on Monday, July 15. I'm both excited and nervous. I know this will require a lot of planning and dedication, and I have a bit of fear around falling off track. However, I'm going to do my very best to stick to the program! Now, onto the personal bits and pieces! Please forgive the long post! (If you want to skip the background information, scroll to the Summary at the bottom of my post to see what I want out of the program.) I am currently 29 years old, an editor by profession, and have been trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight. Back in the day, I was really overweight (think size 26/28 and up in women's clothing). I never owned a scale back in high school/college, but I would estimate I weighed around 280 pounds, easily. Oh, did I mention I'm about 5'9 1/2"? I was a little more health-conscious in college, and got my weight down around 250 pounds. In Fall 2008, my job offered an at-work Weight Watchers program. I decided to try it. Toss in my first 5K, 10K, and half-marathon races; a wider array of healthy food choices; and some exercise classes, and that brings us to Fall 2011. I had lost 80 pounds and was at 170. In 2012, I started following my own ideas about healthy eating and increased my fitness. I tried new fruits and veggies, took baby steps toward gluten-free eating, and really monitored what nutrients went in my mouth. I hit 165 pounds in Summer 2012, which is the lowest weight I have ever been. Where am I now? Allow me to give you the good ... Weight: I hover between 170 and 175 pounds, never really going up too much. Appearance: I generally wear size 8 pants and M - L shirts (compared to 26/28 back in the day!). My muscles are nicely defined in a lot of areas, which makes me proud of my progress! Fitness: I exercise about 5 - 6 days a week for at least an hour per day (personal training, boot camp, kickboxing, running, etc.), run at least one or two half-marathons a year, and generally consider myself a fit person (resting heart rate of 41 for the win). Food: I eat mostly organic/locally grown foods when at home, and try to make the best choices when out at restaurants. I also try to keep processed foods out of my house (i.e., I never stray from the outer wall/organic section of the grocery store). ... the bad ... Weight: As I said, I hover between 170 and 175 pounds. While I never go up too much over that, I also can't seem to get my weight to go down any more. I know weight is not everything when you take muscle mass into account; but, I don't like it that I am at the top of, or slightly over, the highest weight on the "Normal" range on those random BMI charts. Ergh. Appearance: While I can fit into smaller clothes than I used to, I still have a pretty large stomach. This is where I seem to carry most of my weight (well, stomach + chest/upper back). Part of it is skin from losing around 90 - 100 pounds. A great deal of it feels like plain old fat, however, and it wears under my clothes as such. (You know the "back fat" rolls around where your bra sits? Going from a size 46 band to a 38 band seems to have changed nothing about those. Joy.) Fitness: Although I exercise a lot and consider myself fit, I fatigue easily. I have trouble with moves that take me from the floor to a standing position too quickly. I also have very weak upper-body strength when it comes to push-ups, pull-ups, planks, etc. I know I have gained muscle in my arms, but I still struggle after years of doing so. Food: I am a natural sugar fiend. I love honey, maple syrup, agave nectar (I know, I know), etc. So, yes, they are organic, but are still sugars nonetheless. I really want to cut back. ... and the random (and possibly ugly?) ... Sleep: I admittedly have the world's worst sleeping habits. Some nights, I'm lucky to get 3 hours of sleep; most nights, it is 5 - 6 hours with the rare "binge" on a weekend of 10+ hours in one night. Part of it is a long-distance relationship with a 4-hour time difference NOT in my favor; part of it is being a natural night-owl; and, part of it is very poor time management on my part. Meat: Although I like meat, I struggle with trying to eat enough of it. Fish is my protein of choice, with the occasional bit of chicken thrown in. Once in a blue moon, I'll pull some local/grassfed ground goat, bison, or turkey out of my freezer. After going through some of the Whole 30 materials, this has me a little worried. The "Icky": I feel bloaty or generally uncomfortable almost 24/7. My stomach never really feels "happy," and I am almost always tired. As of the past month, this "icky" feeling has escalated to a bit of a high, which was a big motivator for doing the Whole 30. Other Health Issues: I have chronic dry skin (diagnosed when I was a baby). My nails peel/break/bend very easily. I have Otitis in the inner/outer ears, most likely related to the dry skin. I show a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism, though I have not yet had any in-depth tests (on my to-do list!). Summary: I want to feel good, and not "okay" or even "bad" most of the time. I want more energy. I want to feel happy and less stressed. I want to cut back or eliminate my sugar cravings. I want to lose this confounded belly fat and be able to see the abs that I've worked hard on and know are there. I want to be able to do more than 5 push-ups without my wrists wanting to snap. I want to enjoy my food for what it really is. I am committing myself to this Whole 30 challenge starting on Monday, July 15. I see others are starting on that day, too. I would love to help motivate one another and keep each other accountable as we all start our journeys. I am still new to the forum, but feel free to contact me (whatever that means in terms of this forum/Web site) if you'd like an accountability partner. Thanks for reading!