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Found 3 results

  1. Couchpotayto

    Whole30 First Timer

    Hello Everyone! I am so happy this forum exists so I can run to any of you, read stories and share my experiences. (I hope I am using this correctly) I will be starting my journey this week, I am finishing The Whole30 30 day guide and educating myself as much as possible before I begin. I am very excited....but also TERRIFIED! Is this normal? I just want to succeed. I have struggled A LOT my entire life with my weight. I am a 25 year old woman, and I am at my heaviest starting weight (278.3 and I am 5'9"). My relationship with food is not "unhealthy", I just do not know how to eat. I will usually skip breakfast, have a small lunch and binge when I get home, which is not ok by any means. I also have not exercised in months. I wish I could just tell myself to get up and do things but I struggle greatly. Has anyone else been in my shoes? I am reaching out to you, any of you for support. I am excited to do this, but what else can I use as a push other than what I WANT?
  2. gallagcr

    Round 2!

    Today is day 2 of my second whole30. I experienced some great results the last time I did this (January 2014) and am hoping to stay on the bandwagon the entire period this time and also to add in exercise. When I did this program last year, I was coaching a competitive skating team and fell off a little bit towards the end (eating things like sweat potato chips and allowing corn back in when I still had about a week left). With all the traveling for competitions, it was too easy to give in to a chips and salsa party (they were just corn and salt in the chips though!) Anyways, I'm hoping to stick better to the plan the entire time and to make this round even better by adding in exercise that I didn't do last time. I'm also hoping to get that "tiger blood" this round (exercise should help?). I graduated college last May and never quite got rid of the extra weight I put on "celebrating." I'm hoping this will be the recharge I need so that I stop feeling so sluggish and unmotivated. ps. If anyone has any alternative recipes/ideas for a protein rich breakfast WITHOUT eggs I would love to hear it! I just can't stomach them (the consistency just gets me!)
  3. beachchica

    Whole30 in SoCal

    I have been eating primally since January, but am starting the Whole30 challenge today. The biggest change for me will be no dairy, since I've been enjoying Greek Yogurt and occasional cheese in my primal lifestyle. I had no trouble ditching grains (never looking back on that one) but sugar has been much harder for me to kick. Until now. It's time. Right now. I have a 9 month old son (my first) and a fit body is lingering underneath the 15 to 20 lbs I need to lose. I want my son to have a happy, healthy mom. This is it. No excuses. I've run half-marathons, climbed mountains ... for Heaven's sake I've given birth! The easiest and best thing I will ever do is change my relationship with food. So here it goes. There is no starting tomorrow. It starts today. Right now.