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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! I´m Charlotte from Spain. After 2 years of autoimmune disease and big intestinal problems, I decided to try with paleo diet. At the moment, I´m flexible with lentils and beans, but I want to start with the whole30 program in a couple of months. I would like to know as much information as possible before start it. I´m from Spain, so... sorry about my english! I´m trying to do my best. Hugs from here.
  2. essentiallysuburbanmom

    November First

    Hi I'm a SAHM with a Doterra side business, I have chronic health issues and a special needs child so we are already mostly paleo, but hoping to do whole30 in November to help break some bad habits that we have gotten into, wondering if anyone wants to join on Nov 1 and form some sort of little support group? I have never done whole30 before so looking for HELP!!!!
  3. tzipi


    Hi ! I'm a new member. I'm very excited about this. I have been suffering from abdominal discomfort for years since i had a partial colectomy for colon cancer. I never have been able to figure out what foods will make me feel better, but I've been told that carbs and processed food are probably the culprit. I need lots of support for this but i feel very highly motivated. Will really appreciate any supportive comments from the community. I started this morning Jan 2. For breakfast this morning I had a big salad of cabbage , cucumbers, scallions, red pepper, tuna and hard boiled egg. I dressed it with olive oil and lemon juice. It was delicious. Im happy to be part of this community. Looking forward
  4. Hi, I just joined with hopefully spirits, albeit exhausted spirits. I was recently in Europe for about a month and a half and ate EVERYTHING and felt great. No digestion issues, had plenty of energy, no bloat and was even loosing weight after literally eating a pizza, bottle of wine and loaf of bread each night for dinner. No joke! Well, I get back in the US and swear I've gained 5-10lbs just being back 2 weeks. I am bloated. My clothes that were just loose on me are now uncomfortably tight, my digestion has been a wreck and I am EXHAUSTED. When I say exhausted, i mean exhausted. A tired i have never felt before. All this to say... could it be the food? I was eating very fresh, REAL food in Europe, yes lots of bread, cheese and olive oil but fresh, and I was losing weight! It really made me think... is it the food? Prior to that trip I was struggling with my weight and trying everything, protein powder, portions, diets, everything and NOTHING was working. Well, I am getting off topic...My guess (and I would LOVE to hear experiences and opinions of others) is it the food here in the US? (Not all mind you, but my food choices, the processed, the "healthy" stuff.) I have also found since I have returned my cravings have been insane, I am binging on foods I would have never binged on before and like I said, I am so tired I can hardly function. My brain literally feels like I am in a fog and I have been feeling achy and "sick" even though I am not sick. A friend of mine completed the Whole30 and said it was amazing and I thought I'd take a chance and try. I have FAILED so many other diet programs that I am nervous to fail again. I am starting Monday 10/31/16 and just got done attempting to create my meal plan. Not sure I did it right but we'll see. i still need to grocery shop and prep. So here are my questions... Anyone else starting Monday and want to be a support team for each other? Any thoughts on what I wrote about food? Could it be the food or am I using food as an excuse and it is something else? I love coffee and was trying to find "cream" alternatives. I see ghee and coconut oil, is that correct? Also, almond milk or cashew milk... thoughts on those? About binge eating... what causes this? How does it stop? Thank you. Look forward to meeting you all!
  5. ISUlovely

    Hello! I am new to this...

    Hello! My name is Alissa. I am 42 years of age, and want to make a change to my life. A friend of mine told me about the Whole30, and thought I would try it!
  6. Sarah_Cinnamon

    Day 2 - My Tuna has Soy?!?!

    Hi Everyone! I started the Whole30 yesterday and did very well. I usually cook most of my meals from scratch so it was easy to avoid the bad stuff. This morning for breakfast, I checked my canned tuna label, "Tuna, water, vegetable broth, salt" and thought "Green light." To my dismay, I discovered the words "Contains: Tuna, soy" on the label after I ate! Why is there soy in tuna fish?? Do I have to restart? I guess the month of September is a good time frame with exactly 30 days... Sincerely, Sarah
  7. Hi my name is Brittany and I'm starting my WHOLE30 tomorrow !!! couldn't be more excited to get in shape and feel GREAT. Ready to love and treat my body with what it deserves!
  8. I'll keep this short...I'm 20 years old and sometimes I feel like I'm 70. That's basically why I wanted to try Whole30. I want to be healthier, and I have extrememley high hopes! That's it
  9. marytyoung

    Day 1 - my adventure begins

    Today is my official Day 1. I am excited to start this change in eating and SUPER excited to see all the resources! I will say that breakfast has me a little baffled. Eggs I understand. The vegetables and no fruit I will be harder. I guess I am so used to eating dairy, carbs, and fruit....and grazing through the day (shame on me) that this meal may be my biggest challenge. I rarely wake up hungry. I need this! I am really looking forward to not writing everything I eat and counting points. I like reading labels. SO bring it on! Mary
  10. bleaubitru

    Starting Tuesday May 6th

    This is my first time hearing I've heard about this so of course I couldn't resist to test out the idea of so much beneficial change in 30 days...Looking forward not backward.
  11. Hello group, My name on the forum is ReadyToCommit, because I feel I finally am! Please feel free to call me RTC. I am 42 years old and living in Orlando. I heard about the Whole 30 from several friends who have had success with it. I need to lose 60 pounds and have been vascilating with the same 5 pounds for years. This weight has become an albatross and I truly believe, or rather hope, that this can help me finally overcome the obstacles that have hindered my success, namely myself. I look forward to reading the posts on the forum and learning how others fared through the challenges of this process. Regards, RTC
  12. Hey guys! I'm a senior in college and never had any weight/health problems at all when I was growing up. In fact, I was a state champion athlete in high school and am currently on the varsity team at my school! However, I was not immune to the Freshmen 15 (or in my case, Freshmen 25). The college culture of eating was destructive to my health, weight, and ultimately self esteem. I've fluctuated those 25 pounds for the last 3 years, dropping them sophomore year then gaining them right back last year. I've dabbled with Paleo/Primal lifestyles but after letting "cheat" days become "cheat" weeks become "cheat" months, I always fell off the wagon. Now, entering my last and final year at school, I want nothing more than to embrace my healthiest self - living up to my potential and starting the rest of my life with a bang! Today, September 23, 2013, I started my first day of the Whole30 program. I usually never post on forums but thought the support system would be great when I'm feeling shaky (mentally, of course)! Thanks for listening!! xx
  13. SouthernHospitality

    Started 4/1...then re-started 4/8

    Hello, I started my first Whole30 last Monday after hearing about it from a friend. I was traveling on business, so I was eating out for pretty much all meals. I had a couple of accidental slip-ups (i.e. didn't know that IHOP uses pancake batter in their omelettes, didn't realize that most salad dressings have sugar in them, etc.). After 5 days, however, I let the Final Four festivities get the best of me and I fell off the wagon. I thought about giving myself a mulligan and continuing with Day 8 on Monday. But then I thought about ISWF (purchased from B&N on 4/5) p. 202 "NO CHEATS. NO SLIPS. NO EXCUSES." So, I decided to start over. After reviewing some of the posts on the forum, I decided to start keeping a log of everything I eat. Some potential issues I've personally encountered: 1) I'm still on the road which is challenging. Some restaurants are full-disclosure on ingredients via their website. For those that are not, I've found it best to stick with a salad with grilled meat/seafood. Dressing? I typically stick with balsamic vinegar and olive oil if available. NOT balasamic vinaigrette (usually has sugar). When I return home, I can experiment with making my own. 2) At the office, snack options usually include candy, potato chips, sweets...pretty much vending machine and readily available. I've countered that by keeping fruit and nuts handy, but... 3) I think I'm eating waaaay more fruit than I should according to the plan. Might be my body's response to no more soda, sweet oatmeal, coffee with sugar and cream, oreo cookies, etc. 4) I'm an avid cook, so I've been reading Whole30 and Paleo recipes like crazy. Can't wait to try them when I get home. But, while traveling, I seem to be reduced to: breakfast - find somewhere with real eggs and get omelette or eggs/meat/fruit; lunch&dinner - salad or burger minus the bun/cheese/ketchup or piece of meat with veggies and/or salad. 5) Watching out for sulfites, carageenan, MSG and hidden sugar is the biggest challenge thus far. -SH
  14. foodiefit_jess

    Starting Sept 1st

    Hi my name is Jessika and I recently stumbled upon this program from someone I follow on instagram and thought I should check it out. Last December I did a 15 day juice cleanse that changed my life. Since then I've been living a mainly veggie lifestyle. Though I have to admit July and August I have fallen off the wagon a little which is what brought me here. I wanted to do something starting September 1st to get me back on track. I was thinking about doing the juice cleanse again, but I'm training to run my first Marathon on Nov. 4th and don't think I can run that many miles on just juice. A few questions before I get started: 1. I have been mostly vegetarian this last few months, with the exception of the occasional fish. Will this program still be successful if I choose fish/eggs only as my source of protein? 2. What about Juicing? I sometimes like to replace my breakfast or lunch with a juice, is that a possibility? 3. Smoothies? I read all of the don't.. but what about protein powder? I like to enjoy a dairy free juice for my post workout meal sometimes 4. Any runners out there? I'm looking for advice on foods to eat pre and post long runs, for example 16+ miles I welcome and appreciate all feedback. Thank you!!
  15. sharilee1955

    Starting whole 3 on August 1st

    Hi, I've been in the process of working towards a Whole 30 for about a year. I began CrossFit workouts almost one year ago, finding CrossFit through the paleo world. I work out 5 times a week, and totally love it! I was terrified to do CrossFit before I started, and was scared every time I went into the gym for the first four months or so, but I've crossed over and can't wait to go the days I get to. I've been about 80/20 compliant with paleo, my workouts are getting a lot better, but I haven't lost a single pound all year! I attribute that to being 57. It really does get harder to shed the weight after 50, and, um, the occasional weekend carb and sugar treats. Doing a Whole 30 a year ago would have been unthinkably difficult - now it seems like the natural next step. It's no longer about the weight (although losing 15 - 20 lbs would put me in the sweet spot), it's about health from the inside out. It feels good to make that shift away from the scale to my health. A few of us from my CrossFit gym are going to do the challenge together, so we have each other, but it's good to have this forum as well. It's a good time to do this challenge - I am about to become an empty nester, my only son leaves for college in September, and this frees up time I haven't had in 19 years (between work and being a mom) to give back to myself.