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Found 5 results

  1. Amyrotella

    Anyone want to start 4/20??

    I'm looking for a few (or one??) person to join me in a whole30 but I don't really want to wait until next Monday to begin... anyone??
  2. Hi everyone. Was hoping to find some chronological teammates for my Whole30 adventure. I have a few unique obstacles to maneuver, mostly a radically changing time table for my meal times, and 3-4 day bulk meal preps. I work 13 hour overnight shifts in an ICU and sticking to only meals without snacking will prove difficult. Anybody else taking something similar on? My body also already struggles with the stress of changing from night owl to early bird on a weekly basis, this combined with a gluten/grain sensitivity, lactose intolerance and general IBS make my GI tract action packed with issues! Also on a side note, my 04/02 start is not offset due to Easter but by a difficult weekend work schedule. Starting the new lifestyle would be very hard in the midst of my stretch of work nights. But as I see on here, many are pushing 04/01 to 04/02 for Easter dinner, so I hope I can find some teammates. Lets struggle through this together and give us a place to rant/rave! Good luck to all, “This too shall pass.” -Bradlee Me and my Tot
  3. Hey everyone, So my wife and I just started the Whole30 yesterday. We essentially followed the Whole30 1st week to a T as far as groceries go. Here we are, day 2, and both my wife and I have headaches. I've had it pretty much all day. It seems like it's common, but I wasn't sure what the official word was. Or why they occur? We did everything the program asked, besides a half an avocado with our frittata yesterday morning. Meals: Mon. Breakfast - Spinach, Tomato, & Egg Frittata with fruit Lunch - Protein Salad (Chicken, grapes, nuts, celery) on bed of Spinach, ranch dressing Dinner - Spaghetti Squash, Tomato Sauce & Ground Turkey, had a bit more fruit Advice? Or commiseration? Tim
  4. ElizabethG

    Starting 11/24 - Anyone in?

    Hi All, I've successfully completed a Whole30 in the past (about 1.5 years ago), and keep a paleo-ish diet in my daily life. I've made a ton of progress over the last few years in terms of my relationship to food, but everyone so often need to reset my priorities. I think it's one of those times. I am completely aware that this may not be the easiest time of year for a Whole30, however, I also know there is always another excuse around the corner. There are 30 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not now? Yes, there will be lots of holiday parties, but the food isn't too great at those anyways. Yes, Christmas cookies will be in abundance, but guess what? Cookies freeze, so anything that looks "worth it" can be put in the freezer and saved for another time. Who's with me? We will really need the extra support this time of year, so please make yourself know. As a start, I want to share some of what I learned the first time around that was so helpful: - I threw away my scale and never looked back. I weigh myself from time to time at the gym, but otherwise let how my clothes fit be a better indication. - I realized there really are foods that I don't miss (rice, pasta, candy), but there are foods I do miss and think are worth it (ice cream) - While I have always been a good cook, I learned some awesome new recipes. - Meals don't have to be complicated or fancy, they just have to make your body feel healthy I'm hoping a second time around will reinforce some of these things, as many of them are harder to stay committed to right now. I'm also hoping to reset after what has been a crazy 4 weeks of travel, weddings, work conference, etc. I'm exhausted, my body deserves a little extra care. Elizabeth
  5. Looking for anyone else who'd be interested in starting December 1st. Since my last Whole 30 earlier this year I've fallen off the wagon badly and my body is suffering subsequently with a lot of tummy issues. Hoping to regain control with the sugar dragon and carb massacres and hoping to finally approach the portion control side of things. Anyone else interested?