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Found 7 results

  1. Introduction

    Hello everybody, My name is Neha Tripathi. I just started the whole 30 program yesterday. Today is my day 2. I feel otherwise great. Just that I have severe diarrhea. Is this normal ? Is this something that's common ? I have been eating eggs for breakfast with grilled tomatoes, a warm salad and soup for lunch and 2 pieces of grilled chicken with salad for dinner. Yesterday I also had a fresh mixed fruit juice. I am really excited to do this. I want to lose weight and feel good and healthy. This diarrhea is bothering me. Pls advice. Thanks
  2. Started today march 1

    Just started today. My big cravings will be my morning triple nonfat latte from Peet's and wine. It's only 30 days right? Are you not supposed to eat out for 30 days? Have a gala this month that I can not drink at but will be weird if I don't eat. How have others dealt with this?
  3. So I am on day 3 of my first Whole 30. I'm doing this because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am obese! I just want to feel better. So far I feel like crappie but I know it's because I'm detoxing! I'm just telling myself this probably one of the most loving things I can do for myself! For as much as I am in pain right now my higher consciousness knows this is the right thing for me! Grateful my co-worker shared the Whole 30 with me!
  4. Started 10/6/14

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am so excited. Today is day 15 for me and I plan on doing 40 days. I feel so much better and can tell a differance with my self I have cheated and weighed myself Other than that I have done it to a T!!! I am down 9.2 lbs, 2.5 on waist and 4 inches on my hips. I still have a long ways to go BUT I dont have heart burn any more, I dont feel tired, I am not bloated, I sleep through the night. I feel like a new person already!! I do plan on taking a day off for our anniversary but then I am getting back on the whole 30 plan and wanting to do another whole 40. I have added some pictures of me before this life style change and cant wait to see the after!!!
  5. Anyone starting today???

    Anyone starting the 15th! I am and a friend is starting on Monday, excited and a tad nervous...meal prepping tomorrow
  6. Well I decided to make it official here on the forum. I have only been eating Paleo for a little while now and just decided to kick it up a notch. I am three days on my first true Whole30. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am a little nervous about being able to finish strong but this is really something I am excited about and passionate about. I hope that that excitement and passion will outweigh the temptations and cravings. I know it will be so worth it.
  7. Hi! I am planning on starting my first whole 30 on Monday 3/25... I would start tomorrow but I have had a getaway planned with my girlfriends this weekend forever. I am going to use it as my last big hurrah! I have been eating mostly Paleo since mid December 2012 and have noticed improvements in my body, mood and energy levels. However, recently, I have found myself slipping and can see how crappy I feel. I figured committing to the whole 30 challenge would be a great way to get back into a healthy lifestyle! My BIGGEST challenge is going to be alcohol. I LOVE wine... And I have an active social life with family and friends, so giving up wine for 30 days is going to be hard. Also, I have been eating dark chocolate because some Paleo sites say its ok! My other challenge is work. I am a nurse and work 3 12 hours shifts per week. It is so hard to pack all 3 meals into a little cooler bag and be satisfied for the whole shift. Snacks are hard, eating nuts every time I am hungry can't be good. And sometimes I don't have time to heat up a meal and eat it. Does anyone have suggestions for quick meals that don't need to be heated? Wish me luck! Is anyone else starting Monday??