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Found 18 results

  1. TexarkanaBaby

    Learning about Whole 30

    My name is Terri, and I've ordered the book to learn more about the program, after hearing about it from my nurse practitioner. I have an underactive thyroid, and I struggled with fertility issues for years. I have one son, two stepsons, and 2 precious grandchildren. I'll turn 50 later this month, so I'm using the time between now and then to learn about Whole30. Looking forward to making some healthy changes.
  2. Hi All, I'm a mom of two and pretty healthy/active but trying to eat cleaner. I'd love to find someone in my area that started the Whole 30 on January 1st (or close to it) If that's you, please get in touch! Hope to talk soon!
  3. MWatkins

    Starting April 1st

    Hi Everyone! I have recently started researching Whole30 and have settled on a start date. March is a big Birthday month in my family, so I am giving myself a month to prep for this new lifestyle. My husband and I are planning to start trying for a baby towards the end of this year, and I would like to develop a healthier relationship with food before the pregnancy cravings start and before I am responsible for teaching my child about healthy eating habits. My biggest struggles now are carbs, cheeses and sweets. I generally eat pretty healthy, but when the craving monster hits I have a tendency to binge on brownies or cheese-itz. If you are starting in April - How are you prepping? What do you think will be the hardest thing for you? Are you planning on announcing your journey over all your social media platforms? How does your family feel about it? Are you planning on utilizing the meal planning tool offered on the Whole30 site?
  4. Hi! I'm excited to be starting Whole30 for lent. One thing I am struggling to figure out is there is one medication my doctor has me take as needed (which is very often) but I have to eat something before hand. I've always eaten something like a ghram cracker. If I don't eat I become very nauseous. I sometimes need to wake up and take this medication at 3 am or if I'm out and and about, at work etc. I've tried a banana and it's not enough to ward off the nausea. I don't mind prepping anything to have on hand. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I am starting the Whole30 tomorrow, January 11th. I have in the past been gluten/sugar free for about 9 months but jumped off the wagon headfirst and haven't been at all healthy since. Here's to starting a new journey!
  6. I have been gluten and sugar free in the past, made it nearly a year and felt great! I lost 40 pounds but that was minor compared to how I felt. Then I made a few poor choices which in turn led me to making lots more poor choices and a year later, here I am. I have gained back the 40 pounds I lost plus a lot more, all of my fibromyalgia pain has returned and worsened, I feel like crap all of the time...and I am tired of it. I am in my mid-40's and still have young children at home (youngest is 5), and I want to feel better and BE better for my kids! I used to love the way I felt, and I want that back. I have the makings of chicken bone broth in the crock pot simmering right now, I have begun my Whole30 shopping list, and I am truly excited to start this new journey!
  7. Just introducing myself to you all... I am new to the Whole30. I keep hearing great things about this program and seeing quite delicious looking Whole30 recipes that got me intrigued. I researched it online and finally bought the book. I'm really happy I did and I'm excited to start my Whole 30 on January 31st...going the whole month of February. I am a happily married 52 year old mother of 3 (2 teenage boys still at home) living in New Jersey. We recently moved here from Montana. Life was very busy in the months leading up to our move and to be honest, I just started eating like crap. Fast food, comfort food, loads of sugar and carbs...and I ended up feeling like crap too and ballooning up to 190 pounds! Yikes! I've spent the last 25 days (5 more to go) doing a very strict cleanse which was "liquids only" for the first 21 days. I lost 20 pound & 26 inches, which I'm happy about...but now I need something sustainable which involves nutritionally-dense foods that will help me to reach my weight loss goal of weighing 152 or less, while I am still 52. I turn 53 July 4th. Hence, my interest in the Whole30! I would love to join forces with others out there who want to join me! Who's in?
  8. I tried to start my Whole30 month yesterday, but then went home and realized that the garlic salt I cooked my chicken in was full of extra sugars! I'm excited for this journey, but a bit afraid I'm going to screw it up on accident by not being 100% mindful of everything that goes in my body. That's the main reason I'm trying out this forum...I figure that if I'm connected to other people and resources it will be easier to get through the entire 30 days successfully. I started this plan for a variety of reasons. First, I simply want my body to feel better. I was a competitive athlete in college, and I loved the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted and still be in great shape. Over the past 7 years, I’ve had to contend with the fact that 1) I’m getting older and my college eating habits just won’t work anymore, and 2) I’m never going to work out as hard as I did when I had a coach screaming in my face. I need a new way of taking care of myself going forward. Secondly, I was diagnosed with bipolar2 disorder a few years ago. Since then, I’ve gone on and off a variety of different medications, all of which either drastically changed my personality or made me sick. I see a therapist, but want more control over my mental health. I’m not expecting a miracle, but I’m hoping that by cutting out sugar and alcohol I’ll gain clarity and be better equipped to handle my moods. Has anyone else seen positive mental health effects from the whole30? Any advice would be awesome! Cece22
  9. Just starting out today - lunch time and so far so good. My name is Fran and I must admit I'm a bit nervous about making it through. Being a picky eater by nature (and someone that has a gag reflex to lots of veggies I'm afraid), I'm hoping I can find enough ways to keep this interesting and keep me on track. I thought I was fairly prepared today, but then realized I hadn't really planned well for a good snack before my workout midafternoon (before lunch). Managed to eat a quick bite of protein from my lunch and did just fine. I'll need to plan better tomorrow. Looking forward to feeling better and seeing where this takes me.
  10. Hi everyone!! Hope we have some people join the topic that aren't afraid to write about your ups and downs in the Whole30. I just completed my first on July 22nd with my husband. I did the reintroduction and now I want to get back on track. If I want to be completely honest I did not give up Truvia. I have been strictly adding it only to tea but that has been all I drink with water, of coarse. I know this is off plan BUT I wanted to be honest AND I still truly had leaps and bounds of improvements all around. I do/did not have many lbs to lose but was able to lose 6.2 on my first go. This most exciting part of this blogging is seeing how my fellow participants are succeeding too and with that sometimes we have some issues that makes it nice to have others to talk to about. I really hope we have some peeps join our group so we can do this together and share our experience, strength and hopes here. I look so forward to meeting everyone! Let's start today!! All emotions are welcome!!
  11. Hello, I'm starting the Whole30 for the first time tomorrow. My family is going to join me in the adventure. I'm a little concerned about being able to get enough protein. I've been a vegetarian that eats, dairy, eggs, and seafood for the past 19 years. This diet won't be a huge change for us but taking out dairy an limiting grains and legumes will be a little challenging for us. I'm an avid runner. I'm hoping my energy doesn't drop. Happy eating! ~Ironmom
  12. bobbieKay

    Newbie Question

    Started July 3rd, on Day 4....feeling good. I am a runner and swimmer and feeling a bit tired, legs feel that normal?? Food question: Can I have Eden's Organic Apple Butter? Only ingredients: apples, apple juice concentrate...?? Thanks!
  13. MissyJ

    Starting May 10th...

    Hi! I am very excited and nervous, this will be quite the challenge, I have been planning and making lists all morning, checking out the forums, reading the Whole 30 book, getting a lot of questions is a little overwhelming but then any change can be like that! I have only one thing that may be a little challenging (besides the obvious challenges ) I am not sure my family can afford to buy all organic, grass fed products...we have a limited budget but I am going to price things and see what I can do...anyway I just wanted to get started! I will be following a lot the next month!
  14. Martie

    Help for Headaches!

    Hello Friends, My sister and three of our friends have started Whole30. We are on day four and several of the girls have been complaining about headaches. We all take in a lot of water, tea, coffee throughout the day but need help in figuring out how to combat these horrible headaches. Help! Martie
  15. jennifer.holm

    start date monday 1/12

    I am new to the whole30 and am a huge lover of all things involving carbs and cheese. I eat a cream based pasta at least 2 nights a week and pizza is my favorite food. Oh, and i'm a smoker......very nervous to start, but am excited to see what it does for my body, as i am almost always congested and have had digestive issues for years. Any suggestions that are MUST HAVES for my shopping list for whole foods this weekend? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi, Just introducing myself, as today was day 1 for me. It wasn't too bad, but I know they say the first day is the easiest on the timeline. I ate only W30 approved foods but I feel that I may have eaten too much? So I need to work on my portion control. Any tips on that are appreciated. I am technologically un-savvy, so I hope I'm posting this correctly - I've never posted in a forum before! My age group didn't grow up with this stuff! I hope whoever started today, too, had a successful first day. Thanks for letting me chat! Katie
  17. SignChiq

    Starting February 2nd

    Hello! I'm so excited to prepare for my Whole30. Actually, it's OUR Whole30 as the hubby has agreed to work as a team on this venture! He's been eating clean for over a year, and I have been slowly adopting clean eating and now a paleo lifestyle over the past 6 months. After ready Well Fed and now Well Fed2, I'm eager to try Whole30! Looking forward to the results!
  18. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the WHOLE30 but not to paleo-style eating. I did another food challenge which introduced me to paelo-food and during the entire 8 week challenge I was 100% on target; not once did I ever cheat. But somehow the moment I ate my first non-paleo food (after the challenge) I was unable to control my cravings and "cheats" from then on. This created a problem because I was not able to get back to my disciplined meal plan and mindset. So when I came across the WHOLE30 system I couldn't wait to get started. So here I am trying to get my healthy lifestyle back. I welcome any and all suggestions, advice and constructive criticism on how to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. I believe "If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you" (~unknown.) In addition, I have been doing crossfit since April and I believe that with such a high intensity workout, our bodies need "clean" fuel to run properly. I can't wait to get back to where I once was.