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Found 4 results

  1. AlohaDelSol

    Day 1: Happy NEW Year!

    Hi everybody, Never needed a diet before because I was fit & active. My foot became progressively disabling so it is very hard to keep weight off. Always ate fairly healthy, but wanted to eat completely healthy. Looking forward to eating this way and also know there will be difficult times so going to try to keep healthy snacks with me. Cheers & Happy New Year!
  2. TheGreatAli

    Real Resolution

    Starting January 2 I will be embarking on a a personal New You Challenge... not so much a new me, but a BETTER ME! I joined a crossfit gym that will be challenging my body for 6 weeks. I am reading literature that will change my mindset on a 21day "brain" day detox I WILL quit smoking, I WILL limit my television exposure, I WILL eliminate negative people and habits. I am 24 years old and the way I am treating my body now, may affect me in the long run.... I WILL focus on making a committed change. AND I WILL COMPLETE THE WHOLE 30!!!
  3. I'm looking to start the whole30 the first week of January. I've been trying to get my health back on track ever since I came back from a semester abroad in May. I had a great time enjoying the food in Spain, but created some poor habits that I have not been able to break 7 months later. I gained 10 lbs abroad and literally haven't lost one.. or i'd lose a few and gain twice as much by the end of the week due to my sugar cravings and alcohol. I'm ready to take on this challenge. I know it will be hard because I am about to start my last semester of college. I hang out with people who drink often and who will probably think I'm nuts to take 30 days off. But it won't be impossible and I know it will be so worth it in the end. I am a Pure Barre fanatic and also want to get 4 classes in a week while on the whole30. If anyone has tips for someone who is in college I'd love to hear them! Excited to begin this journey to improved health
  4. Check-In / Christiaan (name, not religion); Male; 25; England; Single; No kids; Office Job. So 2012 is quickly approaching it's end. There are (for me in England) all but thirteen and a quarter hours left. There are many things this year that I wanted to accomplish and achieve that I unfortunately haven't done. I have learnt a lot though, all of which I will take in to the New Year. 2013 holds promise already with a new job role. A step in the right direction for some real career progression. A role that I look forward to getting my teeth sunk in to. I guess life is what we make it, so this coming year 0f 2013 also holds some great nutrition for me and continued training in my Martial Arts disciplines, and Crossfit. My main motivation for my W30(45) is fat rid. I call it fat rid because it's not loss. I have no intention of finding the fat that I get rid of. Lol. There is a lot of it that I have to get rid of, so I need to make some real changes in my eating habits. As aforementioned I do a lot of training, it's my nutrition that holds me back. “You can't out train a bad diet!†Instead of waiting to start on the second owing to a hangover of sorts I shall commence my journey as of 01/01/2013. Tonight I shan't be going out and having drinks at a party or in a nightclub, instead I will remain sober so that I can see the New Year in with a fresh start. I've also mentioned that I want to do a W45. Not explicitly, in my title only and once more in the body of text above. The reason being, my father is in Australia on a 3 year business contract, and I'm going out to see him February 16th. So rather aptly there are 46 days from tomorrow before my departure. I shall endeavour to do my utmost as far as W30 is concerned whilst out there. I shall get my 45 under my (soon to be looser) belt first and then if I can continue out there I shall. If not, I'll start a new one when I return March 10th. That is all in the future though let's focus on the now. So today is my Day 0. I'm at work today, and when I return home this evening I shall be clearing my cupboards of poor choices, and I shall have one last blow out meal, a pizza perhaps. I'll set myself some new goals, as per the W30 print outs. Then I shall attack Day 1 with vigour and enthusiasm. I got this! Rather then babble on for fear of loosing you, I shall call it quits here. I don't want to loose you, you see. So please check in with me and let's do this together. We can inspire one another and help out when the times are bad, share good practices and all the like.