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Found 59 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm doing my second one starting Thursday, November 1st. I'm a 42 year old father of 4 little ones and have been eating a ton of junk the past year or so. I'm really suffering the consequences and ready to turn things around. Also, my wife is struggling with some digestive issues (serious food restrictions) and I see this as my way of leading the way for her so it can be a little easier for her. I am a all-or-nothing personality so if I do this I'll do it 100% but if I slip even a little bit I'll crash and burn in flames of candy. Anyone out that want to join and get lots of positive support. I see there's a lot of women on here which is cool but there's got to be some men out there that want to start to improve their health. I'm thinking of doing a daily photo just to show the effects. Who's in?
  2. BrickHouseBecky

    Starting 1st ever W30 Oct 29th

    Hi everyone! I've got the book, pre-started weaning off sugar/grains/off plan stuff. I'm meal and grocery planning. And my start date is Oct 29!

    Hi! New to the forum

    Hi! I'm here because my new doctor thinks it's a good idea. I did one round years ago, so she didn't have to explain to me the benefits of the program. It's been a bit, though, so I'll appreciate any information you'd like to share on tips, best practices, etc. Looking forward to feeling better, healthier.
  4. TheWholeWhole30

    5th day into my first time

    Hey all! I'm exited about this journey. I love all the enthusiasm from the folks in the group. 5th day in, so far so good (ish). Only a few side effects (light headedness, insomnia, some fatigue) have cropped up, but I can push through those. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hey there! My name is Maura Beaver and I am starting on Monday, July 9th! This will be my first round of Whole30, and this type of program is so new to me. Recently, I have gained a decent bit of weight and I have been having some major allergy issues. I wake up with puffy eyes and lips and I'm breaking out in hives and eczema. We have tried patch testing at the allergist and concluded I'm at least allergic to nickel and gold. I feel like that's not the only issue because I haven't seen much of a change for the better. Now I'm considering the idea it might be food related. Also, let it be known I'm getting married at the end of October and would really like to get this taken care of! If you have any thoughts relating to the allergy topic or just some words of advice about the program, I would love to hear them. I LOVE to cook, so I don't think that will be hard to get used to. I do love cheese and bread - that will be hard to get used to... Thanks in advance, and I hope the program is going well for all of you! Maura
  6. Wyt Raven

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie. Driven by a peptic ulcer problem, I've been looking for diets and recipes to heal my gut and I came across Whole30 this afternoon. I intend starting the Whole30 program on Saturday June 9th 2018. Wishing you All wellness Wyt Raven
  7. Good afternoon! I am starting Whole 30 on April 16th. My girlfriends and I are planning, recipe hunting, etc. We would love any ideas or helpful hints as we start! Especially recipes that the entire family will eat :).
  8. KimberlysGrqce

    Am I eating too much!

    Hi I am new to whole 30 I am on day 7. Yeah me!!! I am trying to be better about adding more fat to my diet cause I was very restrictive before. I read eating 3 large meals every 5 hours is better then 3 meals and snacking, also that eating fruit with nuts is better. Sooo my question I eating to much!! This was prepared knowing I was going to go for a 3-4 mile jog/walk. Here is what I ate for breakfast: 2 eggs with one yolk, 1/2 tbs of clarified butter, half of large avocado, 1 compliment sausage (160 calories) and a blood orange. After workout: 1 Apple with packet of almond butter (160 calories) Lunch: 1 sausage (160 calories) side salad, compliment 2 tbs honey mustard, compliant guacamole (120 calories) carrots, half small sweet potato dinner: Half spaghetti squash, ground turkey (handful) Brussel sprouts, half sweet potato possibly fruit with dinner* cravings are rough right now for sugar! My goal is to feel the best I can on whole 30 but I would also like to loose weight for my wedding in 8 months. Thank you all! Hope you have a beautiful day!!!
  9. Kimchickens

    Reset began yesterday :)

    Hello everyone My name is Kim, and I have been thinking about beginning the Whole30 experiment with myself for about a year. Finally, I commit! Today is my day 2 and I happy to be here. Thank you:)
  10. MikeH

    Getting started

    I'm getting started today for my second month. First month was feb
  11. ChristineM1

    New and starting to struggle

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to whole 30, only 5 days in. I chose to start the program because I want to lose weight, I want to clear up my skin and I’m getting married in 6 months and want to start this new chapter with better control of my life and habits. Things have been going really well, following the rules, I’ve been really positive and noticing a difference In how i feel but tonight my fiancé dropped a bomb on me that his work schedule is changing giving us only 1 day together during the week. This upset me especially since the wedding is 6 months out and he and I are planning together. This news depressed me and all I want is to eat carbs and sugar. I am a stress eater so it is killing me to know I can’t have a cookie or everything bagel to “settle my nerves”. Does anyone have tips or tricks? thanks! Christine
  12. Hello everyone! I start my whole30 tomorrow morning and I did some preparing today by shopping! I know sugar is not allowed in the whole30 (duh), but I'm a little confused on something... I was reading labels today at the store, and while sugar wasn't on the ingredient list, the nutrition label said it had sugar in it... so can I have the said item or not? For example, a can of Hannaford Tomato Sauce lists ingredients: "Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Water, Less than 2% of: salt, onion powder, garlic powder, citric acid, natural flavors, dehydrated bell peppers" But in the label it says "Total Sugars 2g" ("Includes 0g Added Sugars) Is this just the natural sugars you get from tomatoes? Should I be more concerned with the ingredient list or the nutrition label (or both)? What if the label DIDN'T say "added sugars"? A few items were like this, so I didn't buy the product just in case (but will need them soon if I want to make what I have planned!) If this is a product I should stay away from, anyone have any recommendations for tomato sauce, tomato paste and canned diced tomatoes? (I live in New England). Also, is there a source/list of products you can scroll through/browse to see what is approved? Little about me: I don't drink coffee, and am considered a social drinker to alcohol and soda (not even once a week!) Bread, pasteries, and ESPECIALLY chocolate are my biggest mountains to climb. Any tips or advice is welcomed! Thanks for reading! ^^ -oh, and I know it's been answered (but can't find it) but is popcorn okay to have? I'm mainly talking about the Skinny Pop brand (the plain/original flavor in particular). I think I read the answer is no, but it was because of the butter in it (which the original does not)
  13. JuaDiva

    Newbie with a good start!

    Hi, I'm starting kinda fresh, after about 3 weeks of slowly weaning my way off stuff. The gulten, so far, seems to be the best thing I could have done for myself and my knees. I didn't realize the inflammation going on in the joints. Last week I started weaning from sugar, and think it's one of the things that will be challenging. I think the sugar, grains and soy will be the challenge just because of how they sneak into stuff. That was an amazing lesson to learn. Read the labels! I'm happy to get my body back on track, and lose the weight for myself, and not for any other reason. It makes my commitment and my resolve solid and strong. I've already lost some weight just trying to prepare for the day. I've slated my day this coming Thursday. I have a wedding a few weeks down the road, but know that I can hold my own and that I'll have plenty of support...believe it or not. This will be a great 30 days. I'm ready and glad I found a forum. Forums helped me quit smoking. I know they can be great places to hang when the going gets tough. I hope to meet a few of you, and I'll lend my support where and when it is needed. I have my Day By Day and am getting prepared. Hopefully, talk to some of you soon!
  14. I feel really confident that I can do this, it's just a matter of getting everything planned out! Eeeeek! Any suggestions? I'm pretty excited! Also, I'm a vegetarian, so if any fellow veggies would like to team up please let me know!
  15. SumLov


    Hello! This will be my first time and first round of whole 30. A good friend of mine asked me if I’d like to join her in what will be her second time around. She spoke highly of it so I immediately began to educate myself with the resources that whole 30 has put to offer. I will also be joined by my husband and I hope to get my son on board as well. It’s been a long time coming that I should be a better steward of my body and to love myself more. I hope to also learn self-discipline. Glad to meet you all!
  16. Just saying "HELLO" to my fellow Whole30ers and holding myself accountable by posting my introduction and my intent to start. Looking forward to life changes!! If anyone has any valuable getting started tips I'd greatly appreciate them! Best, Karla
  17. Hi!! I'm starting (AGAIN) on Monday, Feb 19th... I've tried Whole30 twice and failed. I felt so good during and am so mad at myself for not following through. I'm hoping to find another person who is starting on Feb 19th who will want to check in via email daily to help support and hold each other accountable! Let's do this!!
  18. I am starting my Whole30 venture and I’m on day one. I’ve done all the necessary reading but still can’t seem to find if this tea is acceptable. Can anyone help me out? Trader Joe’s organic ginger turmeric tea. It reads “organic licorice” is that licorice root? Is it good to go?
  19. Hi, I started Whole 30 today. I live alone. I just made my first (yum) breakfast. I realize I'm confused. On the one hand the book says for the Spinach Frittata recipe, "Serves 2." (Frankly for ALL the book's recipes it serves 2.) On the other hand the book says to save half for tomorrow's leftover meal. Soooooo, funny question: since I sliced the entire Frittata in half and ate half for breakfast, did I just eat 2 servings or 1? I am unclear if I should 1/2 or 1/4 all the recipes I make, since I am only one person - OR - keep them as is and always eat half of what I cook and save the other half for the left over next day meal. I know and get we are not counting calories etc. I want to ensure that I am not overeating, or eating for two. :-) Clarity is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello world. I will be doing, not attempting, nor trying, the whole30 reset program for 30 days starting February 1st. I'm terrified because I know that I am a huge snacker and have a giant sweet tooth. But I know my body needs this, so I am starting to plan. I hope to find a buddy to help me through this because I know I will not be able to do it without support. Thanks for reading!
  21. azn.am90

    New! Started today :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Alexis and I live in NC. I started whole30 today thanks to my amazing friend Molly who is doing it as well. I started CrossFit a year ago and I’ve loved every dying minute of it. But! I haven’t exactly changed my diet to complement my workout regimen. So while I can tell I’m getting stronger and I’m seeing progress during my workouts. I look the same. I’ve struggled my whole life with body image and body positivity and it doesn’t help that I’m addicted to sugar (as most people are — it’s more addictive than cocaine!). I’m ready to make a positive change in my life. While I’m excited about seeing my body change, I’m more excited about how I’M going to change and I’m so thankful for my supportive friends and the whole30 community! So here we go!
  22. Lyla Madison

    Starting January 6!

    Hi I'm new and probably one of the younger members here (15 whoop whoop). Officially starting tomorrow, and since I'm gonna be the only one doing it in my family of 5 I'm looking for a lot of encouragement. Already told my sister to yell at me if I complain lol. I've just become very uncomfortable in my body, and I know I sound like every teenager out there, but I actually want to do something about it. I used to be really fit and in shape, with healthy eating habits, but I feel as if I've lost that. I just really want to get back into routine and I figured this would help. So yeah, new year new me, right? Also, there's a good chance I'll be doing a lot of ranting so please bare with me, and if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it!
  23. kmgoreilly

    Day 1 Worries

    So coming to the end of the first day of my January whole30. There has been so much temptation already. My husband is a big "whole30" skeptic and isn't very helpful when I mention I cannot have something he is having. (He's a picky eater so my love of my new fav whole30 recipes, like cauliflower fried rice is not shared. He is also very pro-dairy, pro-rice and wheat). Also, I feel like I am snacking on nuts between all meals so I stay full. I feel this might be a bad sign? I work the next two nights: I'm a night shift RN so it should be interesting how cravings play out. I'm taking a lot of pointers from paleobailey although she just announced she's leaving her job to become a full time blogger. (Congrats Bailey!) I'm going to lunch with my family tomorrow (CAVA. Anyone have one near them?) and I am not sure how to approach ordering. Do I need to ask about seasoning on the meat? I hate to be that person...Does anyone go to CAVA and can you tell me what I can order?!?! Basically I just need to feel normal and feeling pretty abnormal.
  24. Hi everyone, today was my first day and first time on Whole30. I made it through just fine, never feeling hungry, and only in the evening was tempted to eat something else. But the temptation was very mild and easy to ignore. I have to say that signing up for Real Plans made the first grocery shopping trip so much easier! I am hoping this will power will last through tomorrow and the next few weeks. I am single, so when choosing the meals, I put them in as a double meal so I will have leftovers. But I am still shocked at how big a singleserving of those meals is. Hopefully I am not eating too much! Is anyone else starting today?
  25. T2Andrew

    New W30 - started 10-19-17

    Hello all! I'm new to W30 and am on day 6. Quick bio: male, 53, Type 2 diabetic. My primary goal, aside from better overall health, is to improve my blood glucose levels. I'm skinny and reasonably fit so weight loss is not a concern. Other goals are to identify/reduce/eliminate periodic symptoms that I occasionally experience. A year and a half ago, I did a 30 day grain elimination trial with noticeable and documented results, but then my depression kicked into overdrive and I fell off track. For a long time, I had observations of how certain foods affect my system but they've always been just below the point of requiring immediate change and had come to accept them as the normal me. The medical system seems to support that 'normal' by prescribing meds rather than insisting diet change. Over the years, I've read many related books, but ISWF says it in a way that made me to really want it.