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Found 307 results

  1. Starting tomorrow!

    Hi, I'm Denise. I have prepped 10 whole 30 freezer meals that will go into the crock pot for family dinners. Now I feel ready to start tomorrow.
  2. I’m pretty excited about starting my first whole30 after purchasing the book over a year ago. Just after any advice or tips please on how to face those mid afternoon sugar cravings? I am totally addicted to sugar and I’m hoping the whole 30 will help me with that in particular! Thank you!
  3. Day eight of my first Whole 30

    Hello everyone! I am doing it alone and feel a bit isolated. I am the only one in my household of six people doing the Whole 30 or even thinking it is a good idea to do it. However, I am committed! I just wanted to reach out and hear from like minded people. Then I don't feel so crazy. I haven't noticed any changes yet. I have lost weight (almost five pounds !) and inches of bloat. I am looking forward to the good things to come. I really want to make it to this finish line!
  4. One day success, 29 to go

    Started today and already it's a huge success. 29 days to go. Rather, one day towards a new way of eating. Ready for the challenge.
  5. This is my first Whole30. I have read the book about a month ago and think I am now ready to start. A weeks worth of food for me is around 350.00. Is that normal? Any tips, suggestions, and/or help is GREATLY appreciated!! I am excited, but nervous.
  6. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hey everyone! On the cusp of my 30th birthday, suffering from migraines and asthma, my boyfriend and I have decided to tackle the Whole30 together! We were originally going to do it in November, and after double checking calendars and training schedules (we are both runners with numerous race events we've already paid for, so we didn't want to struggle and feel we had wasted our money), we decided to move our start date up, to September 4th! Little did we know, there'd be a big movement to have as many people as possible participating in the month of September! This will be coming days after our second overnight relay in the month of August (CLR and Hood to Coast), AND my 30th birthday! What better way to start off a new decade than with improving my health?! I am committing to this challenge in hopes of getting my nutrition on point as a runner, to rewire my brain about food and cravings, and to hopefully discover trigger foods for my migraines and asthma! I will be chronicling this journey for us via Instagram - @rundrinknerd - feel free to follow along! We look forward to getting inspired by all of you, sharing our journey, and hopefully inspiring others to take the challenge! Cheers! Alison
  7. This is my first Whole30 and I am SUPER excited! I started out on this journey after a pretty indulgent summer. To be completely honest, I thought it would be a great weight loss tool. Then a friend said "If you're going to do it, read the book!" So, I did. And boy am I glad I did! I was so inspired! This journey has become about so much more. I only get this one body and its time I start being good to it! And that starts with hitting the reset button with the Whole30 and then really listening to my body, what it wants and needs, how it feels, and how what I put into it effects me. All that being said....its day two and I feel TERRIBLE! Well, not too terrible. Its really just this massive headache. I'm in good spirits though! I've wrapped my head around the fact that the headache is coming from withdrawal. But my sugar dragon can huff and puff all it wants! IT WILL NOT WIN! My name is Susan and its so nice to be here. Thanks in advance for all of your support! LET'S DO THIS!!!
  8. I struggle with endometriosis, fatigue and many other health issues. I have a hard time staying committed to healthy choices
  9. Hallooo! I'm Cecile (pronounced si-SEE-ul) and I'm sorta new. Well, new to the forum. I'm in my mid 60s. I'd been seeing stuff on Pintrest about Whole30 for quite a while before deciding to check it out. Like I said, I'm in my mid 60s. My mom was a big proponent of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle most of life, so that, naturally, rubbed off on me. Though as knowledgeable as I was, and still am, my diet didn't show it. I have always had an insatiable sweet tooth and love to bake. Back when I drank coffee it would be more like coffee syrup because of all the sugar I put in it to make it pallitable. I've since stopped drinking coffee because it would make my stomach upset and I'd get diarrhea. I now tell people I'm allergic to coffee. Though now I'm thinking it was all the sugar that gave me problems. But, as a result of all the mostly unhealthy eating I was doing, I ended up weighing over 425 lbs. I don't know how much over because it was difficult to find a doctor's scale that went over 350. If it weren't for my fiancé's doctor's office and their digital scale I would never have known how high my weight had gotten. Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee and have been wanting to get a knee replacement, but because of my weight no orthopedist would do it. In fact I had one tell me that I was a malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen. Needless to say I never saw him again. But it's been a struggle. At least now my orthopedist says he'll consider it if I lose weight and get my BMI down closer to 40%. Then, about 6 years ago, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I started paying more attention to what I was eating an tried to get more exercise by walking, but the arthritis made it difficult. I tried to use My Fitness Pal, but it got to be a pain inputting all the ingredients of what I was eating. Though I have to say that the reprogrammed foods from chain restaurants was eye-opening as to the number of calories in them. I did drop some pounds and managed to get to around 380. In June of last year I got a Fitbit to help motivate me to move more, which helped a lot. And then about a year ago I finally looked into Whole30. Wow! I printed out all the informational PDFs and showed it to my Primary Care Practitioner. She looked it over and gave me the green light. I haven't been able to do a complete month because of family concerns and budget issues, but I have managed to do a couple of Whole7s and I have noticed a differences in how my body feels and reacts when I eat anything I couldn't eat on Whole30. And the large drops of weight has been a bonus. Since January I've dropped another 30+ pounds, so overall I've dropped 63 pounds. I hope to be able to do a full Whole30 in October, fingers crossed. Anyway, Thanks for listening.
  10. October 1st...

    Starting my whole30 October 1st. Tired of needing meds to eat and sleep! Read The Whole 30 book, and been studying up for the last few weeks. Going to do my shopping on Friday and major food prep on Saturday/Sunday. I am hoping to keep it simple.
  11. Hi guys! I'm experiencing something weird and wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this or had any thoughts on it. I'm on Day 8 and I've been noticing the last couple of days that as I'm eating my meals I'm starting to feel full very quickly. Half way through my meal, even if it's just 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon, I feel full and struggle to finish my plate (because I know that's not enough food to last me so I try to finish it, often unsuccessfully). Then, of course, I'm hungry (like stomach rumbling hungry) an hour or two later! This is a problem for me because I'm running around a lot and not always home to eat. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing my body is just adjusting to the different types of meals I'm eating or something like that but it's so strange! Thanks!
  12. Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    Hi fellow Whole-30ers! I'm new to this forum and to Whole 30. For the most part, I eat about 80% Paleo but have "fallen off the wagon" the past year. I'm really looking to regain my focus and develop a healthy relationship with food and eating in general. My start date is tomorrow! I love carbs and sweets and am usually a heavy night eater, so any tips on how to help the transition and stay on track is greatly appreciated!
  13. Planning our Start Date for Whole30

    My husband and I will be starting Whole30 on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. As retirees, we've fallen into some lazy habits and want to feel healthier, more energetic, and thinner - of course! I feel optimistic because we have several friends that have succeeded in transforming their lives on Whole30 and they are our inspiration. I know, as partners, my husband and I can do the same!
  14. Started today (W30R1D1)

    Hi everyone, I prepped a ton of roasted veggies and chicken yesterday so I'm off to a good start. My goal is to make prepping a habit so that after the whole 30 I will continue to bring my lunch every day. I don't expect to have any sugar cravings since I don't eat sugar now. My two Achilles's heels are alcohol and eating out. The former will be hard for a few days but I know from experience after the first week I'll stop wanting a drink, the latter will be hard all 30 days. I cook and eat healthy at home, but my schedule often keeps me away from home at the dinner hour so eating out happens fairly often. Guess we'll see how it goes! =)
  15. Swimming on Whole30

    One of my goals for my first Whole30, today is Day 10, is to increase my energy level and possibly performance during morning swim workouts with my local masters/adult club (roughly 3000 meters, 3 or 4 timers per week). I am 49 (5-0 in July) and while never competitive on an accomplished level like high school or college, love swimming enough that it's my primary form of exercise. Since I started the Whole30, and realizing I am only 10 days in, swim workouts have been a struggle, or more of a struggle than usual. Can I expect to experience an uptick in energy over the next few weeks? I have been following the recommendation to eat a little protein before workouts (tex-mex chicken frittata "muffin", e.g.) followed by a full breakfast (more of the same with fruit, handful of almonds usually). As of Monday I added potato/starches to 2 or 3 meals. Anyhow, just looking for general nutritional advice and or insights. I'm swimming through the doldrums in the meantime, hoping the water starts to feel a little lighter over the next few weeks. Thanks!
  16. Day 2

    Stressing about calories today...looking up stories of weight gain etc and feeling super foggy
  17. Starting 9/2 - gearing up

    HI All, I am doing Whole30 for the first time and have picked September 2 as my start date. I work in higher education, so this gets me through the first week of the semester, which I usually work extra hours. I knew starting before them would set myself up for failure. I am looking forward to slaying the sugar dragon! Sara
  18. Hungry but can't eat

    Hi Everyone! I am new the the Whole30 plan and I am on day 3. I'm having a weird issue...I think. I'm hungry but the idea of eating sounds really unappealing to me. I only ate half of my lunch yesterday because I just couldn't bring myself to get the rest down. I only had a small salad for dinner as well. And the thing is, I AM eating things I enjoy and would have gladly eaten before I started this plan. I am hungry and my energy is low as a result but I just cannot eat anything. Additionally, I there is no way I'm dehydrated (as friends have suggested), I drink about 80-100 oz. of water per day and have been for months) Anyone else have this problem?
  19. Day 13 crash

    I'm on Day 13 of my first Whole30, and I am slumping hard. I've experienced some afternoon sluggishness on previous days, but today I've been foggy, tired, etc, since this morning. There happen to be some dates in my office leftover from a party, and I ate two to jump start an energy boost, but I REALLY don't want to make that a regular thing, since that's what I would do with a cookie, chips, etc, to wake myself back up in the afternoon in my pre-whole30 days. Here's what I've had to eat today so far: Breakfast: 2 nom nom paleo's Proscuitto Egg cups, hand full of strawberries, hand full of blueberries w/coconut flakes sprinkled on top Morning Snack (I haven't needed most days, but I had some stomach rumbling around 10:30 am) : 2 hard boiled eggs Lunch: 1 chicken thigh with skin on, 1 sweet potato, rest of plate filled with green beans (i Had a second chicken thigh with me, but I got full so I stopped eating) Plus the two dates I ate in response to my crash... Liquids: 2 12 oz cans of mango La Croix 1 Large mug of organic ginger green tea (it didn't help) 1 32 oz Yeti full of water (working on my second for the day now. I am to drink two throughout my work day) Thanks!
  20. Starting June 19th

    Hi All, I've been planning my first Whole 30 for about a month now, my cupboards are cleared, meals planned and shopping done so I'm ready to smash this I have IBS, allergies galore, arthritis and back issues and generally feel lethargic most of the time so I'm super excited to see what this can do for me. if anyone else is starting around the same time it would be great to hear how you are doing!
  21. Starting July 15th

    I am so excited to start this program. I have played around with it for a couple of weeks; had issues with missing stuff embedded in labels and recipes that didn't quite come out so well. I had given up on cooking; nothing tasted all that great and with a full time job with many hours away from home (where my heart truly was) fast food became a staple. Now at 63 and over weight my entire life, I believe I can do this. Most programs, not only are you encouraged to eat grains and processed foods, but they restrict foods that many of us struggle to give up, like potatoes and fruit. It's been so long since I thought it was okay to eat some real foods types. I look forward to getting to know many of you and learning from each other. Are there any other folks out there from Oklahoma? COMPARED TO MANY OTHER THINGS IN LIFE WE'RE FORCED TO DEAL WITH, THIS IS DOABLE!!! Best wishes to all newbies like me. Rebecca
  22. Whole30 - Start Date: 5/15/2017

    Hi, I'm Rhonda. I live in Southern California. On Mother's day (5/14) my daughter told me about the Whole30 eating plan. I listened. My daughter has been doing this for the past 3 years and she looks amazing. She is 27, and started this when she was 24. She is in the best health I have seen her in, and she feels great. I was telling her how getting old sucks (I'm turning 48 in a couple of months) and how I always feel bloated, and I have put on weight and how I have arthritis type symptoms, aches, pains, etc. And, I mentioned how I have tummy problems. She told me all about Whole30 and how it's great to get rid of inflammation and help me feel better. I honestly could use weight loss too, but I'm more concerned about my health overall, not just losing weight. I know that if I improve my eating, then weight loss will happen anyways, so that I am not so much worried about. I just want/need to feel better. I have been thinking about doing a liver detox, but honestly, I feel most of the time too weak to do much, and exercise and fasting or detoxing in general sounds a little too tedious to me at this point in time. So here I am on day 2 of this eating plan, and so far so good. I haven't cheated. I almost accidentally cheated with some hot wax peppers, until I learned they were filled with sulfites. I remembered to read the label. I would appreciate any simple, on-the-go recipes, or recipe ideas. My daughter told me one recipe, that I wanted to share, that she enjoys. I haven't tried it yet, but this is it: I don't know where she got this recipe, but it sounds amazingly good. Breakfast Bowl In a bowl mix: 1/4 cup of chopped cashews and walnuts (mixed) 1 small apple chopped up in bite size pieces 1-2 Tbsp of raisins Unsweetened, shredded coconut (small handful) Pour either Unsweetened Almond Milk or (Optional "Light") Coconut Milk over it. Sprinkle with Cinnamon/Nutmeg Eat it like you would a bowl of cereal. I hope to come up with some amazing recipes on my own and learn about recipes others love and want to share. I'm really looking forward to feeling much better. Attached is a photo of me that was taken in the Winter (December, 2017) at the Japanese Gardens in Portland, OR. It was really cold. Dealing with a lot of bloating, inflammation, and pain. Not taking any medications for anything. Hoping that eating better will help. *Fingers Crossed*
  23. Start Date June 25

    Hi all, doing this with my husband who has gained quite a bit of weight from boredom and loneliness. He's military and we've been apart for a few months. Need to get his munching under control. I'm not as healthy as I should be and eat way too much sugar for a "normal" person let alone a Type 1 diabetic. I wear an insulin pump which makes it easy to eat like "normal" people. I also wear a CGM - continuing glucose monitor - one of the best on the market that reads from my iPhone and my iwatch consistently has my BG displayed. Pretty amazing tech...doesn't change my eating habits. So we are experimenting these next 30 days with getting the SAD out of the kitchen and our bodies. At 38 we are still young enough to see changes happen fairly quickly. Do it now, change for good, keep his job and my kidneys. Been planning this for a couple weeks and are now both in...
  24. Better Late than Never - Started July 10

    Hello All, I am a working momma of two under two. Before having two kiddos in the last two years, I was active, fit, and generally a healthy eater. Now two kids later, I am still active, not quite as active as I was, but I am getting there; however, in my quest to do all and be all I got into some bad eating habits. Like really bad. Like hamburger helper bad. I used the excuse of being busy. just having not one one but two babies, and breastfeeding. Now, kiddo number two is nursing less due to the introduction of solid food. I also have crazy allergies. I have had six sinus infections in as many months. A friend of mine had completed Whole30 as a nursing mom, and had nothing, but positive things to say about it, so I read the book in two days. I had to rush read the book and start the program the following Monday because of a Family Reunion at the end of August. This will give me just enough time to complete the program and the reintroduction period. Note: I did my prep the Sunday before I started. I am on Day 2. The only thing I miss so far is cheese. The hardest part of my day is when my toddler gets home from school. He snacks while I cook. I usually snacked with him, Other than that, so far so good. -Alicia