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Found 194 results

  1. GeminiAmbivert

    Starting in December

    I purchased the Whole30 book some months back. This past Friday, I purchased the planner which got me looking for my book. After discussing it with my husband I decided to plan and prepare now and start in December. I have have so many sensitivities, I don’t really know what’s causing them. I heard many good things about Whole30 and we’re hoping it will help when we start trying for a baby again.
  2. Jcleary

    Starting Black Friday

    Hi, I'm Jennifer. This is my first attempt at Paleo and Whole 30. I'd like to make a commitment to health BEFORE the new year, and will be starting on Black Friday by making a delicious Whole-30-friendly Thanksgiving meal that will give me a ton of YUMMY leftovers!
  3. MarianneF

    Here I go!

    Bought my book ... went grocery shopping ... purged everything from the fridge and pantry ... looks like I'm ready! Tomorrow is Day 1!
  4. Mrsdooley

    Day 1 Oct 1

    Hi everyone I am completely new to Whole30. My first day is this Monday. I excited and trying to prepare as best I can.
  5. Hello. I am starting my Whole30 on Saturday May 21. I wonder if there are any other breast cancer members here. I have some digestive/weight issues from my cancer medications and, also, ptsd. Hopefully, this program will be helpful for its anti-inflammatory benefits and for me/us to become stronger in the battle. OncoWarrior fighting cancer one day at a time
  6. This has been a crazy year. Whew. I went from the strongest I've ever been in my life, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, to using a Walker to navigate and not being able to take 2 stairs at a time. I found out I have Crohn's via a massive peri-rectal fistula which required a temporary diverting colostomy (as well as several other surgeries and still more to come). I'm still healing/ recovering after being in the hospital for more than a month. All of this occurred while listing my house of 15 years (um... stress management?), and the super scary prospect of not finding my new home in this crazy spring market. I'm currently living in my camper, but thankfully close on my new house on 8/2. Great time to clear out the kitchen and start new habits! While most doctors, including my own, can't definitively say what foods are negative to Crohn's, I believe there are foods that have an exceptionally strong impact on my health and disease. I was loosely following Whole30/paleo lifestyle before I got sick and I noticed a vast improvement in how I felt when eating "right". So. I've decided to commit to myself to learn about my disease and diet and what works best with MY body. I know it will be tough (I'm definitely an emotional eater), but I MUST do this if I want to live an active and healthy life.
  7. beagreenberg

    Mirena IUD and Whole30

    Hey everyone - this might be a weird and unrelated question but I have the Mirena IUD, and I haven't had a period in months. No bleeding at all. I started my Whole30 a little over a week ago and a few days in I had a period with fresh blood. I know irregular bleeding is something common with the Mirena but I thought it was weird that it would just start up again after months of no period. Has anyone else experienced this and think it might be something to do with the Whole30 eating rules/habits? Thanks!
  8. Get healthy

    Looking to start soon

    I am new to While 30, I have been doing all the reading and getting prepared. Thoughts on when I should start I am going on a two week vacation in August, should I start now or should I wait until I get back which would be the end of August? Thanks in advance!
  9. Prior to starting whole 30 today, I have enjoyed eating 4th and Heart white truffle ghee. Is white truffle whole 30 compliant? I did some research about truffle and it’s some type of fungus. Thanks!
  10. Farm Cooking

    Let Me Introduce Myself

    Hi y'all! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sheri. I live on a 1-acre homestead, and I committed myself to doing whole30 because of severe stomach and gallbladder issues. I just finished my first round of whole 30, and am presently working on the Reintroduction phase. Because of severe pain I know that doing this for just 30 days will not be enough to heal my digestive system! So, I'm planning on a whole30, or 60, or even 90! Most likely, because of the progress I have already had, I expect this will be a lifetime gig! I'm okay with that! - Being healthy and pain free is a good thing! I even have plans to turn the whole northwest section of my small farm into a whole 30 compliant garden! Looking forward to meeting others who are on this same journey! Here's to better health! ~ Sheri
  11. Is anyone else starting on the 15th?? This is my 1st time doing Whole30.
  12. LauraKY

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Hi All~ Newbie here. I have read the entire Whole30 book and just bought and read Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook. I wanted to come to you all to see if you could give me suggestions for some tasty, easy lunches. I don't want salads everyday. I am really picky (which I realize I will have to overcome during this). I am used to eating sandwich, chips and fruit for lunch everyday. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Laura (first Whole30 coming 5/2/18)
  13. Katia00Mack

    Started Today - June 6th !!

    Hi, I am a Mom to two kids (4 year old, 1 year old) in Houston, TX, we keep a pretty healthy pantry/fridge and stick to buying most of our groceries at the farmer's market, we know exactly where our grass-fed beef, no soy pasture-raised chickens and eggs come from and produce too. I've been gluten-free since 2016, stick to it as much as I'm able (restaurants )... But I eat at least one (or two) of these on a daily basis: dairy, beans, corn(tortillas), and agave nectar or stevia (coffee)... AND WINE on an almost daily basis (one glass... a MOM glass) I've been playing around with the idea of W30 for a couple of months now, started following Melissa Hartwig, W30 social media, W30 recipes... but never really committed to actually doing it, just seeing what it was all about and testing recipes, ingredients and so on. Reliazed its not really that much different that what I'm cooking, but I cave and buy gluten free pizza or canyon bakehouse ancient grain bread for my avocado toast! Started W30 today...I can do this. I've done other elimination diets, one for 60 days that made you drink some disgusting shakes and supplements, made it to 26 days, then a work trip came up. So here it goes, I want to declare my intention to complete W30...Besides, I got a girls' trip coming up in 42 days !!!!
  14. Wyt Raven

    Newbie saying hello

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie. Driven by a peptic ulcer problem, I've been looking for diets and recipes to heal my gut and I came across Whole30 this afternoon. I intend starting the Whole30 program on Saturday June 9th 2018. Wishing you All wellness Wyt Raven
  15. Hey my name is Evy. I’m was going to start today BUT I didn’t plan very well and wanted to just rush in. I’ve taken under advisement from a couple friends who have done it before and obviously this site, that that wouldn’t be the best way to meet my goal so I’m using the weekend to write up a meal plan for a month and to go shopping. When I first started thinking about doing this my fiancé was going to do it with me but he has since backed out. I was wondering if anyone had experience with that and how hard it was, and maybe some pointers on what to watch out for. Given I won’t be able to go through the kitchen and have a complete whole30 kitchen. I also work at a coffee shop as a baker, however I’ve worked there for over three years and have grown ALMOST immune to the things I bake. Anyway, I’m very excited to start this journey and to find out some things about my body and mind.
  16. Hello gang, my first time here so i wanted to do a shout out, HI!! I'm excited to be on the Whole 30. Now on the 4th dayI I feel pretty good. I've also given up coffee at the same time so my first 3 days were pretty rough. I cant wait to see where this journey takes me.
  17. Hi everyone! I did my first Whole30 this year, Feb and am currently R2D6. I mostly stayed on program in-between and now that I have (some still in progress) read the books and re read some, I am excited to work the Food Freedom post 30 days! I am considering becoming a coach b/c I simply LOVE everything about this program and what it has done for my health and wellness. I own a yoga studio in Louisiana and already have requests to host a studio wide Whole30. I have a lot of weight to lose but am committed to trusting the process and focusing on health benefits and NSV's! I am excited to explore this forum and connect with this community! Lori
  18. My name is Maggie and I have been really disappointed in my health since I began college. Before I started college, I rarely drank, slept regularly, exercised regularly, and ate relatively healthy (although my 17 year old metabolism is completely different than my 22 year old metabolism). I am now entering my 4th year of college and beginning an internship in Dallas. I have been thinking about doing Whole30 since I saw it pop up on my Facebook a few years ago, but never as seriously as I am now. I have not been happy with my weight and have tried to do different things to fix that, not realizing that my diet is the one thing I need to change, not only for my weight, but for my general health. After reading The Whole30, I realized a slew of health problems I have accumulated from my horrible eating habits, even while living off campus in my apartment. I never even thought about my diet affecting this, but I fully believe that my allergies, irritability, severe anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation have gotten much worse since I began college because of my diet of mostly pizza and wine. It's not even about the weight loss anymore. If I can feel happier and healthier with my current beer belly, why shouldn't I? I am fully committed to Whole30. I have thrown away everything off the list in my apartment, and my boyfriend is fully on board with my commitment to the plan but I feel like my friends and family are not as supportive. I really would appreciate this forum to sort of hover around me when I begin June 1st and help me through this journey because this is going to be hard, but not as hard as writing a 30 page term paper in 2 days.
  19. Hello there! I'm a newbie to Whole 30 starting in a week. I wanted to give myself some time to plan meals, get my pantry in order, educate myself, read the books, and find recipes. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! I especially concerned about eating out. Each week, my company takes all of it's employees out to lunch. You get assigned to a small group and can go out anywhere the group chooses. I'm worried about getting to a restaurant and having to ask the waiter a million questions about food prep, or ending up accidentally getting something non-compliant. Any tips about cuisines that tend to be more Whole30 friendly than others? Any other blogs or sites you love to follow for tips or recipes?
  20. Hi! first time doing Whole30 and honestly i have seen great things so far in terms of allergies and almost completely elimating painful sinus headaches. I feel like I’m in the groove and making better food decisions but still ... i cheated and got on the scale and immediate depression. No weight loss. Is this normal? I’m also not really working out at the moment. Stomach seems flatter but honestly kinda bummed. 31YO. Thanks!!!
  21. Hi Everyone! I am beginning Whole30 today, May 7th, 2018! This is my first Whole30 and I am hoping there are others out there who can connect on here as well! I know lots of people started May 1st. Would love to connect with you too! Here's to a great first week (or second for some of you!) Let's keep each other motivated and show love and support! Best, Laura
  22. Marie C

    starting tomorrow

    Hi I'm a newbie starting tomorrow. Excited but nervous. started reading the books and guidelines and getting ready last few days. We'll see how it goes, the testimonials etc are amazing. Friend of mine lost 60 pounds in nine months and she looks AMAZING and she works full time and has large family so I figured if she can do it so can I!
  23. Anyone else starting 4/9/18? It's my first Whole 30 so I'd love the support from other folks starting around the same time as me. Don't have an in-person buddy to go through it with.
  24. Badweatherva

    1st Whole30 started 4/20

    Started my 1st Whole 30 on 4/20. It's 4/21 and I had a great run this morning and didn't feel too overly hungry. I was however a bit overwhelmed by the thought of leaving the house with no food (I am an RN and worked 16 hrs of the first day so I came prepared) I will say I have had the WORST and most CONSTANT headache all day. Nothing has fixed it. That being said I have a huge sweet tooth and survive on hospital coffee and diet coke. I tried eating some fruit and drinking black coffee thinking the natural sugar or coffee would help, but nope. Calling it a night and ready for day 3 tommorow! C.
  25. My name is Kaitlyn and I am very excited to start my first whole30 journey on 4/23! But as excited as I am I’m also equally as nervous! This passed year I have felt very sluggish and have had horrible cravings and am so quick to edulge in them so I am hoping someone could join me and we can continue to hold each other accountable. I have always been a picky eater and choose the easy and unhealthy options so I am excited to try new things and start a healthier and happier lifestyle. I have done so much reading and research but I am still so nervous so I would love to have people to chat with knowing I’m doing the right things! I have loved seeing all of the love and support posted on here and can’t wait to start this whole30 journey!