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Found 337 results

  1. Metamucil Dr Orders

    I searched for some information on this and although there are a few that touched on the subject I didn't see anything that helped me. I recently was diagnosed with an anal fissure that has since healed (yes ew and ouch). The doctor had me take a TBL of metamucil daily. Which worked. Mind you I am someone that eats fruits and veggie so lack if fiber isn't my issue. We went on vacation and I didn't take it for a week and winded up with constipation which lead to tearing again. My point is what in the heck can I take if this is not compliant? I don't enjoy the flavor in the least. Every version of it either has sugar, fake sugar or something else I can't identify. Appreciate to hear from someone who's had similar conflict with the product and Whole 30 compliance. I am on round 1 day 4 and doing great otherwise! Thanks
  2. I have read the book, researched recipes and decided today is go time. I am so nervous. I think breakfast will be the hardest, as vegetables in the morning isn’t sounding great.
  3. I will be starting Whole 30 on February 20th and I was just looking for someone that we could hold each other accountable.
  4. Starting today on 2/19

    Today is the first day of the Whole30 for me. I hope it is a happy and healthy journey. I took about a week + to prepare and have enjoyed reading the book It Starts With Food. I am happy that this community exists!
  5. Brand New- Starting 2/19/18

    Hello! I am so excited to start my first Whole 30 this coming Monday- February 19th. Recently, I got engaged and am in the throws of wedding planning our June wedding. With all the stress of planning the big day, plus working full time at a relatively new job, I have to admit I have let me health get away from me... I am super pumped to hit the reset button with the Whole 30. The only big concern I am having is that I am not much of a meat eater, so acclimating to eating meat every day may be a tough one for me.
  6. Hi!! I'm starting (AGAIN) on Monday, Feb 19th... I've tried Whole30 twice and failed. I felt so good during and am so mad at myself for not following through. I'm hoping to find another person who is starting on Feb 19th who will want to check in via email daily to help support and hold each other accountable! Let's do this!!
  7. My name is Ree' and I will be starting the program 3/1/2018. It was suggested that I say hello to the forum for some added support.
  8. Hey there! My husband and I are starting our first ever Whole 30 on Monday, Feb. 12. We both love to cook so we're not worried from that angle. We have 2 teenage sons who eat a ton (but will not be doing the Whole 30) so it will be a challenge to make food for them as well as us. We are both in our 50's and are not overweight but have gained some weight in middle-age that we are finding hard to get rid of. Hoping that the Whole 30 will be instrumental in getting rid of a few pounds! I'm also hoping it will help with hot flashes and sleep issues. Excited to follow along with anyone else doing the Whole 30 around this time! Micaela (in Minneapolis, MN)
  9. Start date Feb 17

    Hiya! I am excited and a little nervous to start next weekend! I'm hoping to connect with others starting that day (or near it). I have type 2 diabetes, and am about 30-40 pounds over my ideal weight. One of my long-term goals is to reduce the amount of medication I take. I'm excited to see how I look and feel in a month!
  10. Day 3!

    so, I have survived 1 work day, 1 lazy weekend day lounging on the couch, and now the biggest hurdle of all...SUPERBOWL!! I am feeling ok physically, slight headache but nothing too much. I wasn’t getting enough carbs from veggies I think. Today I’m gonna bring a veggie tray to the party...and hope I can find the strength to stay away from the adult libations!!!
  11. Hey guys! I'm about to start my first ever whole 30 on Tuesday! I'm super excited and anxious! I've never done anything like this before so I'm very hopeful! Ok so, I haven't been exercising lately and I've never done it routinely. I want to start finally though! I'm worried that I might like...overdue it and freak my body out by doing both of these huge changes at once! I was thinking for the first 10 days that maybe I would just go really light on the exercise? What do you guys think? Also if my exercise is planned on being light should my pre-workout food be fairly small? And if I do it first thing in the am, would it be ok for my post workout to just be my breakfast too? Or should I do a post workout meal and then do breakfast like..30 min..or an HR later? I won't always have enough time in the am to do this I think....idk..I'm probably just over thinking this whole thing. But if anyone has any advice or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  12. Hello! This is my first time doing the Whole30. I started Wednesday, January 3rd. Cheese is my Kryptonite, but I have been able to abstain so far! I'm hoping to find accountability buddies to share struggles, successes and tips with! Thanks!
  13. Newbie Prepping

    Starting on Sunday, January 15 with m y husband!
  14. Hi everyone! Today, I began day 2 of my Whole 30 Journey (I was going to begin on Monday like any sane person, but well.... chicken soup and dumplings were involved). I've done a lot of grunt work... bought a stock of nuts, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, chia seeds, etc. but the one thing I'm not overly familiar with are the chia seeds. Today, I sprinkled them on my massive salad (with a nice piece of salmon on top), but I'm wondering what else they're useful for, other than sprinkling? I saw a chia seed pudding recipe, but - as it's a dessert like item - I don't think that technically counts. Any suggestions?
  15. I'm a newcomer to Whole30. I'm excited, and nervous. I know I can do it if I set my mind to it (and I love fruit and veggies!), but a journey like this always seems to be better/more enjoyable with people going through it with you! About me: My reasons for doing a Whole30 are very much health and wellness based. I am 36, and after a head trauma almost 3 years ago I lost my sense of smell, sense of taste (though some of that has come back thank God), and now get migraines and sinus headaches. I also have an eczema that comes and goes from time to time. I sometimes don't sleep well for no reason I can find, I'd love to loose a few pounds (I do CrossFit 4-5 days a week, but it's not helping as much as I thought it should) and I know my energy level has been better. Here's to new adventures in food, cooking and life. :-)
  16. Starting Jan 3

    Hi all, Looking foward to my first W30. Not sure I need anything more than a correct path to healthy, clean eating. So I hope to learn more about how real foods affect the whole me.
  17. Starting tomorrow January 3rd

    Hi, after being hungover on the 1st, feeling somewhat depressed and very low on motivation today I just sat down and read a few pages of my whole30 day by day. Excitement is back and I'm looking forward to improving my relationship with food and hopefully saying good bye to a few physical ailments. I go through phases of eating healthy and I see very positive effects in my body and overall moods. From time to time I "fall off the wagon" / go over board on sweets and what have not. I'm looking forward to saying good bye to cravings, sugar hangovers and bloat.
  18. Today is the Day!

    Greetings and Happy New Year! I have started my Whole30 today. I am a total newbie, but want to learn how to do this W.O.E. I welcome your thoughts and friendship in this journey. Looking forward to slaying the Sugar Dragon and taking control of my health. Wishing everyone blessings and success in 2018. Shari
  19. Starting New and Feel Unprepared

    I thought I got myself ready for this new journey, but now that I am starting and a few hours, I feel like I didn't do enough. My husband and I researched the foods I could have and what I needed to stay away from. He even made me a whole 30 shopping list in our Out Of Milk app. I moved around/ got rid of foods I thought may be a temptation. I also got an app that lets me scan the food to see if it is compliant. I have a group of friends doing it with me, and I set up a private FB group for us to talk about how things are going. I couldn't get the books, and am not sure if I prepared mentally. I know why I am doing all of this. I want my stomach issues to stop controlling my life. I think I would feel better if I had gotten paid before the holiday break and could have done the shopping I needed.
  20. Hello all! I have decided to try the Whole30 program for 2 main reasons: Acne and edema. I have this AWFUL swelling in my ankles and legs and think it may be related to some food I am eating. I want to get to the bottom of it. I also feel bloated and get very tired often after eating. I'm sure that's from insulin spikes and probably dairy. I've consumed a lot of dairy over the past few years. I have a strong exercise/nutrition knowledge base and have gone several years (in the past) on a strict Paleo diet without any problems. I was the classic Crossfit/Paleo gal. I think my main struggle will be coffee creamer in the AM. I can easily get away with sugar/honey, but creamer was a no. I could never garner the willpower to stop that while on Paleo. However, I am most definitely willing to just get over myself and go 30 days without creamer. Geez! It's ONLY 30 days! I have had a VERY sedentary lifestyle since April of this year and it's catching up with me! So, I hired a trainer who suggested Whole30, and after researching, have quickly decided its exactly what I want to do. It would be great to lose around 10-15 pounds (5-8 being more reasonable I don't want to set myself up for disappointment), but I am not going to count on that to happen. I am 5'4" and about 140-145 pounds (I haven't weighed myself in months, so I'm not exactly sure). It would be a great bonus to lose some weight. But, I'm more interested in healthy lifestyle. I am a Nurse Practitioner and the science of Whole30 makes absolute sense to me, especially how it affects inflammation. I just wanted to introduce myself! I've spent my NYE researching Whole30 lol! Michelle
  21. Hello!! My name is Ashley. I’m starting my 1st whole 30 January 1st. I had a hysterectomy at 32 last year & while I’m pretty healthy & active, my hormones are unstable. My goals for this program are to help balance them & find a better quality of life. I decided to join the website because I haven’t been met with very much support by friends. I’m decently fit & at a healthy weight so they don’t understand why I would “diet”. Just looking for some support, encouragement, & maybe have some tips from advanced members!,
  22. Hello, I just bought the "Day by Day" book today and excited to start. I immediately started by asking a friend to join me. She said that she could start on January 4. I will be on a business trip that day but will start then anyway! Please join me . . . I will need all the support I can get. :-) This is my first time with Whole30. I first heard about it in spring 2017 but didn't try it because of travel schedule. My travel schedule is still demanding but I'm ready to change my relationship with food, especially carbs. There will never be a "perfect time" to start. Seeing the book today reminded me that sooner is the best time.
  23. joining the community

    I started on Wednesday for the first time but then opted to join the whole 30 daily which sorta made Wednesday a good warm up day and yesterday my official day one. Totally worth it because the first couple emails have been great and the video clip they sent after completing day one was fantastic and made me laugh out loud. I am sooo excited to feel awesome again. I've had some very similar lifestyle endeavors in the past but this will certainly be the most intense and committed. I know it's the holidays but I want to feel better not worse when the new year rolls around. I'm single, which helps a lot in avoiding the "no" list. My family knows I jump into food endeavors at times that seem most Christmas time...but they support me rather than discourage. Anyway, interested to see who is involved in this through the holidays since I'm guessing it's not the most popular time.
  24. Hello!! I couldn't be more excited to get started on the Whole30 challenge. I am 12 weeks pregnant and really counting on what the doctors say to be true about nausea going away soon! I got the Whole30 book right when I found out I was pregnant and then two days later I got hit with terrible nausea and food aversion. I survived on what I could stomach but am so excited to get back on track. Sugar, dairy, bread... you name it I want to eat it all the time. Thats got to change... While I have the time before my husband and I's first kid takes over I figured it would be best to change some habits. My husband is a fantastic support system and he couldn't be more excited for our family to have a food make over. I can't wait to learn from all of you and to start this journey! Lets break some bad habits My only challenge yet is to decide on a start date. I want to dive in but also be realistic about the season we are all currently in. I figured I could update my first post with my start date when I decide on one by this weekend! Thanks in advance for the great support and I hope to return the favor! Megan
  25. Start Date: Jan 1st

    I am getting geared up and ready to get this started! I have been reading as many resources that I can, ordered the Whole30 Day by Day book, and I am going to meal prep my hiney off! My biggest issue will be my family. They aren’t doing this with me so cooking for them will be a challenge but I am up for the task. That and sugar will be the biggest obstacles for me! Any ideas and helpful hints are welcome!