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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! So before Whole30 I would cook meat at home 1-2x a month. I'd usually order it when I went out. But my diet was largely vegetables and carbs. Now I eat it everyday multiple times a day. I'm on Day10 and I'm so so so sick of eating meat! I have nothing against it I'm just tired of it. Did anyone else have this problem? How did you deal with it? I've eaten: -steak -pecan crusted pork chops -turkey burgers -roasted chicken
  2. Hi Everyone! This is my 3rd W30 this year and I have noticed that every time I start it around day 4 I start to have horrible nightmares 3-4 times a night for a week. I am on day 7 of round 3 and it hasn't gotten any better. I try to not stress but it makes my sleeping patterns even worse. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Susan June


    Hi Everyone Hope you all are doing well on your Whole 30. I am on day 9 (today is January 28, 2014). So far for me it has been going very well. Results are positive (more energy, better workouts, level emotions, steady energy, some pleasing changes in body composition, enjoying my food and food choices, better flexibility...I am a yoga teacher, and deeper sleep.) Last night I had such a bad nightmare, though. First a bit of background. One main, stubborn psychological problem I have in my life is sabotage. Each thing I go to do in life, I tend to sabotage (school, relationships, successes, etc.) Doing the whole 30 is a way to prove to myself for myself that I can stick with something and complete it. I set myself up for success by taking 3 weeks to prepare. Such as reading, cleaning, prepping the kitchen, and goal setting. I have had no slip ups or temptations to do so, as my motivation is high. Feels pretty darn good! So last night I have this dream that the person that loves me the most is also trying to kill me. The person is literally divided in half. One half is being very loving to me. The other is has a hand ready to strangle me to death. I spent half the night wrestling with this force, beating it back, stabbing it. I woke terrified! I did manage to go back to sleep and had a restful time of it. Now that I am up and about, it seems clear to me that this force loves me when I am not achieving or doing things that would be good for me and wants to kill me when I am about to become successful. This is more than about food and a lifestyle change! Some psychological healing is taking place.