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Found 4 results

  1. Chelsea Cooper

    Non compliant food mixed in

    I made stir fry for dinner last night when reintroducing non gluten grains. I accidentally mixed in whole baby corn with everything else. I meant to keep it separate. Can I just pick the corn out of the leftovers or should I avoid that all together so I don’t contaminate my results. Thanks!
  2. The last things I reintroduced was non gluten grains, and wow did they awaken my sugar dragon! Two days ago I had a piece of gluten free brief with lunch, and gluten free breadcrumbs in meatballs at dinner and now I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies on the planet. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before the whole30 so this was surprise. Anyone else find that non gluten grains awaken their sugar dragon like this?
  3. Quick back main pre Whole30 issue was fatigue and exhaustion. I have lots of weight to lose, but my main concern was the exhaustion. I got "tiger blood" on day 20, and for the next 10 days, while those high energy levels didn't stick around, I still felt so much better! I have no cravings and no problem with Whole30. It has been life changing. My symptoms during reintroduction.... Day 1 I tried legumes first. Meal one: organic peanut butter, no sugar, compliant, on apples, plus eggs and veggies. No immediate symptom, but noticed it did not taste that great. Meal two: organic dried black beans that I cooked myself, ate 1/2 cup, alongside a regular Whole30 meal. Began feeling fatigue and exhaustion again. Felt so bad by dinner time, I decided to stop eating legumes that day. Felt tired and exhausted, for two more days. Didn't sleep well. Day 4 Meal 1: I ate 3/4 cup of GF organic rolled oats, cooked by me, with a banana smashed for sweetness, and some cinnamon plus I ate 2 eggs. Meal 2: I had organic White Corn tortilla chips, I had one serving, with some homemade guacamole. The fatigue and exhaustion returned. I chose to not eat any other grains that day. My sleep was horrible for three to four days. The exhuastion came first, and then, I didn't sleep well for days. I stopped the reintroduction. Today is reintroduction day 9. I slept well the past two nights and feel good. I am considering reintroducing dairy tomorrow. I needed a break to get my energy back and feel good again. My Questions: Can exhaustion/sleep issues be symptoms of sensitivities to these foods? Should I assume that I can't have legumes and non gluten grains, except for when I feel it will be worth it? Should I continue reintroducing these other foods, dairy and gluten grains? Am I weird to have just these reactions to foods and nothing else?
  4. Hi everyone! So, I have successfully concluded my whole30 two days ago (hurray!) and decided to do a 15 day reintroduction plan until the end of the year in this order: non-gluten grains, dairy, gluten grains, sugar, legumes and wine. So every 3 days I'll introduce something new, that's exciting (at least I thought so). Yesterday I had some rice with my lunch and kept everything else W30 compliant. WOW! I was expecting no problems with white rice but it turns out that I feel bloated, I was passing A LOT of gas all night (sorry for the TMI) and I feel really discouraged of trying to reintroduce any other food groups, I just wanna crawl again under my W30 blanket. My question is: what should I be looking for when reintroducing? Is bloating and gas a problem, or is it just my body readjusting? I really don't know what to expect, in two days I'll be introducing dairy and I am soooo afraid! HELP!