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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Whole30 friends! I took 9 total days to reintroduce several different legumes (peanuts, soy, black beans) and had NO problems. I have now started reintroducing non-gluten grains. I ate white rice yesterday. So today is a clean eating day and there is a soup in the cafe I want to try...lemon ginger split-pea soup. All the ingredients are compliant, obviously the split peas are a legume. So my question is two fold - first, if I had no trouble with the three legumes I already reintroduced, do I really need a separate day for split peas or is it fair to assume all legumes are fine? and important is it to eat 100% whole30 clean between reintroduction days? Is it okay to eat whole30 clean plus foods that you have found to be not a problem for you?
  2. On Sunday I reintroduced non-gluten grains in the form of bagged popcorn with only coconut oil and sea salt as the other ingredients. I meant to eat multiple grains, but life happens and long story short I ate the whole bag over the course of the day. I'm never buying popcorn again; it's too easy to overdo it. On Monday I felt fine, but then yesterday I had some crazy stomach symptoms. I need some input on this. After eating my compliant breakfast (eggs, chicken sausage and sweet potatoes w/ hot sauce plus decaf coffee with coconut cream), I started feeling really nauseated and had some moderate stomach pain. I started driving to work and felt my stomach drop. I made it to the office and had to run to the bathroom. Then I had to go to the bathroom again an hour later (diarrhea). The symptoms subsided, but I couldn't really eat my (compliant) lunch. I felt okay at that point but had no appetite. In the evening I made myself eat a small dinner of two pickle spears and a small amount of sweet potato spears with sunshine sauce. Today, I feel like I'm back 90% and am eating normally. Oh, the other symptom was that I was extremely emotional yesterday. I had to leave work briefly and take a walk around the block because I was going to cry about some dumb office problems that aren't even new problems. I'm not the type to not be able to hold back tears at work. Today, I am completely, 100% chill with no stress. So my question is, could the popcorn have caused that more than 24 hours after eating it?? I was totally fine the day after eating it, but yesterday was nuts. Maybe just feeling sick made me a weepy mess? OR I got salmonella because I didn't cook the chicken sausage long enough. These are my theories. Color me confused.
  3. katemarie

    Severe Abdominal Pain

    Hi! My husband and I are almost done with our reintroduction process, tomorrow we reintroduce grains/gluten/wheat. Which means that almost 2 days ago, on Tuesday (it is Thursday night) we reintroduced dairy, and we did it to the nines. Now, 2 nights later, related or not I do not know, after eating dinner of hamburger, squash & green beans I am writhing with abdominal pain that is very new to me. If it's 'just gas' it doesn't feel like any other gas I've had before. Both times I've taken pepto bismol and have felt much better, but still not 100% within the hour. This pain is very similar to how I felt the entire day and night that we reintroduced non-gluten grains last week. Like I said, this is abnormal to me. I'm wondering if anyone else had similar reactions or could explain why this would come out of nowhere tonight. Also, just for reference, if after reintroduction you choose to have foods that have made me feel not that great, does it ever get better or should I expect for my body always to react so severely (which I understand is probably how it's supposed to react, the whole shin guard analogy, I get it.) Kate
  4. I'm doing a Whole30 with a major goal being to see if there's a food-issue underlying the chronic inflamation of my nose and eyes leading to terrible, regular hayfever symptoms when I have no actual allergies. So far, the elimination has really improved my symptoms, so I want to be really careful with reintroduction. Because of some previous eliminations, I think that my issues are caused by non-gluten grains. I'm wondering if it makes sense to reintroduce non-gluten grains in a gradual manner, rather than all at once on day 7. Does anyone have ideas or experience with this? Would all non-gluten grains be likely to produce the same reaction, and if I have a reaction on day 7, I just know they're all out, or should I try to spread them out so first rice, then oats, quinoa, etc... one reintroduction attempt at a time? If you've done this, what order did you reintroduce non-gluten grains in? Thanks for any insights...