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Found 23 results

  1. Hi All, I'm on day 8 of my Whole30, my husband and I are doing it together. We've been having some issues of late and I am looking for some help... we are gassy all the time, and I mean ALL the time. Neither of us have had what you would call "normal" bowel movements in the past 2 days either. Nothing we are cooking sounds good. I tried making my own ranch dressing for salads- hated it. I've not been able to swallow sweet potatoes without gagging. Literally just give up halfway through a meal because I can't get it down. I'm really really tired. We've been sleeping well, probably getting about 8 hours a night and falling asleep and waking up easily. But during the day we are SO tired. I find my mind wondering and I can't focus. (I was sugar conscious before Whole30 and don't find myself craving sweets too much other than the occasional piece of fruit or larabar if I am hungry) I'm achy, the tension in my shoulders and neck have been off the charts since starting the whole30 I've been keeping a food journal about what I eat (not how much) and a typical day is as follows: Breakfast 2 hardboiled eggs 1/2 chicken sausage or 2 scrambled eggs salsa avacado with tea or coffee+coconut milk Lunch (dinner leftovers) chicken roasted broccoli roasted sweet potatoes bananna Dinner lean burger + bacon avacado roasted brussle sprouts roasted potatoes Snacks only happen once in awhile and usually consist of apple and almonds hard boiled egg and raspberries larabar Any ideas what could be wrong? Are we doing something wrong? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Hey guys! First post on here, but I've been lurking since I started my Whole30. Today is day 9. I haven't been tempted by non-compliant foods, I've been dutifully cooking ahead of time so I have food to eat at work, I've been blowing through coconut oil, my acne's disappearing, my figure's probably benefiting. But I'm not hungry. On days 1 and 2, I had a decent amount to eat, and really enjoyed what I was eating. On day 3, I had a hard time eating dinner, even though it tasted fine. On day 4 I struggled to eat breakfast and lunch, but scarfed down sweet potato hash browns and eggs for dinner. From day 5 to today, I've barely wanted to eat, and it feels like I barely CAN eat. For instance, I made it through breakfast fine today (meatballs with sauce and roasted delicata squash), and started lunch eagerly (roasted chicken drumstick and thigh and roasted veggies), but halfway through hit a wall and it wound up taking me about an hour total to get through most of it. It worries me because I know I'm not getting enough to eat. (Not tracking calories, since it's against the Whole30 way, but I've got a good feeling.) I don't want to keep going through this, where I know in my head that I have to eat, but my body doesn't want to and feels almost sick halfway through meals. I did feel that the sweet potato hash browns bumped up my appetite and allowed me to eat a good amount of food in one sitting (also they were delicious). The same occurred with a batch of sweet potato fries I made and had with burgers. Should I sweet potatoes constantly? That would be tasty, but I feel like there's more to this issue...
  3. Hi All! I am new to Whole30. I am really trying hard to get the PWO meal in... but I find that when I eat it, I am not hungry for dinner. I workout from 3-430ish each day. I like to eat dinner around 7. Am I cutting it too close? Should I miss the PWO and just wait until dinner? Having dinner earlier means that I would not eat with my family. Help!
  4. hi - quick question - i'm working toward 3 meals per day but so far (day 4) i've only succeeded in getting in 2. i'm not snacking and not hungry. my first meal is around 10:30 or 11 and the second is around 5 or six. i am not willing to forego my first thing in the morning coffee, at least not yet. i'm a little person and i feel like i'm eating like a horse at my two meals. a third meal feel inconceivable. just keep going? thoughts?
  5. I just started my Whole30 (day 4), but I did a 2 week 'practice' before a big trip last month (knew I'd have alcohol :). I don't feel hungry enough to eat 3 meals some days...I wondered if it's okay to just eat breakfast and then a big mid-day meal? I try to live following Ayurvedic principles, so don't want a big meal before bedtime and I'm never hungry when I wake up. I've been forcing breakfast down, maybe 2-3 hours after waking (understand this could be a hormonal imbalance). Anyway, anyone else have this problem? Is 2 meals a day okay? Thanks!
  6. Speechy1

    Breakfast Boredom

    Hi, I restarted my Whole30 October 18th after an 11 day trial phase, so this is day 9. I am really in need of help with breakfast. I love eggs, but there is no way that I will make them on weekday mornings. I used to eat quick-grab things in the morning: protein bars, yogurt, nuts, nut I have never been a consistent breakfast eater. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Dee55555

    Day 22 - Feeling Amazing!

    I'm on Day 22 and coming into the home stretch on my 4th Whole 30. I thought it was my third one, but realized it's number 4. LOL! That cracks me up as when I did my first one I wondered if I'd be able to do it for a week. I'm posting because I just realized that I'm almost done and that I guess it has taken me 4 times to not be so results oriented and just enjoy eating this way and feeling this way. What way you ask? When I eat Whole 30 I'm never starving for my next meal, I don't crave pizza, chocolate, ice cream etc and I enjoy all of the food I eat. I feel happy because I know I'm taking care of myself and I'm never starving. After being on so many diets where I was just always hungry or even not on a diet and always being hungry it's nice not to be. My stomach never hurts and after getting past the first 2 weeks I do have tiger blood and my sleep is great despite stress and life being nuts. My workouts are great and I'm now energized enough to start running again as the first two weeks I was so tired I stuck with yoga. I like having the option now that I feel good. The hardest part is keeping my sink empty from dishes and meals, but that's a small price to pay for feeling good. Excited to finish this last week and a day and continue on after.
  8. OK, so I did a search on this topic as it is only day two for me and I am a total newbie, but didn't see exactly my situation. I started the Whole30 yesterday - yeah! And, weird... just not hungry! Before I started, I did eat a lot of carbs (in general, I didn't actually binge on anything, no ice cream, pizza and beer the night before I started ) just did eat a lot of carbs in my "old" way of eating. I am 140 pounds overweight, but very active ( I have a job where I am on my feet and moving at least 4-5 hours a day). But, I wasn't hungry at all yesterday, forced myself to eat all three meals according to the meal planning guide (tons of veggies, good fats and 4-5 ounces of protein at all three meals), and still, not hungry. I had a cup of coffee black yesterday, but only drank about 6 ounces, cut the coffee this morning, and still feel like eating is a forced march. Weird, because I LOVE to cook, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat, and have been making really delicious dishes for each meal - thanks Whole30 recipes and Well Fed 1 & 2. I am working in the kitchen right now to get us prepped for our work week (today is my Sunday) and the smells are amazing, I am having a great time rocking to the music, and none of the great food looks even remotely appealing. Weirdest of all, absolutely NOT craving carbs - I am 48 (female) - whacked hormones? And, of course, sleep was not happening last night, and terrible tummy upset (not during the day, just when I went to sleep - about two hours after eating). Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give anyone with insight all the details. I will keep forcing myself to eat, but each meal is getting increasingly more difficult. Thanks for any help or advice you have to give!
  9. Today is Day 2 of my whole30. I read that if you workout (which I do) you need to have a pre-workout & post-workout. I just ate my post-workout meal (It's 7:00pm where I am) & although it says that the post-workout meal is NOT a replacement meal, it's an additional meal... I can't imagine eating again before bed (I go to sleep around 10:00pm). What do I do?
  10. I am 8 days in and still not hungry. Before whole 30 i was eating all whole foods, but less animal protein - i usually had eggs in the morning and occasionally had meat at dinner. I think that all the additional animal protein is what is causing me to have no appetite - i usually was hungry every 2-3 hours. Before whole 30 i usually had veggies in some form with 3 eggs, which wouldn't keep me full. Now I am waking up with no appetite (unusual for me) and am having trouble getting 2 eggs down. Here is what today looked like... any insight is helpful. I am following the meal plan and I know I am barely meeting the minimum requirements, but I am having a hard time finishing my meals when I wasn't hungry to begin with. I have been having my coffee with coconut oil and coconut milk to try and increase my calorie intake. M1 - frittata with green peppers, kale, onion, mushrooms, sausage (my serving only had 2 eggs worth and I couldn't finish..) along with butternut squash/kale hash. coffee with 1/4 cup coconut milk & 1 tbsp coconut oil M2 - mexican tuna salad from the book, chopped carrots, plantain chips M3 - Beef Stew from Mel Joulwan's site and roasted carrots I have been working on keeping my sleep schedule regular 11pm-7am.. Aiming to change that to 10pm-7. Doing my best to eat breakfast within an hour of waking. Minus having no appetite I feel fantastic, and this is totally a new issue for me... normally I am hungry all the time but obviously grains, legumes etc don't have the staying power as animal based foods do.
  11. Hi all! I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30 and absolutely not hungry and feel like I've been run over by a bus and can't move. So far I have been eating way more than I normally would because I'm worried of getting hungry. This is what I have eaten today: Day 1: Brunch: Spinach frittata with avocado and a side of fruit Snack: Larabar (I know I am not supposed to but I was travelling) Supper: Zoodles, shrimp and romesco sauce. Then I was starving an hour later, so I had a few veggies, and almond butter. Day 2: Breakfast: Spinach frittata with avocado and a side of fruit Lunch: Protein salad traditional with salmon, apple and almond butter. (was not overly hungry) Supper: Zoodles, shrimp and romesco sauce and half avocado. Day 3: Brakfast: Two sweet potato slices with 1 mashed avocado, 1 slice of prosciutto and two eggs, with a side of sautéed spinach and mushrooms and a few grapes. (not really hungry for lunch but ate anyways) Lunch: Mexi Tuna in Romaine leaves (3 leaves) and two dates. Came home and felt super low blood sugar and felt like I was going to pass out so I had a handful of raisins while making dinner, but I am not even hungry. Help! Is this normal? Thanks in advance everyone!
  12. This is my first Whole30, and I was super pumped to start. I set my start date the day after my bachelorette party/shower weekend with just under two months until our wedding. Perfect events until the actual wedding. Problem is that Monday (day one) I woke up to a terrible sore throat, cough, and sinus pressure. It's continued now for 4 days (today is actually the worst). I've taken elderberry syrup and have eaten lots of pineapple (I read that helps with a cough). Second problem is that I've had ZERO appetite. Kale and eggs are the last thing that sound good while I'm sick. I've been eating potatoes, lara bars, fruit, and TRYING to down some chicken sausage with spinach and some greens, but I know I'm not getting enough of a variety. So my question is... Am I doing myself more harm than good? I REALLY want to complete the process without starting over (especially since I'm in a time crunch), but I also don't want to harm my body by not giving it enough nutrient dense foods.
  13. Well, I was rocking the Whole 30 pretty well for the first 4 days except for trouble falling asleep (not that abnormal for me anyway). Last night, finally fell asleep around 3 am and woke up early morning a couple of times then back to sleep and dragged my butt out of bed about 10:30 am. Usually when I can't fall asleep until the wee hours, I'm still up around 8 am. Today, Day 5, feel light-headed and somewhat nauseous, not hungry (had to force myself to eat some chicken breast and a TBSP of coconut oil to get something in me) and I don't think I've pooped since Day 1. I did have a couple cups of coffee and know that could be part of the light-headedness but am no slouch on coffee most days.... so... I'm considering castor oil for the constipation and *do* drink a LOT of water but should probably bump up my veggies. Does anyone know proper dosage for castor oil? Pooping my pants in the post office during errands is not an option I took a cal mag zinc and a potassium supplement last night and intend to start taking that daily now but, wow, today is just kicking my ass! Any advice or thoughts? Thanks in advance! ~Chris
  14. Hi everyone, I'm tackling my first week of my first Whole30 and am excited about the journey. That being said, I have a challenging history with food and come from the weigh-everything and count-everything school of coping. One thing that really drew me to Whole30 is that I would have to throw that out the window. But, I'm not sure eating enough and that the symptoms (lightheadedness, fatigue, tunnel vision, lack of hunger) are starting to show. Or, I may be eating just enough, but my body is recalibrating. Here's 48-hours worth of eating, to give you an idea of quantity: Breakfast 1 & 2: Fritatta with 3 eggs, 1 cup spinach, 1 turkey sausage, 1/2 avocado, coffee with coconut milk Lunch 1 & 2: Big salad with seasoned chicken breast, HB egg, and compliant dressing with a small apple and 1 TB almond butter Dinner 1: Turkey burger with mustard, sweet potato, 1 cup of diced mixed veggies, olive oil Dinner 2: Grilled shrimp, fried egg, 2 cups broccoli roasted with olive oil I've been making sure to season things, I keep in mind the need for extra salt, and have been taking it easy at the gym (mostly just 30 minute runs or 1 hour of yoga) while my body adjusts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to stay motivated knowing I'm fueling myself correctly. Amanda
  15. Hello all, This is my first day of my first Whole 30. My biggest concern so far is lack of appetite. The same thing happened when I went on a strict Paleo eating plan a few months back. My question is this: is it a huge deal to worry about and do I force myself to eat more, or should I not worry right now and wait for my appetite and hunger signals to normalize over the next couple days or weeks??? Today's food is below for reference, but my biggest question for the next few days is: is it better to force myself to eat according to the meal template in ISWF even if I'm not hungry, or better to try to listen to my body's cues? Thanks! Today for breakfast: Frittata, made with eggs, salt, coconut milk, coconut oil, ground pork, bell pepper, yellow onion, sweet potato and tomato. Topped with cilantro and avocado. I never eat eggs, so I was very nervous about this recipe, but it was delicious! (Serving size was 1 slice, 1/8 of a 10" skillet, with 1/4 avocado.) I know this isn't much, but I wasn't hungry for any more, and continued to not be hungry all morning. For lunch: Beef stir fry, made with 2 palm-size of beef (I'm tiny though, think kid hands!), and 2 cups of veggies: broccoli, green beans, bell pepper, and onion, all sauteed with coconut oil, topped with green onion and sesame seed. Not as flavorful as I had hoped (marinated meat, but no sauce because I have yet to buy coconut aminos). Was only able to eat half... Really didn't want to eat anymore, but since I knew I hadn't eaten enough, I ate one large apple and approx. 2 T of almond butter, because that was more appetizing to me, even though I didn't actually feel hungry for it. I am still not hungry in the slightest! Mostly daydreaming about what I would rather be eating...pretty much ANYTHING that isn't whole 30 approved at this point, haha. Headed to the kitchen now to make dinner anyways (roast whole chicken with carrots and potatoes).
  16. Regina Runs Far

    10 Down and Feeling Great!

    We started our Whole 30 on January 26. I must say that I was so nervous and overwhelmed, because we decided just to start suddenly, with very little preparation, other than discussing when we should start. We kept putting it off for a "convenient" time, or a time where we'd be more prepared. We finally decided to just jump in, because there would never be a perfect time. The first day seemed ok........eggs for breakfast, black coffee was not that bad.......snacking on almonds, avocado, fruit, all yummy stuff. Big yummy lunch salad, more snacks before my workout. Delicious dinner, chicken, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruit before bed. Then it got awful......hungry, tired, mentally cloudy all the time. Can't focus on work, cannot sleep well, cannot run well, cannot lift well, grumpy, moody. HUNGRY! HUNGRY! Can't figure out how much to eat. Not enough food in the house, and not enough time to prepare enough food. Eating almonds, more almonds..........what else can I eat.........what are good fats? All my friends are so sick of hearing me talk about my food or lack thereof.........they all tell me to eat, don't eat, but stop talking about eating. Friday night, and I want a glass of wine so badly. Didn't do it, yeah!!! Day 6....awesome run, finally. Leftover Sweet potatoes taste good during a run and after a run........didn't cheat on run with sports foods, yeah! HUNGRY AGAIN. Going out for dinner, what to eat, what to drink? Water is so lame when out on Saturday. I want wine, I want wine..............nope, just water. Ordered a compliant meal and it was tasty. Day 7.........overslept......slept almost 10 tired........happy, but tired. Learning to eat sweet potatoes more, veggies more, and protein more........veggies with everything! Stayed inside all day......just didn't want to leave the house. Tried to work, snacked, napped..........trying to regain focus and energy. Late afternoon 18 miler on trails..........test out whole 30 fueling. Sweet potatoes, strawberries, coconut water, buddy fruits, pickles........great run......felt so happy on the trails, and energetic.....I was flying. So beautiful out in nature, constant energy, no bonking, strong legs. Days 8-10..........less hungry, more and more veggies, and eating "dinner" foods at breakfast and cold while on the go. More energy, happy, more clear in my thoughts Workouts awesome...........great pullups, good runs, and amazing sleep. Feeling confident at work, and in my life. Anyway, those are some of my random thoughts. I feel like I'm really on an upswing, and I'm so happy I stuck through the really tough days. I know there will be tough days ahead, but I feel like I can do it! I cannot wait to see how great my runs and workouts feel as I continue on my journey. I really appreciate the whole 30 resources, member blogs, links to recipes, stories, and the daily emails. So much great information, helpful tips, inspirational stories, and inside information is helping get us through every day, and understand more behind this journey. So excited for What Day 11 will bring!!!! Regina the runner
  17. jaskylu3

    Food Repulsion

    I am having a hard time with getting certain foods down. And it changes daily. One day the thought or site of any veggies makes me sick, the next day its a protein source. Ughhhhhh. I am also not very hungry at times. I am not sure if I am really craving breads, pastas, and sugars or if its behavioral????? But all I think is I just want one bowl of pasta for the day and I'll be fine. Anyone else have these issues?
  18. Hi all! I'm hoping I can get some advice from more of you experiences W30'ers out there. The last few days, my appetite has been really diminished. At first I chocked this up to being more in tune with my body and when it actually needs fuel. However, it seems to be getting worse and worse every single day. Here's a quick summary of my W30 so far (started April 1): Days 1-3: Normal headachey hangover, but no real cravings for bad foods, enjoyed eating healthful foods. Days 4-7: Fighting off a cold/sore throat. Made eating uncomfortable, buy my appetite was pretty much still in tact. Definitely noticed a shift in energy levels (despite being sick) consistent with switching over to a fat-burner. Days 8-9: Much smaller appetite. Longer time in between meals before I get hunger, being satisfied with less food at each sitting. Found it difficult to eat 3 solid meals a day. Instead had like two small meals and a tiny meal/balanced snack. Day 10 (Today): Woke up and made my normal cup of coffee. Typically I put in some coconut milk or raw eggs (healthy fats, good emulsifiers, great alternatives to cream) and then prepare breakfast while sipping my coffee. This morning I couldn't stand the thought of having anything other than black coffee, and I'm totally turned off by the idea of any food. It's not that I'm craving junk, in fact an omelette sounds much more appealing than a waffle or some gross processed pseudo-food. But even though that sounds better, I still don't want it. I don't feel hungry at all and I'm conflicted about forcing myself to eat when I feel so averse to it. If I had to, I think the only thing I could stomach right now is a cup of bone broth. I homemade a bunch on day 4 when I first got sick. But is it worth having that "snack" at all when it's not part of a completely balanced meal? Has anyone else experienced this type of extreme loss of appetite? Is it a good sign (I'm becoming fat adapted) or a bad sign? Should I force feed myself or just wait for hunger to ensue naturally? Thanks!
  19. I did my first Whole 30ish August 2012. I dont know how long i stayed on it but it was a few months. I lost about 30 lbs and then adopted paleo lifestyle. I have since gained 20 lbs back and decided to start this year off with AIP version. The first 2 weeks were really easy-No detox or withdrawals. Then it seemed a switch flipped. Food no longer sounds good to me and that is a HUGE problem. I am a big foodie and love cooking and trying new things. I've been tracking my food in MyFitness Pal and I'm only eating about 1,000-1,200 calories a day. I know that is not enough, but I'm not hungry and I'm having to make myself eat. I lost 6 lbs my first 2 weeks then gained 1 on my third week. I don't really feel any differently other than I don't want to eat. Has anyone else had this problem and did you find a way to break through? It's been going on about 10 days now. sample meals Day 1 2-homemade sausage patty from deer meat 1 cup sauteed kale 1 TBSP Sauerkraut Tuna in Olive Oil Salad with olives 1/2 avocodo Burger with 1 cup of steamed broccoli snacks, 1 apple, 1 banana, 2Tbsp coconut butter Day 2 1/4 baked sweet potato 1 cup sauteed spinach 2 slices bacon 1/2 chicken breast 1 cup cabbage 4 oz Roast 1/2 cup carrots1/2 cup sauteed asparagus snacks, 1 apple, 1 banana, 2Tbsp coconut butter, chicken tender wrapped in bacon Exercise: Started CF in January, so very scaled down version 3x a week Run 2-3 miles 3x a week
  20. Help...I find my self starving lately but nothing tastes good except cold things or fruit. I'm having to force feed myself meals and want to gag. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm on Day 16, can't fail now...need food ideas. What things are good to eat cold? Besides carrots, bell peppers, are there any other veggies good raw? Thank you!
  21. Lisa Mitchell Strebeck

    Just not hungry

    I'm on day 16. In the beginning I felt awful, but had few cravings which was a HUGE surprise for me. After the first few days I started to feel much better and had an appetite that seemed healthy. Over the last week or so I felt like my calories might not be as high as they should be despite eating enough food to keep me satiated, so I started tracking. I'm only consuming 800-900 a day, BUT I'M NOT HUNGRY!! The thought of forcing myself to eat makes me a little ill, but I do believe I'm consuming too little. I'm fairly active since I have a 2 year old and 3 year old, but I just don't seem to get hungry. I've had this issue for a long time. My sister-in-law thinks she's jealous, but how do you KNOW when to eat when you don't get that signal?! Now, not only do I not get the signal, but I actually feel full. Any ideas?
  22. So today is day 11 for me. I haven't had any slips, trips, or chosen off plan foods. Only real craving has been for GUM. Never realized how dependent I am when I drive! For the past week-ish I haven't really been in the mood for lunch until 2 or 3. Which is not good for my toddler (I feed her all morning long, but i really try to sit down with her for meals), or for the fact that hubby is home from work by 4:30, and is hungry for dinner by 5:30. Breakfast is usually between 8-9, and consists of 2 eggs with 1/4 avocado, and leftover veggies (brussel sprouts, mushrooms, sweet pepper rings) and one other protein (leftovers usually). I am a breakfast person. If I eat less than that, then I'm hungry 2 hours later. Challenge: I am also hypothyroid, on Synthroid, and usually wake up between 6:30-7. I have to wait AT LEAST an hour to eat, which usually coincides with my toddler waking up, hence why i eat between 8-9, when she is up, and we eat together.
  23. Shelly B

    I'm not hungry

    I'm on day 8. My breakfast, at 8:30 was: 2 eggs, about 5 oz of pork steak + 1 kiwi It's 1:30 now, and I'm still not hungry. Should I eat anyway, or wait until I am hungry?