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Found 23 results

  1. Achieving is believing

    I have never been one to flirt with 'fads.' I'm also the farthest thing from a habit-forming person you will meet, for good and bad. That's why when a good friend introduced me to Whole 30 six weeks ago, I was hesitant. Not another wacky diet plan that promised results that never materialized, or if they did promised to make me miserable in the process. Still, I knew changes were necessary. I have fought weight issues and joint pain much of my adult life. Last year was going to be the year I got serious, so I committed to losing 50 pounds over the course of a 12-month period. I lost two. Worse yet, I just felt awful. Back, hip, shoulder, feet. Some days it felt like every major joint in my body belonged to someone 25 years older than a man in his early 50s. As a result, my energy level wasn't where it needed to be for someone with a relatively demanding job, and I couldn't remember the last time I had back-to-back good nights of sleep. So, when my friend said she had lost 13 pounds on Whole 30 and that her joint pain had all but disappeared, I was skeptical but decided to take a look. After all, what could it hurt? The concept was familiar, if a bit extreme-sounding to a guy who had consumed a half-dozen Diet Cokes a day for decades, and who enjoyed milk and cheese more than most anything else in life. Still, one concept resonated with my desire to think we all have some degree of control over our lives: 30 days of focusing on healthy, whole foods shouldn't be hard. It was a matter of how badly I wanted to force some discipline on myself. Or put another way, how badly did I want to try something that could help me feel better and gain greater control over my health? Thirty-four days later (I've extended my schedule by a week as I plan for reintroduction) I can say this is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made - and one of the most unexpectedly pleasant surprises I have ever encountered. The highlights: I am nearly 20 pounds lighter than when I started. My blood pressure has dropped 20 points. According to my Fitbit sleep analyzer, my resting heartbeat has fallen from 77 to 65. I'm routinely sleeping better than I have in years and my aching joints have stopped barking at me (I've not taken an anti-inflammatory in a month). Beyond that, my energy is up and I am more efficient and focused at work. I've begun working out regularly and can see a day when I lose the "big number" of pounds I have been dreaming about and create the healthy lifestyle that has largely eluded me for many years. I have developed new eating habits and a healthy appreciation for what it means to fill my tank with quality fuel. It wasn't always easy, especially the first two weeks. And, I'll admit to being bored to tears with water at times. It also wasn't as hard as I thought. Once I started seeing results and fell into a routine, I stopped obsessing about what I wasn't eating and enjoyed the many delicious foods I was eating. It also became clear that I wanted the good results to continue more than I wanted that Diet Coke or cheese and crackers. As I stare reintroduction in the face, I'll admit to a bit of trepidation. I don't want to fall off the wagon and go back to feeling the way I did pre-Whole 30. I also realize that I have a lot more work to do to get to my ultimate "fighting weight" and to reach my health goals. Still, I'm choosing to trust the process and to view reintroduction as the next necessary step in providing me the knowledge base I need to truly control my food choices. I know that eliminating dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol and sugar lad to dramatic gains in health and energy; now I need to know which doors lead me down a dark alley and which will help lead me toward the light (I'm really hoping dairy is one of the good guys). The learning process has been an unexpected benefit of my Whole 30 journey, and I'm excited about the next stage. And the one after that. For now, though, I felt the need to share my story as way of saying thanks. To my friend who cared enough to gently persuade me to give this a try. To my wife who has been uber supportive throughout this (although she didn't join me on Whole 30 her eating habits have changed noticeably as well). And to the entire Whole 30 community for providing the tools and support to make this possible. With appreciation and excitement about what comes next, - ML
  2. A silly NSV... from :( to :)

    As I was texting a friend yesterday, I went to use the "sad" face emoji on my iPhone.... I realized that the etc. negative emojis (that are always on the first screen) had disappeared from my "frequently/recently used" list. As silly as it sounds, this made me realize that doing the whole 30 has improved my outlook on everything. Adding that to my Non-Scale Victories list!
  3. My Tastebuds Changed!

    My husband and I finished our whole30 yesterday! I feel great! I lost 7 lbs after already having lost 40lbs since January and being at a weight I was comfortable at. I didn't think I had much more to lose, but I did! NSVs Stronger fingernails, flatter stomach, better sleep, more energy (consistent energy - this doesn't mean that I'm not tired, I have 3 young boys, I get tired, but I don't crash mid-day anymore), I wake up ready to go in the morning and don't feel lethargic and my patience with my children increased. The hardest days When were you ready to give up on it? For us? It was day 2. Can you believe it? Only day 2?! The second day was absolutely the hardest. Because I just can't drink my coffee without sugar (which begs the question on why I was drinking it to begin with), I went caffeine free as well. The second day, I was tired, cranky and overwhelmed by the label reading and food prep. My husband came home from work and said, this is hard, I'm done. And I almost agreed with him. But he was being such a baby, I knew I had to be the strong one. So we kept going. And it got easier! The next big obstacle we encountered was a baseball game that had been planned for months. Traveling 2 hours away for the game with friends. We packed our cooler with compliant foods, brought them into the ball park and cruised past all the beer and food stands. Was it easy? No. But we felt empowered and strong for making the right choices. (And packed some cashews with our picnic lunch so we felt baseball festive!) Then, on day 29 my son turned 5. As always, we had a big party. I made him his own cake as well as cupcakes to share with his soccer team. Every time my hands had frosting on them, I reminded myself to go to the sink to wash them. At his party, I wanted to say screw it and just eat a darn cupcake. I mean, I had already made it 29 days, that was good enough - right?? But I didn't. I refused to throw away weeks of hard work for one cupcake. To me, that was progress. Tastes On Day 1 I gave up my morning latte, which I used to make with a flavored protein drink every morning. It had sugar, dairy and plenty of other additives. I tried coffee black, I tried it with every type of compliant milk, I tried bulletproof coffee, it all tasted awful. I tried tea. I tried La Croix. I found nothing I liked to drink. So I gave up and just stuck to water. Then about 10 days later, I grabbed a different La Croix and I actually liked it! Then, I tried some more teas, and I liked them. I went back and tried the same ones that I tried on day 1, and it turns out I liked those too! When my tongue wasn't used to it's daily dose of sugar, it actually began to like some of the other flavors I added. You know what else? I actually like broccoli now. I'd prefer it roasted or a little seasoning on it of some sort. But I actually eat broccoli. I never thought I would say that. But variety in my meals is important, and I couldn't just keep eating the same veggies over and over. One thing I still haven't acquired a taste for? Black coffee. Or any other compliant coffee combo. But so far, that's been okay. Next We're following reintroduction to see how we react to food groups. I have a lot of travel coming up in October and want to be armed with as much information about how certain foods affect me before I am away from home for long periods of time. My goal is to stick whole30-ish and do another full whole30 if the time comes. Because weight loss was a huge goal for my husband and I this summer, we will stay close to the scale to make sure we're sticking within our goals of weight ranges, but will continue to work on focusing on all the other things that make us healthy besides the number on a scale. I love reading other success stories - thanks for letting me share mine!
  4. Whole 30 - Completed

    I DID IT! Today was my 30th day!!! (yay) I feel so powerful.. I was kinda scared at the beginning of this road, I didn't think I would see any outstanding results but here I am 32 days later (I did 2 more days cause I kinda accidentally screwed up on the second day) very happy and definitely planning on sticking to this lifestyle. First of all I lost 10lbs... yup... that's the most weight I've ever lost in little as 30 Days, I started at 167.55 and now I am at 156.53 lbs My skin is definitely clearer, it isn't totally acne free but I do see improvement , its also glowy and I love it. My sleep is amazing I feel full of energy I'm a little bit scared by the reintroduction so I would love any advice on this. I don't miss legumes at all I think ...but I sometimes crave corn and a froyo wouldn't be such a bad Idea also a cup of wine sounds good. I've seen the reintroduction plan and it starts with legumes can I skip those? Can I jump right into gluten-free grain? I wanna keep on whole30-ing actually but I'm kinda relieved that If one day I really crave popcorn I can have some or that nothing will happen if I have a sip of beer or a cup of merlot. Im pretty sure I wanna keep eating like I learned in this 30 days but I also feel free and insecure about how to apply and use that freedom, do I explain myself? I also don't wanna gain the weight back, recently a friend asked me how much weight can someone loose on Whole30 , when do you plateau? I'm full of doubt and at the same time excitement, I feel like a baby who gave its first steps and now i'm ready to run! Overall this is and amazing amazing experiment and a lifestyle worth to keep, I think my mom is tired of listening how marvelous I think Whole30 is and how much it has changed my life, I can't wait for her to try I mean she's been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I've heard Whole30 can be really helpful I really don't like the idea of her being conditioned on taking pills her whole life as her doctor prescribed so... Thank you for this, Thanks for the experience, Thanks for all the community that helped me through this journey I'll be here , I just love being part of this and I still have tons to learn.
  5. I finished my Whole30 a few days ago, and I lost 8 pounds. I went from 155 to 147. I'm a 5'4" female in my early 30's. BUT, *more importantly* it became obvious to me that my relationship with food and my scale isn't serving me. Here are some of my Whole30 discoveries... Realization: One of the hardest parts of Whole30 was not weighing myself which made me realize how much I let the scale define me. I used to weigh myself every morning and the number would lead to a cascade of feelings (good or bad depending on the number). This is such a limited way to view myself. To put it in perspective, if a friend judged me every morning based on my weight, I would kick that person out of my life. So why wasn't I treating myself with the same respect? New Commitment: I've decided to weigh myself far less (like 1X a month, if that). And instead, I'm now starting my days with a spiritual text - usually something about treating myself and others with kindness & compassion. I read articles that refocus my mind on the most important parts of life - human connection, nature, and simple, healthy living. I like starting the day on a positive note. It helps me live more mindfully. Realization: When I go to the grocery store, I can really only shop in 2 out of the 12 grocery isles because the majority have unhealthy choices. This was a very clear sad realization about how our grocery stores are focused on shelf stable foods with preservatives and additives that prevent them from going bad. The majority of foods in stores do not support our health. I already knew this, but this fact became glaringly REAL during my Whole30. New Commitment: Eat whole, healthy foods. Continue learning to cook. I don't need to be compliant 100% of the time since my Whole30 is over, but I'd like to respect my body and put healthy foods in it most of the time. I actually think it's healthy to eat "treats" once in awhile (for me personally, everyone is different). I think being too stringent can lead to a mentality where I'm chasing perfection...which doesn't exist. I like riding my bike. I'm in a reflective place, so I will try to come back and update this post after I've thought more about my experience. - J
  6. First Half NSV's

    Today is day 12 of my whole 30, so not quite halfway but almost. about 2 weeks prior to my start date i began eliminating non-compliant foods from my diet so i wouldn't have a full blown intense detox... it was SUPER helpful and spread out the detoxing symptoms in a more manageable way. As i have been writing my log I noted some NSV's and thought i should compile them and post them here. NSV's from Day 9: -my mom said my skin looks clearer.... i guess its maybe a liittle less red... hard for me to tell when i look at it daily -definitely less bloated yay! -i feel like i can do this NSV's from Day 12: -i feel like im thinking about food less. and i really enjoy not eating every 2 hrs. i RELIGIOUSLY ate every 2-3 hrs and would get super hangry before. i enjoy the 4+ hrs between meals -my jeans are definitely falling down today... maybe because i havent washed them in forever and theyre stretched out... maybe because i lost weight.... -i came to the conclusion that theres several foods that I have eliminated that I would be pretty OK with leaving out on a daily basis... Bread for example.... i really dont need it daily ... i only really like it when its really good homemade bread.... so i think id survive with a sandwich occasionally from a really great restaurant or bread and oil occasionally on a weekend dinner date. Im also pretty sure i can convert over to an almond or coconut milk based creamer.... i still really miss the hint of sugar in my coffee... i will deifnitely not need as much as before but its just SO BITTER to me without just a little bit of sweet -also between Day 9 & 12 i was able to successfully eat out at a restaurant AND meet up with some friends and pass on the alcoholic beverages and nachos! - I LOVE the black and white rules. it eliminates the argument i usually have in my head on whether or not i want to eat something
  7. Quick note about a HUGE health NSV!

    Just a quick note.... Day 20 of my first round is today! I tend to have a high heartrate and really low BP. I have mitral valve prolapse, and genetically predisposed to heart problems. I'm not overweight. I started my w30 because of a number of health issues. I just happened to check my fitbit, and my resting heartrate has dropped 9 BPM since I started w30! I just looked at the graph on Fitbit and it slowly lowered since that day! And I've only worked out 4 times. But I'm starting back to my workouts tomorrow because I now have pretty consistent tiger blood!!
  8. 23 Day Slump

    I am day 23 of the Whole 30. I am beginning to feel extremely discouraged. I have yet to experience even one NSV. I realize the Whole 30 isn't a competition; my husband is rockin' his Whole 30, and has experienced multiple NSVs. But, it also seems like every day we have the "I miss {insert food, social events, convenience} conversation or the "When we reach day 30 I'm going to have {insert food or drink}" conversation. I have a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) symptoms of which include: fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, vertigo, heart palpitations, nausea, diminished concentration, Raynaud's phenomenon, chest pain and shortness of breath. While I am lucky and don't suffer quite as bad as some POTS patients, but they still do occur and disrupt my daily life. I began this journey to see if eliminating sugar and carbs would reduce some of my symptoms. I feel the same as I did before. I'm always hungry. My stomach is constantly bloated. I'm pretty sure I have gained weight. My PMS symptoms are still just as bad. I guess I am looking for some sort of "I feel ya" or "It gets better." If it wasn't for my husband doing this diet with me I would probably throw my hands up and partake in a greek yogurt.
  9. HELP!!!! 6 Days to go!

    I have 6 days left to go. I have followed EVERY single rule. I have been incredibly committed. I am starting to see some NSV, my night leg cramps started disappearing and I was sleeping better. My sugar dragon is still raging and that is hard. BUT -2 nights ago my leg cramps came back with a vengence and I could not sleep and this has happened for 2 nights in a row and I am wondering if this is normal. I also want to know what I do to tame the sugar dragon because that is still raging. Do people do a whole 60 or a whole 90. I don't think I have lost a single pound. Stayed away from scale completely but don't look any thinner. But at least I do not feel bloated......ever. I am just wondering at this point in time what is normal. Can things that you thought were going away just all of the sudden magically appear again? Is there something wrong that I don't understand or know about. I do know that I am incredibly addicted to sugar and have been for a long time, so does it take longer to get that under control when you are 60 as opposed to 40? Also can you develop a nut allergy in the program which you may not have ever had before?
  10. So, this is my 3rd completed whole30! The 3rd time around was waay easier. After the first week I really didn't care about sugar. I do still miss it in my coffee sometimes, and all the halloween candy has looked extra good this weekend, but I have stayed strong! I am really disappointed however, bc I DID NOT LOOSE A LB. Last year when I did it I lost 10. I did have some nsv, but not as many as before. I don't know what is going on? My husband said maybe bc I'm a year older? I just don't understand how not eating sugar,dairy, alcohol, bread and grains I didn't loose weight. The scale stayed right at 206. I wonder if I didn't have enough fat, or if I had too much? I didn't eat as much fruit as I did before, I don't know. I'm so perplexed. I do want to continue eating this way bc I did feel better than eating sugar and crap but I am feeling so defeated about the lack of weightloss. I am 5'4 and considered morbidly obese at 206, so weight loss is very important for me.
  11. a HUGE non-scale victory!

    Today is day 19 of my first Whole30, and while I am sticking to the rules and haven't weighed myself, I reached a huge non-scale victory today - my pre-pregnancy pants FIT!! I'm 5 1/2 months post-partum, and getting back into pre-baby shape was the number one reason why I committed to this program. And while I'm super thrilled that my first goal has been met (after ONLY 3 WEEKS!!), everything else seems to be falling together as well - I'm sleeping better, my stomach bloating/pains are gone, and I have even energy throughout my work day. I can't wait to see where I am at the end of these 30 days and beyond!
  12. Day 6... A Few NSV's

    Today is day 6 for me and I wanted to share a few positive Non-Scale Victories. I've been sleeping great but get up a lot to pee. I've always gotten up twice, or so but the last few nights 4+ times. I'm able to go right back to sleep without bother but, Ugh! I hope that normalizes here soon. I woke up this morning and wanted to boil carrots for a breakfast carrot mash. That led me to get my kale going so it would soften. That led me to taste the kale and start getting excited for breakfast. Long story short...I ate breakfast about 45 minutes after I woke up. Breakfast was nearly prepared BEFORE I turned my Keurig on!!! I wasn't exactly hungry feeling but the simple fact I ate so early was truly a rarity & definitely not-worthy. Another plus is I must have had 4 tablespoons of fat in my breakfast and I wasn't freaked out in the least. I had olive oil, lemon juice & nutritional yeast in my kale salad and ghee in my mashed carrots along with the coconut oil that was used in my chocolate chili. 6 days ago that would NOT have happened! One final thing, I am planning my next shopping trip and I've added rutabagas, plantain, squashes, parsnips & turnips. I don't know if I've ever even tasted a parsnip or turnip. I'm going to just get a bit of each but I'm excited that I want to try all these different things! Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate area to post this but I am thrilled with my beginning feelings of 'food-freedom'and wanted to share.
  13. I went to the gym today!

    I started Whole30 because I've been battling severe fatigue for many months now and my doctor ruled out most physiological causes. We were at the point where my doctor informed me that my diagnosis was likely going to be chronic fatigue syndrome and since (due to other medical issues) I can't take the medications for CFS I would have to see a psychiatrist. My fatigue was extreme. I woke up, pulled on clothes, went to work (no breakfast or a meal shake because I didn't have the energy to cook), worked (because I'm the sole source of income and have no choice), got home and climbed into bed. Lunch was either a meal shake or a sandwich from a deli by my office (again, no energy to cook or pack a lunch) and I would eat dinner in bed (whatever my husband cooked or ordered). On the weekends, I wouldn't get out of bed. Without my two day rests on the weekend I don't think I could have gone to work during the week. I had tried eating healthfully and starting exercise programs, but the fatigue was too extreme. I'm still fighting fatigue and am nowhere near my energy levels before the fatigue started, but today, day 20, (where three weeks ago I would have spent the whole day in bed), I went to the gym and swam laps for 45 minutes. I am sore and tired, but this is a huge NSV for me. This is my first exercise other than walking when required in months.
  14. What I have learned

    I completed my first Whole30 the other day! I was already a pretty healthy eater, but still noticed some amazing changes and learned a lot. Since my brain takes a little longer to develop good and long lasting habits, I am immediately jumping into a second Whole30 to really solidify some of what I have learned. Before I jump in though, I want to take the time to outline for myself my NSVs and lessons learned. I know in some ways the second time around will be more difficult, so I want to remind myself (and others) why choosing to make some of these healthy changes permanent may be worth it. Non-scale victories: 1. Overall feel less "puffy" 2. Almost all of my chronic bloating went away, and when I did experience some, it cleared up more quickly then in the past 3. I did not weigh myself for 30 days and did not worry about it! This is probably the biggest victory for me. I used to be married to the scale. I even took things one step further and threw my scale away! If I really need to know my weight in the future, I can step on the scale at the gym. 4. I stopped tracking my food, and just ate like a normal person. This is another huge emotional/mental win for me. It has been so freeing to not have to rely on writing everything down that I eat, but rather not care about the calories because I know everything I am eating in providing me with important nutrients. I also was pleasantly surprised to find that my body can process more food without gaining weight when it is the right kind of food. A true win-win here. 5. I learned how to make homemade mayo, love it, and have vowed never to go back to store bought 6. I felt more comfortable in social settings, and less anxious about "missing out" on junk food Lessons learned: 1. I did not miss cheese, like I thought I would 2. I mostly craved/missed ice cream, which may be a good indicator of whats "worth it" 3. Nuts and nut butters are great in emergency situations, but I can go overboard with them 4. Its worth buying good quality coffee so I can enjoy it black Goals for Whole30 round 2: 1. Get my husband to make some small changes with me. I do not expect him to do everything, as he seems to have a stomach/GI system that isn't bothered by anything, but I still think some of these changes are just good, healthy habits we should try together. 2. Be better prepared for my afternoon hunger. I usually eat lunch at noon and dinner between 7:30-8, so while I try to stick to no snacking, it is nearly impossible with that long of a time between two meals. 3. Start thinking about reintroduction early. I know the 30 days will fly by and I want to be prepared. I am already a little nervous about reintroduction because I feel so much better on Whole30, but know it isn't realistic for the long term. I am really interested in preparing myself for finding the right balance.
  15. I thought I would share my experiences with my first W30. My Day 30 was on Tuesday (two days ago). A little about me: I just turned 45, I'm 5' 5" and I spent November and December eating and drinking my way through the holidays and through a little patch of depression I was dealing with. I stepped on the scale on Super Bowl Sunday morning weighing 150.5 pounds. I felt punched in the gut. That was, by far, the heaviest I've been in the last 5 years and it was shocking to me (I'm not a scale person so while I knew I was gaining weight because my jeans felt horrible, I didn't know how bad it was!) My sister had just completed her first W30 in January and, prior to that, I had never even heard of it. I did what you're not supposed to do, which is power read the "Whole30 book" on a Sunday and started that next day, Monday. Things had just gotten that bad and I was putting my foot down. I told my girlfriends, "This sh*t just got real." I love to cook and am religious about going to the Farmers' Market each Saturday, so the food prep was not new to me, but it was very time consuming. I had spent the month of January eating eggs and veggies each morning, and I had already cut out sugar, and I really don't eat much processed food, but I was eating cheese and dairy daily, and I love good artisanal bread occasionally. I also love chocolate and often had a craving for a little piece of dark chocolate after a meal. I also go out fairly frequently, and that meant 1-2 drinks plus whatever looked good on the menu. I didn't really have the major crash or "kill all things" experience, (maybe because I don't eat that much sugar?) but I did experience a lot of the other symptoms in the timeline. I definitely felt low grade Tiger Blood and felt like my pants were a little loser, but it wasn't day 19 or 20. Everything seems like it was very incremental...sleep was better, I was able to get up at 5:45 a.m. and I felt rested (and I didn't need the alarm clock!), and I had a number of people comment on how I look good (one said my color in my face was better, two commented that my face looked thinner, etc.) During this time I also got serious about starting to strength train, and recruited a friend to do a self-run Boot Camp 2x a week for an hour. In addition, I was already hiking/trail running 2-3 times a week. So, I stepped on the scale on Day 31 and here are my results: I lost 4.5 pounds and my body fat percentage went down 3%, so I really lost ~6 pounds of fat and gained ~1.5 pounds of muscle (of course, these numbers are directional, but in the past, my scale has been very accurate when I've done professional body composition tests and benchmarked it on my scale.) In the past, I've felt really great at ~132-5 pounds, and so I have 11-15 pounds to go, but I do feel proud of myself that I was able to stick with the diet, while going on a business trip (so hard!) and still going out with friends. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed that I didn't lose more (my sister had lost 8 pounds, but we have different bodies and she eats very differently than I do) but as I gave myself a "NSV pep talk", I reminded myself that I felt great, people were noticing the changes, and I never felt hungry!!! And losing that much fat in a month was great! Another neat outcome: I've inspired two close friends to try this in a couple of weeks and I'm excited to cook with them and help them. While I'm still on the fence if I will do another strict W30, I'm committed to eating mainly W30 and seeing what works for me. Interestingly, the thing I THOUGHT I missed the most was half and half in my coffee, so on Day 31, I chose to reintroduce dairy, since I was craving it so much. It wasn't as good as I remembered, and about two hours after having my morning coffee, I developed small red bumps all over my back and shoulders. Very interesting! And I thought I didn't have any food sensitivities! I'm proceeding slowly as I reintroduce, I'm in this for the long haul. Anyway, that's my story. Thanks to everyone who posts on this forum. I've learned a lot from the questions and the answers. Have a great day! Carrie
  16. I somehow gained weight and dropped a dress size this round, and it's the first time that happened. More than anything, I was able to link my emotional health to my physical health this time and to really determine triggers for me. I can't believe the difference between this one and my experience from the summer. Rock on to everyone else who had break throughs! I can't believe I was able to conquer the negativity of restriction and learn some impulse control. It feels really good!

    Well, here it is...(drumroll, please): DAY 30! (Okay, technically I've got M3 left to go today, but there is a window of opportunity as the other members of my household are sleeping). - In thirty (or maybe 44?) short days, I learned to undo DECADES of conditioning that FAT is the enemy (I was the low-fat queen - any recipe you had, I could make a low-fat version. I'm seriously PISSED at the food industry and government and marketers for selling us this LOW-FAT LIE). I now eat avocados and/or olives and/or coconut and/or bacon fat and/or ghee and/or nuts (mainly macadamia nuts, followed by cashews) DAILY - whereas previously I only "allowed" them infrequently, and certainly only one of the foregoing per day - you have no idea how revolutionary and liberating it is to treat FAT as a friend. And I am slowly learning to prioritize the highest-quality fats over my erstwhile beloved nuts and seeds (and related nut and seed butters). This is (and will be) an ongoing work in progress! - I have obtained FREEDOM from weighing, measuring, counting and tracking every bite that goes in my mouth. - I am moving further and further away from a deprive-binge (or restrict-rebel) cycle. - I am calmer and happier and in an all-around better mood than I was before (my husband can attest to this). - I am much better at taking rest and recovery days from the gym, vs. "punishing" myself with workouts. This is linked to learning to honour my body's cues in general. - I no longer eat (or feel hungry) every 2-3 hours. - I know that I can "MacGyver" together a compliant Whole30 template meal from even the most obscure Korean convenience stores. - I can attend functions/events/social situations and make compliant choices calmly and confidently. - Oh, and let's not forget the MAJOR accomplishment of the base Whole30 program: DEFINITELY no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten, and no grains for 44 days. I am deliberately leaving sugar/sweeteners off of list because I took a doctor-prescribed cough syrup with sweetener and unintentionally had one mouthful of a colleague's sweetened coffee. I am also leaving legumes off the list. I have not knowingly ingested any legumes, but soy and its derivatives are rampant in South Korea and I may have unknowingly ingested soy (most likely soybean oil) at a Korean restaurant. - My last can of Diet Coke/Coke Zero was November 1, 2015 and I have had ZERO relapses and ZERO cravings for it. - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed about my clothes not getting magically looser, or my muscles suddenly becoming "shrink-wrapped." But the ability to MAINTAIN my size (not actually sure about weight - I've routinely gone YEARS without stepping on a scale, and it seems I am back to that approach) despite actually cutting back my workouts AND being sick, is actually quite fabulous. I don't feel a sense of panic that I need to spend 2+ hours a day in the gym come January - if anything, I've learned that that approach would likely stall fat/weight loss! - Ironically, thirty days has taught me that my life and my health and my physique are all about quite a bit more than thirty days. BUT, all of the foregoing would NOT have been possible without the support of the fabulous community here, and most especially the moderators (I'll list as many as I can remember; my apologies if I don't name you specifically): Tom Denham, Mr. Tough Love himself, whose honesty and integrity and long-term commitment to the Whole30 way of life has been a true inspiration to me. MeadowLily, for her offbeat wisdom and warmth (no offense intended, MeadowLily). GFChris, for helping me early on to sort out pre- and post-WO meals (back when I thought an apple with almond butter was an appropriate snack - ha!) PraxisProject, for the concern that I get compliant coconut milk. jmcbn, for her patient and knowledgeable replies about fat adaptation. ShannonM, for also weighing in on the importance of fat. Brewer5 for her tough love on nuts - I only rebel so much because I know deep inside it's true that I can't continue eating them with abandon. So sorry if I've missed anyone else! And thank you to my Whole30 friends, who have taken the time to read and comment my rambling posts (this one included): littleg Alisonlcarver SimpleNotEasy ArtFossil Yeesh, I've kinda gotten myself worked up and emotional over this. Love and peace and health and happiness to you all! And I'm looking forward to sharing my reintroduction with you. I know this community will pull me back from the edge if needed if I go overboard with "Paleo" baking (yes, I snicker at the term and like to poke fun at it - I'm sure Paleolithic man was really happy eating his "Paleo" banana bread or chocolate chunk cookie with his morning cup of BPC ). As always, -Lauren (GGG)
  18. Just finished a round of Whole30 with my husband. I did it because I have 30 pounds that I can't seem to lose, no matter what I do. My husband did it along with me, for support. We figured he could probably stand to lose about 10 lbs. Well, just finished and the results are in- he lost 21 pounds (what?! from where?!) and is definitely at his ideal weight now. I lost a whopping..... 4 pounds. I tracked NSVs along the way so I wouldn't miss them, and didn't see a ton of improvement there either- redness/eczema has maybe improved a tiny bit, allergies seem the same, still get puffiness/swelling in my hands and face. Energy levels are ok, and my sleep has gotten a little bit better. My clothes seem to fit exactly the same. My biggest NSV is seeing the cookies / desserts we always seem to have at work and not touching a single one! What went wrong? We ate according to the template. We both ate the same things (I obviously ate less than he did, adjusted for our size). Didn't eat a ton of fruit, maybe 1 serving a day if that, often a few strawberries. I do 4 hiit cardio / lifting workouts per week. My dr. just suggested I start a trial of Orlistat, a weightloss drug that blocks fat absorption. I told her no way and am now in the market for a new doctor. I had labs done and everything seems normal. Any ideas? I'm very discouraged. Maybe I need to extend to a Whole60?
  19. A little background: -After 2 attempts in the last 10 yrs to quit smoking, I finally succeeded 2 years ago; however the 2 attempts each led to a 50lb weight gain -I have 130-140 lbs to lose -I am a (former) serial dieter who always makes to 3 weeks or 10lbs before I start to slip... -I am a stress and comfort eater My current life: -Moving -current house hasn't sold so am looking at 2 mortgages -had to quit my job to prepare for our move -designing a massive renovation on our new house, which I have no experience with -planning for a visit to my parents in a week -some hold ups with our possession date and financing due to unforeseen, nothing to do with us, circumstances -I essentially have a lot going on right now - I am on Day 26 of the Whole30 All week I have been prepping for a huge yard sale. My husband and I were up at 6:30am, set up the sale, worked the sale until 5:30 and then packed/cleaned up. I was on my feet for this whole time and managed to scarf down a salad with some chicken in between sales. My back aches, my feet are screaming, I'm exhausted, our kitchen was still messy with last night's dishes and we had no plan for dinner. This is my usual recipe for disaster and, in my former life I wouldn't be writing this post; I would be feet up on the sofa with a slice (or 3) of pizza that had just been delivered to my door. Instead, the new Day 26 Whole 30 me sent her husband to the store for steaks to throw on the BBQ and while he was gone threw together a salad, made a quick vinaigrette and got some baby potatoes in the oven roasting!!!!!! The thought of 'cheating' wasn't even an option!!! I am sorry for the long post, but this is a major turning point for me and I know that I am on the path I will stay on forever. I am feeling so thrilled with myself and so excited about where this journey is taking me that I am actually emotional as I write this. I cannot thank the founders of this program enough for giving me back myself. I have been lost for a long time Thank-you ♥ Thank-you ♥ Thank-you ♥
  20. I finished my second Whole 30 on Monday and it was very different for me from the first one. I actually feel like this one was better for me even though it was actually harder. I did my first whole 30 in January and was very "gun ho" and just like I have always been at the start of any diet I followed everything to a tee and felt rather virtuous for doing so. However, I literally started eating the same things for every meal to make it easy and once I was done at the end of January by the third week in February I had gone off plan and was like what is the whole 30? LOL! Throughout this year since that first Whole 30 in which I had lost 10lbs and also cleared up my skin, got amazing sleep and improved my energy levels I had thought about going back and doing another one, but it never seemed like I was able to get back on. I just wasn't doing what needed to be done which is shop, prepare and get ready mentally. Then in July I just felt like I needed to buckle down and do it. I was eating and drinking too much and my skin was a mess again as was my energy. The change this time was I committed to eat different foods every week and try new recipes and make it more fun. 15 days in I had a slip up of eating non-compliant mustard that had sugar in it and I decided to start over. While technically I didn't do the Whole 30 for 45 days I still sorta did the Whole 30 for 45 days and that has made all the difference. I have decided not to weigh myself anymore. When I started this Whole 30 I weighed myself and couldn't wait for the 30 days to be over to weigh myself again. Once I had the slip up I never weighed myself and then all of a sudden realized I wouldn't know my weight for a whole 30 days more. For some reason not weighing myself for the entire 45 days and realizing I didn't gain weight and nothing bad happened has made me realize there's no reason to weigh myself. Right now my scale is safely hidden in a closet in a hard to reach place and I just can't imagine what good could come from using it. I have battled the scale for years and think if this is all I got from doing a second Whole 30 then it is the best thing I have gotten from the program. My clothes do fit better and my stomach has lost all the bloat which is good enough for me. I had a great non-scale victory in regards to my allergies that I have battled for a few years now. They are getting so much better and the shots I get for them now give me no reaction which has never happened. My sleep is great, my energy levels are up, and my skin is not breaking out! Also, I can go hours and hours and hours without eating. I realize that is not the goal, but when it happened a few times due to work it hasn't been a problem, and I never feel ravenous. It's nice not to think about food all the time, or to be hungry all the time. This past week since Tuesday I have been riding my own bike. I know what I'm sensitive too as I did re-introduction when I did my first whole 30, and I'm happy to say I am learning moderation and haven't had any crazy situations yet. My goal is to do another Whole 30 in a few weeks. While my goal has been to lose 20 pounds now that I don't have a scale I just want to fit back into a majority of my wardrobe so I think with eating mostly Whole 30, some indulgences (wine and chocolate) and then a few more 30 days of clean eating I will get there. I will judge my diet not by the scale but by my sleep, my skin, my energy levels and my overall happiness. I hope my success inspires someone else to at least try this way of eating for 30 days, not weigh themselves the entire time, and see what it can do for them. A special thanks to this forum, all the moderators and the other members, for being so kind and committed to healthy living.
  21. Starting to see NSV

    Well today is day 10 for hubby and I and we're both really excited because we're both starting to notice some really positive changes. He has major swelling and inflammation in his legs and feet and usually takes Alieve and a glucosamine product to be able to be pain free as of yesterday he said he hadnt needed it for the last five days which is really big for him. He's also able to make it through the day with out his 5 hour energy he'd been taking to get through his 12/14 hour work days. I'm sure he's also losing weight because I can see it in his face but as he has a substancial amount to lose I think that is to be expected when you start getting better nutrition. As for me I haven't had a single bout of indigestion or needed Tums or a Zantac in the last 10 days. Now, I'm looking forward to the next NSV!!!
  22. So, on day 20 I cheated. I broke down and got on the scale expecting to see an enormous weight loss. To my shock and disappointment, I had only lost around 1-3 lbs. Feeling dejected and demotivated, I packed my tuna salad lunch and headed to my annual family reunion. I eventually forgot about my "epic diet failure" and had tons of fun talking and taking photos with my long-lost cousins. Later that day, I was looking at the pictures of myself. I decided to compare them to my standard prewhole30 self. I found a photo from 1 year ago... And I could not stop staring. Take a look at these pics and don't ever get depressed over that stupid number on the scale!!!
  23. Day 11 - HUGE NSV

    I don't normally post on forums, etc. but I have to share today's major victory: in preparation for a dog and pony show at the office for a manufacturer, I was tasked with bringing Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, and good chocolate to put out... The regular sodas in the fridge have never been a problem, but we were out of diet sodas so we needed to replenish. The fact that I went to the store, purchased my favorite beverages (on which I used to rely heavily) and chocolate, took them to work, set them out, and FELT NO TEMPTATION was a huge win. Full disclosure: I did smell the chocolate...and it smelled like chocolate.