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Found 7 results

  1. Hello - I started nursing school with a Whole30 and I'd like to finish nursing school with a Whole30. Why? My first one was to ensure my head was clear of all fog while I was learning all of this amazing information. This one? My sugar dragon reared its ugly head, and my bad habit of using sugary treats as a coping mechanism has crept back in. Not cool. I am aiming for an April 2nd start date, and will average 4 - 12 hour shifts each week (one day as a CNA, three days as a Student RN). In my previous life, I worked 5-8's and managing the dinner timing was much easier. Right now I do not get home until 8 and have to immediately shower the hospital off of me, which has me eating dinner closer to 8:30 and then crawling in bed at 9. This is NOT ideal, because eating this late makes it hard to eat breakfast within the first hour of waking the following day, and by hard I mean I can't. And by can't, I mean my gag reflex engages, and I struggled to even choke down 1/2 my breakfast, and then I am starving by mid-morning. Currently, on days I work I am up at 5am, and eat closer to 6:30/6:45 once I get to work. This seems to work, as I sip on coffee with the Vital Proteins Collagen Powder during my drive to work. This usually carries me pretty far into the morning. So while it's not within the first hour, it seems to work. But, I digress, back to dinner... I have attempted doing the Mason Jar salads for dinner, as they don't give me that same overly full can't eat in the am feeling. BUT my problem is that eating too many salads actually makes me feel like I am on a diet, and that makes me crabby. Here is my go to Mason Jar Salad (adjusting for Whole30 obviously) But I just don't want 16 of my 30 dinners to be this salad! So to all of you Whole30 alums and long shift workers, do you have any ideas? Thanks!
  2. kmgoreilly

    Day 1 Worries

    So coming to the end of the first day of my January whole30. There has been so much temptation already. My husband is a big "whole30" skeptic and isn't very helpful when I mention I cannot have something he is having. (He's a picky eater so my love of my new fav whole30 recipes, like cauliflower fried rice is not shared. He is also very pro-dairy, pro-rice and wheat). Also, I feel like I am snacking on nuts between all meals so I stay full. I feel this might be a bad sign? I work the next two nights: I'm a night shift RN so it should be interesting how cravings play out. I'm taking a lot of pointers from paleobailey although she just announced she's leaving her job to become a full time blogger. (Congrats Bailey!) I'm going to lunch with my family tomorrow (CAVA. Anyone have one near them?) and I am not sure how to approach ordering. Do I need to ask about seasoning on the meat? I hate to be that person...Does anyone go to CAVA and can you tell me what I can order?!?! Basically I just need to feel normal and feeling pretty abnormal.
  3. amfetz21

    Start Date Jul 10

    Hey y'all! I'm Amanda and I'm a wife, mom, and a registered nurse. I know it seems like my start date is a little far out there, but I want to make sure I can be successful. I have been listening to "It Starts With Food" on, and I am about ready to start reading "The Whole30." I'm really excited to get started, but I want to make sure I can give this program my all. A little backstory: I've pretty much struggled with weight most of my life likely due to my unhealthy relationship with food. I was always an active kid, but usually a little chunkier than some of my friends. I was a competitive swimmer from age 9 until I went to college. It turns out pizza, beer, and a lack of 2-3 hours per day of swim practice are not conducive to a healthy weight. I yo-yoed all through college when finally I got in my head that I wanted to be in the military. I was able to get to my military goal weight, and I was in the Air Force after college for 4 years. While in the Air Force, I put back on all of the weight I had lost, and due to some stress, even more weight. After separating from the military in July 2013, we discovered I was pregnant. Definitely not the best time for a pregnancy since I was hunting for a job and had no insurance. I did not gain a lot of weight through most of my pregnancy, but I ended up putting on about 25 more lbs. The weight seemed to fall off right after I delivered and while I was nursing. Then I continued eating like I was still nursing. Now, my baby is 3 years old, and I'm heavier than when I was pregnant with him! My diet has spiraled completely out of control and my exercise is non-existent. While I was pregnant, I was affected by almost all of life's major stressors. We moved from Florida back to Illinois to be closer to family, I started a new job, we bought a house, and had a baby. Oh yeah, and I did a travel nursing assignment in my first and second trimesters in which I drove from Florida to Arizona, just me and my dog, so I was away from my husband for 3 months. Anyway, I digress... I work as a registered nurse in a cardiac cath lab and interventional radiology lab. I work 4 days a week, Monday through Friday, but I also take call. Usually just 1 day a week and 1 weekend a month, but due to vacations, I am on call Jul 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. In fact, I'm also on call right now! I never know if I will be called in, so I want to make sure I can have the time to really focus on myself and being successful. My job can be extremely stressful due to low staffing and just the nature of our work. We take care of some of the sickest people in the hospital, like patients who come in having heart attacks. I'm sure my cortisol levels are out of whack because of my diet, but also my job. I truly do have a reason for a fight or flight response at my job. Sometimes going home after being called in, it is hard to get back to sleep in the middle of the night. Getting a lunch break in my department happens most of the time, but some days we are eating on the fly. Another challenge at work is that we always always always have reps bringing us lunch or doughnuts or candy. There are lots of treats all of the time! They are so hard to resist and always available. They are especially tempting on that 14th hour of your 9 hour shift...
  4. VictoriaRN

    Healing from adrenal fatigue

    Hi! I'm Victoria and I started January 1st! I'm a busy single mom recovering from adrenal fatigue caused by 5 years of tremendous stress complicated by 18m of working night shift. I'm surviving without my sugary coffee. Anyone else with adrenal fatigue? I took a power nap today and it helped. I'm hopeful for getting my health back at the end.
  5. Well I still have a couple minutes before the clock turns over here so I guess I'm not technically late yet. This is my first Whole30 that I've ever done and I am so nervous! I did NOT prepare this last week since I was down with the flu since before Christmas. I DID, however, manage to go through my kitchen today with my very loving and supportive boyfriend today and got rid of all the junk. He's doing the Whole30 with me! I'm so excited to have his support and to go through this together. His diet is a lot better than mine so I'm guessing that he will have an easier time taming his carb dragon. I nearly panicked today though when I had to prepare meals for work and was trying to make mayo and my vitamix kept creating this watery weird stuff that looked NOTHING like mayo. I ended up attempting it with my regular blender and got it to work. I have so many questions and nervousness that I'm bringing to the table today. I'm a night shift ER nurse who has fallen off the wagon when it comes to taking care of my body. Last year in February I had a personal trainer who wrote an awesome nutrition plan and exercise program complete with a super complicated supplement regimen. I was in the gym pretty much every day, eating small meals four times a day, and taking handfuls of supplements with every meal. Then my car was broken into at the gym. I had been going so hard that when that happened it totally took the wind out of my sails and I have been struggling ever since. I've put on 20 lbs in the last 10 months, I have no energy, my depression is worse than it has been in years... Basically I'm ready for change. My biggest concern is that I'm a night shift nurse in an ER, where there seems to always be junk food and caffeine a plenty. Do any of you have any tips for night shifters or nurses specifically? It's also hard to get breaks some times but this program isn't so strict that I can't just eat when I have a minute to sit. Also, my boyfriend and I did not do any measurements on day 0 and I ran out of time today. Is it going to be a big deal to do the measurements (we did weigh ourselves yesterday) and take the pictures? Looking forward to sharing with all of you on this journey.
  6. VictoriaRN

    Started today!

    Hi! I'm Victoria. I live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA and started Whole30 today to help recover from adrenal fatigue. I'm a single mom and an RN. I gained 80lbs in three years from the stress of going back to school, working nights for 18m, and a toxic marriage and subsequent divorce. I went to an alternative/complementary MD in Atlanta whom suggested a "whole foods detox" diet to "reset" my body. I put it off for a number of stupid reasons (ahem, EXCUSES) but after plantar fasciitis set in after a brutal Crossfit workout I decided it was time. My food preferences make it challenging - I hate seafood and pork makes my stomach riot. I will be learning all about red meat and I'm actually very excited about that!
  7. MariaCMc

    Night Shift Nurse

    I am a nurse working the night shift 3-4 nights a week. On my days off I do turn my schedule around back to days. I love working nights and wouldn't want to work days, but eating appropriately can be a challenge. On the days I work, I often end up eating an extra meal. Any other nurses or night shift workers with tips or ideas?