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Found 4 results

  1. So I did my whole30 about a year ago. I felt great and had so many nonscale victories. But one thing that was happening to me at the same time was severe abdominal pain, concentrated on the left side mostly but sometimes the right side, and it was always worse during the morning. And, sorry TMI, but was also having BM issues - diarrhea off and on. I was using coconut milk/cream in my coffee, and almost every day eating the chia pudding recipe with chia seeds, mashed banana, and coconut milk. So fast forward to one year later and I bought a pack of nutpods on Amazon and am trying them for the first time. So this morning I notice that pain is back! Eureka! I was sort of suspicious last year of the coconut milk causing the issues, but brushed it off. But now I am convinced. I googled it and apparently some people have issues tolerating it...fructose malabsorption maybe, or something else. I'm just glad I know now and can avoid it. I have never noticed a problem when I've used it in curries, soups, etc., so that's good. It's probably just the fact that it's such a heavy amount all at once! I just wanted to share in case anyone else has had these issues!
  2. Best coffee creamers

    Good evening! I'm sure this question has been asked bunches of times but I'm new on here and wasn't finding exactly what I was looking for while searching. I am about to start my 2nd Whole30 and think it will go a lot easier this time especially with this site and forum. I love coffee and that was the thing I missed the most. I have at least 2 cups per day with Natural Bliss creamer and Splenda and/or sugar. I'm looking at the Nutpods and the Califia Farms Better Half unsweetened. Which of these has the best taste, texture and gives that creaminess? Is there something else out there that works as well or better? I am going to have to order as I cannot find either locally. I want that creaminess in my morning cup. Used recipe ready coconut milk/cream last time and it was okay, but a little greasy.
  3. I just saw the newsletter about the new NutPods creamer. I was excited until I looked at the list of ingredients. How was this an improved compliant Whole 30 product when it has phosphates in it? I thought we were not allowed phosphates on the Whole 30. I know I avoided them the whole time I did my 30 days. I double checked the rules just now and it said sulfites and not phosphates. So perhaps just my bad. With that said, if I had the two mixed up then perhaps it should be phosphates because I just got back my blood work results last night and my total cholesterol fell 45 points in 30 days. My triglycerides dropped 88 points and my LDL 20 points. I also lost 18 pounds.