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Found 25 results

  1. OmniscientOwlet

    Ideas for more fats?!

    I'm on day 15 here and looking for some suggestions for fats to add to meals besides avocados, olives, and nuts... I need to go shopping and get more avocados, but I'd also love to shake it up a bit with something else! I also use coconut milk when it is fitting (in soups etc.) but could probably expand my use... Any ideas? My typical meals involve a bunch of greens and a chunk of meat or a salad with meat and nuts or avocados... If avocado is on the side I top it with some Cholula hot sauce to make it more exciting... I'm just wondering what other things you guys have been doing?! Thanks
  2. I am on day 18 of my first whole30, and I have the overwhelming feeling that I am making no progress in terms of weightloss. Obviously I want to get the myriad of benefits from the program, but one of my biggest motivators and something I was looking forward to was the weight loss I assumed would happen. I have been eating a lot of fruit (at almost every meal and for snacks) and nuts throughout the day. I am scared that all of this fruit sugar is inhibiting my weight loss. Also for reference, before starting the program I consumed a fairly healthy diet with nutrient rich veggies and lean meats already, but with more treats, added sugar, and dairy. I do feel that I have cut out a lot of the bad things from my diet, so it is frustrating that I am not seeing results. I also think it might just take longer for my body to adjust and the weight loss might be delayed and happen at the end... when does most of the weight loss happen for women??
  3. Mamas - can you please share how much (portion, size, frequency) of your Whole30 meals while breast-feeding? I am an active mama nursing a 10 month old. and exercise 6x per week. - I know I'm way overdoing the nuts/nut butter and fruit but it's so easy and satisfying when I at home with a busy baby! What tools or strategies do you find helped you? The typical Whole30 meal template doesn't feel reasonable. Help, please!!!!
  4. I am on day 25 of Whole30, but I have never felt the tiger blood or lightness I was expecting to feel. I think it is associated with the overconsumption of nuts and other snacky foods. I have always had the need to snack on something, especially in the weekend, when the kitchen is just a few steps away. My diet on Whole30 is similar to my previous diet as I was Paleo; the reason I attempted a Whole30 was to get rid of my urge to snack on something, but clearly, I have failed due to my lack of willpower. I feel guilty. Should I start over?
  5. RichK

    Dry Roasted Nuts

    Okay, hopefully this isn't a stupid question but here goes... I got some nuts from Costco the other day (Dry Roasted Almonds to be exact) and the only thing in the ingredients say DRY ROASTED ALMONDS, and SEA SALT, so I got them...and had some! Everything else (Cashews... etc.) that I looked at listed vegetable oil (peanut, soy etc.) in the ingredients, which is why I didn't get them. So the thing that's bugging me is...Dry roasted is normally just that, ROASTING DRY NUTS, but when I was looking up random recipes to do it yourself, some said no oil, and some said add oil. So if they used oil at all in their roasting, does it have to be listed???...I would have been happier if the ingredients just read Almonds, and Sea salt. Hopefully this wasn't to confusing! lol
  6. I have a recipe for stone age bread I've eaten for years... Mix wet, then add nuts, bake, 325 for an hour... OK OR NOT? Ingredients 1 cup raw almond 1cup raw pecans or 1 cupwalnuts 1cup flax seed 1cup pumpkin seeds 1cup sunflower seeds 1cup sesame seeds 1⁄3cup olive oil 1 1⁄2teaspoons kosher salt 5eggs
  7. I’m Whole30 compliant with my food choices but not meal portions. It’s not easy to eat enough food to stay full so my meals last longer. I’ve been snacking on pistachios. And melon to feed my sweet tooth. I even made my own popsicles with apple sweetened cranberry juice. Hey, it’s lots better than all the sugar free popsicles I used to eat daily. Suggestions, please. Also, please let me know if there’s a blog or something with menus. Is there a place where Whole30 members list their simple menus? I’m missing something but I’m unable to get this figured out on my own. Whole30 is the plan I chose for some medical issues.
  8. klkrikorian

    avocado and nuts/seeds alternatives

    I started my Whole30 January today and see avocado and nuts/seeds are a big part of the healthy fat piece. However, I am allergic to avocados (gastrointestinal) and dislike all nuts and seeds. I can't put olives and coconut in everything, right? Any other substitute recommendations? I wonder if my allergy to avocados might dissipate with the program? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone. I've been doing the whole30 for 28 days, but this is my first time joining in the forum. I've had the most problems with finding alternatives to Almonds (milk, flour, bars, butter, etc.)! I am allergic to Almonds, and it was this reason that I looked to the whole30: my allergy appeared out of nowhere last June and sent me to the hospital; since then it's been no almonds for me, which has been very difficult since I used to be in the gym a lot and Almond-coconut milk was my go-to (and most available) for blending and recovery. In the w30, I've noticed there is a lot of Almond substituted in, and not having that available has not only been mentally frustrating, it's been distracting me from feeling accomplished, or like the resources I've got available to me are not the WHOLE set that are available for others, and that has been very discouraging. So I want to know, does anyone else suffer from specifically ALMOND ALLERGIES, and what have you done to get around it, or how has it been for you?
  10. Hquiche

    Too many nuts?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and to the Whole30, so I am hoping my question hasn't been asked before. If it has, my apologies. Anyway, I would like to know, is there a limit to the amount of nuts (cashews) you can eat on this diet? I find myself constantly eating cashews and am worried that because of this I will not benefit from the weight loss or other health benefits of the diet. Should I limit the amount of nuts I eat or does this diet allow me to eat as many as I would like? Thanks so much
  11. Hi, I'm on day 7 of my whole30 and feel progressively worse everyday. I started for 2 reasons - 1. I have ulcerative colitus, and am looking for a way to control it though diet and 2. though years of flares, I've become overly reliant on carbs and sugar for energy - time I've spent feeling so unwell that the only thing that appeals is jelly on toast, and I think that's had a psychological effect on my 'need' for carbs and sugar. (Worth noting, though, that I was no flaring when I started). But I just feel awful and so frustrated. I'm training for a marathon, and I suck at running since I started. I feel constantly light headed and sick, and because nothing else appeals I'm eating too many nuts and dried fruit (I know, I know - tell me how to stop). My stomach feels almost as bad as when I'm having a UC flare, and I look about 5 months pregnant. Plus, I live in Greece i.e. carb and legume heaven. It is *so* hard to find complient food here - and I cannot get my hands on a sweet potato no matter how hard I look. (On the plus side, incredible olive oil!!) I'm searching for some tips, some encouragement, reasssurance that I'll feel better soon, because I am so close to just throwing in the towel, eating some jam and bread and actually being able to enjoy my long run today... Thanks all.
  12. gemmagillett

    Eating too many nuts

    Anyone got any tips on not eating too many nuts? Its the texture that I like - as I activate mine and store them in the freezer. I find myself putting my hand in the container - before and after meals. I am wondering if I am consuming too many nuts... Is there a rule of thumb? I.e 10 cashews would be a good snack?? I know we are not meant to snack and I am good until the afternoon when I have the urge to eat something crunchy and salty - I guess my sugar dragon is my salty dragon... and I know I am not always hungry when I do it... any tips. I am on Day 8 - I havent cheated that I know of (just maybe eat a few too many snacks and nuts!)
  13. Is it possible on the Whole30 to eat too much of a good thing? I know moderation is key, but I am uncertain on some guidelines. I eat probably an avocado a day (sometimes up to two a day) and I'm not sure if that is too much fat in my daily eating? I also wonder about nuts. I recently made my own trail mix (cashews, pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried blueberries and raisins) and have added a couple handfuls to my meals. Is that too much? I'm reading about other's troubles with hunger, which I get as well (usually 3 hours after eating), but i don't want to over eat on the items i shouldn't over eat.
  14. alauritson

    Cashews with Peanut Oil

    We're allowed to have Cashews, but I haven't found any that don't also include some type of oil in the ingredient list. Thoughts? Example from Essential Everyday brand of Cashews: Ingredient List: Cashews, Vegetable Oil (Peanut, Cotton Seed, Soybean and/or Sunflower Seed), Sea Salt. Example from Costco brand of Cashews: Ingredient List: Cashews, Peanut Oil, Sea Salt. Does this make the Cashews not allowed?
  15. Hello All I am on day 13 of my Whole30 and so far would classify it as a success. There are parts I love and parts I am struggling with. I have been good about preparing foods and following the meal template. I have increased the fat in my diet and have therefore been more satisfied than I expected. I suffered some nasty insomnia and weird heart racing palpitations at bedtime.. it was so odd because I have never had anything like that before. I have also had amazing nights sleep, 10 hours solid. There are days I am not hungry in between meals and can go to bed feeling content and there are days where I could eat all day long and still feel hungry. I will eat some nuts or coconut to stave of hunger, or try a piece of fruit with nut butter but I fear I am relying too much on nuts, coconut and nut butter in between meals. I am also trying to vary my meals so I don't get bored AND I don't create some sort of inflammation or intolerance by eating avocado, potatoes, eggs, ect every day. I would fight through the hunger but unfortunately I suffer from migraines and hunger and sleep deprivation are huge triggers. I have had to take my prescription meds 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks and that is a lot. I do feel well over all, bowels are doing great! mood and energy are up for sure! HELP! How can I stay full and what is going on with my roller coaster sleep and eating patterns?? I want to feel amazing and try and drop some pounds while I am eating all these veggies but my nut, dried fruit, and coconut binges are really hindering that.
  16. Hi there Melissa and all. I am starting day 8 of my Whole 30 and I have a question. I know on the one hand we are not supposed to be counting calories and measuring and that we have some helpful tips for meal planning and foods we are allowed etc. But I am still feeling confused about the amount of fruits and nuts we are 'allowed' to have. It would be super helpful if there (and I apologize if I have missed them) were some more clear guidelines around this. Is it okay to have 3 servings of fruit a day? Is it okay to have nuts as part of one meal a day or is that too much? I guess would really love some clarity around what the ideal amount looks like on a daily or weekly basis. Hopefully someone can provide some clarity. Thanks so much!
  17. trace1

    Ah Nuts!

    I'm not completely new to this and I have read the book but would like some clarification please! I get a little confused on the nut section. Under Best Eating fats it includes…. cashews and macadamia nuts while under the The Occasional it lists almonds, pecans, brazils,etc. Does this mean that cashews and macadamia are superior over almonds? I understand that one should not consume an entire bowl of any of these but I get a little confused on the Best, Occasional and Limit section in the nut category!! Help!!! Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi All, Today is Day 7 for me and I'm feeling really good. I haven't had any of the "typical" week-1 issues that they said I might have. I have energy, I'm sleeping well, my digestion seems pretty good, and I'm not really cranky or craving anything. However, I am concerned that I'm not losing any weight. No, I haven't stepped on a scale since Day 0, but I just don't feel any slimmer or lighter. I read in my Whole30 Daily Newsletter today that we need to be careful not to eat too many nuts. I have nuts and/or nut butter at least once per day. I'm a teacher so it makes for a super easy snack. I've been using macadamias and cashew butter as my go to's this week. I have put the cashew butter on broccoli and dipped it in raisins, I've put it on a banana, and I've had the macadamia's with a side of unsweetened applesauce. I've also just grabbed a handful of nuts here and there. No other seeds, seed oils or nut-stuff. Am I having too much? Can anyone suggest some snacks that DON'T use nuts/nut butters but that are satisfying in that easy, creamy, kinda salty way? Or any snacks at all? I'm planning to try making oven-dried beef jerky soon, but not till sometime next week when I have time. Anything you can share would be so appreciated! Hope everyone is doing well on their journey! -Meghan
  19. RoseMay


    Hi everyone last week I started my first whole 30, but my sugar/grain cravings were out of control! I buckled after 5 days.. I have seen a practitioner who informed me of Candida Overgrowth. she said I need to do a candida cleanse to get this under control ASAP before it turns into something very nasty!! I thought that it would be a great way to try the Whole 30 again, and incorporate the anti-candida principles in order to clear out my digestive system. Yay! So.. I have anti fungals to take to tackle the overgrowth (3x day) plus my probiotics which I already take. I will follow the same principles of the Whole 30 EXCEPT I will also cut out: fruit (all, even berries and apples, just for 30 days), sweet potato (I will keep in carrots, pumpkin) and nuts/coconut shreds because they are irritating on the gut. Wow. Big undertaking. But imagine how great I am going to feel!! :) I will reassess after the 30 days, and go from there. Does anyone have any candida battling experience/tips/hints that can help me tame this bad boy ASAP so my life can be amazing and my stomach flat and pain free again?!?!?
  20. aprince21


    I know we are supposed to include healthy fats into our meals, but I am struggling with this. I do not like avocado and I have tried to include it in meals every way possible. I do really like nuts (almonds and cashews mostly) but I don't want to over eat them. Any suggestions on what to eat?
  21. I'm on day 12 of my first Whole30, and doing really well. But yesterday and today I noticed some snacking creeping back in, and it's on cashews, almonds, and coconut flakes (unsweetened). I'm not talking about large quantities- just a pinch here and there, but as you know it adds up. And I'm not liking the recurrence of the grazing that I thought I'd kicked. Should I just quick nuts for the remainder of my Whole30?
  22. Hi everyone, I'm 1 week in on my Whole30 and have been making a lot of salad dressings (and sauces) in my Vitamix. It occurred to me that, instead of using pure oils to make it, I could try making it with the nuts (macadamia or cashew mainly) and water, instead of the oil, which is a refined food. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience doing this.
  23. I am on Day 4 (have already had to restart 2 times) and today I ate a whole container of macadamia nuts and a larabar. I'm feeling pretty shitty now. I am desperately trying to kick my sugar dragon, and I think I am using nuts as a substitute for sugar. Either way, I am going to eliminate all nuts/nut butters, but I am wondering if I should restart my whole 30, or just continue without nuts. I think it would be discouraging to have to start over again, but I really want to do this right.
  24. From ISWF -- Ok... so this is all great advice, I believe... but I don't know what "too much" and "some" means? Are we talking about 1g per week? 100g per day? Is this based on body weight? 1g per kg of body weight? etc. Generally speaking I am not experiencing any inflammation symptoms... how do I know if I'm eating too much PUFAs?
  25. onadownhillslide

    Awww nuts!

    I am about to start my first Whole 30. I am not very good at moderation. I gave up sugar a year and a half ago for that very reason. I am looking at the approved foods for this and I notice that nuts and dried fruits are in the "limited" category...I need to know what my limits are (because i am completely incapable of setting my own and I will eat an entire jar of almonds in one sitting). Help please with quantities in these areas! Thank you!