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Found 3 results

  1. My reintroductions are going slower than expected and I'm finding out things I don't want to know :(. Of course I am very glad to be getting to the bottom of my health issues, but here's what I didn't want to find: 1. Dairy gives gives me an itchy throat and makes me phlegmy - I can't afford to be phlegmy because I get bad seasonal allergies and hate being all stuffy. 2. Oatmeal knocked me the f* out yesterday. I was so tired after eating it and it made me hungry a couple hours after breakfast, even though I'd added sausage and spinach to the meal. 3. Rice gives me HIVES. What?! And it made me stuffy. I have yet to try out corn, legumes or gluten. Does anyone else have the oat and rice problem? Also, could this be temporary, meaning maybe I have a leaky gut, which is causing these foods to send their allergens into my bloodstream now, but if I heal my gut, maybe I can enjoy them again? I appreciate any input. THANKS!
  2. Today is Day 31 of my 5th (and by FAR most successful) Whole30. I chose to reintroduce non-gluten grains first. I had some old oatmeal lingering in my cabinet, so I had some of that with breakfast. It was not gluten-free oatmeal. I don’t eat oatmeal much so I did not want to go buy some just for reintros. But I just remembered now that I thought I had seen somewhere on these forums that you NEED to reintro GF oatmeal if you reintro it at all. Now I know for Whole30, if the label warns that a product may have crossed paths with wheat, soy, etc. during manufacturing and COULD be contaminated, it’s still compliant, so long as it’s not a listed intentional ingredient. So shouldn’t this apply with oats, too? (I don’t have celiac or other major gluten sensitivity.) As a side note, I do feel pretty bloated. I’m trying to do my reintroductions to a tee and am paying very close attention to how my body feels.
  3. Hi, for the day 4 of reintroduction for oatmeal...would steel cut oatmeal be suitable?