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Found 2 results

  1. My reintroductions are going slower than expected and I'm finding out things I don't want to know :(. Of course I am very glad to be getting to the bottom of my health issues, but here's what I didn't want to find: 1. Dairy gives gives me an itchy throat and makes me phlegmy - I can't afford to be phlegmy because I get bad seasonal allergies and hate being all stuffy. 2. Oatmeal knocked me the f* out yesterday. I was so tired after eating it and it made me hungry a couple hours after breakfast, even though I'd added sausage and spinach to the meal. 3. Rice gives me HIVES. What?! And it made me stuffy. I have yet to try out corn, legumes or gluten. Does anyone else have the oat and rice problem? Also, could this be temporary, meaning maybe I have a leaky gut, which is causing these foods to send their allergens into my bloodstream now, but if I heal my gut, maybe I can enjoy them again? I appreciate any input. THANKS!
  2. Real Food Y'all

    Gluten-free oatmeal?

    I'm on day 26 of my 2nd Whole30. During my first W30, I made it to the finish line, but then went crazy eating everything in sight instead of doing a proper reintro. I wanna get it right this time. I have some regular old Quaker oats sitting in my cabinet, and while I'm not really MISSING it, I'm kind of thinking some oatmeal for breakfast sounds good on Day 31. I've seen other posts instructing people to make sure oats are certified gluten-free if using them for reintroducing non-gluten grains... but how bad would it BE to use non-gluten-free oats? I don't wanna go buy new oats because I don't eat them much anyway. There couldn't be more than trace amounts, right? I've never had any of kind of gluten sensitivity, and don't recall any ill effects the first time I ate gluten after my first W30.