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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings - New here. I have been very strict with my whole 30 and have lost about 8 pounds and feel great! It is definitely going to become a new way of eating for me for the rest of my days! HOWEVER On day 25 I went off track for one meal only (DINNER) because I was at a sporting arena and well, everything is premade so I could not order anything special like I would a restaurant. I did not go CRAZY I did my best but since I knew I was off track anyway, I had a beer. Back on track to continue. I know this is a no no but just curious as to if anyone had a similar experience? Thank you.
  2. I've done three W30s and several resets in the past 3 years. Last year was the best shape I had ever been in physically and mentally. I was doing fantastic - I was eating relatively clean and active. I managed to do this in a busy year of 2 travel trips (China/Portugal) as well as several sun trips (All inclusive - Jamaica) all in one year. I did resets when I came back from all these trips and was feeling great. But slowly this year I began to slip - my eating habits, my mental clarity, and mindset. I don't know why, there wasn't anything that really changed me from continuing that healthy life style. I adapted it when I felt it was necessary last year and managed to get back on track. I felt great walking down a trail/road just feeling happy. I still work out three times a week with Crossfit but the energy and strength isn't there. And I must admit, I can now easily stop with my husband, after work for dinner and two beers (and sometimes 3 if its real hot). I will say I'll do better tomorrow but it seems that 'tomorrow' never comes. I don't know what causes this. I loved doing the W30, and even resets as they help. But how do you get into the mindset again, I would prefer not to do a W30 or do I? maybe another reset? I have to be strong enough to say 'No' to the nice cold beer on the way home from work. But does one do this again so they feel good as they once were? Maybe I should read FFF again, its been awhile. Does anyone have the same struggle?
  3. OFF track! Help!!

    Dear Whole30 world, I have started my Whole30 journey in Sept 2015, and since then have completed 2 & 1/2 Whole30's and a Whole100 having massive success on every level!! But each time I try and reintroduce anything, I find I am sensitive to it and have a problem with it. So, this brings me to figuring out what the best long-term food freedom plan looks like for me. I am confused thinking I should be able to bring back small amounts of things, but each time I do I'll either set off my sugar dragon, or have a physical reaction. Does anyone else have this? Is this perhaps because of all of my other medical needs? Operating with no thyroid after a thyroidectomy after Graves'. Also, concluded after my first whole30 that I do not tolerate any of the FODMAPs well due to IBS perhaps. So now I'm feeling off rails again, but feeling a bit hopeless about having to be super strict about things long term. Help! Also, I'm going on tour for a year living in hotel rooms (without a fridge or kitchenette) any tips on how to create a light portable kitchen I could put in maybe one of my suitcases? Feeling like even that will be tricky for the seasoned whole30er. Many thanks with any advice! JSCELLIST
  4. Hi yall, I've been slowing working my way through my reintroductions since I finished my Whole30 a few weeks ago (on the slow boat route). While I had introduced small amounts of added sugars (most likely in salad dressings at restaurants, etc), late last night was the first time I had dessert. I had coconut macaroons with just coconut, egg whites, and sugar, and I COMPLETELY went off the rails and ate about 8 before I realized it. All night I was really really hyperactive, until I finally crashed around 1:00am. This morning I feel like I got run over by a truck. I'm super tired and my eyes are pretty puffy. How do yall do it? How can I add sugar as a special occasion treat back into my life without completely going off the rails? How do you bounce back form sugar binges? Should I modify my reintroduction schedule? I'd love to hear suggestions.
  5. HELP!! I completed a Whole30 on July 31st and felt really good - I'm not a scale person but my clothes were definitely fitting better and people were starting to notice my efforts. I was back in the gym about 4 times a week and really focused. I stuck to the plan rigorously, even persuading others to get on board and always cooking. Then came a vacation/college reunion with my sorority sisters and all went downhill. I spent a week eating and drinking like I was 20 years old again. I figured it was just a week and I'd be back on the wagon when I got home but that is not the case. I've fallen back into my old eating habits (sugar, dairy, bread) and I'm having so much trouble refocusing!! I haven't even been to the gym in weeks. Not only do I feel guilty derailing all my progress but I physically don't feel up to par either - sluggish, not sleeping well, bloated, etc. Any advice on how to refocus???? Please any suggestions are welcome...
  6. I did not think to do a search on over the counter medicines for colds? I knew I couldn't do my Airborne's any more because that's a supplement. Okay, cool. No problem. I teach public school. Strep and Bronchitis have been going around pretty bad. My throat is killing me. I took some Alka Seltzer. I only started checking on this because I started having weird cravings. I found out the cravings are normal. Okay good, but they put sugar in OTC COLD MEDICINE? I'm more or less mad that I potentially have to start over from day one because my throat is killing me and I'm on Day 20 and there is sugar in my Alka Seltzer... I ONLY have 10 more days. Seriously?
  7. Hi all. I have no idea if this is technically the right place to post this or not, but, seemed to be the place that made the most sense! I have decided to take a chance and reach out to the Whole groups in the hopes of pulling myself out of the current pit of despair I seem to be digging myself into. Some background - In mid-August I finished my first Whole 30. It was by far one of the most challenging things I have ever done. It was the highest level of commitment I have ever given to just myself. I had many struggles, near breakdowns and sleepless nights and came through at the end with no constant knee pain, feeling on top of the world, feeling a million pounds lighter. The outside results were wonderful, however the inside results...were amazing. I worked my way through reintros and didn't seem to discover any crazy reactions to food. I did discover that my tastes had changed dramatically. I continued with this new healthier eating afterwards with a couple meals here and there that were most definitely "treats" (I hate using that word). But, I found it easy to get right back to my lifestyle that I had discovered on Whole30. I am now nearly two months out. I have had several cases of thinking I need to get back on and do another Whole30. I seemed to be having "treats" more often than I would like and I had read about the "slippery slope" and knew I was just beginning that trip and wanted to turn it around. I have tried twice to get back on the Whole30 train and have failed. The failure always seems to be on the weekend where I loosen my belt and kick back. The problem is - the weekend starts Friday and carries on through Saturday or even Sunday night. I feel like I keep getting on my bike, riding maybe a foot and fall right back over. I have also read that a second Whole30 is a lot harder for some people - apparently I am one of those people! In looking at what has changed since my first Whole30 ended I notice the following: 1) I stopped writing down everything I eat. I re-established this habit when I started Whole30 and it became a source of pride seeing all the good choices written down along with commentary on how I was feeling. 2) Though I get right back on "track" with my very next meal after a "treat" I feel so terrible afterwards. A whole slew of negative thoughts occur internally with a big bashing session of me and all my failures. During Whole30 and for a couple weeks afterwards I never had this issue. I was so PROUD of myself and my choices there simply was no room for anything else. If negative chatter did start about anything I was able to turn it off or turn it around quickly. 3) My "treats" aren't always things that I savor. I keep meaning to break out the off roading map from Whole30 and use that for every thing that isn't "on plan" and just simply haven't yet. 4) My sleep has dipped way down to maybe 6.5 hours during the week and closer to 8-8.5 on the weekend. I am going through my days feeling exhausted. 5) My confidence has plummeted. I look down more versus keeping my head up. The clothes I bought on my Whole30 "high" aren't ones I feel I can wear. 6) Rather than feeling in control I feel more like a victim. I feel broken. I want to feel like I did before and just cannot seem to keep going. Anyone have any advice on how to get things going and keep them going? Has anyone else experienced this before and have any tried and true methods that have worked? Feeling so low and nearly broken that you can't seem to get a firm grip to get yourself out of the hole you have dug? I have been re-reading my food log and I see so much positive change there both in my food and in my mental/emotional status. I feel like getting back to this should be as simple as it was with my first Whole30 where I said "just do it" and I did. Somehow, it isn't working like that this time and I have no clue why. My next step is going to be to re-read ISWF as I have heard many folks saying re-reading it has helped. Thank you in advance. I truly feel like this is the one group and area I can post this and get some really solid advice from people that really care.
  8. Hi, I never expected to post here, even though I get a lot of great info, I am usually a lurker. But, the past week threw a wrench into my new lifestyle! Last Tuesday I came down with a bad illness. Didn't get a 100% diagnosis but I think it was strep. The first day I came home from work at lunch with a fever of 102 and went to bed for 16 hours, getting up once to have ramen noodles. After that, I pretty much lived on apple juice and ginger ale for three days. I tried to incorporate small bits of whole food to see if I could keep it down (sweet potatoes, bananas), but found that small things like toast to keep me satisfied without..... coming out the other end. I did my whole30 from the day after Thanksgiving thru December 28th. I was feeling pretty good about how I'd done, was learning some good things through my reintroductions, and then I got totally wiped out with this illness. I never did reintroduce beans. To add to this, I have been diagnosed in the past with heartburn/IBS. My main reason for doing the whole30 was to cleanse my body of the toxins of processed foods that have been hurting my belly and sending me on long, embarrassing trips to the bathroom. My question is, have I botched my whole30? I really wanted to take this opportunity to eliminate the toxins that had built up in my body from processed foods and wheat, to see if I could add back in some things that have been giving me trouble lately that I really used to love (garlic, mushrooms, etc). I am worried that these few days of wheat will have just added fresh bad bacteria that I spent a month trying to get rid of. Should I do another whole30? Or a shorter whole7? Or maybe just play it by ear? I wasn't sure if this was the right thread either, if it gets moved, sorry for the trouble! Thanks for listening, if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.
  9. Here goes. I have been REALLY struggling and am mired in all-or-nothing thinking. I feel like an addict! But I had never seen myself this way before completing my first Whole 30. I did not struggle the first time around (this summer), except for the usual (had some cravings, a little headache the first few days) but mostly, I was pumped! I loved the control (all or nothing) and I felt so good for the whole month. I lost over 10 pounds and many inches. I never felt tempted to stray from the template and thought to myself, "why would I ever eat any other way?" I had the blood of a tiger for sure. Then I did a quasi-reintroduction, while also being out of town. When on vacation with my family, I started drinking wine again. Then when we got home, the slippery slope began. I made plans to do another W30 in September, and in the two weeks before that start date, I went completely off the rails and had this yucky entitled feeling (forgetting, I think, that I actually don't feel deprived on the W30!). By the time I started in September, I had gained back a bunch of the weight, but my second W30 (9/1-9/30) went well and I had similar results as the first. I wasn't as pumped as the first time around--the novelty wore off a bit I think. Anyway, I'm getting to the worst part. I decided to take a few days "off" and then do another 30 days. Maybe my mistake was to take the days off, but I have started at least 3 times and haven't been able to do more than 2 days in a row since. It hits me at night, and I'm craving especially alcohol. It scares me that I'm craving wine because to me, alcoholism is serious and somehow shameful. But then so is food addiction, and these days, the drinking of the wine leads to eating of the sugary carbs and I feel very out of control. I never, ever would have described myself as a sugar or food addict before this whole thing started. I'm not blaming the w30 but I am curious about it as it relates to this all-or-nothing entitled adolescent that has come out in me. There is no question that eating clean, and on template is a really good way for me to be at my healthiest, physically and mentally. But I apparently have to be entirely rigid to be able to do it all? Or maybe I'll get better with practice? Or maybe I can't drink wine? Wah. I would love to hear from others who have struggled like this and found their way. Or anyone at all, even if you haven't found your way but you're trying like I am. Thanks.
  10. I successfully completed a Whole30 in May. I did have my bad days but this is definitely the right lifestyle for me. There is no question that I'm healthier while eating paleo. Yet, I have created some kind of psychological block that isn't even allowing me to begin another Whole30 because I feel like I'm kidding myself. I don't know how to live my life without my sugar habit and while the Whole30 does give my body a break I am lacking motivation to even get started since I know I can't sustain it. I do believe that I can change but I don't know how. Just feeling really discouraged! I recently went to visit my grandmother who has dementia and I noticed little things I was doing to soothe myself during the rough visit like chewing on gum continuously and taking a drink from my sugary coffee drink every time she said something completely out of context. How would I survive without those methods of coping?? Eating sugar is the only thing that got me through several deaths in my family and it continues to be what carries me through stressful periods. I moved away from all of my friends in high school and spent the summer eating ice cream everyday. I feel as though sugar is an old and reliable friend and I can't imagine the rest of my life without it. Does/has anyone else ever felt this way?
  11. I made it to day 12 today, which felt like a huge accomplishment! I am battling binge eating and so far have had to start my whole 30 over three times, first after 3 days, then 5 days, and now 12 days. I am hopeful that this will be the last time, but I am feeling horribly guilty for slipping up. Like last time I got off track, I was baking cookies for a charity, and wound up eating three monster-size cookies. The last week was insanely stressful for me because I had a family member in the hospital, yet I managed to stick perfectly to the whole 30 and I even ramped up my exercise routine to include more sprint work. I was feeling great and even wore a tank top to the gym, which I haven't felt confident enough to do in a longggg time. Now I feel like I have undone all my hard work and have to go back to hiding under a baggy t-shirt. Other than the guilt and shame, I have never felt this sick to my stomach from eating. In the past, I have done way worse binge eating, letting it go on for hours, even days. Now I feel like throwing up, my heart is racing, and I feel so weak that I am laying down now feeling paralyzed. I have never experienced anything quite like this, yet all I had was a few cookies. I at least feel good about the fact that I was able to stop eating a lot sooner than I normally would have on a binge. I know I will be right back on track tomorrow, but I am really upset about having to start over and dealing with the water weight and sick feeling. Does anyone have any tips on how I can recover and move on? I'm thinking about skipping the post-workout carbs and backing off on salt and fruit for the next couple days. Does this sound like a reasonable plan? I will also be drinking extra water to try to flush my system out. I would really appreciate some encouragement right now.
  12. Folks, I am on Day 22 of my Whole30 (!!!) - I have dodged some VERY intense situations (bars, parties, family get togethers, office birthday cake, etc...) however, this one I really need some help on: I am very new to my absolute dream job - today I have my first client meeting with all of the "big guys", we're suited up, have never met this client etc etc. One of the founding partners is in this meeting and asked that I order sandwiches for the meeting. What do I do come sandwich time? What if the sala/vegetables provided are covered in dressing? I brought my own lunch but that would look very strange, and unfortunately I do deeply deeply care about what people think of me in this situation! Please help, any and all advice is appreciated. T minus 3.5 hours to go