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Found 3 results

  1. So I finished my Whole30 14 days ago, I managed the Reintroduction pretty well and slow but I went on a trip this weekend. I Wanted to stay as "healthy" as possible but --- ok here's the confession time... I had Pizza, Birthday Cake, Beer, some Tequila Shots and Whiskey, I also had some popcorn and a Muffin.. so yup... I Kinda fell of the wagon I mean the muffin and the popcorn were hangover consequences, I didn't feel any changes on my body on the weekend, just kinda bloated. I came back to the city and on Monday I was completely Whole30, but yesterday I went to the movies with a friend , I decided I was going to eat a whole bucket of popcorn (why not.....) caramel and butter popcorn... I ate the whole thing..and consequences where horrible. I felt I was going to explode, I was so tired througout the rest of the day.. My face started breaking out today , I couln't even sleep or wake up early... Ugh!!! I even noticed I had some new breakouts around the legs close to the .. uhmmm butt area. I'm not sure if it was a mix of the weekend and the popcorn but definitely popcorn didnt make me feel well, I mean i'm so gassy... tired and my appetite is kinda supressed.. so yup there goes popcorn. It's gonna be a while I guess till I decide to eat some again. I recently started reading "Full Freedom Forever" let's see how that goes...
  2. Dairy Dragon?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone else out there has an issue with dairy instead of sugar or grains? It seems that I can get through the day without sugar or grains but when it comes to dairy this is where I am most challenged. It's always in my coffee/tea. I've successful done 1 Whole 30 and 3 weeks of another but dairy was always my down fall. If you've had this issue and have been able to over come it could you share how you did this? Many Thanks. NS2014
  3. I recently finished my first Whole30. However, I want to say it was only a Whole23 or so, because for the last week I ate way too much fruit. I think I was experiencing the "extinction burst" and was confused about what was happening. Soooo, today, bad stuff happened. It started with a paleo Krunch. I had two eggs for breakfast and needed something else. I didn't have any sweet potatoes or squash pre-cooked and didn't feel like waiting to fix something anyway. I thought a Krunch was the perfect thing to re-introduce into my diet. So I ate one. But then I had two more. And some coffee cake. Then later, pizza and ice cream were calling my name! Oy vey. Now that I went on a bit of a sugar bender, I'm thinking that another Whole30 is in order. This time, with little to no fruit and lots of sleep! What think you all? Is it a good idea to do another Whole30 right after a "Whole23+" or would it be better to get myself back on track with just a Whole7 or Whole15?