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Found 6 results

  1. I know has been a lot of discussion about this, and I’m getting conflicting messages. I have a serious allergy to coconut; itching, hives, anaphylacsis in severe instances. So many recipes call for coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, etc; what have been some successful substitutes? I don’t necessarily need to make the recipes with coconut milk, but the ones with coconut oil are staples. Thank you in advance for the help!
  2. Hey everyone! It is day 31 and I have a couple of questions about reintro. But first, a short story. I originally intended to come back to the forum and write a post with a ton of specific questions about reintroduction. I was basically about to do a post saying "I'm so glad THAT'S over! Can I eat chocolate on the same day as I reintroduce wine?" but first, I did my Non-scale victories worksheet. Now that I look over it all, I'm thinking to myself...."maybe I can go without chocolate for a couple of weeks" and "I don't even really miss beans" and "I don't eat pasta like that, anyways." and this is how they get you. You get all motivated to do the Whole30, you stick with it because you've made such an investment of time and energy (and $$) and then you can't abandon what you've learned because you've changed for the better. Thanks a lot, Whole30 ! But seriously, one of the things I miss the most is being able to eat out or at least pick up to-go foods from Earth Fare or WholeFoods. Our weekends are very busy. Most days we leave the house in the morning and don't get home until late that night. Without spending my entire life in the kitchen, it was getting dang near impossible to actually get 3 compliant meals in during our Whole30 on the weekends. We ate a LOT of mediterranean tuna. A lot. I'm trying to set my reintro up for success around that part. Being able to eat out again as soon as possible. We'll still make healthy food choices but the thing that gives me anxiety is the cooking oils. Many restaurants I've called in my area aren't really that aware of what oils they are using or they'll just say "vegetable oil" or a "blend". Has anyone had these concerns before or have any ideas on how to navigate this? I'm assuming that I wouldn't be safe to eat food that cooked in corn oil until I've reintroduced non-gluten grains, is that right? Finally, are home made french fries back on the table or do those count as SWYPO and need to wait until after reintro? Thanks for your advice!
  3. EnnnDee

    Cooking Fats

    I have about 35 days before my Whole 30 begins ( since I have a wedding to travel to & vacation planned). I'm trying to understand what "cooking fats" I can use for Whole 30? I used to use cooking spray, evoo, vegetable oil, or butter.
  4. Sparkle0920

    I was at a wedding and...

    Thought I was being good because I ignored all appetizers, had a small handful of nuts, had a bite of an apple from a salad with a vinegarette, and a bite of fish from the dead center that had no chance of oils touching it (very dry haha). To my horror I realized after the nuts probably were not "approved" like the raw ones I eat at home. I didn't stop to think about the potential oils they were cooked in. Do I have to start over? Or just keep going since I don't know? I have been doing great on this to date! Currently on day 12...
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie living in Scandinavia. My favorite (pre-Whole30) mayo is Hellman's but I can see that there's sugar in it. I don't like the taste of homemade mayo made with olive oil or avocado oil; I think both of those tastes are heavy and overpowering. Rapeseed oil is considered healthy here; would it be an acceptable oil? It is not the same as canola, though it if sometimes mistaken for it. OK, or a no-go? Thanks
  6. vtknitgirl

    Flax seed oil

    I am wondering about using flax seed oil as an added fat. i have used it in the past, its rich in omega 3 and 6 but I can't find anywhere if i could use it or not.