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Found 4 results

  1. PirateKATS

    Protein Powder?

    My boyfriend and I are wanting to start the Whole30 together but he fears loosing weight during it. He is about 6'0 and 130lbs. He has been trying for years to gain weight but struggles with it even with weight gain protein powders. He is an ICU nurse and often doesn't get the opportunity to eat and heavily relies on some type of protein drink to keep his daily intake up. Yes he does eat when he is off work more than I can sometimes keep up with. He has an extraordinary metabolism. Can anyone suggest a good protein powder he can have on the whole30? or possible options that are high in calories that he can eat while on the go in a hectic pt care area? It would need to be things that can't easily spoil aka keep in his pockets for hours at a time without refrigeration.
  2. EricaEV

    On the go Snacks

    Hi there! The Whole30 Daily keeps referring to Primal Pacs, but the Primal PAC online store is 'temporarily closed'. What are other brands and options for snacks on the go? I am on Day 11 and would LOVE something easy to grab and simple for an after workout snack. I also have a business trip next week I would like to be WHOLE 30 prepared for. Thanks!
  3. I'm on week 2 and I am rocking this program. However, we leave for 2 week vacation next week. Going to the mountains then end up in San Diego for family affair. I knew when I started this was going to happen but all material says "Get Started!". When we return I have horseshow, then Opening Day of Dove Season (National Holiday around here and huge party), then Labor Day, then all the other Fall, Winter stuff that doesn't bode well for eating healthy. I read Melissa's vacation blog and it looks doable for AFTER 30 days. I need help staying with the program DURING 30 days. There is hardly ever a straight 30 day stretch that there isn't something going on. Oh, and did I mention, my husband is hugely obese, has no interest in doing any of the fun mountain stuff like hiking, biking, white water rafting. His idea of a fun time is sitting around drinking beer, then heading to a buffet. A good greasy diner with tons of cream in the coffee and a stack of pancakes is the ideal start to his day. So do the best I can and restart when I get home? Then a week later restart again? Will I ever get to the adding in legumes and milk part? Help, help!
  4. anjalog

    Hospital Stay

    Hi all, this is my first time posting. My wife and I are on day 11 and loving it! Our primary reason for doing the Whole30 was because of all my wife's health problems (fibro, arthritis, pcos, Interstitial cystitis ... just to start). I've been convinced for a long time that a lot of the problems stem from environmental/diet but Whole30 was the first thing I found that could give us the tools we needed. Long story short, next Wednesday she is having a full hip replacement. Ideally, we would have planned Whole30 around this, but we didn't want to push into the holidays. So, we are faced with at least two meals in the hospital. They are telling us that she HAS to eat hospital food, but, I'm planning on fighting that TOOTH and NAIL. I think the best way to fight it is to bring our own compliant food for her to eat, where I can show them that she is getting plenty of nutrients. I'm looking for advice or ideas for easy-to-pack, no heat meals that will be compliant and satiating. Salad seems the easy and obvious but she doesn't tend to eat those well, so I'm hoping the community has some good ideas! I don't mind a little work beforehand if it gets us through that first twenty-four hours ...