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Found 5 results

  1. LA_Cam_Op

    Veggie Medley

    Tried this once, and that's all it took to become a regular on my food menu! 2 yellow squash 2 green squash 1 large red onion *Split the squash vertically, then split the halves into long, skinny strips. I get about 6-8 per half. *Cut the onion into the thinnest RINGS that you can. Either use a veggie basket/tray, or a cookie sheet lined with foil (be aware that using a cookie sheet really doesn't allow the squash to lose their moisture and you will end up with a limper veggie medley): *Layer the onions on the bottom. *Spray (I use a Misto) with EVOO, if no sprayer -- drizzle. *Make a salt/pepper pinch bowl (about 2/3 pepper) and sprinkle the onions liberally with mixture *Layer the split squash on top of onions. Try to keep them at one layer only. *Spray/drizzle with EVOO. *Sprinkle salt/pepp mix, but NOT as much as you used on the onions. *Use either your grill or broiler to get the veggies to a cooked, but firm level. *Have a searing hot cast iron skillet (I love you, Lodge) ready to have a tablespoon of ghee dropped into it. Distribute ghee evenly. The pan needs to be HOT. Did I mention HOT?! *Drop the veggies in the pan, and using coated tongs or wooden instruments, try and get the onions in contact with that searing hot iron to caramelize them. Takes me about 10 mins in the cast iron to get a real nice color and some singeing going. Enjoy. The veggies keep incredibly well. Easily 4 days inside a well-sealed glass container.
  2. JosieJake

    Stuffed Kabosha Squash

    Since I used to eat a lot of ground meat, onion, and rice back in the day--way back in the day before I learned to cook and had no money--I decided by buy different things and experiment. You might find variations of this online, but this is my concoction. Serves 1-2 depending on how hungry you are. 1 kabosha squash 1/4 pound ground elk (cook 1 pound, then reserve 3/4 for other dishes) 1/2 yellow onion 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2 thick orange pepper 1/3 Italian squash 1 clove garlic fresh tarragon and oregano Cut kabosha squash in half and remove seeds. Microwave on Fresh Veggie setting upside on a plate with some water TWICE. Meanwhile, cook the elk and reserve 3/4 of it for other dishes. Throw in other ingredients EXCEPT tarragon and oregano, cook to your liking (I like crisp tender). Just before being done, throw in the chopped tarragon and oregano. Remove squash from microwave, drain of remaining liquid. Be careful, the water will be hot. Flip the squash over and stuff with elk concoction. ENJOY! You can use other ground meats. I bought a variety...bison, lamb, elk. Change up the veggies and type of squash and herbs. I think this is a keeper and will try other variations.
  3. A_Whole_New_Me

    How should I veggify this meal?

    I'm planning to make this pork chop recipe (without the honey, of course), but I'm blanking on how to pair veggies with it. Freezer: broccoli, spinach, artichokes Fridge: carrots, romaine, spring mix Cupboard: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, garlic (and I can run to the store if I need to!)
  4. DurhamDoesPaleo

    Zucchini Soup - Hot or Cold

    I've made this Grant Achatz zucchini soup three times, and had to visit it one more time to verify it's Whole30/Paleo appropriate... and it is! Just replace the butter with clarified butter or ghee. I'm so excited to use the last of my farmers' market zucchini on this recipe one last time. I love it hot, even in the summer, but every once in a while, cold hits the spot. I keep the batch in the fridge and portion it out so I can decide whether I want it hot or cold. I hope you enjoy it!
  5. bgoldenjr

    Need help with this dish

    I watched this short video and made this dish tonight. It is ground beef, sweet potato, onion, and asparagus. I pre-steamed my sweet potatoes for 3 minutes and my asparagus for 1 minute. That all went pretty well. The beef is lean, grass-fed/finished. I am looking for wisdom from you more experienced Whole30 chefs. I didn't add any seasoning to this and it had flavor, but I want to add more flavor without adding salt. I put a tiny pinch of nutmeg into my 2nd helping and that was ok. Any ideas as to how to kick it up a notch, besides pepper or garlic? I also felt this was all too dry. We drizzled some EV olive oil on it and that helped a bit. Afraid to put too much on it. We talked about just adding water and making it more soup-like. Any thoughts on this? Thanks! -Bill