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Found 10 results

  1. I am on Day 12 of my whole 30 and loving it, but there is one problem....I am going broke to pay for it! I am working part time and don't make much money. I think I am spending about $100 on food per week. I buy almost all of my meats and eggs at costco to save money. I always get organic, which price-wise is not much more than conventional. I also go for the cheaper one- whole chickens, ground beef, ground turkey. Most weeks I stop at the farmers market to stock up on veggies. I pay close attention to the prices and if I can get an organic fruit or vegetable at the grocery store cheaper, I will get it at Trader ;oe's instead. I have found that for the most part, farmers market has the best prices. For anything I can't find at costco or farmers market, I go to trader joes (spices, olive oil, frozen veggies, chicken sausage.) I am probably not even eating enough vegetables, but I can barely afford the foods I am eating now. I should also add that I love in California, so it might be more expensive here than other parts of the country. How much do you spend on groceries? Any tips on saving some money?
  2. PergeSubridere


    Here is a great resource when grocery shopping for fresh, packed foods and personal care items..... The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. They have a great app for your phone so when shopping you can scan bar codes and check for toxicity in foods and personal care products! DIRTY DOZEN + FRUITS AND VEGGIES - this list is rated, #1 strawberries harboring the most pesticides EVEN AFTER WASHING/SCRUBBING THEM ALWAYS PURCHASE THESE ORGANIC if you possibly can!!! Strawberries Spinach (any and all leafy greens for that matter) Nectarines Apples Peaches Pears Cherries Grapes Celery Tomatoes Sweet bell peppers Potatoes Hot Peppers Cucumbers Cherry Tomatoes Lettuce Snap peas Blueberries Kale / collard greens Green beans CLEAN 15 - If you cannot afford everything organic, these foods have less toxicity if not grown organically * A small amount of sweet corn, papaya and summer squash sold in the United States is produced from genetically modified seeds. Buy organic varieties of these crops if you want to avoid genetically modified produce. Sweet Corn* Avocados Pineapples Cabbage Onions Sweet peas frozen Papayas* Asparagus Mangos Eggplant Honeydew Melon Kiwi Cantaloupe Cauliflower Grapefruit Happy shopping! Perge Subridere, In gratitude, Jeanette
  3. As I am started Whole30 I have really been wondering why the food is not required to be grass-fed and/or organic? If resetting your body is getting rid of any unnatural additives/foods and preservatives why is this not affected by pesticides? Maybe I have a misunderstanding of how pesticides impact our food but wouldn't this get into our system and defeat the purpose of Whole30? Why does this choice not matter in the resetting of our bodies? Additionally, will Whole30 work better or could you get better results by only eating organic, grass-fed meats and veggies? Thank you all!
  4. Looking to buy unsweetened organic coconut to make coconut milk. Looking at offerings from "Let's Do Organic", Bob's Red Mill and Now Foods. Wanting to know if anyone has any recommendations or has used any of these before.
  5. bailey.derby

    Amish Butter vs. Pasture Organic Butter

    I just made my first batch of ghee, but I am nervous about eating it because I'm not sure I did it right. If anyone can help, please comment! So I put three large sticks (like really large) of butter into my crockpot, turned it on high and covered it for 45 minutes ish before I remembered you aren't supposed to cover it. A little while after, I noticed a lot of bright yellow substance forming on the bottom, with the clear melted butter and then the foam on top. So I stirred it.... it started to boil really quickly and the yellow film went away, but so did most of the foam on top. I waited for it to reaturn, but most of it didn't, just a little. It started getting brown and carmelizing, so I turned the heat off and double strained it. Does anyone have any advice on whether or not I should eat it? Did all the proteins get out? I'm very sensitive to dairy protein, so it's not just messing up my whole 30 I'm worried about....
  6. Looking for a compliant Dijon Mustard and happened upon Koop's Organic Dijon Mustard at our local Sprouts (its like a nicer Trader Joe's). The ingredients list says: Ingredients: Water, organic mustard seeds, organic vinegar, salt, organic turmeric, organic spices. However I am quite dubious since I know that *most* dijon mustards are made with white wine, and this label keeps it really vague by just saying "organic vinegars". I looked at the label for Organicville's Dijon Mustard, which is said to be compliant, and it reads nearly identical: INGREDIENTS: WATER, ORGANIC MUSTARD SEEDS,ORGANIC VINEGAR, SALT, ORGANIC TUMERIC, ORGANIC SPICES. Does anyone know if the Koop's is compliant?
  7. To Dallas and Melissa, and to all you folks out there who like olives, Since you recommended a heaping handful of olives in your book as a source of healthy fats, I would like to point out the following... ;-) I love olives, and I cannot seem to find a source for reasonably-priced organic olives packaged in an inert container! I called Whole Foods, and was able to verify that even their store-brand 365 (non-organic) olives are packed in cans with a BPA-based liner. They do offer organic olives in glass, but the price quickly reminds you why they are sometimes called Whole Paycheck. I don't want to feed BPA to my growing children, since it has been found to have harmful effects even in the PPB (parts per billion)! Does anyone out there know the secret to finding good olives on the cheap? Perhaps bulk olives from a farm in California, but shipping glass jars would probably be expensive too! Perhaps growing a tree? But that won't work in my climate, and I'm not THAT patient... :-)
  8. Margret McDermott

    Door to Door Organics!

    I just found out about a site called door to door organics, delivery to Colorado, Kansas City, Chicago, Michigan, and the New England Tri-State area. I haven't tried it yet but I'm very excited about it and will sign up tonight after work. A friend, who has a bakery, is a supplier and a user, recommended it. They offer fruits and veg as well as grass-fed meats, free-range chicken, and other "local" products. The have ALL the stuff a Whole30ier could want! Besides that, the site is gorgious and looks easy to nav.
  9. I live in Chicago and all of the places I'm finding that offer free-range or pasture raised turkey and chicken also mention organic feed. 1) Is turkey/chicken given organic feed out of the question for the Whole30 even though it is pasture raised? 2) Does anyone have a good website or know somewhere in Chicago that I could find free-range turkey or chicken not supplemented with any type of feed? Thanks and Happy Holidays!! Lauren
  10. Hey guys, I found this at my local health food store on the shelves, it is called "organic creamed coconut" by Lets Do...Organic. ingredients are coconut, you add boiling water to turn it into a milk. I'm really excited about this as i have been trying to find a coconut milk with zero additives to it.