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Found 1 result

  1. Hello and welcome. I didn't finish my last attempt at a Whole30. I made it to day 26 then an emergency out of town blew it for me. I had no time to plan for it, and being a southern family, every food group we are supposed to avoid was the only food offered. I think I had everything but corn on that trip. I could tell my sugar dragon was not in the least bit under control. So this time I will plan on staying on the program for a full 60 days. Starting on February 18th will take us to the last day of Lenten on April 18th, with Easter on April 21st. I am an over 50 years old southern lady. I live with a man who is a very picky eater (and not interested in giving up his sodas). I am not interested in training for a marathon run. I do try to make it to Planet Fitness 3-4 days a week. I love the 30 minute circuit, the rowing machines and the step climber. I would love to have some company during this entire journey, but feel free to jump in at whatever stage you are on. If you are new to the forums, remember to click the button at the bottom of your reply that says "notify me of replies" the first time you write something. Thank you for joining me.