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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone! After feeling pretty bad for over a year- lethargic, trouble sleeping, anxious, weight gain, hair falling out- and continually being told that my thyroid is fine, I decided to embark on the Whole30. I just moved to Tokyo last month for work. The plan was to move in August, get settled, and start the Whole30 on September 1. Well, you know how it goes with plans! I had a few set backs, and I'm still not completely unpacked, my furniture just arrived last night, and basically my apartment is in complete disarray. I attempted to start Whole30 yesterday, but slid back into having a egg sandwich for breakfast this morning, because I was too tired and disorganized to prepare my meals last night. I need help getting motivated! Does anyone have a similar experience they can share? I've accepted there is never going to be an ideal time to start this program, and I'm really looking for a loving push. Can anyone help me out? Very grateful in advance for your help!
  2. I am a bit overwhelmed with what we can't eat during the whole30. Is the whole30 mainly to test what negative effects certain foods have on our bodies? My main concern is my sugar cravings that I want to get rid of. Is this one concern enough to try out the whole30? I definitely want to lose weight as well and have been having trouble the past years! Thank you!!
  3. One week in and what a week it has been. Started my whole 30 last Monday, on Wednesday my 21 day old grandson was hospitalized with strep B-a very bad bug esp. in newborns...scared us silly.....leaving me to bring home the older three, ages 7, 5, and 2. Wow, Fear, stress, feeling helpless... But at the core of it all I know real life Will Happen every day, and I stayed committed to the whole 30. Having my sister as companion in my journey helped me stay accountable, too....The baby is doing great but had to suffer through a spinal tap, catheterization, multiple blood draws... Thank God the bacteria had not entered into his blood stream or spinal fluid.. Actually it started as a "weird" diaper rash my daughter did not like the looks of... Mother's intuition... And it is turning into a 10 day hospital stay. So I feel like a champ having nearly succumbed to coming home and cracking open a bottle of wine... And I think that is what So far I have missed this past week- booze! A glass of wine; beer or two on the 4th of July. But since I am being honest with myself, it is never a glass of wine. it is always half the bottle. It is always three pale ales or chocolate stouts. I will miss you beer, now that I am giving up grains ..... I just got the Nom Nom paleo app with tons of whole 30 recipes, have ordered well fed 1 and 2, and liked several paleo sites on facebook for recipes and inspiration. I like to cook but not so great at the clean up part.... I am not much of a grocery shopper either, and this is forcing me to get back to what is important!,,,I thought after raising and cooking for four kids, their buddies, & my husband all those years I could coast... But cooking and feeding yourself is a life-long thing....and I need to rekindle some kind of passion for it.... Hoping the inspiring things ordered will help. Right now, I've got nothing!
  4. HELLOOOO all! Been checking out this site for pretty much the entire day and I keep finding more and more great stuff!!! Tomorrow will be day one. scared. I am a pretty healthy person. but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the whole paleo thing. The idea of NONE of something freaks me out. I have been looking up tons of recipes which is why I think im overwhelmed. Im horrible at keeping things simple. im thinking for the first week I will just eat very basic meals. A few questions! I am training for a marathon. I read about the PWO meals. So does that mean on days I run 5 to 15 miles and or lift-Have an extra snack before AND after??? are we only supposed to have 3 meals no snacks?? Also- I work in a hospital and my days are LONG 7 am to 7 pm Im very worried about when to eat my meals, the times. and should I have snacks?? I leave my house at 630 am and get home around 8 pm Im sorry if these questions have been asked before. Theres so much info on this site I may not have stumbled upon it yet. But if you have any ANYTHING to tell me, offer me, guide me, its all welcomed!
  5. MissAmandaH

    Breakfast Help! :)

    Hey everyone! So I will be starting my Whole30 tomorrow and I am super excited about it but feel a little overwhelmed with meal planning. I decided to just go out and buy a bunch of food and then figure out what to make with it as trying to meal plan for a week with these new rules was quite daunting! My question is, I am going to be making egg muffins for breakfast for this week to get me started, and I plan to incorporate all sorts of veggies like spinach, green peppers, onions etc, however I am wondering how do I incorporate fat into my meal? If I have about 3 of these egg muffins I think I'll do okay in the protein and veggie department but aside from having a couple nuts with my meal I am not sure how to incorporate it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also if you have any other super simple recipes for a newbie I would gladly accept them! Thanks in advance! Amanda