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Found 25 results

  1. I had really bad pain with my whole body being incredibly sore on day 5-15 of this round and I introduced Magnesium supplement which helped. I am back to the Magnesium which is helping a little but not as much as before. I was feeling incredible until mid-day today and plan to complete the Whole60 because I do not feel like my first Whole30 was long enough to get the full effect. Has anyone else had joint/muscle pain when introducing coffee or espresso? Or suggestions? I have been having 2 shots + 3-4 onces of Light Coconut Milk. I have been keeping hydrated to make up for the espresso dehydration. Will be removing espresso for this weekend to test. I do have lower back, hip, & knees issues and been in and out of Physical Therapy since I was 15 yrs old (I am 32). All are flaring up right now. I have hip problems a mass of scar tissue (has shrinked a good amount during this W30) and have had Sciatica. My hip has been drastically better for the last 2.5 weeks but flaring really bad today. I have lost 18 lbs (175 lbs, 5' 8") which should help my joints. Been spending time on the treadmill and stretching in a sauna about 4 times a week. The espresso overall has me feeling drastically better overall and did not hurt until mid-day today after 3 days of espresso. I am used to being sore in my joints but this is different. Thank you!
  2. Day 14...Besides the depression & desire to cry after eating at my in laws .... even though I asked all the right questions & getting all the correct answers that should’ve made the meal compliant I found out they used Pam cooking spray & not olive oil like I was told. Within 20 mins of eating I had horrible, sharp right side pain (a problem I had for years but has been gone for a week on the Whole30) & a horrible hot flash (I’m 36, not something I’m new to, but never happened post meals). I know it’s off plan & I should start over (tears) I just need to know if this is a reaction to the soy this quickly after consuming.
  3. I finished my first Whole30 in late August and started the fast track reintroduction 8/23. Before W30, I had frequent upset stomachs; more nauseated stomach ache. This was one of the main reasons to try out Whole 30 During W30, and after, those stomach aches went away but now I'm feeling bloated and uncomfortable instead. It's been pretty consistent, and I'm doing my best to rule out/not eat things that may cause discomfort (beans/peanuts, peppers, cruciferous vegetables, etc). But it seems to be coming back left and right, and sometimes for seemingly no real reason. My grandmother told me that my great grandmother had issues with gas/bloating too, and she was often uncomfortable, but suffered silently. Now I'm wondering, has anyone else experienced this too? Frequent bloating, discomfort, feelings of fullness, forceful burps, just overall really uncomfortable? Could it be a genetic sensitivity to lots of things? Does anyone know a quick way to help alleviate these feelings of discomfort? I'm very tired of feeling this way. I'm constantly aware of my abdomen. I've already went to the doctor and checked everything possible. She believes it's just sensitivity to certain foods and through process of elimination, stop eating those things that make me uncomfortable. I try to maintain as much of W30 as possible, but not to absolute perfection (I've had sweets here and there, and put cold cereals back in my breakfast with almond milk, etc). I'm not very interested in hyper-analyzing my diet, because I am already doing my best to evaluate that myself. I'm just wondering how many others may experience similar issues, and any words of advice on that/ways to help cope with discomfort. Thank you!
  4. Hello! Warning: this is gonna be long! I have just recently (one month ago) been diagnosed with endometriosis but I suspect that I have had it for 15 years (that's when my symptoms started). I am 28 years old. The end is my main reason for doing the whole 30. I am on day 4 and really loving it so far, the food tastes amazing and I love cooking so that part has been very enjoyable. The issue is, I am currently on my period therefore my endo symptoms are in full force. One of my most annoying symptoms is that I get very severe stomach bloating (I truly look 6 months pregnant) and stomach pain, and it flares up the worst when I eat. I have been having these symptoms for about a year, so way before I started the whole 30. I have been following the meal plan in the whole 30 book for the first week pretty closely but here is exactly what I've eaten: - Day 1: (1) 2 scrambled eggs, half and avocado, 2 tablespoons salsa fried in liquid coconut oil (2)protein salad (tuna, grapes, almonds, homemade mayo) and spinach (3) ground chicken with italian seasoning tomato sauce and spaghetti squash. - Day 2: (1) leftover spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, with a fried egg on top (fried in ghee) (2) Protein salas (as above) with spinach and a few pieces of orange bell pepper (3) seared chicken breast (in ghee), roasted potatoes and tomato (ghee), cabbage slaw, and roasted red pepper mayo. - Day 3: Was in severe pain that day. Woke up at 6:00am drank water and took pain killers. Slept till 12:30. Ate left over roasted veggies and a small amount of chicken breast with a fried egg on top (ghee) . Ate a nectarine around 5. And then ate dry rub steak, sautéed beat greens with garlic and ghee, mashed sweet potatoes with caramelized onions. - Day 4(today): (1) left over mashed sweet potatoes, fried egg (coconut oil) and 1 cup cantaloupe. The bloating was awful after dinner on night 2, bad after dinner on night 3 but not as painful. I know cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, can cause bloating and cramping, and they do in me even when I'm not on my period, so I am going to avoid those. My question is: Does anyone else on here suffer from endometriosis? What would be some soothing meals for my stomach that can help get me though my periods? Thanks in advance!
  5. Any help is greatly appreciated! I did my first Whole 30 back in February of this year- it was downright amazing. I had heard of the 'program' from my gym and was immediately up for the challenge- at the time I was eating whatever I wanted and figured it was time to workout my self control muscles. It became so much more than testing my self control, my new energy levels and my inexplicable constant good mood and increased self confidence was invaluable. Who knew food could do so much! So fast forward to my second Whole30 in April, I hit day 10 and was floored with debilitating stomach pains. I strayed away from the Whole 30 to treat my pain because no natural remedies were cutting it. The pains went away relatively quickly so I gave it another shot just last month in May and BAM, on Day 10 the same horrible pains- this time I wanted to stick it out and try to push through but EVERY SINGLE MEAL triggered the same horrible stomach pains. I was sweaty, a bit nauseous and doubled over in pain every day. When I talked to the doctor all they offered up was "you're probably just one of those people with a sensitive stomach" WHAT?!? This wasn't just a little tummy ache- I was crying in pain. Nothing helped and the only thing I could eat without pain was crakers and water. Now I stay away from just about everything, bread and pasta are some of my only allys at this point and I hate it. I've had a stool sample to test for H.Pylori which came back negative... I've had a history of stomach ulcers but the doctors don't think that's the cause. I want so badly to have food freedom again! Has anyone experienced something like this and found a way to work through it? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi guys! Doing the whole30 for the first time- my eating habits were so terrible that I had diarrhea at least once a day- my body even stopped being able to absorb my birth control pill causing multiple periods and spotting. I started the Whole30 on monday and have had consistent stomach cramps and nausea since starting, especially at night- uncomfortable enough to wake me up. Is this normal? Any remedies?
  7. Background: March 2016 I traveled to Ecuador and came back with a nasty stomach bug (nausea with diarrhea for ~1 week). The diarrhea led to an anal fissure. Ever since, I've had digestive problems that I didn't have prior to the stomach bug, including a dairy intolerance, and cramping, bloating, and constipation. I started a W30 on the same day as a round of cipro (3x/day for 5 days) + flagyl (2x/day for 10 days) in January. I know antibiotics while on W30 isn't ideal, but it was the course I chose in an attempt to find relief. The idea was that the bug was still living in my gut, and I wanted to decrease the amount of inflammatory foods I was eating while my stomach recovered. I ate a loosely paleo-based prior to starting W30 due to digestive problems, but had treats a few times a week and was less strict if eating out at restaurants. No bloating or abdominal discomfort since starting W30/antibiotics. I have been taking high quality probiotics for the last 2 months or so. Had diarrhea/loose stools for ~2 weeks during/after the antibiotics, then in the last week the stools became hard to pass and the fissure opened back up. I follow the meal template as closely as possible and drink a lot of water. I was hoping to start re-intro tomorrow but now I'm not so sure. I did pick up some miralax yesterday, as that is what the doctor recommended for the first fissure. Any guidance here?? I don't know what to do food-wise to stop having hard stools or if miralax is my best bet. Also not sure if I should start re-introduction or not. I would just go the slow-roll route, but I would like to finish before an event in a couple of weekends. Any advice would be appreciated at this point as I'm feeling a little discouraged.
  8. pain in my hips

    I am on day 15 and last two days i have had real bad pain in my hips , 2 days ago I woke up with really bad sinus headache and hip pain , i had to take a sinus pill and Advil . the pain in hips are not getting better any ideas what to try ?
  9. Healing myself with food

    Hi everyone. I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30. I looked at this food plan years ago, but never felt ready or able to commit. But I am now. Fast forward to a 20 kg weight gain, a lot of join and bursitis pain, and a general lethargy. I am ready. I really need to do this for my health. I haven't really wavered yet, because I am busy , but every time I think about how hard it might get, I just remind myself of how much pain I am in with my hips. I was morbidly obese in my 20s, and then found a very restrictive, 12 step food plan that saw me lose 50kgs. I kept it off for 20 years. But the arrival of my very challenging second baby saw me throw my hands in the air and I started drinking alcohol again, and lots of milky coffees , and grain etc. I have gained 20kgs back and feel terrible. So here I am. I spent the last week in Bali on holiday with very sore hips and hobbling around in pain. I decided it was more important for me to sort my health out with food, than it was to keep eating and drinking that way. So here I am .
  10. Feeling sick

    Hello everyone, I've just finished my whole30 journey yesterday, but lately I've been facing some serious digestive issues. The last few days were terrible, though everything I ate was absolutely compliant, I've been feeling very sick, and I had stomach ache as well. I couldn't find out whether it was because of any kind of food I ate or it was/is a virus I just got. The last two days were the worst, I've been burping all day and after lunch I got terrible stomach aches. 3 days earlier I had dinner quite late and I fell asleep soon after eating, waking up feeling sick and it didn't disappear for days. Could this cause such problems? Another thing I can think of is chia seeds. It happened even before knowing about whole30 that I had terrible stomach ache after eating chia seeds but I thought it's a healthy thing so it couldn't cause such symptoms, could it? Any ideas what might be wrong? I'd like to start reintroduction tomorrow but I'm afraid it would make it even worse. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  11. My husband and I are on day five and have been doing really well. We both had sugar withdrawals but that has subsided and his stomach as sensitive as it is has really seemed to take very well to the whole thing. But this morning after I went potty I had the worst lower abdomen cramps. They were super intense and lasted about an hour I ended up in the er because it was so bad. The did blood work a CT and found nothing. Has anyone else had these issues? I work hard to keep our diet varied so it doesn't get boring. We've had meat/veg roll ups baby frittatas chicken soup I even made the broth from the chickens I broke down. I'm just trying to find out if this is somethings others like me who have lived a really unhealthy life for so long have experienced.
  12. Hello All, I originally got into Whole30 because I have been struggling with IBS-C for 10 years, and Whole30 did not necessarily provide me the relief I was hoping for. However, it did open my eyes to what my underlying issue is, which I am ever thankful for. After a few days of following the Whole 30 diet, I was in so much pain. I was bloated, gasy, and so full that I could not even put my pants or shorts on because the band around the waist was digging into my stomach. Now, I ask myself how could this be, as I was only eating chicken, fruit, vegetables, and other "harmless" foods? No alcohol, beans,caffine, chocolate, soda, ect. Then I realized my pain was coming from certain fruits and vegetables. I would put onions on my bun-less burger, have apples for breakfast, and have cauliflower and broccoli as a side for dinner entrees. It didn't make any sense that I was so bloated. It brought me back to a time when I was living in LA, and saw the "top" gastroenterologist in town. He told me I had IBS-C (thanks I knew) and we ran several tests. Vitamin deficiency, food sensitivity panel, fecal analysis ,blood tests, ect. Everything came back pretty normal, and he told me to 'eat more fiber and vegetables, and drink more water."I told the doctor that certain vegetables make my stomach worse ( brussel sprouts, broccoli, okra, cauliflower,) and still, he had no answer and sent me on my way to eat Bran cereal with milk for breakfast every morning. And this was also after my results of food panel came back saying I was off the charts sensitive to eggs, gluten, and dairy. Now I'm not a medical doctor by any means but I came to realize it is such a shame how western medicine, or at least in this case the "top" gastroenterologist in one of the biggest cities in the country could fail to help someone struggling with a serious medical issue such as constipation. I even told him I go up to 5 or 6 days without using the bathroom, and he just said "everyone is different". No, I'm sorry but that is NOT normal. So thanks to Whole 30, I went the DIY natural route to help fix myself. It then lead me to stumble upon the Low Fodmap diet, which in clinical trials has shown to eliminate IBS symptoms and has a 75% success rate. I am now following a Low Fodmap Whole 30 diet and thank you GOD I have finally found the answer to my digestion! I urge everyone with IBS issues to get tested for Low Fodmap (Hyrdogen and Methane breathe testing) AND Candida. All tremendous resources if you have digestion issues. I think it has been a miracle for me. I hope my message can help others out there suffering!
  13. I’m a 52 year old woman who was born with several congenital birth defects, including a severely deformed left hand and a right foot that has required many extensive surgeries over my lifetime just so I could keep walking. In addition to the chronic pain that I have from orthopedic deformities in my foot I’ve also developed peripheral neuropathy that causes nerve pain in all my extremities. Add two other neurological and a few other unrelated conditions that I have and it’s easy to see why I was very interested in finding out how I could get control of my eating habits in the hope of decreasing the inflammation in my body. Amazingly it took getting to a crisis point on many fronts, including being in too much pain to work for the first time since I was 16 years old (which now has me on the verge of becoming homeless and losing my health insurance) and needing to use a walker for anything longer than the shortest of distances, to finally decide to try a program like Whole 30. I started the program on May 20th. After reading about low energy concerns and sugar cravings I expected to feel awful for the first few days, but actually I had the exact opposite response. I felt great! My energy level was off the chart and the sluggish feeing that I usually got from daily, mindless junk food eating was gone. Now let me be clear; my energy levels were high but all of the chronic pain that I suffer was still present. In fact it was a little worse those first days because I was more active than usual because I had more energy. What I didn’t anticipate was that I usually used certain junk foods to distract myself when my pain levels became unbearable, so by day four I gave in to my anger and depression over my pain and ate a small amount of a favorite ice cream. (I even rationalized my foolishness by limiting the amount to a single scoop and eating it with a ton of fresh berries.) My bad choice wasn’t because I missed the sugar or because I missed that junk food in general, it was because I needed comforting for the ugliness of the pain and hadn’t been able to find another source of comfort that week. The thought that eating that scoop, or messing up the first week of my 30 days for silly reason, would bring me comfort was completely irrational. It did, however, offer an opportunity for self-reflection. Equipped with that knowledge I restarted the program on May 25th. I’m seeking support through this forum in the hope of making better choices and getting all the way through the 30 days this time. I look forward to hearing the wisdom of the experienced people on these threads.
  14. I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place, but here goes... I finished my Whole30 on February 3rd. I reintroduced dairy on the 4th and found that I can't tolerate it well. I then reintroduced non-gluten grains on the 7th. I started having increased problems with my blood sugar, but have found out recently I have reactive hypoglycemia. I've gone down a bad road this past week... eating rice, corn tortillas, and even white bread without a second thought. And I noticed something that used to happen to me all the time. I started to get short-lived shooting pains in various places around my body, particularly my arms and legs, mostly my hands. I also get very brief headaches of shooting pain. This did not happen to me during the Whole30. I have never been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, but these pains have increased again to the point that I am noticing them and growing concerned. I should probably talk to my doctor about it, but I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience when reintroducing grains (gluten and non-gluten).
  15. So I have done the whole30 twice now and have loved what it has done for me. From clearing up my skin to giving me a huge amount of energy I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. However both times now I have had bad stomach issues at the very last week of both whole30s. This includes terrible stomach aches, diarrhea, and sometimes random bouts of constipation all within the last 7 days. I do nothing different with the final week from the other 3 but for some reason this happens. This whole30 i have only allowed myself 1 to 2 servings of fruit and avoided snacking which is the only thing different than my first whole30. Any help about why this might be happening and what to do now would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Sickness & Pain

    Hello, I'm looking for some insight with feeling stomach pains and sickness during the whole30. I haven't had an appetite until last night but it's gone away again, I eat three meals a day and am making sure to get carbs and fats in. I'm not doing the whole30 for weight loss, I was looking to further understand what causes stomach issues other than gluten. Has anybody else felt these negative effects throughout their entire whole30? Did they ever go away? I'm not thinking about quiting yet, it's pain but I am kinda used to it being a recently diagnosed celiac, but I am looking for a little relief. :/ Thank you, Morgan
  17. I started the whole 30 on the 13th so now I am 11 days in and since Monday of this week my jaw and temples start aching every day at around 2pm. Almost exactly. It is really weird because if I take some Advil the pain subsides and goes away until the next day at 2pm. I am eating crazy clean and working out every day. Has anyone else ever dealt with this?
  18. Hello! I completed my first Whole30 just this past August/September. I had tendonitis in my left wrist flare up right before I started my Whole30 due to falling and catching myself on my hand and bruising the muscle in my hand. I've had problems with both tendonitis and carpal tunnel in my wrists in the past, but hadn't had any problems (until now) since I lost a bunch of weight and started eating healthier. While on my Whole30, I still had pain, but it was bearable enough to where I could work out (Crossfit style workouts) up to 5 days a week during my Whole30. After my Whole30 ended, well I basically shouldn't have ended it. I've always had a terrible sugar addiction, and went right back into my old bad habits afterwards. Now my pain is to the point I can barely do my job, so I feel terrible that I can't even do my normal workouts that I love. I know Dallas said it takes longer than 30 days for problems like tendonitis to resolve, but I'm in too much pain at work to really wait 2+ months. I'm definitely contemplating the thought of a getting a steroid shot, but I'm trying to figure out the pros/cons of that. But I also would like to know if Dallas did anything else besides eat Whole30 to heal his tendonitis? Did he exercise at all, or just give it complete rest? ...or where there any other routines/habits he committed to to help the healing process. It drives me crazy that I can't workout and am constantly in pain! The pain is so discouraging that it leads me to emotional eating to try and comfort myself. I'm hoping there's someone that can relate Thanks ahead of time to anyone who reads this.
  19. Pain in Legs

    I am on my second whole30, and this same thing has happened to me both times! At about day 5 of my whole30, I get shooting, cramping "bone pains" in my shins, thighs and hips that last for about a week then go away....They are hard to explain but kind of feel like "growing pains" Does this mean that I'm missing some key nutrient? Or is this a sign of sugar detox or something like that? Has anyone else experienced this?! HELP!
  20. Day 15 & liver pain

    Hi folks, I started Whole30 15 days ago as a last-ditch effort to improve my health before starting the process to having weight loss surgery. I'm a Type 2 diabetic with a long history of inflammation problems (which has been "treated" on and off for years with steriod meds, which is actually what resulted in me being diabetic). I dont want to have surgery and really feel like I can better my health and beat diabetes without it. After a few nasty days at the start, things have been going really well… I have more energy, my acne is gone and MOST importantly, my blood sugar is gradually going down. However, 2 days ago, the right side of my abdomen really started hurting. I say it's my liver because I've had this problem in the past, and thinking it was my galbladder, have been to the ER/doc several times, only for them to tell me my gallbladder is fine (have had ultrasounds,etc.). However, at another doc I found out (only by reading my records, not because the doc told me ) that I have significant fat in my liver. So putting 2 + 2, I figured THIS must be what the pain is that usually happens when I've been eating "bad." Its a constant dull ache - not a sharp or shooting pain. I've been researching what could be going on, and I'm totally confused -- some say the pain is because my liver is switching into fat burning mode (which doesn't seem to make sense), and some say its too much fat, and some say I need to eat more fat. I've been strictly following the plan, cooking every recipe in Well Fed, and recording everything I've been eating. Over the last two weeks my averages have been: Fat - 57% (Mono: 62% -- Sat.: 34% -- PUFA: 23%) Protein - 27% Carbs - 16% My fat has been in the form of coconut oil, evoo, nuts, avacados and meat. I went a little crazy on the Whole Foods olive bar on Saturday, and the pain started that night… wondering if that had something to do with it? Also to note, my eczema (which had ironically cleared up prior to me going on Whole30, when I was basically eating my weight in carbs) has come back all over my right arm. Please help -- it might just be the worst feeling when you feel like you're doing everything RIGHT and yet your body just won't cooperate.
  21. What was your biggest pain point during your Whole30? For me, two things come to mind: It's damn near impossible to find sugar-free bacon. The Whole30 approved online store seems to be constantly out of stock. Throat lozenges all have sugar. I got sick, and had to use salt water & ice cubes for a sore throat. This was alright, but less convenient than popping lozenges all throughout the day. What drove you nuts? What was the most difficult thing? What could have made your life easier?
  22. Hello all! Today is my day 8 of the Whole30 and I am in unbelievable pain. I have battled Fibromyalgia for many years, and suspected MS. I know this program will eventually help me feel better and improve my health, so I am trying so hard to stick with it. Any advice or words of encouragement to get me through until I get on the other side of the hideous pain would be very welcome!
  23. I found this site today and registered. I also ordered the book. A few mintues later I had to leave to go watch a friends daughter ride her horse at our local county fair as I had promised. I am back. While I was at the fair, I drank an "all natural" fruit smoothy . I do not normally eat or drink things with sugar. I came home and my lips and mouth are full of hives. My back has hives. I took a benadryl. Every morning at 3 am I wake up with a headache.. My hands and fingers swell. I do not eat prepackaged foods or grain cause it causes athsma. . I eat dairy and I do eat Boars Head proccessed meats on rare occasion. Every time we eat out I get a headache. Even if it is a salad with no dressing. There are some days that everytime I eat I get a headache. I had bronchitis at Christmas time and it lasted for 8 weeks. I ended up on double Zpacks of antibiotics. It helped and I felt a little better The end of February, I traveled to St Croix VI to help my youngest child ( daughter) with her newborn son. I contracted Dengue fever from mosquito bites while I was there. I was very sick for a couple of months. In May I began to feel a little better, but my bones and joints still ache if I do too much. I really need to build up my immune system. I have been researching the internet to find the best way. This whole 30 makes sense...sounds like it has the potential to become a while 365. Last week, my head was in such constant pain, that I was seriously thinking about the emergency room, or taking ANYTHING that would stop the pain. Nothing works, except strong coffee. I do not drink alcohol. It gives me a headache with in 10 minutes of the first swallow. I do not eat sugar or grain. It swells my nose almost shut. I do use real cream in my coffee and eat cheese. I am ready to do anything to stop the head pain, joint pain and the itching.
  24. Abdominal pain?

    Hi there, I am on day 15 on my Whole30 and feel fantastic! I have no desire to cheat, I'm loving all the new things I'm making, things are finally evening out in the digestion department (thank God, that was rough!) My question is, I have been having some lower abdominal pain...apologies in advance for getting a bit graphic... It feels like I have 84 pounds of pressure in my intestines, but I don't have to fart- it's just uncomfortable, especially when I go to stand up or suck in my stomach. This pain isn't constant, it's happened in the afternoons the past few days. I'm not constipated, and I'm getting enough fluids, so I'm wondering what the pain could be caused by? The only thing I can think of is that I've read some people have trouble with fruit and nuts- should I eliminate them entirely? I really haven't been eating them too much... I have celiac disease, so I've been off gluten for about 2 years, so that wasn't a problem. Anyway, any advice you could offer would be very helpful! It could just be part of the process too, and I can appreciate that. Thanks!
  25. Hi! I am on day 38 and am so bloated and hurting all over. The only thing I can think is different is last night I made salmon patties and I tried tapioca flour as a binding agent, for the first time. Of course I had a few for dinner and again for breakfast. Quick Google search, seems some people can have reactions? Anyone here experience this? I've had a bit too much fruit yesterday/today, but not THAT Much. Feel so crummy.