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Found 38 results

  1. I posted this in the kids lunch thread, but think maybe it should be its own topic. Sorry for the repeat, moderators feel free to remove the other post. Thanks! ------ I find my son just won't eat most of the ideas for Paleo kids foods. He has texture issues so there are many things he literally can't eat due to how they feel in his mouth. He won't eat eggs, avocado, celery, almond or other nut butters, jerky is too hard and chewy, deli meat is too slimy, etc... He would eat homemade turkey sausage and apples for every meal if he could. And he is one of those kids who won't eat, all day or more, if it is food that grosses him out. He always tries what we give him but often just can't get it down and swallow it. Even non-Paleo he would not eat many typical kid foods like sandwiches and such. Anyone else with kids like this? His doctor says they have found this texture problem is Sensory Processing Disorder and you need to work around it but in a paleo diet there are far fewer options.
  2. Wooh, can't wait for the challenge! It is the end of Day 1 in my Whole30 journey, and I am already feeling the sugar cravings set in. For the past couple years I have experimented with dietary alterations ( originally around my hashimotos Hypothroidism, which has caused acne, low energy levels and other health issues) from vegan to AIP Paleo, and at this point I have come to grasp the major sources and habits of my body's discontent. My food lifestyle is 90% paleo, with exceptions here and there (college is stressful) and a wavering nightly sweet tooth which has the power to absorb all of my attention and focus it onto dark chocolate and paleo "desserts". Many times when I do indulge, I tend to get into a fix that is seemingly impossible to come out of. After feeling my energy and stress levels on a rollercoaster this year, and eating half of a pan of paleo carob brownies last weekend, I decided it was finally time to start this journey. Day one was a bit difficult; I am swarmed with work and had counted on grocery shopping that has not yet happened, but I am not too worried. My tastebuds have a reasonable amount of experience in paleo-world and I have gained resilience in tough times. I still am unsure about eating eggs, still need to get used to no rice or honey or syrup this month, and want to work on planning and time management around homework and meal-preps. I am open to any and all tips from college students doing Whole 30!!
  3. Hi everyone, I am so excited to have discovered this program. I am already eating paleo for the last couple of weeks and doing quite well, but sometimes it feels a bit lonely so I am so happy to find this forum and link up with like-minded people. Some of the things where Whole30 is stricter than paleo is absolutely no added sugar (I sometimes add stevia or coconut nectar though not often) and no baked goods even with paleo ingredients. I also sometimes have a sip of alcohol at a party so that will be a big challenge around the holidays! Currently, I am looking for meal plans so I can change up a bit what I am eating as it starts to be too much of the same stuff every week. I am not a natural cook though, so this part is hard for me. What are you all doing to keep your meals interesting? Hope to hear from others on your challenges or ideas for meal plans!
  4. ShaunaWhole30

    There's Just One Hitch...

    Brand spanking new to Whole30 and couldn't be more excited to start this new adventure! However, I have a wee snag and could use all the advice I can get my eyes on! I work out of town and reside in a camp when I'm on shift. Before I fly up, I pack as many Paleo/Whole30 approved snacks and a couple of frozen homemade meals. However, while I'm in camp, my meals are prepared daily, I'm not allowed to leave the camp during my shift (so no grocery shopping), nor can I take leftovers for lunch the next day. The bright side is the camp does provide fresh raw veggies and fruit. My main concern is the protein. Because I have zero control of my meals, the quality of the ingredients, or their preparation, I fear I will not be successful on this adventure. Is anyone else in a similar position and have been successful on the program? Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do regarding my protein intake?
  5. To give you a little bit of my background, I've had stomach issues for as long as I can remember (around 8 years old). As I got older I started to take my food/health into my own hands. I had chronic constipation, seasonal allergies, asthma, diarrhea, and terrible stomach pains but more in my intestinal region. I was sick of doctors giving me pills and medicine to mast my symptoms. At thirteen years old I was diagnosed with hashimotos disease (still taking a low level of synthroid). I saw a natural doctor and that helped for a little while and eventually a friend of mine at work (osteopathic doctor) had me do a blood test that tested for 300 of the most common foods, chemicals and food additives. This was about four years ago and I've been gluten and diary free since as the test showed I had sensitivites. So I pretty much have been eating whole30-ish for the past four years. I've seen a lot of NSV- my rosey cheeks went away, dark circles, bloating, asthma is only triggered by exercises in the cold now, no more seasonal allergies, regularish BM's, and less stomach pain etc. I recently stumbled upon Whole30 as I was looking for something to help me with meal size/proportions and timing of meals. I'm on day30 and I'm a little frustrated. I am not looking for a miracle- thinking i'm going to look like Melissa in 30 days, but I have gained weight ( I am OK with) and an inch around my waist. Before I go any further I have had a lot of NSV: waking up with my alarm at the crack of dawn, needing only 8 hours of sleep to get me through the day, more consistent energy, in the gym more times a week, recovering from workouts faster, more confidence in my body, less hair falling out, better relationship with food, not wanting to have "treats", OK with the number on the scale (would have flipped out prior to this if I saw I gained weight), lifting heavier in the gym! -So overall I'm very happy but not liking that my waist is bigger, I was hoping this program would help me look a little more toned and i'm feeling puffy. My pants are tighter for sure. I crossfit 4-5 times a week. Typically three days of weight lifting and one to two wods a week. Pre-whole 30- 112.5 Waist-25 post whole 30- 117.8 Waist-26 All other measurements remained the same Typical meals look like this: 5:30 pre wod - 1/4-1/2 palm size chicken thigh with a few olives 7:00 post wod- palm size chicken thigh and if I do a WOD a small sweet potato 8:00-8:30- palm and 1/4 ground beef with sweet potato and a little more than a cup of roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts or asparagus)- with beef tallow 1-2 thumbs 1:30ish- chicken thigh seasoned with celery salt/rosemary salt and little more than a cup of roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts or asparagus)- with beef tallow 1-2 thumbs 8:30-9:00 Chicken/beef or salmon- seasoned with garlic and a little salt and little more than a cup of roasted veggies (cauliflower, brussel sprouts or asparagus)- with beef tallow 1-2 thumbs are my meals too big? they look much bigger than social media posts of Whole30 meals I do have a lot of food allergies and I am following the Whole30 AIP because I know a lot of nightshades irritate me and I cannot tolerate avacado, coconut and I have an egg allergy. I am not board at all with eating the same meals, and do mix it up once in a while. The only change from how I was eating before was the amount of fat added to my meals and the same proportions at eat meal. Thanks in advance for any advice! I'm feeling frustrated but want to continue, I understand that NSV are important but I don't want to continue gaining inches/weight if I'm just getting fat.
  6. kirraleejayne

    Sugar Addict

    I am TERRIFIED. I am your class A sugar addict and I don't know how I will get through the next 30 days without falling off the rails. Is anyone else a sugar addict here? How did you keep on track? What if I can't do it? I really want some of those paleo pancakes that's been banished! HELP! -- Kirralee
  7. Hey all -- very excited to be here. Today is the first day of my Whole30. I saw Melissa Hartwig at a seminar in NYC in December 2014 and she gave me some awesome advice on managing stress during the Whole30 (and she also signed my copy of ISWF). It took me 7-8 months, but I finally realized I needed to switch jobs in order to stay in my industry and have a life that is supportive of W30 tenets. I'm currently taking a few months off in between jobs, and I figure today is the best day to start my Whole30. I've had a couple false starts but this really feels like the real thing because at this point my livelihood depends on completing this W30. Hoping to have some great before / after pics to send Melissa to show her that I was definitely listening! Took the befores this morning and I will go hide my scale in some place inaccessible for 30 days after I post this message. Here are the gory details of what 4 years of stress can do to a body, from this morning's measurements: Gender: Male Age: 26 Height: 6'1.5" Weight: 245.9 lbs Scale Body Fat Calc: 32.8% (I'd guess it's closer to 30 but accepting what scale said for tracking purposes) Widest Belly Circumference, no suck: 44.5 in Waist Circumference, no suck: 40.75 in Hip Circumference (widest), no suck: 42.5 in Chest Circumference: 45 in. Right Thigh (widest circumference): 26 in. Ailments: UC/UP/IBD, gout and other joint pain, insulin resistance, low energy levels, insomnia, among others. I'm taking at least 15 pills and vitamins a day. I'm too young to have a lot of these ailments, most would say, but I am thankful and blessed that curing most of these ailments is generally in my control. I'm going to cook myself real food, count calories, up my cardio when I'm ready (I've been on/off Paleo for years), and stay focused on the prize. I suspect there will be a lot of non-scale victories. Thanks for reading. And let's do this thing. I'm hoping to write a phenomenal success story post on September 4 (DAY 31)! Zack
  8. msmirnio

    Whole30 Book and Gift Suggestions

    Folks, It's that time of year - my family has been hounding me for what gifts I'd like for the holidays. I already own ISWF (and highly recommend you give this to someone you love!); I'd appreciate any gift ideas that are health/paleo/perhaps even Whole30-related! The only things I've been able to think of asking for are: 1) a hard-covered copy of Well Fed, 2) the Pre-Made Paleo's Whole30 Approved Emergency Pack for my (second!) January Whole30, 3) I'm not even kidding, a gift certificate/credit to WholePaycheck Let's hear it (especially books!).
  9. Hi everyone - currently on day 12 and loving how I feel. I'm going to continue with a broadly paleo approach after this W30 (with no grains and a little dairy - possibly some chickpeas as I love hummus), but I'd like some advice which Paleo cookbook to buy to start with. I'm a little obsessed with cookbooks so no doubt I'll develop my collection but for now I'm either going with 1. It starts with food 2. Nom nom paleo Has anyone tried these? which do you prefer and why? Or do you have other recommendations?
  10. Heather {Sweat and Glitter}

    All Paleo Recipes Safe?

    Is it safe to assume that all paleo recipes (if true paleo recipes) are safe on the Whole30?
  11. Hi, you know, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks... I'm in my 70s, in great health, fair condition, but very young at heart with four grown children and eight grandchildren to keep me that way. I've been Paleo for a couple of years now, thanks to my daughter and DIL, but have been slipping in my total commitment. So, I decided this would be a good reset to get me back on track. I'd love to see a forum for us older folks taking this journey. We can also be a great encourager to those behind us. We've been there and done that and hopefully can help others along the way. Now, off to the store to get ready for my first Whole30. Klassyart
  12. I was wondering if anyone had read this recent article on Outside. Not all of it surprises me, except for the Okinawan diet making his cholesterol go 'through the roof' and talking about Paleo as though it was interchangeable with macrobiotic. There's not a big emphasis (or any at all, that i recall) on raw vegetables in the W30 plans.. I guess (since I can't afford to ask a nutritionist to work me over and analyze my DNA) certain reintroductions for me have had reasonable success where others' effects were more pronounced: more mucous and phlegm when using dairy (I think it's coconut milk in coffee for here on out for me), and more noticeable spikes and troughs in mood and energy levels when eating more grains, even if I'm doing my best to make sure they're whole grains.. My family has expressed concern about the number of eggs I go through, though I do balance them against other protein sources when possible, and for the first time in my life I'm eating the "right" amount of fish, and it tends to be wild caught, generally not-overfished stocks. But then, I haven't had blood work done in a while and I wonder if following the amount of 'good fats' and higher cholesterol foods like eggs (I might be mixing things up here, even though I've been doing this for - only - two months, and this vacation is my first break from the W30 regimen after the selective reintroduction period, I'm learning more with every meal).. I'm probably worrying about nothing. But I did think the article was very interesting, not that one person's experience is a full data set, though the author and I happen to share ancestry.
  13. adabeie

    Favorite Cooking Blogs

    Try as I might, I couldn't find a 'favorite blog' roundup for cooking sites. There was a favorite recipes thread, so I thought I'd put this up. Besides some of the regulars (Well Fed, Clothes Make the Girl, Om Nom Paleo), one I heard about from a friend is called Turmeric and Twine (, from which I've so far used two slow cooker recipes: one for tomato sauce (omitting non compliant ingredients like sugar proved to be no problem in terms of a delicious result), and one for winter squash with cacao and chili, which I'm currently eating even though it's summer. With the slow burn of the chili, it works nicely as a break from gazpacho and is excellent on summer days if you're of the 'fight fire with fire' mentality that many dishes are in terms of summer eating here in Korea. Anyway, I hadn't seen it on any blog rolls, and so far I'm loving it. (Let Mickey D's sue me for appropriating that slogan.) Bonus points for an emphasis on the slow cooker, since there are never enough hours in the day.. Also, pro tip for the squash recipe: I made a simple beef bone broth last week and used a cup of that instead of water along with the coconut milk, and, well, it's a winner.. (the bone broth has also made it into my gazpacho, so it won't last long at this rate..)
  14. Tina R

    Free Paleo Cookbook

    Paleo slow cooker recipes. This was free on Amazon at the time of posting. It may not be free for long. Check the price before you buy it. Enjoy!
  15. Hey everyone! TOday is Day 31 of my Whole30 and I did like most people did, and splurged a little today (and who wouldn't with it being the day before Thanksgiving?). Prior to today I had made plans to continue with a paleo style diet after I finished my 40 days. Needless to say, after feeling just icky after indulging in a potato and egg and bacon and egg breakfast tacos and a chocolate chip m&m cookie I decided that I do indeed need to continue on with something paleo related. I will try to work on the reintroduction as outlined in ISWF (after Thanksgiving....), but thinking any of you have any tips on transitioning into a paleo diet after your Whole30? What types of things did you add to your diet? Not even touch? How did it go? I tried to google search this and also checked the forum, but most of the things i find are people who already ate paleo and then tried a whole30. Thanks y'all and have a great long weekend!
  16. Let me start with myself. As of before July 2014 I never knew or heard about the Whole30 or even Paleo. (I actually had to google Paleo to know what it means). So here's how I learnt about it: last month I was on sparkpeople (which I love even though don't agree with anymore) then I came across a members blog stating she's on Whole30 day 19. That's when I decided to google it and learnt about the Whole30. My first impression was nah this is not for me I RARELY eat meat/chicken/fish there's noway I would eat them everyday for thirty consecutive days. Then a month later (August 18th) I wasn't feeling very well which is somewhat usual for me and I never knew what food caused me to feel that way so I randomly opened up Whole30 again and decided there is no such thing as this is not for me and to go ahead and try it. If what it claims is true then I'll feel so much better and if it does not then at least I've tried because I deserve it. So I went ahead and started it on August 19th, today is my day 10 and to be honest I love it so far! In these past 10 days I haven't felt sick sometimes hungry but never sick or lethargic. Actually I haven't even felt what the timeline described I felt good from the start the only side effect was I couldn't run as much or as long anymore but as of today it got much better and my legs didn't feel so heavy anymore (I increased my fruit intake to be honest so that might have been a reason) but I also saw many other members said it got better in time when your body starts to adapt. It's only day 10 but I can already say I've been enlightened even once I complete my first Whole30 I plan to stick to Paleo lifestyle. So I was curious how did the rest of you learn about it? And when you did how long did it actually take you to decide to implement it?
  17. You can get The Primal Blueprint for 0.99 cents on Amazon today until midnight eastern time. I think this would be a great addition to It Starts With Food for your whole30. I hope this is ok to post here. Enjoy!
  18. NutriSystem…Jenny Craig…Weight Watchers…Cabbage Soup Diet…Atkins Diet…The Food Lovers Diet…you name it, I have tried it. Every time I started a new diet program, I would think – “this is it…this is going to work because ________________ said it workedâ€. And every time, I would find myself struggling with lack of energy and being distracted by hunger which eventually lead to my demise. I drove my husband crazy with my yo-yo dieting and the amount of money I had spent on different programs and products. My weight continued to grow and I honestly felt like I should just give up and just come to terms with the fact that I was always going to be fat. Fast forward to 2013. I turned 30 on May 7th, weighed almost 290 lbs and I had gotten to the point where I stopped getting my period…I did not get my period for 5 months. I kept taking pregnancy tests and each time they came back negative. I was panicked and went to the doctor's and he told me flat out – “Rieko, you are too fat. Your hormones are so out of balance right now with your weight. You have to lose weightâ€. I tried to lose the weight again but nothing spectacular and I felt even more discouraged. I fell into this horrible cycle of depression where I hated myself for the way I looked so to comfort myself, I ate and then would loath myself for not having any self-control and back around I went in this cycle. Food was my warm fuzzy blanket that I cozied up to when I was feeling upset, angry or stressed out. With that came the constant heartburn, constant urge to nap during the afternoon (which I couldn't because I was at work) and feeling drained by the time I got home so picking up fast food on the way home for dinner was all I had the energy for. Every morning I would wake up to feeling swollen, especially around my ankles and joints. I also had a really hard time getting up in the morning, even after getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Fast forward to the New Year 2014, my co-workers decided to challenge and support one another through a weight loss competition – our very own Biggest Loser. I figured that I had better sign up because it was going to look weird if the fat girl didn't join! I started doing research on diets that I haven't tried, I had heard about the Paleo lifestyle and that is how I stumbled across the Whole30 website. I read through the program rules and thought – geez, this is going to be way to hard…there is no way that I can do this. And then I got to the tough love portion of the program rules! “Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard.†Simple phrases but they made such a powerful impact. How many times had I told myself that it was too hard to stick to a diet or that it was too hard to eat healthy? I couldn't believe that I never put it into perspective the way Melissa and Dallas did. I felt a whole new feeling of encouragement, focus and drive. January 6th was Day One of Whole30. At my initial weigh in, I weighed 286 lbs. I couldn't believe how much I had let myself go. I stuck with the program and the first few days were a rough but I kept chugging along. I joined my local Gold's Gym my second week and started working out every morning - up at 4:30am and in the gym by 5am. I started to notice that my clothes were getting looser, my energy level was way up and I was wide awake throughout the day! I was no longer getting heartburn in the afternoons and I no longer felt groggy or tired by the time I got home. I was even sleeping through the night! I no longer was waking up to swollen ankles or joints and I stopped feeling puffy and marshmellowy. By the end of week 2, my husband commented that I had also stopped snoring at night. I had more energy than I ever had and I was in the gym every day. This was HUGE for me because I was that girl who would circle the parking lot of the mall until I found parking near the entrance! I started posting on my Facebook about my progress and how I was feeling and it inspired others to start their own Whole30 as well. A lot of people were asking questions and were curious about how the program works and what Paleo is. Being able to share with others about my progress, experience and information really helped me to stick to the program. Week 3 got tricky because I suddenly started to really crave and even DREAM about my favorite comfort foods. I can't even tell you how many times I was tempted to just drive through somewhere to just get a little something and before Whole30, I totally would have. This time was different. I told myself, “Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hardâ€. Today is February 5, 2014 and today is the end of my Whole30. I have lost 23.5 lbs since I started the Whole30 on January 6th. I feel great and I am going to continue on my path by following a Paleo lifestyle. I totally do not refer to Whole30 or Paleo as a diet anymore – it is a lifestyle.
  19. foodiefit_jess

    Camping Whole30 Style

    I went camping with a friend of mine over memorial day weekend. I was on day 17 and my friend was on day 7.. We decided we could do this whole 30 style and make it fun. I've never been camping without drinking and eating lots of chips so I knew this would be good challenge. We went to Trader Joe's the day before we left and picked up everything we would need for whole30 approved camping trip. These items included: Applegate Grass-Fed Hot dogs Cooked Chicken Breast Eggs For Breakfast and Hard-boiled Eggs for snack Homemade Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad (cauliflower, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, lemon, mint, parsley, garlic, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, s&p) - I made a huge batch to keep in the cooler Guacamole Sugar-Free Salsa Stir-Fry Veggie Mix: asparagus, red onion and mushrooms Broccoli Watermelon Grapefruit Apples Bananas Almond Butter Larabars Organic Tuna Salad (organic albacore tuna in the can, capers, pickles, homemade mayo, dijon mustard, s&p) - which we ate with sliced apples I prepped up a head of time the cauliflower salad and the tuna and packed everything else in the cooler and off we went. We arrived pretty late on friday evening since traffic wasn't great and opted for a quick meal since we were losing day light and wanted to get our tent up and gear set. We ate a little of the cauliflower salad with a few slices of the cooked chicken breast and some watermelon. Later after we got a fire started, we roasted hot dogs on sticks over the fire, just to try them. On saturday we started our morning with scrambled eggs, grapefruit and banana. We left for a day of kayaking, exploring and hiking and made sure that we each brought larabar incase we got hungry before we could get back for lunch. For lunch we sliced up apples and ate them with the tuna I had made ahead of time, Hard-boiled eggs and guacamole. For dinner we steamed broccoli over the fire and then made the stir-fry veggies with chicken. We ended our night with a few slices of watermelon while watching the sunset. And later that night we each had another hot dog because we love roasting things over camp fire. On sunday morning, we ate apples and almond butter and some more scrambled eggs with hot dog slices and guacamole .. After exploring a little more we hopped in the car and started our journey back home. We snacked on a banana and a larabar in the car and then once we got back home we made omelets for dinner. I am happy to say that we had 100% whole30-compliant camping trip, without craving or missing too much of the normal "camping-style foods". My personal biggest weakness was Roasted Marshmallows. I can't remember the last time I sat by a campfire and didn't at least roast one marshmallow or make a s'mores.. but I fought the urge and I know my body was happy about that. I think the only thing I would do differently next time, is bring a little more food to cook. I forgot that it's pretty easy to cook on portable stoves and over campfire and it would have been nice to eat more hot food other than eggs, chicken and hot dogs. I am now on day 23 and feeling great! I'm so happy I didn't ruin my whole30 on the camping trip and excited to see how I feel over the next 7 days.
  20. hyaena

    Starting March 10th

    Hello, I am a 44 year old Canadian male and I will be starting the Whole 30 with my wife tomorrow. I have been somewhat paleo for about 6 months but this will be a huge change cutting out all my little "cheats".
  21. MylaBean

    Yoga help

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted so sorry in advance. I just completed a Whole 30 last month...and it's been a bit of a struggle to get back on track. One thing I didn't do while I was on my Whole 30 was workout. I know I should of been but I was really wanting to pay attention to my food intake and prep work, things like that. Anyway I'm about to start another Whole 30 and I would like to take up Yoga. I would prefer to do it at home...better on the budget. I've never done Yoga before and I was hoping somone could recomend a good beginners DVD to me...that would be awesome. Thanks for listening.
  22. bstombaugh

    Starting today - August 13th!

    Hello all, Starting my first ever Whole30 today! I'm not new to Paleo, have been Paleo/Primal for a little over a year but lately have been having more "cheat" days and living more 60/40 than the ideal 80/20. Decided to do a Whole30 after reading the "Moderation Schmoderation" post ( I kind of realized I can keep making excuses as to why I cheat or rationalize unhealthy food choices or I can try something bold like a Whole30 to kick these sugar cravings and start out the school year (last year of nursing school) on the right foot. I must confess, I've been avoiding doing a Whole30 ever since I found out about it because (like many people) I just couldn't imagine not having wine or peanut butter or dairy for a whole 30 days. I'm very excited to start this journey, I'm armed with the Well Fed cookbook and many other Paleo cookbooks, some Tessemae's dressings are on the way and of course, this great Whole30 community. I'd love to hear any tips/suggestions (especially other students or healthcare professionals - 12 hour shifts are rough!) and recipes anyone has to share. I'm trying my hand at homemade mayonaise today and would love to find a great Whole30 ketchup recipe!
  23. Despite my initial hesitation, I tried this edgy recipe. It tastes divine! Check it out:
  24. Hello everyone! My name is Ashley and this is my first approach at Whole30. I have been reading about the paleo diet for about a month now and attempting to hold to the rules, and doing pretty well. However, I feel I need to actually participate in the Whole30 to overcome some of my more persistent obstacles... which mostly includes chocolate and cheeses! So, here I am! Currently on Day 2 and taking my Whole30 Daily's advice to find some other Whole30er's to form a support team. I definitely would love to have some people to seek encouragement and advice from as my paleo recipe selection is quite slim... So, again, here I am and excited to meet you!
  25. No carbs? Paleo is just another form of Atkins. Or so says a friend of mine who eats an Atkins-inspired diet. TBH, I don't really know how it's different, except that Crossfitters are more likely to be eating Paleo than Atkins haha. What are your thoughts?