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Found 28 results

  1. Started 8/16

    Hey guys! I am on day 3 of Whole30. I feel fine, I actually felt the worst on the first day, but I think that was related to just coming back from vacation. I was going to push back my start date because I was tired between vacation and going back to work, but I just took that as my first challenge to get over. The quote from the book about this not being hard (comparatively) stuck in my head. I initially started reading about Whole30 because I started making healthy lifestyle changes in June. I have brought my lunch and breakfast to work every day since 6/1/2017. So far I'm down about 18 lbs. I began looking up healthy meal prep ideas, and I stumbled across Whole30. The more I read about it, the more I couldn't wait to start. Little background on me: I've struggled with weight my entire life. My first "diet" was in the 3rd grade after I demanded my mom take me to a nutritionist. I ate the healthiest out of all my siblings and exercised just as much, but I kept gaining weight. I suffered with weight gain after a bout of depression in college and it's been difficult since then. Last year, I was finally diagnosed with PCOS which explains a lot of my difficulty with losing weight over the years. I've also dealt with severe anxiety. Learning that whole30 might help these issues, even a little bit, was one of the main reasons that I chose to try it out. Day 3 is almost over, and I've been managing really well. I'm getting some fresh local veggies this weekend from the farmer's market and I am planning on making the Thai Coconut soup from the book (coconut soup is my fave!) I've even gotten those around me at work to try it out, and it helps when they are eating healthy foods too. I'm going to start out my 30's at the end of September a much healthier and happier way than I started my 20s, and that's something to celebrate I wish everyone good luck and I'm so excited to be part of this community!
  2. I'm on Day 21 and still have intestinal issues - bloating, gas, some diarrhea :/ I should note that I'm on metformin for PCOS which typically causes these symptoms, especially if I eat foods high in carbohydrates. But I was hoping that eating so clean and significantly less carbs through the Whole30 would at least lessen these problems. Could it be that I need to eliminate some additional foods that might be causing this? Where do I start?
  3. Firstly, let me start by saying that I know weight loss is not the point of W30. I know it is about NSVs but given that I’ve achieved many NSVs already, my primary focus is weight loss as I am about 10-15kg overweight and have been trying to lose it for over two years. In the past two years, I have done 6 W30s and eat mostly paleo the rest of the time. During my first two W30s, I lost 4kg but did not lose any weight in any of my subsequent W30s. At the beginning of this year, I began another W30 to try lose a bit more weight – this time I cut out fruit of any kind as well as nuts (unless as a garnish on a salad). 6 weeks later, I have not lost a single gram. I exercise 3-4 x week. I have PCOS/insulin resistance – I know this makes weight loss difficult but I am so frustrated and disappointed not to be losing weight. I am ashamed to say I am considering re-adopting a Weight Watchers style diet. I know that WW is completely rubbish and is a terrible way of eating but I lost about 18kg using WW 5 years ago, which I have never been able to achieve with W30/paleo. Typical meals for me: Breakfast 2 boiled egg, roast sweet potato, cauliflower, kale, kimchi, olive oil Chicken thigh, roast vegetables, ½ avocado Beef mince, roast vegetables, ½ avocado Lunch/dinner Kale/spinach/lettuce base, roast chicken, roast vegetables, ½ avocado, olive oil, kimchi Beef mince, cauliflower puree, spinach, broccoli Kale/spinach/lettuce, 2 boiled eggs, carrots/cucumber/red pepper, ½ avocado, tahini, kimchi Kale/spinach/lettuce, beef meatballs, mixed roasted or raw vegetables, olive oil, kimchi Pulled lamb, spinach, cauliflower, tahini, ½ avocado Shakshuka/baked eggs (2 eggs) with ½ avocado, kimchi I think I am eating enough because I don’t get too hungry between meals (although I am always hungry by the time the next meal comes around). I rarely eat a pre/post workout snack as I normally exercise around dinner time anyway (30-40 min run or 1 hour strength training). I eat a lot of kimchi, drink kombucha and a use apple cider vinegar in salad dressings and drink a diluted glass of ACV most days. Does anyone have any advice? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. First Timer - Starting January 9th!

    Hello all!! I'm Michelle and am 36 years old. I've struggled with my weight practically all my life and also have PCOS. I'm committing to starting my first Whole30 on January 9th. This will allow me some prep time to get my home, my mind, and my husband ready for the changes that are going to occur. My husband is supportive but doesn't always understand WHY I might choose something. Especially something that includes not eating bread, beans, rice, and tortillas. All things he adores and eats at pretty much each meal. (Yes, he is of Latino descent.) But I know he wants me to be healthy and happy. My main reason for choosing to do the Whole30 is because I'm tired of being unhealthy. I'm tired of putting crap food into my body, tired of not liking how I look in the mirror, tired of my wild and uncontrolled mood swings, tired of unregulated hormones and monthly cycle and so tired of not being able to conceive a child with my husband. We had a miscarriage in early 2013 and haven't had even a positive pregnancy test since then. 2017 is going to be the year I take back ownership of my health and my body. I plan to reclaim my health and happiness and work toward being fit, fearless, fierce and fabulous!
  5. First time doing this!

    Hello!!! My name is Izzy... I'm 22 years old, turning 23 this month and I've just started my first Whole 30 and already addicted! A little background about me... I've always had some social anxiety... but during my sophomore/junior year of college it got wayyyyyyy worse. My anxiety disorder also caused what is called Conversion Disorder... where I kind of go into these spells of staring blankly and not being able to move if I am overwhelmed or stressed. On top of this I started gaining weight. And I wasn't even eating that badly. Not great... but definitely not horrible. Fast forward a few years and I had gained a substantial amount of weight and was having a lot of issues with my anxiety in general. Got on meds for that, and that definitely helped, but still the weight gain continued. I actually haven't had a period in almost a year... hair loss... excessive hair on my back and face. REALLY bloated if I had one bad thing to eat. It was so frustrating. Finally I figured out that this all was completely related to PCOD Polycystic Ovarian Disease. And man does it suck. No real cure... definitely ways to help it but nothing to make it completely go away. My mom was concerned about my health as well... she lives in Chicago right now but would see photos of me and stuff and see the weight gain. So she sent me the book. At first I was frustrated... if I changed my routine and ate all this food and nothing changed... what was the point of putting in the effort...? BUT the more I got into the idea of the Whole 30... and eating clean... the more I found it actually kind of exciting, almost like a hobby. I am a very creative person, a graphic designer at my work and I've found that cooking and food is an amazing creative outlet as well. SO, now I am on day 7 of my first Whole 30 and I feel great. I actually don't know if I've lost weight or not... but I definitely have more energy and am in a better mood. I know there will be a lot of challenges ahead but I am very motivated and determined to make this a lifestyle change rather than just a challenge. Will be posting on here regularly because that definitely keeps me accountable as well. Plus I like writing lol.
  6. Hello! My name is Nicole and I am 30 years old, living in San Diego California. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for almost 7 years now (9/25/09!) and we have been raising his son from a previous marriage together since 2007. I have been SO ready to have a child of my own, and we have been trying for almost 3 years now. Officially 2, but I got off the pill about this time 3 years ago (after being on it for about 10 years) so I don't really count that first year of trying to get my body regular again. I have been totally gluten free and stay as GMO free as possible since March 2009 due to some GI issues in my early 20's, so I feel like I am relatively healthy over all. I don't smoke, I am a very light drinker (usually a glass of wine or gf beer, 1-2 times a week at most), and I also try to be mindful about the chemicals I use around my home and on/in my body. ALL THAT SAID, I have found these last two years of struggling with PCOS to be a real downer because I thought I was super healthy and would have no issues getting preggo when I decided I wanted to. Its been hugely deflating, I felt like I was on a never ending cycle of fertility doctor appointments and regimented treatments and all these steps that I really REALLY didn't want to take. But I did. I tried the clomid. I got preggo, I had an early miscarriage, and I had the depressing months that followed... which included a lot of denial about being as sad as I really was inside, and some bad eating habits (read, lots of ice cream). I decided that no fertility medicine would work on me if my body wasn't ready to receive and nurture this baby... so I gave up on treatments in May of this year to try and regulate myself sans drugs. But here I am, another 4 months gone by... I am SO OVER IT. I need to take control of my bad habits that are holding me and my fertility hostage. I can't say I've tried everything, if I haven't even given the Whole 30 a real shot. I thought at first, I don't need this program, I do most of that healthy stuff anyway... but really, I don't. I'm terrible about eating breakfast... its usually coffee and cream. I eat a small rushed lunch at the office. I eat a large, but healthy, meal for dinner and I always have my evening treat an hour before bed. I guess I figured that because I am relatively thin with no ailments, I must be healthy... but my hormones are all outta whack and I am sure my eating habits play a huge part in not being able to get pregnant. I know there is a lot of room for improvement, like making sure I eat when I wake up, making sure there are veggies/protein at each meal, making sure I am eating regularly throughout the day... I am hoping that my already "healthy" diet can help the transition be a little smoother. I've never attempted to give up dairy before, so this should be interesting. Maybe thats whats holding my body back?? I won't know until I know. I am ready for my 30 days, and am already encouraged by all of the stories I have read so far in this forum. Good luck to us all, cheers to our better selves! -Nikki Stix
  7. N00b Starting on September 1st, 2016

    Hey there! I'm starting my first 30-day commitment to Whole30 on September 1st, 2016 (I'm taking the next 15 days to read the books and deplete my current pantry), and I'm a little nervous. Am I capable? Will this actually give me results? Let me take a moment to explain my situation. I've always been bigger. I honesty don't remember a time when I have not been overweight, even as a child. I tend to vacillate between sedentary and intense activity depending on how severely my depression is hitting me (chronic for over 10 years now), but lately, I've made some commitments (Planet Fitness membership as well as a year-long contract with to make sure that I use the tools I've given to myself simply due to knowing that if I don't, that money will just disappear. When I say I've tried everything to aid in weight loss, I have. Except for bulimia. Just couldn't do it. But pills, fasting, cleanses, extreme workouts, calorie counting, low carb, Atkins, B12 injections, etc... I have done it all. But nothing has worked. And it's not like I tried it for a week and gave up either. I made each attempt with gusto (except for the unhealthy ones) and only stopped when it obviously wasn't doing anything for me. Some lasted 3 months or longer, others lasted a few weeks. Recently, I have noticed some concerning weight fluctuations that didn't seem to be tied to anything specific, so I went in to see my primary care provider. My labwork resulted in astonishingly healthy levels, especially for my size. Turns out I'm one of those "metabolically healthy obese" folks who, at the moment, isn't suffering from the side effects of obesity other than the emotional toll it can sometimes take. My doctor is flummoxed as to why I keep putting on weight, since for the last 2 months I have been active, eating "healthily," and so on. Now, I put the word healthily in quotations, because sure, I eat salads balsamic vinegar / olive oil instead of ranch, I don't consume all that much salt as a general rule, I don't eat a ton of carbs. My diet mostly consists of grilled chicken and broccoli slaw, but I will go out on the weekends and eat what everyone's having. Non-smoker, and I drink maybe once every 3-6 months. That being said, I'm curious if the foods I've been eating are actually causing me problems and, as such, I hope to discover how my body reacts to certain foods. Whole30 seems one of the best ways to investigate, so here I am! Wish me luck!
  8. Hello! I just got The Whole 30 book guide today and going to start it tomorrow. Today is prep day and becoming accustomed to the whole idea of it. I have done Paleo before and felt amazing, so I look forward to doing this and resetting my body again. I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now with no luck. I am wanting to get healthy and raise my probability of having a child. Again, I really look forward to starting this and to be a part of this community -ko
  9. Hi Everybody! I started my Whole30 two days ago (am on day 3 now) and I'm feeling pretty inspired, yet I'm experiencing some major sugar withdrawal headaches I have been interested in the paleo lifestyle for about a year now, but never was able to fully commit. I would be really good about eating healthy during my weekdays, and then the weekend would hit and I would spend it being hungover and eating greasy food. A little background: I was diagnosed with PCOS and as prediabetic when I was 14 and dieting and weight has something I've always struggled with. My mom put me on a lot of fad diets through high school that resulted in me having an eating disorder and a really bad relationship with food, and I've always placed the comfort of food over my health. I have now also developed a lot of digestive issues that my doctors can't quite diagnose. After moving to a new city, getting out of a bad relationship, and being in a job that makes me happy, I finally feel that I am in a good mental state that will help me persevere and change my view of food and my health. I also want to know what it feels like to succeed in something like this, since I never have been able to in the past. Here's to committing to a new healthy lifestyle and breaking some of my old bad habits (especially being obsessed with scale). Cheers!
  10. Day 2: Started 2/22

    Hey I am Lena and just started the Whole 30 yesterday, Monday, 2/22. I am doing it as a way to reboot my system, control my cravings- especially sugar, and to hopefully help with my PCOS and GI issues. I had been feeling sluggish and constantly bloated, and felt the need for a change. I am going at it alone this time around, but thankfully my husband is supporting me and not complaining, at least not yet! I am hoping to get resources and ideas, as well as support on those tough days. Day 1 was definitely harder than today. I am learning that I need to add more protein in my meals.
  11. Feb 15th Start Date!

    Hey I'm Jessica and I will be starting Whole30 on February 15th. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens and have been struggling with all the baggage that comes with it ( weight gain, hormone issues, acne etc..) for years. I also struggle with stomach issues, anxiety and other things. When I read the Whole 30 program I knew this is exactly what I needed to do to get myself of track and help with my health issues. I feel very inspired by this program. Reading the book today I just had this "AHA" moment. I am excited to start this journey February 15th!!
  12. In the past, I have completed two Whole30s before and I absolutely loved them. I felt incredible and lost 4kg (8.8lbs) both times. However, I got very off-track after completing my second Whole30 and gained back the 8kg I had lost, plus a few extra kilograms to put me at my highest weight in a long time. I was feeling awful so I decided to do the programme again. Because I wanted to shed quite a bit of weight, I decided to do a Whole60 this time. I knew at the start that I shouldn't expect to lose 8kg in 60 days (even though I lost 4kg in 30 days) but I was hoping to lose about 6kg during my Whole60. Well, I've just finished and I lost a measly 3kg. I know it's not about weight and I should be focusing on non scale victories but I can't help feeling despondent, disappointed and confused. How could I lose less weight in 60 days than I did in 30 days? I have maintained the same exercise routine and ate the same foods as I did before. I have PCOS so I know that losing weight will always be challenging for me, but it really seems like something went wrong here. I'm feeling very down and wondering if anyone has any advice? Would really appreciate it!
  13. Hi All! I've been watching the boards for quite a while but this is my first post. You've all been a great help and an inspiration. I've gone through a majority of Melissa's articles and have searched the forum, so forgive me if a similar issue has previously been discussed, but I've not found too much in the way of information... I'll be hitting day 60 of my first Whole30 in two days. Once I got to 30 days, I knew I needed more time to let the program work it's magic - and my, in so many areas, it really has! In the first 30 days, I lost 12 pounds and 6 inches. That was fantastic because I am trying to shed fat. My skin is radiant - people keep telling me how young I look (about to turn 35). My chronic stomach issues are GONE. I do have PCOS - my endocrinologist did a full blood workup on day 30. All of my levels came back normal. I'm not even showing as pre-diabetic anymore, WINNING. So...I continue to look better and better. My insides seem to be responding very well to the lifestyle based on the blood results. I'm having a great time prepping and eating Whole30 food. I don't have to worry about stomach or joint problems. BUT - not only have I not had more energy, but I've been a complete zombie. I struggle not to go to bed directly after work at night and when I do make my workouts (CrossFit), I have to force myself to just go through the motions. I do track what I eat and have tweaked macros every couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference, but no luck. I'm sleeping about 10 - 12 hours each night and can't get enough. I'm taking a Vitamin D supplement, and also fish oil with added Vitamin D. I feel so good in every other way, I'm tempted to blame my lethargy on the weather, or SAD, but has anyone else experienced this with the Whole30, and what changes, if any, did you make to rectify the lack of energy? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm 28 years old, have always been active and have eaten "well" for most of my life, and for the last 3 years mostly paleo with some brief interludes of carbo-loading. I was diagnosed in my early 20s with hashimoto's thyroiditis and PCOS, though for some reason I haven't had the tell-tale PCOS symptom of being overweight -- just on the heavier side of healthy most of the time, and it takes enormous effort/discipline to lose weight at all. After several inexplicable months of diarrhea, I was finally diagnosed with Collageous Colitis a couple of years ago (a form of irritable bowel disease that is auto-immune related, although there's not a lot of research on this particular subtype yet). I was on a steroid for a while but got off of it about a year ago, as I don't have to "go" multiple times a day, just once, though the consistency of my (sorry y'all) poop is very soft, but not straight diarrhea usually. I'm on day 24 of my first whole 30 and have enjoyed the experiment for the most part. Though my clothes are definitely fitting looser and for the most part I've come to manage hunger (maybe I should call that cravings) and anxiety far better than I was before I began, the symptoms from colitis have not improved a bit. I'm imagining I should be avoiding nuts, eggs and nightshades entirely for this reason, but I've felt so limited anyway it is hard to wrap my mind around taking these things out completely. Anyone else out there have similar diagnoses and the same/different results? Any input is appreciated, even if it's telling me to get over it and do the AIP. Thanks!
  15. A new me/starting Oct 29th

    Hello everyone My name is Malika, and I saw a friend starting today and I became interested in whole30 and did the research and I love the idea behind it and I am ready to do something different and make huge changes in my lifestyle. I have PCOS and I do not have children and it is a wish I have wanted for well over 10 years now and I want my husband and I to start our family . I will be 30 years old october the 27th and I want to be better and different and I hope this works because health, and becoming a mother is more than important it's life for me. I pray this is something that will work and help make changes to my life. I will be starting October the 29th because my husband is taking me to Miami for my 30th birthday for 4 days and it is best to start after that so that I know my commitment will be strong with no interruptions. I wish everyone the best of luck I know making changes are very hard, but there is nothing that can beat accomplishment. Good luck all!!!!!
  16. Whole30 before 30!

    Hello Everyone, I started Whole30 today and I'm pretty excited about it. I am a full on sugar and grain addict and I feel Whole30 is the thing I need to kick the addiction! So far so good. My 30th birthday is in August and I hope to fully adapt a new eating and lifestyle habit, after all the 30's are supposed to be the best decade, right? I also have PCOS which is a real bummer. I am recently diagnosed, but with Whole30 I am confident it is manageable. I'm looking forward to chatting and learning a lot from all of ya!
  17. ME/CFS & PCOS - AIP?

    Back Story: I'm 26 and I have had Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and PCOS for 14 years. Recently, I've also had chronic headaches and high blood pressure. I have absolutely no desire to spend time and money going to the doctor or taking medications with side effects. I would like to get off the blood pressure medications and birth control (for PCOS) I'm currently taking and I really want to see a difference with my headaches (unaffected by medication and, sometimes, so bad all I want to do is cry). I did a whole30, which turned into a whole45. I lost a little weight and was told my skin looked clearer, but unfortunately didn't see any other benefits (no energy increase, didn't sleep well, pain didn't go away, etc.). After reintroduction (after a fashion) and quickly gaining some weight back due to too much dairy, I am now eating fairly strict paleo. Question: Somehow I did not realize until yesterday that PCOS may be considered an autoimmune condition (and according to Practical Paleo, ME/CFS and other chronic inflammatory conditions may also be helped by AIP)! Should I do another W30, but on AIP? To be honest, the W45 was horribly difficult for me physically. I found it very draining on my limited energy stores and very emotionally draining to be putting so much effort in without seeing results. I also LOVE tomatoes, peppers, nuts, seed-based spices, etc. and used them a great deal during my W45. I believe I could eat eggs without an issue - I've been eating lots of them without any adverse effects, plus I don't have any of the symptoms of an egg allergy. However, maybe I missed the reason eggs are not allowed. If all of you wonderful experts think I should eliminate eggs, I will try for as long as I can. Basically, the thought of doing an AIP W30 is incredibly daunting. I am willing to consider just about anything to improve my health and energy levels, but wanted to ask for some expert advice! Is it a good idea for me to try and do AIP? Is there any point in doing a shorter version - i.e. a 7 or 10 day AIP - to get a sense of which items (eggs vs nightshades vs nuts vs seeds) I might be sensitive to? If I don't do any kind of AIP right now, do you have any other suggestions for my diet?
  18. First W30 starting 2/3 to fight PCOS

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jessica, 20-something newlywed...just wanted to introduce myself as I will be starting on 2/3 and am extremely nervous. I have been doing weeks of research and I feel that if I don't just suck it up and start now, I might just never do it. I was diagnosed with PCOS in December, took a while to mope and now every PCOS 'recovery' story I have read has lead me to Paleo living and beginning with the Whole, here I am. I've never been overweight, but since getting off of my BC my body has completely gone off the deep end...which is scary? I'm hoping I can get through this in one piece. So, any fellow cysters/pcos sufferers that have some words of wisdom, advice, encouraging words...or really ANYONE, I thank you in advance...cause I'll need it.
  19. Whole 30 for PCOS

    Getting very excited about doing my first Whole 30 on January 1. I have PCOS and have been trying all kinds of things to try and relieve my symptoms, all the success stories have been through Paleo lifestyles and extra supplements. I have been gluten free since this summer and milk free for two weeks and you can see a difference in my body and I can feel it healing but I am still having lots of migraine issues among many other issues from the PCOS. I look forward to cleaning out my kitchen this weekend and meal planning. I am ready to feel better and I feel like this is going to be a move in the right direction. Can't wait.
  20. New to Whole 30!

    Good Morning guys and gals, I'll be starting Whole 30 tomorrow, Tuesday 15th October. I've been dancing with Paleo style eating off and on for about six months but haven't made a proper commitment to cleaning up my diet and giving up processed foods. Well, I decided that tomorrow I'm going to go all in and do a Whole 30. A bit of background about myself. I'm a full time college student, married with no kids. I have pcos, am insulin resistance and am obese. I'm also an emotional eater with a dependancy on food. Everything I had read in It Starts With Food made sense to me about breaking the attachment with modern day franken-foods, which is what attracted me to the Whole 30 program. If I lose some weight that will be the icing on the cake, my main goal is to develop a new relationship with food and to clean up my blood chemistry. My name is Lynne and it's nice to meet you.
  21. I'm three weeks in and feeling awesome. Although I've been typically 15-20lbs overweight for most of my life, I'm very physically active and very body positive. Our culture is just so bonkers about weight and thinness and I thankfully learned long ago to reject the body hating. I try to focus on the amazing things my body can do and feel and not the number on the scale. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was a teenager—but it was when my husband and I tried to conceive in our early 30's that it presented an issue. I was diagnosed with infertility and we tried to have a baby for 4.5 years. After one miscarriage, and while taking a break from fertility treatments, but doing a lot of fertility yoga and acupuncture, I got pregnant. I now have a sweet and happy 10 month old daughter. Throughout my fertility journey, the connection of insulin resistance and PCOS was revealed to me. I was told to eat whole foods, low starch, low sugar. Let me tell you that not until doing the Whole 30 did I realize how much sugar is in... everything. I didn't think I ate "that much" sugar, and although typically eating pretty 'healthy' foods, crackers, chocolate, and cheddar cheese was becoming more and more regular staples. I found my weight hovering at about 30lbs overweight and climbing. I'm 3 weeks into the program and excited to have already seen some significant results. The weight is seriously coming off. I'm eating huge meals. I mean, loaded with vegetables. When I eat more vegetables and am not skimping at all on the fat is when I feel satisfied and have 0 desire to snack. Amazing. Inches are coming off, clothes are fitting better, bloated feeling is gone. It's so nice to see results when I have been exercising for years (I mean, running half marathons, even) and not seen these kinds of results. So cool. My skin has less redness and itchiness. Sleep. Here's where it's clear that my diet is not the issue, it's my bad sleep habits. Still working on that. (No screen time late in the evening, when will I learn?) I'm just so pleased to make the connection that if the insulin resistance is an issue for me. My body thrives on less sugar. I have noticed that the more fruit I snack on, the more cravings for sugar I have. However, my husband and I for almost every meal have split a piece of fruit and have it with coconut cream. A few bites of natural sweetness along with a meal works great for us and then no eating until the next meal. Some tips I'd have for others: Think of the food prep as a nourishing and important part of your life, and a loving act of self care. Love your body for what it does, don't focus on the number on the scale. If you're hungry between meals and struggling, eat bigger meals and eat more fat with it. Eating good fats is essential to not being hungry and to weight control. Also, it's delicious. (Coconut cream, hello!) The more variety and creativity you bring to the program the more fun it is to do. Thanks, Whole9/Whole 30 for such a do-able, nourishing, logical approach to getting healthy and feeling great. It has set off light bulbs about what my body needs to be nourished and my body is high five-ing you.
  22. acne and hair loss

    so ive pretty much completed my whole 60. im still experiencing acne like crazy! im also noticing my hair falling out more than usual. I have symptoms of pcos. im just wondering if anyone has done the autoimmune protocol and if it has helped with either acne or hair loss. I am eating enough. I lift weights about 4 times a week to gain weight, which I have been! I eat the whole 30 meal template four to five times a day, depending on if im still hungry. However, I still have acne and hair loss has gotten worse! Has anyone tried the autoimmune protocol for this and had any success with it? im losing hope:/
  23. Diabetes type 2

    Day 1 of W30. I am looking into blood sugar levels while on W30. I'm on oral meds, not injections, at this time. I am an exerciser and a previously considered good eater. My fasting BS until now has been in the mid to high 200s (not good), regardless of what I have as a snack at night. Anyway - any suggestions for not having blood sugar crashes?
  24. I'm feeling horrible today after slipping up yesterday. I have a history of compulsive eating, and last night I wound up really craving nuts after work. I was on day 4 of my second attempt at whole30(I had started once before that and only made it to day 3.) Even though I set a rule for myself not to eat nuts for the duration of my whole30 because I know its a trigger food, I caved and had some dry roasted macadamia nuts, which only intensified my craving and led me to eat some almond butter, which I then realized had added sugar. Angry at myself for having the nuts and going off plan with the sugar, I'm completely threw in the towel and picked up two pints of haggen daaz ice cream on the way home. I ate about half of each one and made the mistake of putting them both back in the that ended up being breakfast this morning also, followed by a mocha. Now I'm feeling like $h!t...bloated, cramped, spaced out, and most of all guilty and discouraged. I am planning on making tomorrow day 1 again, although I will not be having any more non-compliant foods today. I would love to find a friend on here to help hold me accountable. Maybe someone with similar issues so we can motivate each other. Any tips from whole30 veterans are welcome of course. I have tried enlisting a couple of my friends, but they both keep falling off the wagon and don't seem to care too much. Also I should metion I live with my fiance who has no interest whatsoever in this way of eating. Luckily, he doesn't usually keep foods in the house that trigger cravings for me. I should also add that I am doing whole30 in hopes of alleviating my PCOS symptoms, including acne, irregular periods, and wheight gain and more importantly, to overcome the "sugar dragon" and stop binge eating once and for all.. I am 5'2, 142 lbs, 20 yrs old. Other than binging on unhealthy, carb-laden food, my diet was good to begin with. I have been doing paleo for a few months, and before that I was doing a lot of lean meat, eggwhites, vegetables, and small amounts of oatmeal and sweet potatoes. I feel much better with more fat and less grains. I am confident that this is the right plan for me, I just a serious boost right now to get me past the first week.
  25. I am on Day 21 of my first Whole30. I have PCOS and am very overweight (250) for my height/age (5'4"/33). I have been fairly strict on the Whole30, cooking the majority of food myself. There may have been a few slips when eating fish at a restaurant and not knowing the oil in which it was cooked. Other than that, I have been enjoying the food and have definitely slayed the sugar dragon. I feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and am in a better mood. However, I don't feel like I have lost any weight thus far. I have not weighed myself but my clothes feel the same, etc. I do eat the Whole30 recommended amounts of nuts and fruit. Any suggestions to increase the weight loss?