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Found 28 results

  1. I’ve been struggling with cystic acne and was hoping that Whole30 could help. I started Whole 30 right after my last period and haven’t had any breakouts until the very end of my Whole30 when my period came back. This tells me that my acne is mostly hormonal considering I haven’t even started reintroducing foods yet. So my question is if there’s a compliant food that I’ve been eating that might be contributing to my hormonal acne? Does anyone have suggestions for dealing with hormonal acne and diet? I’ve literally tried everything and was really hopeful that by changing my diet it would help with my cystic breakouts.
  2. TheReadingKnitter

    Bloated, nauseous and on my period

    So I’m on R1D6 and since about day 4 I have been bloated, nauseous and constipated. I started my period on day 3 so I’m not sure if it’s my period or doing Whole 30 but I’m miserable. What can I do to alleviate this awfulness?
  3. I'm on R1 D9. I take hormonal birth control to skip my period & I'm mid cycle on the pill right now. On Sunday (it's wed night now) I started my period and it's still going strong. I start school next week and am really hoping this stops before I start school. Does anyone know how long it takes fir your body to get used to the diet? Worst case scenario, if i eat dairy will my period stop?
  4. Hello. This is my first time doing Whole30. I have fibromyalgia and a gluten allergy. I am on Day 9. ALWAYS when I eat I get incredibly cranky, dizzy, and tired to the point of not being able to stand up. Since starting this diet ALL of those problems have gone away. I’ve had so much energy, I don’t get dizzy and cranky when I eat, and I haven’t taken any involuntary naps after eating. Until today. It’s come back and I’m looking for advice as I’m scared, because I was so relived everything was going well. For context, I haven’t slipped or cheated. Last night I ate out for the first time, I had unseasoned boiled chicken and green beans and broccoli at Applebee’s thought. Today my menstraul cycle started. And what I just ate was chili lime chicken breast Cobb salad recipe from the Whole30 instagram. 20 minutes after eating I got extremely dizzy and cranky. I got so tired I couldn’t stand. I had to lay down and legitimately fought to stay conscious and couldn’t. This hasn’t happened since I started the diet and I desperately don’t want it to start again because it’s scary. If anyone has been through this or has any idea what’s happening to me, I’d really appreciate the input. I was really happy being healthy for once. Thanks
  5. beagreenberg

    Mirena IUD and Whole30

    Hey everyone - this might be a weird and unrelated question but I have the Mirena IUD, and I haven't had a period in months. No bleeding at all. I started my Whole30 a little over a week ago and a few days in I had a period with fresh blood. I know irregular bleeding is something common with the Mirena but I thought it was weird that it would just start up again after months of no period. Has anyone else experienced this and think it might be something to do with the Whole30 eating rules/habits? Thanks!
  6. Heriona

    Heavy flow of period

    Hello friends, I am on day 16 of Whole30. Two days ago I got my period earlier (3-4 days) than anticipated. My flow has been so much heavier than usual. I even have some thick blood clumps that I usually don't get. There is definitely a change in hormones, that's obvious , but is this normal as this does not feel normal to me. Also my hunger has been crazy. Yesterday i ate breakfast at 8:30 and then again in two hours and again at noon feeling empty and hungry every time. My sleep has not been good either. I fall asleep but then I wake up , however in the morning I wake up fine with more energy than before Whole30. Could it be b/c of my heavy period? Any body knows what's going on? These past two days have been very trying for me. I am almost pulling the plug. A couple of my friends that have done Whole30 say that Whole30 actually regulated their periods .
  7. SierraLWOlsen

    Exhausted On my Period

    So I've been doing great on the whole30 so far, by the end of last week my energy has been up, and my mood has been better among other things. I'm on day 14 and I started my period yesterday and today I am EXHAUSTED and Hungry. Just want to lay in bed, I'm physically weak and I just don't feel satiated. Should I be doing something different while I'm on my period?
  8. klnyc

    Never-ending Period

    I know there have been a ton of period posts but I can't find the answer I am looking for so figured I would try again. I did my first Whole 30 during January and loved it so much that I am still mostly eating W30 except that I have added back some hard cheese on occasion and a glass of wine once per week. My period while on W30 was incredibly heavy but on time and lasted for my normal 3 days. My second period in Feb was also on time and normal (much lighter). Then, 8 days after I finished my period (on day 11 of my new cycle) I started bleeding again (not spotting, actual bleeding) and it has been 7 days now and it's doesn't seem to be stopping. It's not overwhelmingly heavy, just normal period flow with light cramps. I have heard other people say this happened to them and they have on-going bleeding... but what I want to know is how long it typically lasts? Are we talking weeks? And does this typically happen just one time and then my cycles will become regular, or this will be an on-going issue if I try to stay on a modified W30 permanently? I have been to my OB recently so I highly doubt something new could be wrong with me, but I guess you never know.
  9. Hello, I am on Day 14, I've been carefully following the program and I have two issues I hope you can shed some light on. #1 I feel no different that before the program (my energy levels are consistent, my clothes fit the same). I would be OK with this, and hope the changes will come, if it wasn't for issue #2. #2 I started my period after 3 years of no periods/bleeding, due to my Mirena IUD. WTF? A little about me: Sample food day: Breakfast: egg casserole with bacon and sweet potatoes Lunch: spinach salad with strawberries/clementine/nuts and a hearty soup Dinner: chicken, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus I work out 5 days a week, with one long run of ~7 miles. Before Whole 30 I ate healthy but had a big sweet tooth, so I started Whole 30 hoping to have better control over my sweet tooth long term and feel more energy / better workouts. I am feeling very frustrated, especially with starting my period. Thanks in advance for any insights.
  10. Forgive me if this is TMI, but I’m getting a bit concerned and I want to know if anyone else has experienced this. I completed my first whole 30 on Jan 30th, throughout which I felt great and had no issues with that time of the month. Once I finished and started reintroducing non-compliant Foods, I started spotting... which turned into basically a full-blown cycle that won’t go away. I read about people spotting while ON whole30, but my experience is AFTER. I’m on the pill in the middle of the month and absolutely shouldn’t have any period right now. It’s never happened to me before and I’ve been on the pill for 10+ years. Is it possible this could be related to reintroducing non compliant foods? -anyone with relatable experiences?
  11. mandalion91

    Halted progress during period

    So I’m on day 25 of my first W30 and on probably the second to last day of my period. I feel like my progress mentally (and physically) is going backwards. I ate pretty healthy before whole 30 so I didn’t experience the awful carb flu or any other bad symptoms at the beginning (or I just didn’t due to other reasons). I was seriously loving life. ZERO cravings for sugar or carbs, high energy, no snacking between meals, only 1-2 servings of fruit a day, etc. however after starting my period on day 20 it’s like I have been backsliding. Snacking on nuts and fruit between meals, 3 servings of fruit a day, and overall decreased energy. I also noticed I’ve stopped having NSVs. Could this all be because of my period? Has anyone else experienced this? I am still following meal template. Here’s an example of what I ate today: bfast: 3 eggs, half an avocado, half a sautéed pepper, 1/2 cup blueberries lunch: butter lettuce salad with grilled chicken, 2 tbsp sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, and olive oil dinner: chicken apple sausage cooked in ghee with asparagus i also snacked on sunflower seeds, mango, and more blueberries. I just feel helpless to my sugar cravings and appetite which I didn’t feel at all in days 1-19. Feeling very opposite of “food freedom” right now
  12. I started my Whole 30 about 1 week ago (restarted 2 days in after I realized the Yogi tea I had been drinking had Stevia leaf in it, so it's really day 6 for me). I love chocolate and it's one of the foods I crave the most around when I am due to get my period (which is, unfortunately, soon). I wanted to do an experiment (since cocoa powder IS allowed) to see whether what I was craving was in fact cocoa, or sugar. So, I added Trader Joe's 100% pure cocoa powder (2 whole tbs!) to about 1 cup of unsweetened (compliant) almond milk, thinking that it would be totally undrinkable. To my surprise, I actually LOVED it. It was extremely bitter, almost like black coffee (which I also love), and since that time I haven't been craving it. It really does seem like I was craving the taste of cocoa, not the sugar at all. So I my question is -- if what I really was craving was the bitter cocoa taste, does it seem likely that I am craving something in the cocoa (like magnesium?) that I don't get elsewhere? I'm pretty stumped, since I eat a very wide variety of veggies, fruits, and meat, and I do my best to eat different types of oils and nuts...
  13. Hi friends, I started my period yesterday and I find no matter how much protein or fat I eat (and adding in a bit of extra carbs), I'M SO HUNGRY. I know it's just hormones and it'll fade, but it's ramping up my sugar cravings too. Which I think I didn't help because I made pot roast the other night and it was pretty carb dense - I had it for dinner, then lunch and dinner the next day and I feel like it might have played a little havoc with my blood sugar. I was debating pushing back reintros (even though I'm thinking slow roll for this round) and doing another strict few days because right now I was ice cream SO badly. I'm sure being 1 day away is also screwing with me right now. Words of advice? Thoughts on extra days? Ways to kick period cravings?
  14. Hi all! This is my first go at Whole30 and so far I feel pretty great! I should start by saying I wanted to try Whole30 because I believe I have a hormonal imbalance of some kind (I am in my mid-20’s and have dealt with depression, menstural irregularities, lethargy, difficulty gaining weight/low BMI, low appetite, and troublesome skin since I was a teen). About 6 months ago my appetite was healthy for the first time in years and I startrd gaining weight (although I had weight to gain, it wasn’t necessarily healthy weight because I wasn’t eating very healthy foods) and my period was shockingly regular for the first time in years. I went from having literally no idea when it would arrive, to having it begin on the 12th or 13th of the month every month for the last six months. I should mention I have been on the Mirena IUD for the last 3 years and while it helped by making my periods significantly lighter, they were still unpredictable and lasted 8 days on average. I should also mention I have been anemic since I was a teen but I found a good iron supplement that agrees with my digestion about a year ago and have not been tested since to determine if I am still anemic. This would lead to miserable, long, painful periods to the point I need to load up on painkillers to go to work, and I have missed many events due to my period prior to getting thr IUD and having lighter periods (most so light a pantyliner was sufficient - I have probably worn maybe 10 light tampons in the last 3 years whereas I used to have to change my “overnight” tampons multiple times a day and actually passed out on campus once in college due to overwhelming pain and lightheadedness). Now that you have a bit of backstory, my question is this: why would Whole30 make my period arrive a week early after only 6 days on the program? My last period ended about 2 weeks ago! I am eating lots of fats in an effort to maintain my weight. Also lots of iron-rich foods. In general I feel great, especially the last couple days, no overwhelming cravings and food boredom hasn’t hit too hard yet. My energy is the best it’s been in a long time, and I’ve also taken this opportunity to remove caffeine from my diet altogether. I should also mention this period is probably the heaviest it’s been since I got the IUD in (but not nearly as bad as prior to), and there was some cramping and acne but not as bad as usual. I also am very emotional and have gotten weepy over things I usually wouldn’t. That said, my depression/malaise have taken a hike as well (in this case weepy/depressed are very different) and I really haven’t felt this good in years. I am wondering if this is a definitive answer that my suspected hormonal issues are indeed diet-related? I know this program can have a strong effect on hormones which is a major reason I started it, but I’m flummoxed by the lack of scientific research on WHY my period would arrive 7 days early after just a few days of diet change. Can anyone provide insight as to why this may be occuring? Many forums I have read seem to inditate women getting their period later rather than earlier, much less a whole week early so early in the program. Should I be concerned by this dramatic shift? I was not planning on a Whole60 but now I am curious as to how my cycle would adapt if I kept this up. Thank you for reading and any additional insight you can provide!
  15. Nicole Lee

    PMS is Sabotaging my Tiger Blood!

    I'm on Day 17 and my PMS has been dragging me down the last 4 days. I'm concerned about how I am going to feel when my period starts tomorrow. These are supposed to be my best days but I am so drained both mentally and physically! Any tips would be much appreciated
  16. emilyelowe

    TOM Cravings

    Hi Whole30 ladies. I wasn't sure where to post this because it's a lady thing but also a Life After Whole30/Food Freedom/Staying On Track thing. So here I am. The cravings for all things sweet are UNREAL leading up to and during my period, particularly for chocolate. I've found some higher quality ingredient cookies and chocolate that don't seem to mess me up too bad, but it's like I can't stop at one. And even when I manage to stop at one per sitting, I find myself having something every day for the entire week of my period. And THAT eventually messes me up. Plus, to me, it seems like eating well only 21 out of 28 days is not really quite the standard I am looking for, but my "worth it,"-o-meter doesn't seem to work right during this particular time of the month. Plus, these one cookies are found are ALWAYS worth it in the moment - they are so stinking good. Every. Single. Bite. Eyes closed, romantic and everything. But then a couple days in or after my period is over I look back and am like, "Wtf just happened?" Does anyone else have this struggle? Any suggestions? The tough love version is probably just, "Stop doing that," but I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this and if maybe I'm just not learning what I'm hoping to learn from my Whole30s at all. I've done 5 and they seem to have very little impact on my Sugar Dragon long-term, but according to FFF, I can't just keep going to the Whole30 every time I look at my week and go "Oops." I JUST WANT THE CYCLE TO END. To be clear: I'm looking for ways to KILL THE EVIL SUGAR DRAGON FROM HELL, not prop up my sweet tooth with healthy alternatives. Thanks.
  17. Emily Loux

    Day 9 Tired Feeling B4 Period

    Up until today, I feel like I have an abundance of energy, but when I woke up this morning, I was sleepier than usual. My period starts in the next 3-5 days and now is usually when I start to get that want to sleep all day feeling. Anyone else deal with this during their month? Thanks, <3
  18. KCole

    Period Problems

    I am on day 7 of the whole30 and so far things are going great. However, I started my period today (7 days early!!). I am on hormonal birth control and my cycle is very regular. In the past when doing a high protein diet, my period lasted much longer than normal (this was with probably too much cheese/dairy, which is now obviously cut out). Though I never stuck with the high protein diet long enough to get through another cycle. Has anyone else had (or have any insight into) this kind of problem?
  19. Help please! I am only on Day 2 of my first Whole30 and my period swung right in with a vengeance! Day 1 I had major cramps but suffered through without taking pain meds. Hubby was a doll and cooked for me and let me lay in bed. But now Day 2 is here and the cramps are ramping up and the "river" has started flowing. I have endometriosis so my cramps can get crazy bad, sometimes pain meds don't even touch it. What can I do? I always relied on sugar and caffeine for this time of the month in addition to the pain meds. I don't want to whimp out on my Whole 30 but is putting it off for a few days while this runs its course so bad? Would it happen again when I restart?
  20. Hey guys, So I am on my Day 29 of my 1st Whole 30. I got my period about 2 weeks late and have been having really abnormal symptoms for my body so far. I have been lightly spotting and experiencing intense cramps and feeling bloated pretty much every day for the past week. Before I started the Whole 30, I had irregular periods, some months it would come, some months it would not, and barely would ever feel sore from them, but this one has been really really painful daily. I am feeling super bloated and not Tiger-Bloodish at all in my last week. I am afraid that when I take a look at my results from the beginning to the end of my journey they will not be accurate because how I am feeling now. Also, I am afraid my bloat will throw off my "flat belly" result and my weight loss total on Day 31. I know it's not about scale victories only, but I do want to get an accurate Day 1 > Day 30 comparison! Help!
  21. Hi, My periods were all over the place these past six months, I start a whole thirty and boom! Six days later I'm back on the rag. (I'm just turned 40; was starting to think the issue was early menopause.) So that's good news. Then, on days ten and eleven (still during the period), I could. Not. Stop. Eating. I did not break whole30 rules, but did include a fruit & nut snack in each day. I was like a bottomless pit. I think I ate like double the template at each meal, and still felt hungry a couple hours later. And I'm exhausted, even though I am getting eight or more hours of sleep a night. (MUCH more than pre-whole30.) And both days I woke up soaking wet. Sweaty to the max. And last night (day 11) until this morning (day 12) I have a massive, pounding headache. (And, to be frank, I'm a bit farty as well.) So, I'm blabbing all this here because I am looking for reassurance. Is this to be expected, given the hormonal fluctuations of a period? Or did I do something wrong? The way my body feels right now, on the dawn of day twelve, I feel a little defeated.
  22. Lisa K.

    Spotting the Whole Time

    Anyone else spot all the way through and after? Did it ever stop? I've been having heavy spotting and it's been a thick brown substance. Very unpleasant. I'm now 8 days after my completed Whole30.
  23. I'm 5 days away from finishing my first whole30 (yay!) and at the beginning of the third week I started experiencing breakthrough bleeding. I'm on birth control pills and my doctor said sometimes that just happens, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this? And if it continued or stopped after you finished your whole30? Thanks!
  24. MrsStick

    Luteal Phase Defect?

    Hi all. I'm writing to see if anyone else had information on anything that helped them with a luteal phase defect. Some background: I stopped taking hormonal BC (Yas) in January of 2013. I'd taken it for about 4 years at that point. Since then, I've done a Whole 30, a Whole 14, and loved it. I discovered I had Celiac's through that process, and I feel wonderful. I don't eat by the template when I'm not doing a Whole 30 exactly. I don't have any issues with dairy, non-gluten grains, or white potatoes, so I do occasionally include those (I'm living in Korea, so I eat rice approximately once or twice a week) when necessary, like this week, when my lettuce head for lettuce wraps had worms in it. So I broke out the emergency loaf of GF bread for lunch since I had no other options (grocery store is closed for restocking on Mondays). The problem is that, since I stopped taking BC, my luteal phase (ovulation through start of menstrual cycle) has gone from several hours (from ovulation to spotting continually until my period itself started) to about 3 days this month. In a year and three months since stopping BC. To be able to conceive, you need to have at least 10-12 days. Obviously - it's a problem. In my looking around, I've seen several natural living resources advocating vitamin B6, vitamin C, and an herb called vitex (possibly paired up with red raspberry leaf). I'm planning on getting more FCLO (omega 3s are mentioned as well, and I ran out a few months ago and never reordered) as well, but beyond that, I don't know what brands to start with. Recommmendations? I plan to bring this up to a doctor, but before I do, is there anything that's helped anyone here with a similar problem? I'd like to at least give it a try through diet and natural supplements to see if I can extend it at all - at least an improvement (3 to 6 days?). I'm not TTC yet, but will be in a year or two. Mods: if you think this belongs more in the pregnant/breastfeeding section, feel free to move!
  25. I'm on day 20. I feel pretty great, diet wise. BUT I started my period today (TWO DAYS EARLY!) and it's terrible. I feel like puking, breaking in half, and like diarrhea-ing all at the same time. Sometimes I have bad periods, but I am typically able to make the nausea go away with ice cream (I don't know, it just always helped.) I don't want ice cream, I have ZERO cravings but I feel like I'm going to die. I started reading other period posts on here, and then I started freaking out about birth control. I don't want hormones. I don't want an IUD. I don't want to use a sponge or anything like that. My long term boyfriend and I broke up in January, and it hasn't been an issue since. So, I'm sitting here wondering what if the next guy doesn't want to use condoms? What if I'm single for the rest of my life. What if my boobs SHRINK? I'm sure this isn't diet related, but it is the first time in a long time that I can't use sugar to drown the worry. I think I'm just looking for some sympathy.