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Found 7 results

  1. I am on day 5 of my first run with whole30 and need some help. I am an extremely picky eater. I dont like any fruits or vegetables, only like eggs scrambled or omelette style, and only eat select meats. My issues with fruits and vegetables is that I'm a texture eater along with taste. Like I like the taste of watermelon, but just gag when I try to swallow it. The issue is with my lack of good foods in my diet, on whole30 I'm eating very little it seems. I don't want to starve myself (because I know it won't help) because I cut out my usual junk. I'm needing more food in my diet, but I'm already getting tired of plain scrambled eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner. What should I do? I don't want to quit whole30, but not finding these to eat.
  2. Help

    Hi All, I am doing my first W30 and my husband has agreed to join me in this venture (this is a VERY big deal). While I am not a hugely healthy eater normally, I've always enjoyed vegetables and actual whole protein sources. My husband, on the other hand, is a man-child in the way he eats. He's a soda addict and prefers boxed/processed foods (his favorite food is mac and cheese and hot dogs) to anything else and hates most vegetables. On top of that he works midnight shift on a 2-3 on 2-3 off basis so his eating is erratic and hard to get on a schedule to say the least. He will not read the book and relies on me to tell him what he can and cannot have and prep food for him, which I'm happy to do. The problem is getting him to eat vegetables or even try something new is literally like fighting a toddler, except I can't give him a timeout. I worry that he is taking more of an Atkins approach to this and only eating proteins and fats. Any suggestions for getting him to actual eat veggies or any W30 veggie juices that anyone could recommend (I know this isn't a preference but I'm desperate)? I don't want to turn to constantly nagging him, which would turn any positive experience this should be into a negative one. I've listed all the items he refuses to try/eat below for reference. Thanks for any advice! No List: Zucchini, squash, onion (of any variety), broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach, asparagus, bok choy, beets, eggplant, kale, okra, radishes Yes List: carrots, green beans, mushrooms, lettuce (only if it's on something) RM
  3. I am an adult with sensory processing disorder attempting the Whole30. On day 3 and so far I have stuck to approved foods but it fully followed the guidelines, mainly because eating vegetables is so very hard for me. I can basically only tolerate broccoli with cheese on it, and now with no cheese I gag while eating. I tried some cauliflower rice last night which I was able to stomach mixed with salmon when it was the only other vegetable on my plate, but last night trying to eat that after already being triggered by the broccoli I started gagging excessively and threw up. I was able to stomach a small amount of cut up spinach leaves in a beef bowl, that was a victory. Is there anyone else in here who has SPD and has been successful? I am hoping whole30 will change my palate just enough to allow me to enjoy a few more veggies without gagging and vomiting. I have done therapy since I was a kid, which did allow me to enjoy more foods besides chicken fingers and French fries, but chewing will be a lifelong problem for me that I need to learn how to live with and still live healthy. I don't want to be overweight and I want to set a good example for my daughter, however gagging at the table wasn't a good example, so I think I will probably eat alone until I can nail down what meals I can enjoy with my family and not gag. Any tips or advice would be welcome!
  4. Made it through week 1 and on Day 9! I am a very picky eater and have been trying new things but I am starving most of the time. I miss my salty crunchy snacks! Any suggestions for someone who is really picky? I love nuts but have some digestive issues when eating them so had to give them up. I am not a big egg-eater but am forcing myself to eat 2 or 3 a week. Baby steps! I like regular potatoes (allergic to sweet potatoes), a lot of fruits and a handful of veggies - lettuce, spinach, beans, carrots, celery, cauliflower. Other than meat, I don't know what to snack on. I tried Larabars (apple pie.) It was edible but took forever to chew and that kind of turned me away. Everything crunchy has nuts in it. Any ideas for me?? Jeannie
  5. Recipes for a picky eater/new cook

    So this is not only my first Whole30 experience, but this is also kind of my first adventure in cooking. Like, real cooking. I'll admit, before Whole30 I was kind of a "pull a frozen chicken patty from the freezer, nuke it, slap it on a bun and throw some chips on the plate" kind of girl. To boot, I'm also a kind of picky eater (not a fan of onions or peppers in particular), though I am trying to be braver and experiment a bit now. Any recipe suggestions for someone who is relatively new to cooking with a picky palate?
  6. Just wondering if anyone else has been successful in following a real food/paleo diet (at least an 80/20 approach) for a very long time, while living with a partner who is fully committed to the S.A.D.! My partner is not only uninterested in paleo, but is an EXTREMELY picky eater. He will not eat ANY vegetables other than white potatoes and mushrooms (Are those even vegetables?). Everything else he eats is meat and bread. Every meal is eaten separately, unless I cheat (which is WAY too often). He cooks his food, and I cook mine. We have a 3yo daughter, and I want to raise her to love real food, but that's difficult when her dad eats junk food alongside us. She does love some veggies and ALL fruit, but she almost always chooses to eat what dad eats. Now, I have had some small victories with him. I truly think he dislikes veggies because of how they were cooked for him as a child, mostly boiled and bland. I have talked him into tasting a few things (roasted broccoli, for example) and he SAID he liked it, but then he won't ever eat more than that one bite he supposedly liked. And don't get me wrong - he is amazing, and is very supportive of my diet choice. He even talks me out of cheating sometimes when I want to! But I don't do well with temptation outside of the confines of the Whole30, and temptation is always around me and I can't change that. We do have our different groceries stored separately as much as possible, but that doesn't help me much when a craving hits. We live in an apartment with a very small kitchen, no room for a deep freezer. It's very frustrating trying to accommodate both our diet styles and storing all our food. I also wish there were some way we could eat together as a family more often. (Without me sabotaging the diet *I* want to follow.) It's also very taxing on me to have to do ALL the cooking. (He does cook for himself, but it's all convenience food so he spends WAY less time in the kitchen than I do!)
  7. Hi Everyone! I'm a picky eater and by Day 4 I hit food boredom. I've remained 100% compliant and have eaten 3 meals a day with some occasional snacking just to be sure I get enough calories. I'm now on Day 13 and I have zero appetite and I don't get hungry. It's almost as if I'm forcing myself to eat now. Is this normal? I suspect I'm now in a catch-22. I'm not hungry so I'm probably eating less which is probably contributing to my not experiencing any of the good stuff yet. No energy surge, sleep not really improving, etc. Should I just ride this out or what can I do to pick things up a bit? Since eating foods I like has become a chore, trying new things probably isn't in the cards right now. Thanks!