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Found 6 results

  1. I'm really considering my first Whole30 next month when I move into my own apartment, as it'll be easier to do when I'm in control of the grocery shopping. (I'm a college student.) My biggest fear about the Whole30 is the fact that I'm currently somewhat of a picky eater. Not too many tastes satisfy me. Chicken, in fact, is really the only meat I eat. Occasionally turkey or maybe a hamburger, but that's it. Only seafood if fried, like calamari or clam strips. I eat fruits and vegetables, but maybe 5 or 6 varieties of fruit and only a few vegetables. My question is, will the Whole30 be able to actually train my taste buds to enjoy new foods? I'm willing to just start buying shrimp or pork and eating it as part of my Whole30 if it means that I'll actually start to like these foods. I'm just afraid that my current picky eating habits will endure through the Whole30 and I'll find myself repeatedly eating from the same limited menu and/or getting bored with my meals. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I sure hope I get some response to this as I am *only* on Day 2 of W30, but each day done is a victory, amiright? Anywho, you guys: I am probably the most picky person on the planet. Can someone help me with the following: Finding food that make me feel full. This was my menu yesterday: Breakfast: scrambled eggs made w ghee Banana Water Lunch: W30 Compliant Deli Turkey (3 slices) Salad w tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots - NO dressing: as I attempted the W30 Ranch and must've done something wrong Watermelon cubes 3. Dinner: Rosemary Pork Chops w Potatoes & Onions Cucumbers Pineapple I do NOT like, hard boiled eggs, nor do I like nuts/seeds of any sort, almond butter, avocado, coffee. Send help. My snacking consists of a few grapes! Ideas????? I am a mama and have to have ENERGY to go!! Any help/tips/suggestions is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appreciated!!! Much love!
  3. I am on day 5 of my first run with whole30 and need some help. I am an extremely picky eater. I dont like any fruits or vegetables, only like eggs scrambled or omelette style, and only eat select meats. My issues with fruits and vegetables is that I'm a texture eater along with taste. Like I like the taste of watermelon, but just gag when I try to swallow it. The issue is with my lack of good foods in my diet, on whole30 I'm eating very little it seems. I don't want to starve myself (because I know it won't help) because I cut out my usual junk. I'm needing more food in my diet, but I'm already getting tired of plain scrambled eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner. What should I do? I don't want to quit whole30, but not finding these to eat.
  4. PaleoSenorita

    Disguise the Veggies

    Current Situation: This is my 4th or 5th (ok I've lost count people) Whole 30. I am a happy carnivore and do not struggle eating the protein piece...ever. Struggle: I loathe veggies. I've forced myself to incorporate veg because those are the rules. Before my first W30 I disliked all of them with the exception of corn; which doesn't count anyhow! Now I can tolerate cauliflower in rice form, zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash. Carrots only if they're mixed up with sweet potatoes & parsnips. It's a texture, smell, and taste struggle. Lettuce & broccoli I all forms. The kids love to have a monthly meal where I have to accept a 'no thank you bite' of broccoli. Bleh! Need: Now I know I need additional veg in my diet. I do attempt to trick myself to incorporate leafy greens. I'm straight out of a Dr. Seuss book by blending it with eggs so it appears that I'm eating green eggs & whole30 bacon. What other strategies/suggestions can you provide to help me get more greens & veg into my meals? I'm open to new ninja ways of tricking myself! All help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Well I am doing the Whole 30, my 20 month old son is not but I would like to move him toward a more paleo diet. Then maybe next time he can do the Whole 30 with me. My biggest concern with him is that he does not eat meat or fish and only eats eggs occasionally. We can get him to eat tuna or chicken if it is in Jolof rice and small (hard to notice). If the pieces of protein are too big he spits them out says "chicken!" and stops eating. He doesn't even eat this consistently. Otherwise he sometimes eats black eyed peas, sometimes eats hummus, sometimes eats eggs with tomato sauce, drinks lots of milk, sometimes eats yogurt. And that's about it for protien. So I would love to move to more meat/fish/eggs and get away from legume/rice based protien dishes. I have tried meat loaf muffins, hard boiled eggs. I offer him stuff from my plate all the time. (chicken, salmon, eggs, chicken liver, ribs, etc) I'm just hoping for suggestions. Part is the texture I think he doesn't like, but often he won't even try new things. Like I think he might like the texture of chicken liver better but have not been able to get him to even taste it. Things he does like are fruit, coconut (fresh meat or water, oil, butter), some veggies fried or roasted in coconut oil and paleo muffins or banana bread made using coconut flour (notice a coconut theme?). Maybe there is some way I could do meat with fruit or coconut in some form to get him to give it a try? Any suggestions for picky toddlers?
  6. Courtney Bush

    too much fruit?

    i have 21mo. old twins who are fruit-aholics! I know kids go through phases where they only want to eat a certain food group, but it's getting to the point where they'll eat 2 bananas each, 2 clementines each and if i let them strawberries and blueberries all day long... am i being too militant by trying to limit them?? I offer them well rounded meals w/proteins & veggies, which they'll pick at but soon enough i'll hear the screams for "nana! nana!" throughout our entire dinner time. they seriously ruin dinner w/their screaming every night w/o fail because they want nothing to do w/what I've made and only want to eat fruit. any suggestions?? do i have to hide the fruit bowl?? Also while I'm at it, too much milk? i know dairy isn't looked upon too fondly here, but is it really ok to take away the whole milk before 2? they could seriously drink milk all day long and fight me on it quite often. oh and I might as well ask, too much nut butters for my 5yr. old?! LOL... as you can see, my kids tend to like 1 thing and obsess over it! thank you in advance for the advice!