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Found 4 results

  1. My four year old and I are doing Whole30. We are on day 7. Well he is technically day 4 as he had sugar and gluten-free grains at our small school group on Monday. Anyway, last night he started crying for pizza. Today he is crying for pizza, mac and cheese or spagetti. I feel so sad for him. All the protein he will eat is sliced turkey and eggs. I know he needs to eat more, but he is picky. He leans on fruit for his cravings. Any tips for handling this mourning period for him? Thank you! PS: I allow him to have sweet potato chips. Ingredients are sweet potato, coconut oil and salt. I don't endulge in these myself as the snack demon will come out, but I feel like he needs something familiar... Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure I've just done the worst reintroduction ever. I had family visit the day after my W30. It was all good the first day, but the next two were far as food goes. We spent those days snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and touring the Daintree World Heritage Rain Forest. I was so excited I lost my mind and ingested Wine, Icecream, Pizza, Milk and Cake. A lot of those foods i hadn't touched in 6 mths of doing Paleo. I thought I was so much stronger than that and now I feel like I've ruined all that good work I put in doing my W30
  3. I followed the Whole30 program perfectly with no cheat days or slip ups (insert cheering here). After Whole30, I reintroduced rice into my diet on one day, followed by 4 days of Whole30 only approved foods. Felt great! Then my best friend had his birthday party. I ate pizza, cake, goldfish crackers, and corn chips. I felt like death afterward and for 2 days had some seriously uncomfortable repercussions. Regardless, since that day I've been back to the Whole30 and trying once again to start my reintroduction phase, hoping to incorporate beans soon. Did my birthday cheat day ruin all my Whole30 progress since I reintroduced too many food groups at the same time? Do I need to do an entire NEW Whole30 to detox that in order to genuinely reintroduce each singular item? Would it be just as beneficial to simply do Whole30 for a few days and get back to my reintroduction schedule? My goal from Whole30 was to figure out if I'm allergic to dairy (I get stomach pains a lot). Hoping this didn't set me back and I can jump back on track for reintroduction!
  4. So to end my first challenge which lasted almost 2 months, and to kick off my new whole 30 challenge I decided indulge in a Pizza from whole foods (my favorite kind). So.... Nothing happened, no bloating, no break outs, nothing out of the normal. I even preformed GREAT at my cross-fit workout this morning. I'm kinda wondering why I didn't experience any symptoms of anything? Could it be that they use super fresh ingredients? More info- 20 years old, decently athletic but still have about 6-7% body fat to lose.