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Found 2 results

  1. I am on my first round of Whole30, day 19 and feeling great! There's a birthday cake party at my office in a few days, and I am looking for strategies to cope. I could of course just not go, but this is a tiny office and my absence would be noticed, especially since we are celebrating the birthday of one of my employees. I don't usually snack between meals any more (thank you meat for breakfast!). The cake will be at 10 AM. Could I bring my own little whole30 compliant treat and eat that instead? I know the idea is to break up with treats for the most part, and I have done so. I don't want to backslide with one event, and I certainly don't want to trap myself in a tough situation (I have already sat out of work social events this month so I wouldn't be tempted). Should I bring a fruit salad with coconut cream snack or something desert-like for myself? Or is that really breaking with the whole point of this month? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Visions of Crashing and Burning...

    So... just successfully finished day 13 of our first W30. I will be honest. I am not feeling great. Yes, I had a crazy amount of energy today, but my cravings are terrible and EVERYTHING has turned into food with no brakes! Seriously... if it's there, I eat it. Sweet potatoes, fruit, nuts, turkey, boiled eggs, steamed cauliflower... just anything yummy at all. Compliant? Maybe... mealtime? Nope. Ugh... at first I was having no trouble eating proper portions and stopping, but for some reason I am just losing it half way through! DH and I both are still having crazy cravings, and I know it's normal at this stage, but I am getting concerned about reintro. I think we'll stay compliant and make it through the thirty days, but I have visions of crashing and burning at the end and just wasting all our hard work. Right now I can say no because it's not compliant, but after that? Self regulating? Oh boy... I don't know how this is going to work. I know he's going to want to indulge in something right away, but that's not how proper reintros work! And we'll just go back to the same old thing we were doing before. But how can I convince him to do basically another two weeks or so of deprivation after the thirty days is over? (One day of getting cheese at each meal and then back to W30 for two days isn't exactly his idea of better...) Help? How can I plan for this so we don't totally lose it when this is over?