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Found 13 results

  1. Ouisie

    Whole30 Round 2 Log

    It's New Years Eve and hubby and I are up in the Ozarks on our annual 2-week getaway. This is when we review the last year and talk about changes for the coming year. We hike a lot, eat bigger meals than normal and, of course, drink! One of my goals for this next year is to clean up my eating. Not that I am out of control, but I can feel the joints aching and my hidden allergies are coming back. I did the Whole30 in 2017 and felt great. The feeling of control is great plus the affects of clean eating can be felt. Then, life took hold and I went back to eating what was convenient. This time I have a better handle on what it takes to be successful with the W30 and .... continue or recover with the clean eating afterwards. Here is my approach and my goals for the Whole30 Round 2 (recommit, get-your-act-together) process: - Start date is Jan. 14th : We get back from the mountains on Wed. Jan.9th. I will use the next 4 days to prepare my kitchen, do my meal planning, do my shopping, and get back to Meal Prep Sunday. - 5000+ steps a day : I know this may not sound like much but on a consistent daily basis I want to start here. There are days when I get in over 10,000 but I don't want to put that heavy goal in place to get my re-commitment started. - Week1 goal : get back in gear with the program, record daily log - Week2 goal : get back to the gym, even if only for 30 min. activity - Week3 goal : increase daily step goal - Week4 goal : try on a few clothes to see if they fit better (I expect the 'gassy' gut to be gone and a few pounds as well) - End date is Feb. 12th : I will step on the scales to see how my weight has done over the 30 days. There were 3 things I was anxious to reintroduce on my last Whole30 - creamer in my coffee, crackers and chips, and wine (and sweets). This time around I want to stick with black coffee and start to enjoy the homemade baked sweet potato slivers. I will deal with the sweet tooth and the wine reintroduction challenge later as I travel this journey. More coming, Linda
  2. Hi all - I'm finally willing to concede that this is too hard to do without planning. I started Tuesday night (immediately following a doctor's appt) with the impression I could just do this with what I had at home (eggs, proteins, fruit, vegetables) and by being selective when ordering lunch. Unfortunately that didn't work as (not) planned. My infractions since Tuesday evening: -- blended banana for late night snack -- smoked salmon with in my Day 1 & Day 3 breakfasts which I later learned has sugar in the ingredients list. -- smoothie with Day 1 breakfast -- brown sauce with mixed vegetables with shrimp (I specified no soy sauce -- only salt, pepper, garlic, oil) but when it came out I didn't have the heart to return in and I was pretty darned hungry. -- I fulfilled my late-night TV cravings last night with almonds and a Larabar (all technically compliant but not in the right spirit especially since it was feeding my no-holds late-night snacking dragon) I need to do this right. Unfortunately, that means I might have to start over. I've been up since 7am (it's 840am) so I'm definitely hungry and gotta get eating. Eggs, veggies & fruit -- here I come!
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea. My husband, Daron, and I are doing Whole30 for the first time! We are currently on day 9, and hanging in there so far (though I will admit that grocery shopping and walking past all of the gluten and sugars was really difficult a couple days ago!). Before we started the Whole30, I planned an anniversary get away to Niagara Falls over a long weekend. Now we will be traveling on days 19-22. I have read through the travel advice in the Whole30 books, and found some good blogs. I also read through the travel forum here, and found some good suggestions. However, we are staying at a hotel that does not have a kitchenette (no microwave, cook-top, etc.). I am thinking about calling and requesting a small fridge if that's possible (to store at least some dressings, fruits, and veg), but I don't know if it will be. In other words, I think we are going to have to eat out for almost every meal while we are traveling. In what I read, the suggestions were to Google and call restaurants ahead of time to do as much research as possible, but everyone here seems so helpful I wanted to reach out to see what tried-and-true suggestions you all have. Even better, if any of you have been to Niagara Falls and have suggestions, we would be honored to try them! If I'm being honest, I am nervous about this trip. We are very committed to seeing this 30 days through, and I really want to try our best to stay as compliant as possible while we are traveling. Thank you for reading and any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Chelsea
  4. Hello, I am on day 1 of Whole30. I know it is still early, but I am concerned with not getting enough fat. I am not a huge fan of coconut or avocado. I don't care for the consistency of avocado or the flavor of coconut. I am looking for meal suggestions or ways to disguise these foods into my meals. I found myself very hungry at about 10am after eating breakfast at 7:15am. I ate a hard boiled egg and a small apple for a snack. Breakfast included: 1- Palm sized mango chicken sausage patty, 1/2 cup diced sweet potato home fries, a handful of blueberries, and one egg.
  5. Well, here I am... My last attempt at the a whole30 failed due to lack of planning and a series of unfortunate events. Made it 10 days on that one. So here I am again I've checked Septembers schedule and discussed it with hubby... he wont be joining in on the fun, but will be supportive as usual. September 1st is go time!! Batch cooking and meal planning are underway. Lack of planning will not be an issue this time!! Ice cube herb and oil mixes are next on my list for quick salad dressings. These are very handy.... just pop one or two out and put them in a small jar... add which ever vinegar you want.... put on a tight fitting lid... and shake doesn't take long for the cubes to melt. The oil and herb cubes are also really handy for adding to pans when cooking. Anyone else have "tricks" to make meal prep easier?
  6. thegoldengrahamgirl

    Steps to Success at the Office

    Hello Whole30-ers! I think we all know (or have discovered) that planning and preparation are keys to success with the Whole30 (as well as pretty much any dietary/nutrition/lifestyle overhaul). Outside of meal planning and preparation (a topic in and of itself), what are other little tricks you've learned to use to help stick with and maintain (for those post-Whole30) good habits? I feel like it's easiest in my own home, where I have the most control over the ingredients and preparation methods. I feel like it's a bit harder at my office, where terrible packaged/processed snack foods abound, and hardest of all out at restaurants and friends' homes where the ingredients and food preparation are out of my hands and temptations abound (I'll make a separate "Steps to Success for Travel"). Here are some ideas I've used (yes, I'm fortunate that I have my own desk where I can stash stuff; and an office kitchen with a fridge and microwave). - I brought my own blender to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (this is a holdover from my smoothie days, but I discovered that you can quickly make a great soup using steamed vegetables - in the office microwave - plus coconut milk, hot water and seasonings). - I brought my own toaster to the office and I am allowed to store and use it in the shared office kitchen (not that I've had much of anything to "toast" lately). - I keep the following in my office fridge: a jar of compliant salsa (spices up any meal), lemon juice (for adding to hot or cold water or squeezing on food), olive oil (for drizzling on salads & vegetables), balsamic vinegar (for salads), canned coconut milk (for coffee or soup, as above, or spooning over pretty much anything!) - this saves the trouble of bringing these things in travel containers every day and risking spills in my ever-expanding lunch bag. I might even bring in a bag of frozen shrimp and a bag of frozen vegetables to keep in the freezer (who else really uses that in the office anyway?)! And when I make some homemade mayo, I will bring in a jar of that too (but with a special "hands off" label - I'm not sharing that with my office mates!). - I keep the following in my office kitchen cupboards: cinnamon (for dusting on stuff), sea salt & black pepper shakers (for seasoning) - you could add bottles or jars of whatever your favourite seasonings/spices/herbs happen to be! I also have access to microwave-safe dishes, a sharp knife, a cutting board and a can opener. - I keep the following stashed in my desk: packets of coconut butter, canned tuna & chicken, canned olives, packets of raw or roasted nuts and/or dried fruit (no added sugar, no sulfites - check your labels!), and compliant Larabars (these are in decreasing order of preference. I know Larabars are not ideal, but if they keep me out of the office box of Krispy Kreme donuts then they can help). I've got pretty much everything I need to be a Whole30 MacGyver in the event of unexpected lunch meeting - complete with pizza or other catered no-no's - or a late night deadline that necessitates a mini-meal when I can't cook a full template meal. I'd love to get my hands on some compliant Epic bars and Rx bars, and compliant jerky would also be an option. Again, in no way are these meant to replace template meals but when you unexpectedly have to stay late to finish a project and the team orders in take-out, you now have a "safe" option. - I also keep prinouts of my favourite Whole30 downloads at my desk for quick reference: the meal planning template to keep me on track with template meals; the shopping list for omnivores to remind me of the best choices; and the travel guide when I need to figure out a compliant snack. What do YOU do? Let me know if any of the tips above help you out! Cheers, -Lauren (GGG)
  7. Hi All, Pre-Whole30 I normally did very well with smaller, protein rich meals/mini-meals during the day. (3-4) I've been working hard to adjust to larger meals and no inbetween snacking. But by the 2nd week I found I was still hungry between meals. I adjusted by eating more (protein/fat) at each meal. (And I do pre and post meals around my walking workout.) However, I feel I am "stuffing" myself at each meal now, only to have actual hunger pains (not appetite, but hunger) as early as 3 hours after the last meal. For example, for breakfast at 8 am today I ate two proteins: 1 large egg omelette with 1/4 cup mushroom, 1 cup supergreens and roasted cabbage... made w/avocado oil 1/2 Turkey burger patty 1/2 roasted sweet potato with walnut oil & cinnamon 1.5 cups decaf coffee with regular (full fat) coconut milk & cinnamon By 11 am I have strong hunger pains and rumblings in my stomach. But I'm eating so much more than I ever have? (I'm also fearful that now I'm gaining weight, not losing...but I am trying not to worry and I don't weight myself.) Thanks for any and all support! (I'm on day 18.) ----------- PS That breakfast above is after a pre and post workout meal and Lunch/Dinner is usually more food... Last night's large dinner plate was spilling over with: 1 turkey burger with 1 strip of bacon, avocado slices, homemade ketchup 1 cup roasted cabbage, huge grilled portobella mushroom cap, handfull homemade baked potato wedges 1 peach (in season here)
  8. As someone who has struggled with stubborn weight (and some minor health issues as a result) for the last 7 years, I've been hearing about the Whole30 program and its benefits, so a couple of weeks ago I bought the book. I've spent the last two weeks reading the book cover-to-cover, planning, prepping my kitchen, and mentally preparing myself for this lifestyle change. Last night, I cleaned out my cabinets and refrigerator, got rid of ALL foods and condiments that are not Whole30 approved, and I made a grocery list based on the 7-day Meal Plan provided in the book. My official start date is tomorrow (June 2). This morning, though, I went to the store (storeS, actually), to purchase my items for my first week of eating on Whole30. First of all, between the three stores I shopped at (Costco, Trader Joe's, and Publix), I spent about $300...for a WEEK's worth of groceries! Second, I felt really discouraged by how difficult some of the items were to find! Some items I couldn't find at all, and others I would find, but they would inevitably contain an ingredient that is not Whole30 approved (I can't believe how many "healthy" items contain sulfites, honey, or some form of sugar or dairy!). At any rate, I've been so excited to start Whole30, but now I'm discouraged because, as a single Mom of two little girls, I do not have the budget to be spending $300/week in groceries. In fairness, some of the items I purchased are items I won't need to purchase every week. But still, I have serious sticker shock over how expensive some of these products are! Does this get cheaper once you've stocked up on essentials? And does navigating the grocery store ever get easier?
  9. PainterB

    Daily Goal - What's Yours

    Being an inveterate list-maker, I noticed a while back that at the end of a day, I often focused on what I had NOT accomplished, rather than what had actually gotten done. It didn't make me happy. I like being happy, so I changed making the list to the end of the day and only wrote down all the things I did. Wow. What a difference. Still, I like having a focal point for the day ahead, so I am going to start adding a daily goal to the beginning of the day to see if it diverts my tendency to start 72 different things that I don't finish. Today it is making Whole30-compliant spice mixes and sauces from the Well Fed, Against All Grain and Nom Nom Paleo cookbooks. What's yours?
  10. I don't actually get a spring break, but 1 of the kids will be starting that day. Seems as good a day as any. I began on 2/22 of this year to focus more on my health, but I needed to move back into the thing that worked for me...eating Paleo. Whole30 is a good jumpstart. With summer right around the corner, and hopefully better weather soon, it seemed a great time to recommit. -Rayne Blue
  11. I'm kicking off my first Whole30 November 1st, and I know that work will be a minefield. I'm a creative at an advertising agency and typically work long, erratic hours. We have loads of cheese, bread and fruit in the kitchen at all times, but obviously that's out of bounds. I'm already in the habit of bringing lunch to work - typically leftovers from dinner. What I'm after are well-balanced, make ahead snacks/mini meals to keep on hand for when hanger strikes. As an aside I can see avoiding snacking being a major, major issue because I am hungry all. The. Goddamn. Time. Seriously, my fiance jokes that I have a bottomless stomach. This wasn't such an issue when I was younger and my weight hovered around 50-52kg at all times, but now I'm 30 and my weight has crept up to 61. Still a 'technically' healthy BMI, but a totally unacceptable weight gain regardless. I'm actually super anxious about dealing with my endless hunger during the Whole30.
  12. So, as I wrap up on my first Whole30 week ever and am reflecting on the successes and challenges, I find this particular "Whole30 Fail" amusing to me and thought I'd post to see if anyone else has had similar experiences. I do all the grocery shopping for the family, so it was really easy for me to switch out the "bad" choices with the approved ones. I got really gung-ho about meal planning, prepping, and making sure healthy choices were always available for everyone. In that, it was "great success"! What I didn't count on was now that I wasn't eating breakfast and lunch at coffee shops and restaurants, my food was coming from the fridge. A fridge that was rapidly emptying. A fridge that was pretty much completely empty come Thursday night. Fortunately, we had a small stockpile of frozen chicken breasts and veggies in the freezer so we're not starving or anything, but it was an "aha" moment for me to realize that I need to increase my grocery purchasing if my family of 2 1/2 (baby is still transitioning to solids and doesn't count as a whole person yet) is going to make it through a whole week on one grocery run! Any epic whoopses or fails when you were first starting out?
  13. Folks, I keep touting how my second Whole30 (coming January 1st) is going to be super badass because after experiencing my first, I've imagined how I can prepare and really comply the hell out of those 30+ days. I'd love to hear what you all would do if you could make your next Whole30 ridiculously awesome and incredible! My list: 1) Make a bunch of condiments beforehand (like Nom Nom Paleo's sriracha), everything in ISWF - especially the BBQ sauce 2) Pre-order ALL of my meats from somewhere grass-fed and awesome like US Wellness meats - and on that note - have the ability to shop at Whole Foods the entire Whole30 3) Take (the appropriate amount and need of) squeaky clean supplements - especially fish oil, Vitamin D3, magnesium and calcium 4) Learn how to crockpot - my fear of this tool is getting the best of me and I know my life will be easier with it Dream away!