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Found 6 results

  1. I am day 7 on my very first whole 30 and I am wondering if I am eating way too much fat, starch and if my portion sizes are way too big. I just need some help because I really want to succeed. I went into this thinking I hated most veggies but I have realized I actually love them and this has been life changing so far. My eating in a day: Black coffee, 2 eggs fried in olive or coconut oil(I cover the bottom of the pan) sometimes I add spinach to eggs, a potato hash(butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato) previously roasted and warmed up in same pan as eggs. These are always a very generous portion of the hash. Like very. Lunch: some kind of roasted veggies warmed in a pan with oil, roasted chicken with guac or dip Supper: a lot like lunch but maybe with some potato hash. I hardly ever snack maybe a banana at night. And I drink the water I need to. My servings of veggies are always well over half my plate but not sure if I'm eating too much starch (low carb diet recovery) Help!!!
  2. So I did a search and found nothing related to my issue.... I had gastric bypass about 8 years ago and lost over 100 pounds. Long story short I have another 10 or 15 pounds I would like to lose. A Paleo-type eating plan makes sense to me, refined carbs cause me all kinds of problems and I know I feel tons better when I eliminate them. My question is about portion sizes. There is no way I can eat enough to satisfy my nutrition requirements with 3 or even 4 meals a day when I can only hold less then 3/4 of a cup of food in one meal. Right now I supplement my meals with one or two protien shakes every day to get in at least 80 grams of protein. Also, I have an issue with my stoma, the man-made muscle at the top of my stomach pouch is only about 4 mm wide, all meats and coarse vegetables need to be minced in order for me to be able to swallow them. So do you think this is doable? Is there such a thing as an acceptable protein drink for supplementation? Nevertheless I am starting this program on Monday, any ideas and advice are welcome! ~Scarlett
  3. Hi, I'm on Day 14, and haven't had any cheats yet or any major issues. Weight loss is one of my main goals. I don't feel like I've lost any weight yet (but haven't weighed). Am I eating too much/too little? Are my meals the right balance of protein/fat/veges? A typical day (breakfast and lunch is pretty much the same every day, only my dinner changes significantly): Breakfast: small slice of frittata (sausage, mushroom, red pepper, onion), smoked salmon, half an avocado. Black coffee. Snack: banana (mid-morning, only when needed - about every 3rd day) Lunch: salad of lettuce, roasted carrots and parsnips, chicken, olives, homemade mayonnaise Snack: small handful of macadamias/hazelnuts (again, only if needed - about every 2nd day) Dinner: thai curry - coconut milk, prawns, curry paste, selection of veges (eggplant, zucchini etc) OR steak and veges with mayonnaise OR canned tuna, canned tomatoes and mushrooms, with zucchini 'noodles'. Snack: tablespoon of coconut flakes after dinner (pretty much every night) Any feedback on this would be great please - am I doing the right things for weight loss? Also - I've been getting pins and needles a lot more often since I started, sometimes waking up in the night with them in my hands or feet. Is this something to do with salt levels? Too much? I'm not sure whether I should be concerned about this? It's happening every 2-3 days. Thanks!
  4. I'm not sure that this is a great trouble in need of shooting, but this forum seemed the best place to seek a little reassurance and advice. I'm 3 days into my first Whole30. It's been a remarkable experience so far if for nothing else then getting back into the kitchen. I've gotten a real sense of empowerment from being in control of my food and knowing exactly what's going into it and thus into me. But I am a little worried that that sense of empowerment is leading to my portion sizes being too large. Last night I made broiled salmon - the fillets were small and fairly thin, and I ended up having two. They were delicious but there was also this sense of 'I did this and it is delicious and I want to enjoy it' (dinner also included a rather large salad, but the protein was the driver). Tonight I made a beef stir fry using local grass-fed beef. (A bit of a treat, don't know that I can afford it all the time) and I went through the same thing - absolutely delicious and empowering (and spicy...bit heavy handed with the red pepper flake). I don’t feel overfed after meals (though I know I can't exactly trust my stomach on this just yet), and I'm not craving food between meals, even today when my lunch got pushed back to 12:30 (about 7 hours between breakfast and lunch). I know, logically, I may be overthinking this, but I guess I'm hoping to hear that from an external source who's more familiar with the Whole30 and what to expect. Thank you in advance for your help!
  5. One of my motivations for trying out a new way of eating (= W30) was to not find myself heading back into the kitchen 2 hours after lunch, hungry again already. But 16 days into my W30, I find myself feeling faint hunger feelings around 2/2.5 hours following a meal, and hungry around 3/3.5 hours following, and out and out ravenous by 4 hours following. In my effort to stretch the time between meals and not snack or use nuts as a bridge (my old habit), I'm often going too long and letting myself get too hungry. Highly fluctuating blood sugar is a familiar pattern, so I recognize that this is something that I need to form new habits around. To this end, I've dropped my [just about] daily fruit intake to about 1/3 cup, and have it with lunch or dinner rather than breakfast (my old habit). So I'd love some advice about how to better balance my meals. I'm eating a lot of veg, so I'm guessing my issue is with protein or fat. My preference would be to eat a 1/2 palm-size portion of chicken/fish/seafood, but I've upped it to 1-1.5 palm-size portions. I've upped my breakfast eggs from 2 to 3. I'm eating about 2-3 thumb-size portions of fat with each meal, but perhaps I need more? Some days I've scrapped the 3 meal plan and gone with 4 smaller meals. This works well, but what a pain! I need my time for something other than food prep + eating + cleaning. (Shocking, I know!). I am a formerly fairly active person, but I'd describe my current exercise routine as mellow (low-impact/intensity) as I recover from a few injuries. I kind of can't justify the need for this much food!
  6. HI all, Earlier this week, my husband said to me that I was eating too much bacon or so he thought. In a seven day period I might eat up to 150 to 175gr of bacon. Do you think it's too much? Also I read on a post here that read something to the effect of you know they are Paleo if they refuse to eat bacon. Not the exact words but it lead me to stress if bacon is not OK and I've been eating it through my whole 30 Cycle #1? Can any one shed light? Is bacon off limits too? Signed, Confused lol