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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I’m getting ready to start my first round and have a question about a post workout shake. I do Orangetheory or lift weights at 5am, come home and have a protein shake around 6:15 and then have breakfast at work around 8. I don’t eat before the workout. My question is whether a shake composed of compliant protein powder (vital protein collagen sounds like it works), amazing greens and water/ice would be okay as a post workout snack? If not, any suggestions on easy post workout options I can eat on the go in the morning and have breakfast 2ish hours afterwards? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a little assistance. I have the book It Starts With Food. The Whole30 Day by Day guide refers me to page 244 of It Starts with Food to determine the correct number of carbs to eat post workout. I bought the ISWF book on Kindle and the graph on page 244 is so tiny I can't read it. I've tried a few tricks to make it bigger, including reading it on my computer, at no avail. Does someone here have the basic calculations needed that are supplied on that chart?
  3. Hi All! I am new to Whole30. I am really trying hard to get the PWO meal in... but I find that when I eat it, I am not hungry for dinner. I workout from 3-430ish each day. I like to eat dinner around 7. Am I cutting it too close? Should I miss the PWO and just wait until dinner? Having dinner earlier means that I would not eat with my family. Help!
  4. Hello! I started my Whole30 on Monday and today was my first [evening] gym session since. I work until 5, so my plan has been to get home at 5:30 and before or after I change for the gym, I'd eat my protein and fat for pre workout per the template. Today (first time) was a hard boiled egg and half an avocado. Then I'd get home just after 7:30 and we'd eat dinner then. However, tonight I ate AFTER 8pm, which sounds/feels SO late. Can you even eat too late on this? I'm sure you can. The template says to stoayp eating a few hours before bed; I'd take that to mean at least 3. That should work, but only for today, as I don't hope to make going to bed after 11 a habit. Especially when i start my 10 hour days again next week and I work at 6:30a.m. And also, this means I didn't get a post workout meal. Given the timeline of my evening I don't know if I'll be able to fit that in. Not w/o eating a super early dinner...which even in that case would replace the pre workout snack. The pre wo snack is supposed to be small protein which dinner isn't. And the post workout is supposed to be a bonus meal...which it isn't in my current timeline So, really I'm looking for advice on how to handle and properly space out my pre evening workout snack, post workout snack, and dinner when I get home 5:30, leave for the gym before 6:15, and get home around 7:45. HELP! lol. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Kzimm27

    When to eat what?

    Hi there! I'm new to the Whole30 and need some help finalizing my meal plans. There's a ton of info and I'm a bit overwhelmed with trying to read anymore. I generally work out up to 5x a week, otherwise my job is mostly sedentary. On the days that I work out, I'm wondering what some suggestions are for Pre and Post workout meals. (I've tried looking up ideas and have been left a little uninspired and unsure). Also, I had planned to have a serving of sweet potatoes, protein (meat) and eggs with my breakfast on most mornings, in order to satiate me throughout the day since I am usually active and have a fast metabolism. Is this a good time to have sweet potatoes and eggs? And, if so, I'm assuming this will influence what I have for pre and post workout (I assume I shouldn't have too many servings of eggs, and I also don't want to eat more than one serving of sweet potatoes). Any suggestions for specific pre and post workout meals would be wonderful, as well as whether my breakfast idea is good or could be improved. For lunch I plan to switch between compliant turkey burgers with guac and mustard, a side salad, and a serving of fruit, and an Italian sausage spaghetti squash bake with a serving of fruit. My dinner will consist of lots of veggies, salad, and a protein choice. Is it okay to eat frozen bananas with coconut and almond butter as an after dinner snack when/if you become hungry (I often feel very hungry about 2 hours after dinner on nights I work out and find that I need more food).
  6. I am on day 10 and am after some more 'creative' ideas for a post workout meal, as I've stuck to my 'safe' meal, which is sweet potato and chicken with different selection of veg and greens. Can anybody recommend alternatives please? I eat eggs as a preworkout too, so any alternatives to this would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there. I am begining my 4th Whole 30, and sad to say I've never knocked out the snacks or mini meals. I am up at 4:30 to teach a 5 AM class and then workout at 6 AM. I get home and get ready ASFAP to leave the house at 8. I currently only have breakfast at 7:30 AM. I have not previously eaten a pre-workout or and post-workout, but really want to see how my body reacts. I do CrossFit 5 days a week, so know my body is under stress, and maybe not eating enough, even though it seems like that's all I do. I cannot go more than 3 hours between meals without feeling hungry. This has been my habit for years though, but I am really interested in losing body fat, which hangs around my middle. My meals feel substantial because I always feel REALLY full, but three hours later I am hungry. Or maybe I just need to be okay with being hungry for awhile before I eat. My goal is fat loss and hormonal balance. I LOVE my workouts, which make my days go SOOO much better, but I know some days I am dragging and more hungry. So I am going to try to do 3 days on with 1 day off for proper rest. I am going to add a pre-workout snack, but still am struggling with how to handle my post workout/breakfast meal. My breakfast is within 30 minutes of post workout, so should I exclude fat from this meal? Typical day looks like this Meal 1 - 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1 chicken sausage, spinach and 1/2 sweet potatoe, with 1/4 avocado Snack - veggies Meal 2 - BIG chicken salad with veggies, apple chunks, protein, 1/4 avocado, and 2 tbsp olive oil and vinegar dressing. Snack if needed - apple with almonds, compliant hotdog, larabar Meal 3 - Beef and cabbage cooked in coconut oil with 1/2 avocado or HUGE taco salad, with salsa and generous serving of guacomole. I understand that my past eating habits are keeping me stuck, so I am ready to make necessary changes (even though that is mentally scary, lol) sorry for such a LONG post :-/
  8. I have been following a paleo diet for several months, and am about to embark on my first Whole30 with my husband. My question relates to timing of meals, as well as post-workout. I train in taekwondo several days/week and my classes are from 7:15-8:15 p.m. Some days I am able to get home early enough to eat dinner (or Meal 3) around 6:15, but that is about the best I can do. Other days, even that is not possible. If I wait to eat until I get home, it is usually 9:00 before that happens. (I also do cross-fit style training a couple of days/week, but thankfully I get home much earlier from that.) I am no night owl. I'm not sure how to balance my nutrition in the evening hours around my workouts and still finish eating several hours before bed. Any advice?