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Found 9 results

  1. I will be starting my first Whole30 tomorrow and I'm a bit lost on the whole pre/post workout meal suggestions. My current schedule is: 5:45am - Wake Up 6:30am - out the door (half hour drive to my box & job) 7am - WOD 8am - shower for work 8:30am - work until 5pm Before Whole30, I've tended to eat a banana or protein bar before my morning WOD, then nothing but coffee until lunch (sometimes a protein shake Post workout). So my question is, should I be eating my meal 1 pre-wo and then like hard boiled eggs/banana post wo? Or should I have hb eggs pre-wo and take my meal 1 with me to work to eat (which is 30-45+ min after I finish the WOD). Honestly, eating a pre-wo, post-wo, AND meal 1 within a 2 1/2 hour time span seems like A LOT of food compared to what I'm used to. And I only have half an hour to shower and get to work as it is... throwing a post workout snack in will mean eating in the 5 minute drive from box to office, then eating my meal soon after arriving at work. Advice please =)
  2. Saltyicemom

    Post workout meal

    I am on day 4 of my reintroduction. The last week of my Whole30, I really amped up my workouts. But I don't think I ate enough to fuel and refuel. I rarely did a post workout meal but just ate a bigger breakfast. Not the best idea as I crashed by the end of the week. This week I've been trying to do better. Since my Whole30 was complete, I thought a small glass of no sugar added juice (4 ounces) and collagen protein would be sufficient as a post workout with breakfast shortly afterwords. But my sugar cravings have returned! Could it be the juice? What's a better post workout meal? I usually have little appetite right after so I need easy to digest.
  3. MeganFree

    breakfast is pwo meal

    Hi I have just completed the 30 days! Yay! and now I am going into the 'slow reintroduction' phase. Question: I do crossfit at 6am (and I can't eat before without getting nauseous) and it finishes at 7:10am I am having my breakfast which is 3 eggs and hash (10 oz chopped sweet potatoe, 1/2 onion and 1 tsp coconut oil). Question is: I am not having an official pwo meal as I have breakfast immediately, and it keeps me more than full until lunch time. Is that ok? In 'It starts with Food' I am on the scale 'to the left' where I should basically have no carbs..only protein post workout meal. However I have essentially combined the two with breakfast so unsure what to do.... tks! Megan
  4. Hey y'all This is my second whole 30. The first time I did the program it was great. I was doing it to change my eating habits more than trying to lose weight. I would like to know what some of the guys are eating pre and post workout during their whole 30 program. Also, I seem to be losing too much weight. How do I maintain/ gain muscle mass while following the whole 30 and lifting in the gym? It seems like if I do not eat a lot of carbs then I shed so much weight, more than I would like to. My whole reason for this program is to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Thanks, Michael.
  5. ashtynb89

    Larabars - When to eat?

    So I'm trying to figure out when to incorporate larabars. Being as they are higher in calories and natural occurring sugars, I'm thinking earlier in the day. But how do you guys eat them? How do you make them a meal? I'm on day 1 of Whole30 and still sorting things out. I got these as a source for my sweet tooth, and saw many blogs that recommend them. I workout at 5 am, so maybe as pre workout? Post workout? Breakfast? I'm not sure, what do you guys do?
  6. Hi everyone, Day 22 here, and going along OK. Hope I have this in the right forum section! I have a question please, as I am still trying to get my head around the pre & post work out eating! I have started bootcamp sessions for some of my work outs, which run from 1230 to 1315 twice a week, so when I get home (which is within 20 minutes of finishing) it would be 'lunch time'... do I have a meal template meal (in size and content), but leave out the fats? Or do I try for a post work out snack on the way home (protein/ carb), and push back 'lunch' til a bit later in the afternoon & follow the meal template then? Thank you!
  7. katkakyptova

    Workout two times per day

    Pls guys need help how organizated food plan when i am doing workout two times per day? in the morning at 6am and at 12:00 circuit, crossfit, strenght workout...sometime i run afternoon late around 8pm..thx Kate
  8. Cortnie Steoger

    Competition this Saturday

    I have a crossfit competition this Saturday. It's going to be a high of 45, rainy, and 20 mph wind. I've sort of figured out what I want to eat between WODs. However, since the competition is going to start at 9am it's going to be right around freezing. I've been thinking, it might be really nice to have some hot chicken bone broth with some chunks of sweet potatoes in a thermos to have between the WODs. I'm wondering, would bone broth be a good post workout recovery drink?
  9. I am on Day 4 of my first Whole30. So far I feel pretty good! Surprisingly, the hardest thing for me to give up is chewing gum! I'm doing the Chicago Marathon in October. I've continued working out as usual, but have not been able to run this week. Usually, my Saturdays involve a longer run. What would be the best pre/post workout fuel for this? I appreciate your input! Hilda