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Found 4 results

  1. San Antonio

    Hi everyone! I love the idea of having a Whole30 potluck, or hangout where a group gets together, shares foods, tips, struggles, make new friends, etc. I'm fairly new to San Antonio, Texas and don't know many people except family/a couple coworkers. If anyone lives in the area, and would be interested, please respond and see if we can get together a group of people! I'd host or we could figure out a meeting place. Thanks!
  2. My first post...couldn't wait to share this find with the Whole30 community! For dinner tonight, we tried a new item from Sam's Club called Member's Mark Hardwood Smoked Authentic Pitmaster Seasoned Pulled Pork and my family all agreed it was delicious! It comes in a 2 lb. package and can be either heated in the oven for 30 mins or microwaved for 6 mins which is what I did. It does not come in or with any sauce so you can add your own after heating or do what we did -- ate it with a hearty kale salad with grapes, apples, pecans, raw beets, shredded carrots, and tomatoes (dressed with Tessemae's Creamy Ranch)! Can't remember the price but I think it was around $10. It fed 2 adults and 2 teen boys with leftovers, and we are not dainty eaters! We all enjoyed the smoky/savory yet not too salty flavor, and the meat was tender and not fatty. The package says it was slow smoked for 8 hours. I will definitely return to Sam's for more. So many ways to use it for a quick meal! Ingredients: Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika, Red Pepper, Garlic Powder.
  3. Hi All! This is my first post here Doing the Jan Whole30. Fifth round since 2015. I'm going to a Mexican themed potluck tomorrow. The host is providing taco meat and guac. I'll skip the taco meat since I won't know whats in it. Any ideas for something I can bring that I can eat that has protein, veg, fat? I don't want to do another main dish bc I'm concerned it will look like I'm trying to upstage the host. But it will be all I'll eat so I'd like it to be balanced. My first thought was some sort of 7 layer dip but all the compliant recipes I found were pretty complex. Thanks in advance for any ideas! Best of luck on your Whole30s– this way of eating has transformed my life for the better and I hope it does for you too! Erin
  4. HELP!! Potluck meat ideas?!

    Ok folks, I've got to bring a dish to a LARGE family gathering tomorrow, and I'd prefer to bring some meat. I'm also doing butternut squash & eggplant. I've got about 2 lbs of lean ground beef to work with - any suggestions?