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Found 8 results

  1. This is the first time I have ever joined/posted to any forum. It has never really interested me to get into online conversations, but I have found a lack of support/information on breastfeeding and doing the Whole30. I think I have found one woman that blogged about completing a Whole30 and maintaining her milk supply. So here I am, ending Day 4 of my 3rd Whole30. Let me add that I have started many of Whole30’s since my first try/completion, but have only managed to complete it one other time. The last one I started I ended of pregnant (didn’t think we could have children) 9 months before our wedding date! My doctor advised me to quit so that I was not restricting the baby from a “balanced diet” and the stress of removing food. (To this day, I wish I wouldn’t have listened) I ended up going off the rails for my entire pregnancy and maternity leave. I ended up gaining 4o lbs (I do not know how it wasn’t more) I was already 10 lbs over weight when I got pregnant. I have yoyo’d back and forth with healthy life and then binge on everything I want life. I am from New Orleans and work on the French Quarter so temptation is EVERYWHERE. It’s culturally engrained in you to drink with family, friends, co-workers. It’s just what you do. When I am to go grab a drink, and I tell them I’m on the Whole30 you should see the looks I get! People try to talk me out of it, tell me I’m crazy, tell me how they absolutely could not give up drinking for 30 days. Honestly, quitting drinking and eating sugary treats, creamy coffees, and fried food- I have never felt better in my life. Probably the same reason I keep coming back to the reset. I recently started to listen to Melissa Hartwig’s book, Food Freedom, while I make my hour and fifteen minute commute to work. But enough about my back story! My current situation is I want to live a healthy lifestyle and not be emotionally attached to food and alcohol. I want to continue to breastfeed my child and worry about my milk supply tanking as a result. I wonder what other women are experiencing. Am I alone out there ? Anyone else trying our Whole30 while breastfeeding and working full time ?
  2. I just started the 8th month of my 2nd pregnancy and I'm suffering from a lot of heartburn, constipation, indigestion, gas, sleeplessness, and joint pain so I'm planning my first Whole30 on 1/1/16 - I know some symptoms in pregnancy happen but I'm sure my diet/dependency on crap doesn't help many of these issues. Anyone else interested in joining me in a 1/1-1/30 Whole30 go at it?? I definitely would love some companionship!
  3. Hi, everyone! I recently found out I'm pregnant, and I feel like now is a good time to jump into another Whole30! I'm only five weeks pregnant, and I realize that the pregnancy is still new and vulnerable. However, I feel the sooner I adopt healthy eating habits, the better! In general, my husband and I eat healthier than the average person, but we've really struggled with transitioning to a Paleo / Whole30 lifestyle. My husband and I have successfully completed two Whole30s, but we haven't truly adopted this way of eating for a lifetime, although we want to! I feel my best when I follow the Whole30 plan, along with an exercise regimen, and yet I can't seem to stick to what works. I fall back into the trend of eating junk, feeling tired, then skipping workouts and eating more junk because I'm tired. I'm really just looking to share motivation and encouragement! I know I can complete a Whole30 because I've done it before, but I really want to maintain this lifestyle afterward! I am excited about following the Whole30 / Paleo while pregnant, in order to keep my growing baby and myself as healthy as possible. I look forward to hearing from you! Erin
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for some supportive moms( or moms to be) that are also doing an august whole30. I'm overweight so I want to make sure I gain little to no weight while pregnant and just want to give this baby the best start possible. Also have low back problems so want to make sure my inflammation is under control. I had great success with my first whole30 in February of this year but have since gone back to my not so healthy ways. Sugar is my biggest demon. Would love to hear some pregnancy success stories particularly with some similar circumstances. Best, Morgan
  5. So, this isn't my first rodeo with the Whole 30 but it WILL BE my first successful Whole 30. For whatever reason I've never made it through the 30 days but with this little one growing inside of me I'm more motivated than ever. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and my whole 30 started yesterday so my end date is February 16th--yep, Whole 30 through Valentine's Day. But my start day is of no consequence because I don't want there to be an "end date" to look forward to. I want to continue eating as close to the W30 rules as possible AT LEAST until I deliver my little one. I will be following the vegetarian guidelines with the occasional piece of fish for the health benefits during pregnancy. This will amount to 12 ounces each week--so, not enough to allow me to effectively or healthily follow the omnivore plan. Basically, my guidelines will be as follows: Greek yogurt, no more than 1 cup per day Occasional edamame to increase my protein intake (but I'll try not to consume it more than 2-3x a week) Lots and LOTS of eggs as this is basically my primary protein source Olives Almonds (on occasion) Coconut Flakes Nutritional Yeast Lots of veggies Sweet potatoes Oranges Apples Coconut oil for cooking Seltzer (I struggle to drink normal water) Any advice would be welcomed. I do have many food aversions right now and often times things that I usually find delicious are just NOT and that can make meal-time difficult. Also, if I screw up I am just going to consider it an isolated event and move on--I think that's been my problem in the past, a little slip up makes me feel like "well, I screwed up already. I failed at this so there's no point in trying to recover." Nope, not this time. I am going to be a little more gentle and lax I suppose because I am pregnant and I realize that unless I plan perfectly under all circumstances I might find myself eating something non-compliant and that's okay because the health of my growing baby is my primary concern. I would be fooling myself if I thought that I'd be PERFECT for these 30 days. I'm not looking for perfect, just better than I'm doing now. I know not many people will agree with that philosophy but I figure if I can be 90% compliant I am doing a whole hose of good for myself and my baby--much better than if I were say 50% compliant which is probably how I currently eat (lots of legumes, oats, whole grains, cheese, etc).
  6. Hey! My first pregnancy I gained 75 pounds, and I swore this pregnancy would be different. But I have had horrible morning sickness, and my eating has been way off the charts. Im headed down that 75 pound path already, and thats why I'm making changes now. Any mommys out there wanna start with me on march 4th?
  7. Hey all, I was in the midst of a Whole30 when I (surprisingly) found out I was pregnant in September. I have spent the last 3 months since eating really REALLY bad. I am ready to get back on track and am planning a Whole30 starting January 1. I wanted to see if any other pregnant moms wanted to be my accountability buddy? I'm currently 19 weeks so I will be doing this from week 21-25 it seems. Sarah
  8. I'm ending Day 6 of Whole30 while pregnant and I feel great! Slowly I'm noticing that I'm not getting as hungry, which is always nice not to feel like you're always eating. I read a lot about sleeping better, more energy, etc... But I came across another benefit that I've not heard anyone bring up and that's the baby kicking. I didn't expect it and I'm in complete awe, but since starting Whole30, my baby's kicking has about doubled!! I'm so excited and happy. Yay for Whole30!!!