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Found 9 results

  1. I'm a vegetarian I go to the gym 6 times a week I know the whole 30 program is anti-protein powders, snacking, and dependence on fruits. But as a vegetarian who goes to the gym a lot, these help me get through the day without energy fatigue, one of my snacks is a banana with almond butter/cashew butter or unsweetened protein powder that I blend with bananas and unsweetened almond milk. I was wondering if anyone here was a vegetarian and an athlete and how they managed to get around this.
  2. Hello. So I've been starting my day with protein powder (vegan) first thing in the morning to help readjust my (currently nonexisting) morning hunger. Protein scoop = +/- 25 grams. Problem is: it stays there forever. Not hungry 6-8 hours later. Still eat something (carrots, raw) at that time (lunch) to help reset my appetite. Anyway. One week later, still haven't adjusted to this "morning rock". Help! TIA!
  3. Today is day one of my reintroduction and I am SO excited! However this morning I was hit with a question... I am unsure how to reintroduce my protein powders. Before my Whole30 I used to drink 1-2 servings every day. (only as a meal replacement or immediate post-workout) I have two different protein powders (both whey protein), one is Isagenix brand strawberry cream, and the other is Muscle Sport brand lean whey revolution chocolate flavor- my favorite (also has added fat burner). Here are the fist few ingredients of each protein powder even though the list is way longer... Isagenix strawberry cream: whey protein concentrate (undenatured), milk protein concentrate (undenatured), low heat nonfat dry milk, isomaltooligosaccharide powder, fructose, sunflower oil powder, olive oil powder, tapioca maltodextrin, flax seed powder, xanthan gum, triglyceride oil powder Muscle Sport lean whey revolution chocolate: fibersol 2, maltodextrin, tauric acid, glycocarn, l-carnatine tartrate, lecithin, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein peptides, cocoa, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan gum, lactase, bromelein, sucralose I was wondering your thoughts on these (are they "healthy" or are there harmful chemicals in them compared to other protein powders? etc.) How and when would you recommend re-introducing them? (In their own re-intro category, in the dairy re-intro category, etc.) Thank you!
  4. PirateKATS

    Protein Powder?

    My boyfriend and I are wanting to start the Whole30 together but he fears loosing weight during it. He is about 6'0 and 130lbs. He has been trying for years to gain weight but struggles with it even with weight gain protein powders. He is an ICU nurse and often doesn't get the opportunity to eat and heavily relies on some type of protein drink to keep his daily intake up. Yes he does eat when he is off work more than I can sometimes keep up with. He has an extraordinary metabolism. Can anyone suggest a good protein powder he can have on the whole30? or possible options that are high in calories that he can eat while on the go in a hectic pt care area? It would need to be things that can't easily spoil aka keep in his pockets for hours at a time without refrigeration.
  5. Do you guys think a protein powder sweetened with monk fruit? It is literally a fruit juice so I'm assuming yes but I really want to do this right so just checking. Thanks!
  6. Am getting very tired of eggs so made some coconut and almond milk to use for smoothies. Now I'm looking at all the protein powders and am having trouble finding one that is Whole 30 compliant. Anyone find something to add protein to smoothies?
  7. Hi guys, I'm planning to start the Whole30 for a second time. I was reading the rules again and having a look at the new links and my question is: have the rules on protein powder changed? I'm referring to "approved" protein powders like egg white in protein bars. Not whey, and not drinking a protein shake. I don't remember seeing allowed protein bars the last time I did a whole30, but it also might be that I just missed it. The rules state: "However, protein powder from approved ingredients like crickets (in Chapul bars) or 100% egg white are allowed on the Whole30, provided they contain no sweeteners. As always, though, liquid food is still not encouraged." A bar called RxBar is being recommended in the links. So can I make my own protein bars from egg white protein powder and some nut butter, seeds and dried cranberries for example? Maybe have it with some carrot sticks as a snack when hungry and not at home? Second question, would hemp protein be allowed used the same way? Thanks!
  8. penotti

    Jay Robb Egg White Protein

    I know that this could possibly be a question I know the answer to already, but i'm looking for a good simple source of lean protein right after my workout. The suggestions I've gotten so far, were either some type fish (tuna, sardines) from a can, or lean meats like chicken. But honestly I can't stand the thought of eating such a thing right after working out. Came across Jay Robb's Egg White protein and was wondering if this would ok (either mixed with water or plain almond milk) The ingredients and production method seem pretty good:
  9. Hi, I love a protein shake/ smoothie on occasion as post-workout snack and I was wondering what my options were now that I am committed to a grain-free, carb-free diet. In no way are these smoothies a meal replacement, i just need something good and easy after my workouts before I teach Pilates. What can I do to replace my vegan Sun Warrior brown rice based protein powder? Thanks!!