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Found 67 results

  1. CricketProtein

    Casein - Other [dangerous] Sources?

    Does anyone know other potential sources of Casein that might not come to mind immediately? I understand it's a dairy-protein and therefore any source of dairy poses a risk, but not sure if anyone in the community is aware of places casein could naturally occur or is used as an additive ingredient?
  2. I'm a vegetarian I go to the gym 6 times a week I know the whole 30 program is anti-protein powders, snacking, and dependence on fruits. But as a vegetarian who goes to the gym a lot, these help me get through the day without energy fatigue, one of my snacks is a banana with almond butter/cashew butter or unsweetened protein powder that I blend with bananas and unsweetened almond milk. I was wondering if anyone here was a vegetarian and an athlete and how they managed to get around this.
  3. Today is day one of my reintroduction and I am SO excited! However this morning I was hit with a question... I am unsure how to reintroduce my protein powders. Before my Whole30 I used to drink 1-2 servings every day. (only as a meal replacement or immediate post-workout) I have two different protein powders (both whey protein), one is Isagenix brand strawberry cream, and the other is Muscle Sport brand lean whey revolution chocolate flavor- my favorite (also has added fat burner). Here are the fist few ingredients of each protein powder even though the list is way longer... Isagenix strawberry cream: whey protein concentrate (undenatured), milk protein concentrate (undenatured), low heat nonfat dry milk, isomaltooligosaccharide powder, fructose, sunflower oil powder, olive oil powder, tapioca maltodextrin, flax seed powder, xanthan gum, triglyceride oil powder Muscle Sport lean whey revolution chocolate: fibersol 2, maltodextrin, tauric acid, glycocarn, l-carnatine tartrate, lecithin, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein peptides, cocoa, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan gum, lactase, bromelein, sucralose I was wondering your thoughts on these (are they "healthy" or are there harmful chemicals in them compared to other protein powders? etc.) How and when would you recommend re-introducing them? (In their own re-intro category, in the dairy re-intro category, etc.) Thank you!
  4. smiling_yogi

    Early morning workout foods

    I am wondering how everyone does their eating after working out first thing in the AM. I usually get up around 4-4:15, I’ll have 2 hard-boiled eggs before working out (yoga, running, strength training) then some tuna or meat snacks after for protein. My question is, since fats aren’t recommended post-workout, how long should I wait before eating breakfast or having coffee? I usually do coconut milk, collagen peptides, and ghee in my coffee. Even if you don’t know the answer to that question, I’d love to hear folks weigh in on what they’re eating for morning workouts. Thanks in advance!
  5. My recipe for a tasty low carb celeriac and courgette tortilla. Makes a great warm breakfast and also keeps well for lunch.
  6. Spoonmoonwolf

    Help. I feel so poorly.

    Hello all I'm at the end of day 5 and am struggling so bad. I'm so tired and achy. My tummy is extremely upset with IBS and I've had constant diarrhoea and nausea. I just can't face food at all and am giving half my meals away. I have Autoimmune problems so not sure if also flaring which is exacerbating things. I realised at first it was probably that I had upped my fruit, especially to quell sugar cravings so I've cut it out. I thought I was winning then tonight it's been so bad again. I have a sneaky suspicion I have an intolerance of eggs. I really don't want to give up and most of the time am ok. Help me please with things to try and protein sources. vicki
  7. finolm

    Protein Supplements

    I was wondering if protein powders are completely out the window or not. I am getting ready to start my Whole 30 Journey. I usually supplement with promix grass-fed whey (the flavor i'm drinking is not compliant) when I have a plain jane salad for lunch. Just wondering if there are any other affordable protein options out there!
  8. aprkr619

    Cashew yogurt?

    I found a compliant (ingredient wise) cashew yogurt. I am doing the vegetarian plan, eating eggs and seafood for protein. My body doesn't tolerate dairy. I am hoping to add a small amount of this yogurt once a day or so when I need a break from eggs. Is this an ok alternative to kefir or greek yogurt that's allowed on the vegetarian plan? If so, are there recommendations to how often it's eaten?
  9. Hi all, I'm on day 27 and I'm disheartened by my Whole 30 program. I've had no (or very little change) & I've followed the program properly. I've been vegetarian for approx. 30 years maintaining good health, fitness level and never experiencing anaemia or Vit B deficiency as I'm very conscious of food combining. I don't have any physical health diseases. The only problems I have experienced these last couple years are fluctuating energy levels, lower back pain, dark circles under eyes, and emotional dysregulation due to horrific relationship breakup, high stress jobs & study pressure. I'm in my final year studies of Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) and have to complete 300 hours of clinical placement this year. I believe in walking the talk and have been my own guinea pig testing the knowledge I learn on myself so I can explain treatments, nutrition, herbs, supplements etc to my future clients. I decided to complete the whole 30 after reading testimonials and reading 'It start's with food'. I thought it maybe a program I suggest to clients and was interested to see the results in myself. I started the program to do the strict vegetarian version, no soy, legumes etc but then had to add eggs as I felt I wasn't getting enough protein. After some initial nausea I thought I was going ok, my back pain had decreased and my menstruation had come & gone without the usual symptoms but my lack of energy had not improved. Week 2 I was feeling emotionally better & not being affected by external stressors/triggers as much. (But I put this down to the 30 day meditation challenge I was combining with the whole 30). Week 3 despite absolutely hating eating flesh I added fish every second day due to ongoing fatigue and feeling I wasn't getting enough protein. This last week has been the hardest struggle to stay on the Whole 30 as my energy has dropped to an all time low despite sticking to the program, adding more proteins. I've struggle to exercise other than walking the dogs every day for an hour and feel I have had muscle wastage. Previously I knew I had a intolerance to wheat as after eating it 2-3 days I would get GIT symptoms. Now I get GIT after every meal, which I thought was supposed to decrease on Whole 30 program. (Although this could be linked to eating on the run, eating to fast etc) To be honest I'm looking forward to finishing and returning to my prior eating habits. There has been some positives I will take from this; learnt how to make my own mayonnaise, linked to back pain to inflammation and not a structural problem, come up with creative recipes with limited ingredients. My next 30 day challenge will be to eat mindfully. Not eating on the run, standing up, driving, working, studying, talking etc and seeing if this influence my GIT symptoms (mostly bloating after meals) in anyway. Is anyone else disheartened at the end of their Whole 30 or are you all feeling wonderful?
  10. I'm on day 13 and have only run a few times since starting Whole30, but my muscles ache (legs and arms) when I do. They feel like lead and I'm not sure why. Is it a protein issue? I ran a half marathon at the beginning of June and now can barely complete 3 miles (since doing Whole30). Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey all, So I did three full rounds of Whole30 by the book last year in March, July and November. I feel like the structure really helped address a lot of emotional eating/drinking problems I tend to struggle with, and in addition to feeling better and helping me to start a regular workout regimen for the first time, I lost about 10 pounds each time (5' 4", highest weight ever was about 175, I was 128 BRIEFLY at the end of my third Whole30 but now hover around 140/145). What I came away with education-wise is that I'm probably deeply sensitive to gluten-containing grains, certain dairy, and most definitely beer. Since then I've become vegetarian, and even toyed with veganism. I cook almost entirely vegan at home and experimented with strict veganism for about a month, which I found relatively easy to do but my weight/general internal cues of health didn't really improve too much (I haven't noticed ANY negative side effects from not eating meat by the way). But that might also be because I've also let a few bad habits creep back in—hitting the wine bottle a bit hard, inhaling whole bags of sweet potato chips in one sitting, etc. When I made the decision to become vegetarian I thought I'd never be able to do a Whole 30 again, but then I realized there are people like y'all that are making it work! So the question I'm looking to have answered is: for my 4th Whole 30 but 1st veggie one, what if any additional sources of protein should I include? I don't really eat eggs much anymore except as an ingredient in other things like gluten-free bread, but I've got a friend with some chickens I could probably buy a few a week off of. Beyond that, beans/legumes/lentils don't have any negative effects on me, so I'd want to include them (although: do y'all consider lentils a bean or a grain? I know there is discussion about that. If the general consensus is "grain" I'll leave them out). And tempeh is my jam. If I do all the fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & fats allowed on a regular Whole 30, + chickpeas, beans, tempeh, and a handful of backyard chicken eggs, will that be enough? There's also some easily accessible organic grassfed yogurt available at my local chain grocery stores, so if I needed to add that it wouldn't be a problem, though I kind of want to eliminate dairy again and pay extra attention during reintroduction. My activity level is on the high side of moderate. I lift 2-3 times a week, run a couple of times a week, and do longer yoga practices about once a week, with shorter ones in the morning fairly often. I also walk whenever I can avoid driving somewhere. Thanks y'all!
  12. I've finished reading the book and am planning on starting mid-month, but I need to figure out what to do about protein. I eat some eggs, but I don't think eggs alone are going to be enough to get me through the 30 days. So how to choose vegetarian proteins? I've read the book and website section, and here are a couple of thoughts. It seems like (for elimination purposes) it makes the most sense to choose a limited type of additional protein. Like, not tofu AND yogurt AND legumes, but maybe one of those. Theoretically I could manage with only whey protein and eggs. (Although I realize that smoothies and shakes aren't encouraged, a protein shake every day or two combined with eggs would be enough protein.) That said, my reason for trying Whole30 is to try to get my body used to burning fat. Because of a metabolic disorder, my body doesn't like to do that which results in low energy without frequently eating carbs and a difficult time losing weight. The idea is that the Whole30 will force my body to use fat as an energy source, and hopefully help me resist high sugar / high simple carb snacks as a way to keep my energy up after the 30 days are over. I don't currently suspect any food sensitivities, though I haven't done an elimination diet so it's really hard to know. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  13. Before I get to my question, let me give a little context. I have a six-year old lap band. The fill has never been right. After several months of tweaking, I finally gave up. I currently have slightly too much restriction, I think. I plan on having all the fill removed this fall. So here my question: A well-meaning friend pointed out that I'm not eating much food each day, especially protein. She mentioned hair loss, a slowing metabolism, and some issues with my liver where diabetes is concerned, as possibly being aggravated by too little protein. She suggested a daily protein shake or two. I just finished day three. I only ate two meals today, because that was all I was hungry for. And with a lap band, not being hungry often means the food doesn't stay down. Here's what I ate on a Day 3 -- Meal 1: a hard boiled egg, half a tomato, and half an avocado. Meal 2: a hamburger patty (panfried with some clarified butter) and about half a cup of mushrooms and asparagus (sautéed in clarified butter). Not surprisingly, I had a low blood sugar in the evening. I was not hungry so I drank a bottle of kombucha that was pretty sweet (for kombucha, that is) but with no added sugar. So, as I typed that out, I see that I probably don't get enough food, especially protein. Any suggestions as to how to handle this? I am honestly not hungry during the day, nor am I hungry how, several hours after dinner. I am not restricting for weight loss or improved blood sugar numbers. I tried eating more on a Day 2 and it didn't all stay down. I'd love some suggestions. Thank you!
  14. Hi, I'm on day 3 of my first Whole30 (sooo tired!) and not sure about protein portion sizes. I have been making protein salad and 1 1/2 tins of tuna seems a lot and more than a palm sized amount - is this right? Also, 4 eggs is more than I can manage, is it ok to just have 3? There's a lot to think about! Loving the ranch dressing and Melissa's Sweet Potato Hash - thanks xx
  15. ShaunaWhole30

    There's Just One Hitch...

    Brand spanking new to Whole30 and couldn't be more excited to start this new adventure! However, I have a wee snag and could use all the advice I can get my eyes on! I work out of town and reside in a camp when I'm on shift. Before I fly up, I pack as many Paleo/Whole30 approved snacks and a couple of frozen homemade meals. However, while I'm in camp, my meals are prepared daily, I'm not allowed to leave the camp during my shift (so no grocery shopping), nor can I take leftovers for lunch the next day. The bright side is the camp does provide fresh raw veggies and fruit. My main concern is the protein. Because I have zero control of my meals, the quality of the ingredients, or their preparation, I fear I will not be successful on this adventure. Is anyone else in a similar position and have been successful on the program? Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do regarding my protein intake?
  16. Baileyyo

    Golden Ratio Protein Powder

    Hey all, I typically drink this grain-free, diary-free, artificial sweetener-free protein as a shake in the morning. I've been doing it for over a month now every day and LOVE the way I feel. I read the bit about avoiding liquid drinks and smoothies yada yada, but I'm really wondering if the ingredients in the shake pass the Whole30 test. Link here: Ingredients Chocolate: pea protein, collagen, collagen peptides (Pepti-PLUS®), digestive enzyme blend (DigeSEB®), Natural Chocolate Flavor, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Lo Han Guo Ingredients Vanilla: pea protein, collagen, collagen peptides (Pepti-PLUS®), digestive enzyme blend (DigeSEB®), Natural Vanilla Flavor, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Lo Han Guo
  17. We're on day 15, and my son has been pretty good, with a meltdown here and there. He still craves all the things "he can't have on this diet", especially after being strong enough to turn down birthday treats 2-3 times in the last two weeks. I was hoping the cravings would have subsided more by now. I have noticed that his appetite is less, and mainly eats his protein, and less so of vegetables & fruits. I try to offer up fruit or nuts as an alternative to breads & sweets, thinking that if he's craving junk that maybe he's simply hungry, and it would be good to develop the better habit of reaching for whole foods rather than processed ones, but he generally turns them down and pouts that he can't give in to his cravings. Maybe he's just not hungry and is merely complaining? or is he not getting enough produce in his diet? I haven't necessarily seen a spike in his energy levels or a huge drop in his waistline, so I'm worried that I need to change my approach. I almost feel like he was more open to eating his produce before we started on the program. I did take the initiative to cut up some berries & kiwi and he seemed to eat that up, so maybe I have to stop asking him what he wants and just prepare it for him to eat regularly (and being o.k. to save it or eat it myself if he chooses not to eat it). The meltdowns have increased in the last few days, so I'm considering ending his challenge early, though I really would like to see it through to get accurate results. I'd love for his cravings to subside, and for him to properly introduce foods and observe how his body reacts. I don't know if, chemically, that can be done after only two weeks of the program. Also, being a bit of a misnomer, Whole 30 is more like 42 days of restrictions after taking into consideration reintroductions, which will be an incredibly long time for him. So, if anyone can answer these questions, I'd be very grateful: Is it typical for some kids to focus on protein during Whole30? Can their energy / mood be negatively affected if they are not getting sufficient veggies & fruit? or increase the urge for cravings? Thoughts about ending early for a child? maybe Whole 21? What types of modifications can be made to make the process easier to bear? adding legumes like hummus? can I make him a paleo sweet treat?
  18. cknowlesmaine

    Whole30 starting June 1st

    After at least 6 months of discussion with my sister (she kept saying the reason for not eating pseudo-grains was because people associated them with grains - made no sense health wise - but now the conversation went a bit deeper and it makes more sense!) I'm planning on starting whole30 as a vegetarian - but strictly following the original diet. I plan on doing 1 month as a vegetarian, than 2 weeks with a few meals a week of meat. Than, begin reintroducing. The greatest challenge for me will be at work. I work at a residential treatment center for teenagers, and staff are highly encouraged to eat what the kids eat. For me that usually eating some sort of meat subsitute, or tofu. I already know the ones they have at work will not fit (tofurkey is bad enough it even tastes gross!) Any thoughts on Whole30 compliant meat subsititutes? (sticking with the original menu - not vegetarian whole30 menu)
  19. hulmerous

    Too much sausage?

    I finished my Whole 30 a few weeks ago and am trying to maintain the basic guidelines. I have found the 2 easiest (and well-paired) proteins to be sausage and eggs... The sausage I buy is always Whole30 compliant, but most of my life, I've thought sausage was "very unhealthy." Is that an old wives tale? If I'm limiting other damaging foods like grains, sugar, dairy, then am I fine? Or should I be limiting how much I eat sausage as my protein (to 1-2x a week, for example)? Thank you!
  20. Shrimp doesn't seem to keep me satiated nearly as long as another protein type like beef, chicken or pork. Is this for real, or is it my imagination? I'm eating large shrimp (like 12-14 at a sitting; 7 large shrimp = 3 oz), and I'm hungry about 3.5 hours later. (I can't eat more than 14 shrimp at a sitting! LOL) This is unusual as I'm usually good to go for a solid 4-5 hours. This morning I even dipped my shrimp in probably 2T of Tessemae's Chesapeake Mayo...which was quite yummy! I usually eat about 6 oz of protein per meal. Everything else -veggie, fat and sometimes a carb- Is the same. Is it the fact that it has less fat maybe? Just an observation the past two times I've eaten shrimp on it's own. I'm fine when I eat it in a dish with another protein like chicken. I added a hardboiled egg to lunch just now to see if that'll help. Maybe I should stick to shrimp as a snack after school during the week?? Just curious to see if this has come up before? Thanks.
  21. I am on day 17 of my whole30. My problem is that I have absolutely no desire to eat protein. I obviously do eat it, eggs are my best meal. However, I feel as though I am struggling with some runs and workouts. I have been having 1-2 snacks between meals (this is partly due to my work schedule. Today, I took a closer look at the meal template so I can try to do a better job of following that. My problem is how to eat more protein? It doesn't matter how hungry I am, it sounds like the worst thing to eat and then I just don't want to eat anything. Tonight, I am currently sitting with a bowl of protein salad in front of me. I cut the recipe in 1/2, so I have only 1 serving in front of me and it looks like so much. I don't even know how I would eat it all. Meals today: 3am (I work 12hr overnights): chicken sausage, sauerkraut, green beans, banana 8am (after work, I was not going to eat because I was going to bed, but was starving and knew I had to or else my sleep would suffer): 3 eggs, 1.5 oz chorizo pre workout: few bites of deli turkey 40min run (4.5 miles) <---- this actually felt good today, but my long run on Sunday left me feeling out of it and low energy post workout: 1/2 chicken breast, 3-4 carrots my supper now: tuna protein salad (whole30 recipe) with celery and apple mixed in, roasted butternut squash Thanks for any and all input.
  22. foodcow

    5 minute Pan Fried Pomfret

    Hi guys I made an Indian Pan fried Pomfret yesterday and i thought i will share with the community here. It's extremely easy and quick and needs minimum ingredients. hope you enjoy it as much as i did Foodcow
  23. DaniCarbone

    Brazilian Steak House

    Can I go to a Brazilian steak house and eat ALL I can of meat? No bread, no potato salad, no fried banana... Only beef! As much as I can? It should be okay, right?
  24. samianne724

    Vital Proteins PWO

    Does anyone use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides PWO? Is it Whole30 approved? The only ingredient is pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides. As a marathon runner, I'm looking for something to consume immediately after I finish my training runs. I've heard great things about Vital Proteins products, and I figure it won't cause my sugar dragon to flare up if I just mix it with some coconut water, since it has no flavor. Here's the link for reference: Thanks!
  25. Hi! It's Day 8 and I feel terrible! I run a website and wrote about my experience thus far in a comedic way if you want to see how I'm faring: BUT.... is this normal? I thought by now I'd be feeling better. I'm hungry... I can't stop thinking about food.... I rarely thought about food before. I ate when I was hungry... I limited what I ate.... I AM a pescetarian, so I'm doing a real whole30. My husband is doing it with me (He's a meat-eater) and while he's crabby (mostly due to a lack of whiskey!) he feels okay. I don't. Tell me it gets better! Or... do I need more protein?