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Found 7 results

  1. cc131

    Chosen Foods Mayo

    Hi there- I recently bought a container of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo. I read all the ingredients comparing them to the other options on the shelf, and I decided to buy it. Now I have recently downloaded the whole30 scanner app, and I was just hanging out in my fridge scanning things and scanned the mayo. IT came up as not approved because it contains honey, and I started to freak out. I reread the ingredients, and honey is not listed on my jar. I am freaking out now because everywhere online says this mayo contains honey BUT IT'S NOT LISTED ON MY JAR!!! I went to WholeFoods and looked at their jar's ingredients, and again no honey. Please advise, I want to trust the labels on my jar and not go spend another ten dollars! I am awaiting an immersion blender so then I can just make my own, but for now I just want to eat my Curry Tuna Salad!!! Thank you!
  2. So I am at the end of my third day. Getting through the day at work is not so bad, other than I miss my coffee with creamer Day 2 and 3 I have wanted to eat a bag of Halloween candy so bad, My mouth waters at the thought of cookies and candy and did I mention I really want some candy??!! I dreamt about donuts and candy last night and that I failed on the first day -- but I didn't! I passed the sweets with pull back today, as I had to make a run for CUPCAKES for a student! I PASSED! I even passed on licking my fingers as the frosting got on them!! #Winning Here is my confusion/questions. Is it normal for said body to ache on day 2 and 3? Is it normal to NOT have a headache? Is it normal to NOT have ANY symptoms? I feel like the worst part for me is, I am super tired in the morning and my boyfriend has to literally push me out of bed and I crave candy and donuts. So, is it normal to NOT feel any symptoms? Does that mean I am doing something wrong?? Thanks for reading! TK2017.
  3. I am currently doing the regular Whole 30...I was inspired to do this because of some neurological symptoms I began experiencing in the winter. I figured if anything, a great diet as a foundation could only help me, which led me to some very clean eating, which then led me to the Whole 30. I am still in the middle of my regular Whole 30. And actually may be taking it to a whole 60 (or 62) to be exact because of 2 blurps along the way... (handful of nuts at a wedding that I realized could have been cooked in a no no oil, and lox that had added sugar...still not sure on that one warranting a restart based on the article floating around on restarts saying added sugar doesn't "restart" your system necessarily.) The AIP looks SO intense and limiting to me. The whole 30 is already very limiting, and I am dropping weight pretty fast on it (I am not overweight to begin with, and don't want to get overly thin.) I guess I am wondering... is it possible to do the regular whole 30, and then the reintroduction period, figure out any triggers, leave those out of my diet, and then take out only the additional AIP components (Eggs, nuts, nightshades) for the recommended 90 days or is the AIP only recommended while limiting all food groups? Also, must nightshades be taken out, or only if your AI issue is gastro related? Thank you! Stefanie
  4. SouthernBeth

    Can I have rotisserie chicken?

    From like, the super market? I haven't checked ingredients (are they even listed on the chicken?) but I was just wondering. I'm hungry and just feel like veggies and chicken tonight. No defrosted chicken. You understand my question.
  5. Hey Everyone! So, I'm currently on my 4th round of Whole60. This is the fourth time I've done the program since 9/2013. I consider myself pretty well versed in the program. I've pretty much studied and memorized the rules and everything and follow the program well. I'm even mentoring some friends who are doing the program with me on a facebook group! Each of my Whole30's have been magnificent, tiger blood and all. However, this round has been quite different than any other Whole30 and I don't know why. -Day 4, I had tiger blood and felt amazing! Since then, I haven't really had the same "tiger blood" feeling. -For the last 5 or so days, I've felt tired upon waking. I'm getting 7.5-8 hours of sleep a night, as usual. I'm eating my meals as I should, following the meal planning template for protein, veggies, fat and some nuts/fruits. Again, no different than I have done in my prior Whole30's. -Emotionally, I kind of feel out of whack. Today, I woke up full of energy. By the time I arrived at work, I felt super tired and sad for no reason at all. I've been scatter brained like crazy and my moods have been a little different than normal. Nothing stressful is going on in my life right now, so I don't know what that's about either. After reading some prior forum posts the best thing I can think of, is I need more starchy veggies. Typically, I eat a fair amount of sweet potatoes. This time, I've only had them maybe 2-3 times, and regular potatoes another 2-3 times. Whereas in the past, I may have a serving every other day. I'm not super active, I work at a desk all day. I haven't been working out, although I will be starting to add some cardio in soon (nothing crazy, just moderate to see if my mood improves.) So, what gives? Any ideas as to what is causing this? I'm baffled because this hasn't happen to me before on a Whole30 and don't know what's causing it. One thing I will add that is positive and a NEW thing that hasn't happen in my prior whole30's. I have had literally NO cravings for ANYTHING off plan the entire time. Zilch. Don't know why that is either. HELP, please! Thanks!! =D
  6. good evening all. I'm on day 22, and today when i got home from a MUCH longer day at work than I had expected, I realized my bone broth had been on "keep warm" for probably 4 hours--when I left this morning, the broth level was not much different than it was the night before, but when I looked at it upon returning from work, it had reduced by about 1/8- 1/4! The previouis times I've done my bone broth, i hadn't lost as much liquid Also, my broth (chicken) was very dark this time. I do know that there were some pieces of meat left on the carcass, but I felt that it was probably ok to not get it all off-- the underside of my whole chicken had a little left on it...Is it ok that it was darker in color? I put in some lovely carrots, a few bay leaves, celery, and onions along with the bones of the whole chicken- My 2nd question is about the left over carrots, onions and celery--I really love stewed veggies like that with my pot roast meat, is it ok to eat those veggies from the broth-- I did, but I wasn't sure, since their vitamins would probably be stripped out of them-- My 3rd question is about Ghee - I know that you should remove it from the heat right as it starts to brown, but I might have been a tiny bit late one this -- and my ghee actually has a different color this time (seems i'm burning stuff this week)'s the most amazing flavor though...reminds me of baking-- is it OK to have this a tiny bit browned instead of a golden yellow color? Thanks if you have any advice for me I'd love to hear! Appreciate it!
  7. HELLOOOO all! Been checking out this site for pretty much the entire day and I keep finding more and more great stuff!!! Tomorrow will be day one. scared. I am a pretty healthy person. but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the whole paleo thing. The idea of NONE of something freaks me out. I have been looking up tons of recipes which is why I think im overwhelmed. Im horrible at keeping things simple. im thinking for the first week I will just eat very basic meals. A few questions! I am training for a marathon. I read about the PWO meals. So does that mean on days I run 5 to 15 miles and or lift-Have an extra snack before AND after??? are we only supposed to have 3 meals no snacks?? Also- I work in a hospital and my days are LONG 7 am to 7 pm Im very worried about when to eat my meals, the times. and should I have snacks?? I leave my house at 630 am and get home around 8 pm Im sorry if these questions have been asked before. Theres so much info on this site I may not have stumbled upon it yet. But if you have any ANYTHING to tell me, offer me, guide me, its all welcomed!